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Review #1, by marauderfan Almost.

27th March 2016:
Hey Roisin! Saw your post on twitter and I'm sorry you got a flame review! I'm here for the Fundraiser Review Competition :)

Honestly I don't know what anyone could possibly have had to flame about this fic. I think you did a wonderful job with it and tackled some really important issues, handling the mental state of the characters really well.

I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to return to Hogwarts after everything Hermione had seen, including her friends dying and being tortured right there at school. School has always been kind of a safe haven for Hermione, I think - it's her place where she succeeds and feels comfortable, and suddenly a battle destroys it all and she's just been through so much that it's not the same and school isn't that safe, comfortable place anymore. Everything has changed. Her listlessness and the sense that she's kind of suffocating in too much work speak really well to how she's handling it, and to me it was pretty clear she's suffering depression, probably along with PTSD as well. I thought you showed this so well and how she hates herself for it but can't bring herself to get going - it was heartbreaking, but also so easy to envision because it felt quite realistic after all she's gone through.

Phew, long paragraph, sorry! I also wanted to talk about the other characters in this - George for one, also suffering but in a different way. Rather than just avoiding doing anything at all, he's trying to take on too much, as if just working will help him forget for a few moments that Fred isn't there. He was remarkably well written too. Gah, your characters are so wonderful and I just love how much you've gotten into their mindset.

I loved how you wrote Lee in this as well. He doesn't show up in fics as much as he should! And this fic shows what a remarkably strong person he is. After all, he just lost one of his two best friends in the world, so he's suffering from that, but also trying to help his one best friend who's left stay afloat with all he's dealing with, and just taking care of people in general while dealing with his own things. I like that he was able to help Hermione get back on her feet again just by asking her to help move boxes. Simple task, but it gets her to do something, and she gets a hug. Ron didn't seem perceptive enough to notice that she needed one, so thank goodness for Lee.

Paler stone has been fitted in to smooth castle’s battle wounds -- think you're missing a 'the' in there

The schedule’s been get shuffled a lot around construction -- looks like that sentence got shuffled a bit as well :P

anyway, this was wonderful, Roisin! I'm glad I stopped by your AP again - you're a talented writer. :)

Author's Response: GAH it is so hard to respond with this aggressive red and gold color scheme! B-b-but, I really wanna reply to your review :) [Also, THANK YOU for catching those errors! Scurrying to edit now!]

Honestly, the Flame wasn't even responding to this story. This weird anon obv has some sort of personal bug about Hermione and projects it onto fics for no reason. (This was the third time they'd left an anti-Hermione review on one of my stories, and said the exact same thing, despite me showing VERY different sides of Hermione).

ANYWAY, I LOVE your point about Hermione's relationship with school! That's definitely something I was thinking but hadn't really been able to put into specific words. (Just, like, LOOK AT HER SAD). School was something she always EXCELLED and DOMINATED at. So to have something so important and wrapped up with one's identity become traumatic must really suck. (I say that as if it's abstract. There's def some autobiography here). BUT ANYWAY, I was also interested in the fact that Hermione's Boggart was basically "academic failure," so I wanted to see her confront the prospect of academic failure.

I'm SO glad you thought I showed PTSD and depression. I wanted to present those experiences accurately and honestly, but not, like, overly explainy. Anyway, I'm SO relieved both those elements came through and that you thought they seemed realistic.

And I'm REALLY glad you dug George here. Your analysis is ABSOLUTELY YES. Again, something I was sort of trying to do but couldn't put words to outside of showing it. George is very much lashing out while Hermione is collapsing in on herself. They're both struggling with the same illness, but manifesting it in different ways. I HOPED people would think each reaction fit the characters well.

LEE! I seriously can't believe he isn't written about more. I was SHOCKED to discover he isn't even a character you can list in a story! HOW? HE'S SUCH A GOOD CHARACTER. Here, it became one of those moments where I love fanfiction. If we didn't already know his character, it might seem like he's Fine and nothing's wrong. Because you're right, he's really resilient. But he's also more subdued here; not being a jokester, hyper-aware of everyone around him, walking on eggshells, etc.

As for Ron, this is sort of an "unreliable narration" situation. This story really isn't very fair to Ron, because the characters aren't. I TRIED to subtly show him doing the right things, but then have the POV characters brush it off or misunderstand it. Like, for Hermione, her and Ron really do love each other, so she trusts his love to be unconditional and kind of takes him for granted (not fair, but I HOPE understandable). With Lee, even before he really recognizes his crush on Hermione, it's there. As a result, Lee's less than charitable to Ron and focuses on things he thinks as negatives (often petty things, like not being able to handle spicy foods). But I think, if you look objectively at Ron in this story without the clouded judgement of the POV characters, he's doing as well as anyone could expect.

BUT, yeah, Lee. I guess I wanted to show that little flickers of affection and intimacy with people can be important, and confusing, but not necessarily a Big Deal in a Romance sense. Like, it's just part of being a Whole Person. And Hermione and Lee are both really worthy characters, and deserve one another's adoration. Not everything tender has to be Sexual or Relationship, and things that aren't Sexual or Relationship also matter.

Basically, I Friend!Ship Hermione/Lee.

Oof, thank you SO MUCH for leaving such a thoughtful review. You always leave such amazing reviews that make me feel fuzzy and worthy. I feel like this story still needs work, but I did put a lot of myself into it, so I'm relieved you thought the Thingz resonated!


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Review #2, by pointless_proclamations Almost.

27th March 2016:
(It's been too long since I read/reviewed anything at all on this site)

This is probably the best opening scene bit I've read. The whole story, itself, is one of the best things I've read. I love these more realistic, so very affected characters. I love that the war changed them drastically. It literally must have been traumatising to go through what they did and you managed to show as much in this piece. It definitely feels as though you wrote it very, very carefully to imply what exactly is happening here.

One tiny little thing, in this bit:
“Why don’t I come with you?” That’s Lee.

“I said I’m fine! Leave it!” Fred sounds cross. “Just try to get downstairs in order.”

The front door slams.

Did you mean George instead of Fred?

Anyway, ARGHHH it's just SO GOOD. George's avoidance of reminders of Fred (e.g. opening up the shop); Hermione's immobilisation, her constant tension, fatigue, her sense of helplessness, her decreasing self-esteem, her putting things off for another day, her lack of proactivity--especially after a psychology lecture about DSM I see so much more and I LOVE THIS SO MUCH MORE.

. . . and I just really, really love the way you wrote Lee.

Author's Response: Yay Em! I was so so so happy that you were down to review this! (AND AGAIN, my review on "Case Study" doesn't count and I'm torn about what to Proper Review. Maybe just ALL OF IT).

I'm really glad you felt all the Emotional Turmoil here felt accurate, but also "implied." Like, I wanted to provide as detailedly correct a picture of PTSD and depression as possible without it turning into a lecture about "how PTSD and depression do."

And BAHA YES I meant George. TWINS GET SO CONFUSING. I'ma go rush to edit that now!

Also, YAY, I'm glad you like how I wrote Lee. I definitely didn't do a lot of him being a Super Fun Jokester, so I worried readers might be disappointed. My idea was that him being more subdued/walking-on-eggshells/hyper-aware-and-sensitive-to the-people-around-him was his way of being affected and traumatized by the war.

So, YES, I'm really happy you liked this and thought the Thingz worked!

THANK YOU FOR SWAP, and hmu if there's a specific thing you want reviews on!

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