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Reading Reviews for World Federation of Witches
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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote WFW

28th March 2016:
Hi! I saw your post in the forums and got curious.

I agree with Minerva that if you're going to be passing laws, you need diversity so as to properly represent the interests of everyone. You can't just have old pureblood men decide everything for society. You have to have a variety of viewpoints so that it can be inclusive and forward thinking.

I'm glad that Hermione was hesitant. If they jumped right in, unsure it was what they want to do, they'd squander the opportunity for real change. Someone else more passionate and driven could easily take over.

As for Ginny practicing and wishing to do it with males too, I think she's mostly talking about the mindset and mannerisms of male athletes (maybe, you're the author so you have more insight). Possibly they have different cues and codes, or slightly different body language, which would help the female players interpret their next play. I think an all male team would be like a fraternity. If you've ever been to a frat party, you know it's like a whole different (and utterly bizarre) world.

I think the Hermione dealing with her coworkers bit would also make perfect sense. Hermione is a go-getter. She goes out of her way to make sure perfection is achieved. There's no doubt in my mind that being around a personality like hers would result in some slacking on the part of her coworkers. Now suddenly they were going to have to put in effort?

There's no doubt that there would be wizards that don't agree with this conference, just like there are groups like meninists. Corruption happens all the time. People are afraid of change for some reason (I personally don't understand at all).

So I think the deal that some people reading this might miss is that it seems like you are trying to emphasize that there are so many ways to view movements like feminism.

Some people believe that trying to gain diversity is by itself wrong. That if people are equal, it'll just happen naturally. Some people (such as myself) believe that for change to happen, we have to action. We can't spoon feed the world equality, we have to make it sit at the dinner table until it clears it's plate (that was weird, just go with it). Some people don't believe in feminism, some do, some do at varying degrees.

The wizarding world is basically our world, just a bit more magical. These are real issues, real viewpoints, real stances that need to be considered and addressed, regardless of where you stand.

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much for getting curious!! I truly needed someone to come in unbiased and review this. I really believe there is such a big spectrum of what feminism means to people and I'm glad you saw what it was I meant by writing this. I really liked your analogy about spoon feeding the world equality lol, you're right, it can't work that way. We have to earn it, we'll get our dessert after we do the work :)

Thank you again for this truly unbiased review.

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Review #2, by Susan WFW

28th March 2016:
Its amazing how sexist Hermione is in this. Very disappointing. What a warped view of feminism.

Author's Response: We all have different views of feminism and this story is one of them. Your review is another, thank you for showing just how broad the spectrum is.

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