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Reading Reviews for Toward the Heights
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by killjoy Toward the Height

26th August 2017:
I liked it! But you need to do a one shot from this! The part where Ron mentions he got hurt and Hermione had to come running. You need to do that one from Hermione's POV. Please!

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Review #2, by Labhub Toward the Height

22nd February 2017:
I really enjoyed this. The flashback scenes were handled well, and I thought you nailed the ending. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, really glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #3, by AlmaVK Toward the Height

26th January 2017:
Whoa, this was great! Ever since I realized that Ron was first and auror before starting to work with George in the shop I was wondering how that might have happened... and yours is a perfectly plausible answer - and a very well written story! Thank you so much! I know coming from an anonymus it doesn't mean much, but you have such a great writing style! This was my favourite: "his anger bounced off the walls and hit her twice". Also I really enjoy stories that don't go in a chronological order, but jump between small stories (that's only my personal style, but still I wanted to tell you I liked that too). Hope you win the Dobby! ;-)

Author's Response: I never really liked the idea of Ron leaving the Aurors to go work for the joke shop, so this story was my effort at tackling how that might happen. It's weird that some of us, even myself a little, might view Ron leaving the Aurors as him 'giving up' and I wanted to try to tackle the idea that there is HARDLY any shame in him wanting a change of pace. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by AlwaysAddicted Toward the Height

5th November 2016:
I really enjoyed this! Loved your writing style. I've seen this story a few times and never ended up clicking on it and now I'm sorry that I waited so long. Had a little laugh when I read the "bless you" part. Lovely all around. xx

Author's Response: I don't usually write one-shots so I'm glad this was well-received! Thanks.

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Review #5, by Missdagane Toward the Height

8th August 2016:
Loved it. Again you describe your characters and their freelings so well.

Author's Response: Much appreciated! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Dianainga Toward the Height

22nd May 2016:
Your writing is amazing! You completely turned me around on my feelings about Ron's character. I have always viewed him as being jealous of Harry and most of his actions have been somehow tied back to this..however, I really love this version of Ron. Finally see him as someone who really didn't want to save the world...just wanted the war to end so he can get on with his life. Well done! Thank you!

Author's Response: Ron is my absolute favourite character; his confrontation with the Horcrux in Deathly Hallows is one of my favourite scenes in ANY story, EVER (character is directly attacked by their insecurities after years and books of setting them up and exploring them? I am THERE). I had for a long time been very uncomfortable with the idea that he left the Aurors while Harry stayed on, so when this concept came up I knew I had to write it and explore his side of things properly.

I am honoured to at least tackle your views on Ron. He needs all the love. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by nellysh Toward the Height

16th May 2016:
so goood!
Please more from Ron and you've described him so well

Author's Response: I have no current plans for more one-shots from Ron's POV; if you enjoyed this take on him, though, maybe check out my story Renaissance? It's a few years old but thoroughly Ron-centric. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by victoria_anne Toward the Height

2nd April 2016:
Hey Slide!

A little birdy told me (on Twitter, get it? Hehe, get it? Tweet tweet!) that you were doing something wonderful to cheer everyone up, so I thought I'd sneak on over here and do the same for you.

Oh man, that opening dream. So creepy and well done! Your descriptions are amazing! I swear I love every single sentence you've written. I wanted to pull a few of my favourites out but there was just too many!

Oh, go on then... : "But it was a small room and the darkness made it smaller, and so his anger bounced off the walls and hit her twice." - Just beautiful!

So this is actually the first Golden Trio story I've read in a while (weird, huh? I've had a Marauder and Tom Riddle obsession as of late) so let me just say I am so impressed with how you write them. Honestly, I think I stay away because people struggle to write them well, but you've done an excellent job!

I LOVE how you balanced the present with the past, it flowed so freaking well! (And omg Ginny and baby James - adorable!)

The scene with what happened to Sowerberry... I just have no words. It was vivid, it gave me goosebumps, you have amazing talent.

I lied, I got another one: "Magic or not, wizards could be as fragile as any man." Ermigawd!

Truth reveal: I don't even really like Auror stories, but you have converted me! It was just such a powerful, realistic, relatable, emotional story - I DEMAND MORE!

I wish I could put how much I enjoyed this into a response as beautiful as your writing, but eh, I can only gush.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful work

♥ ♥ Bianca

Author's Response: This was so lovely to find and I should have absolutely answered sooner. It's very kind of you to drop by with this review.

It's the first Golden Trio story I've WRITTEN in a while, and coming to them was like sitting down with old friends again, especially writing Ron. Harry was a little tough to place in this story but Ron and Hermione were super easy. Hermione oddly so; the story's meant to be ALL ABOUT RON but Hermione slithered in and found her important place in it, too.

To call it an Auror story is almost a bit much. It's a Ron story, it just happens to include Auror bits. There's not much by way of mystery or police procedural things, it's really about Ron and, frankly, something approaching PTSD in the aftermath of the war. But yeah, the idea landed in my lap and I had to develop it for Ron, because I felt something had to properly explain him walking away from the Aurors and into working with George.

Thank you so much for this review!

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