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Review #1, by Your Obliviator A Love Story of Pansies And Leek

21st August 2016:
Jo! How I look forward to reading your stories! You're such an awesome writer.

What an interesting condition to explore! I highly doubt any other fanfiction story has discussed it and certainly not at the depth that you have. There's nothing better than stories that are solely and completely unique.

You've really done a wonderful job setting the scene here. I perfectly envision the bustling Diagon Alley, filled with crowds enjoying the last Saturday before Hogwarts, scrambling to gather the supplies that they put off until the last minute. The dazzling blue skies, abandoned buildings, dusty shop windows. All of it really puts the reader there.

I love that in your stories you so often touch on the aftermath of war. Things will be damaged still. It's part of the process. Through the grey spots though humanity is taking root. The new generation isn't nearly as tainted by the war and they will be the ones to provide true restoration.

Neville's anxiety is very palpable. You've done such an excellent job ensuring we feel every ounce of his insecurities.

I love that you've brought up Luna the way you did. Her uniqueness would definitely be alluring for someone with the same ocndition because it would be easier for him to pick her out in a crowd. Part of me is upset with Luna for making him feel so terrible for something that he really can't help. That being said, I understand why it would hurt her too.

I adore the characterization of Hermione here. She's always been very kind to Neville (and she could never resist a good mystery that needed researching) so to have her help him, put a word to the thing he struggled with, I just think that was such a precious touch to add in.

If I'm being honest here I think your characterization of Hannah has also made me fall at least a little bit in love with her myself! The touch of her holding a pot of pansies was just so very sweet. She really contrasts with the other girls that Neville dated but in such a good way, not as if he was mentally pitting them against each other. She is understanding and exactly what he needs in his life.

An absolutely perfect ending to an absolutely perfect story! That was such an excellent read and my heart is so full now!

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Review #2, by AdinaPuff A Love Story of Pansies And Leek

24th March 2016:
Hi Jo!

This. Was. Amazing.

I feel slightly ignorant that I've never heard of this condition. It's amazing how well you wrote it, though. Honestly it was so overwhelming and I felt for neville. You got exactly how he was feeling across and your words were just perfect in painting his feelings and surroundings.

This was so well written and so unique and ugh just I loved it so much. Well done!! I can't wait for you to post and write more so I can fall in love with your brilliant writing even more!!

- Leigh xx

Author's Response: Leigh ... *hug*

I'm so happy about your review, I can't tell you. I'm a bit speechless right now.

Don't feel ignorant, though, it's really not a well-known condition and like I said in the post script: even those that have it often don't know.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I have the prologue to a new story in the queue right now and I really hope I can deliver what you expect.

Thank you again.
Love, Jo

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Review #3, by victoria_anne A Love Story of Pansies And Leek

23rd March 2016:
Hello lovely wonderful amazing Jo!

I am first reviewer - huzzah!

There is nothing about this I don't like! I love how most of the story is Neville reflecting while he waits in Diagon Alley. You painted a vivid, descriptive picture throughout the whole story of Neville's surroundings and I could picture it so well - even his nervousness over being surrounded by people and knowing he's waiting for one and just not sure what they look like!

That was an interesting take too, the prosopagnosia. I'll admit I've never heard of it before, but strangely I can definitely see Neville as being someone who has it.

I love the pansies, too. How they shared a love of Herbology and she used them to help Neville identify her. Such a kind, thoughtful and understanding gesture for Hannah to make!

Beautiful work once more, Jo, I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve for us :D

Love Bianca xx

Author's Response: Lovely wonderful amazing Bianca!

Thank you heaps for your review :) I'm so happy you liked it. This was my warm up round - I'm (even) more unsure about the coming two and hearing all of your positive feedback has been extremely encouraging.

The pansies actually were one of the bargain-deals that sometimes come free with the rest of the story :) it kind of jumped at me that this was exactly the kind of thing Hannah woudl do and also how it's exactly the kind of accepting kindness Neville really hasn't seen enough in his life. So, yeah, I enjoyed it too :)

And I can't wait to find out what you think of what else I have up my sleve :D
*cough* in the queue *cough*

Lots of love,

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