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Reading Reviews for stays the same
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Review #1, by Your Obliviator stays the same

21st August 2016:
What a beautiful and poetic story.

One thing I really love about this story is the way you've brought to light the contrast between how Harry is coping post-war and how Neville is coping. Neville is doing well, he's surviving day to day, even thriving. Harry is struggling between the unresolved feelings, the toll that war takes, and the feeling of being a killer. Harry says he sometimes resents the fact that it could have just as well been Neville and Harry could have had the nice normal life. I can't imagine how hard it would be to be in love with someone but also have that underlying feeling of resentment (however so small).

It's interesting, but also very realistic to me, that one of the things he found so miserable was standing on stage with him with all the applause while getting his Order of Merlin. I think besides the obvious issue of being in love with someone and being in such close proximity, some of that must be a bit of survivor's guilt too. I can't imagine Harry being all that proud of the accolade considering all the lives lost to obtain it.

I like that you had Neville being the one that kissed first. The one that was so very Gryffindor bold. He was, as you say, Gryffindor for a reason! That's such a pleasant touch!

The invitation was such a nice touch. It was incredibly sweet but more than that it establishes their relationship more firmly and it establishes that their friends love and accept them (even though we totally knew they would anyway).

I find that I like the idea of Ginny and Dean together in this story. In my heart it somehow complements Harry and Neville. I'm not sure exactly why that is.

I love that Harry takes an interest in Neville's passions. He asks about his plants and recognizing which ones are new and what they act like. He allowed the greenhouse to be installed in his yard which I imagine would have been very delightful at keeping Neville around even more so. He's doing such a good job being loving and supportive. Telling him to go chase his dreams, go research the Wattieza Nova. *Sigh* They have such a sweet, dreamy relationship.

Your characterization of the pair of them is completely unparalleled. Especially Neville. He's a bit of a silly goose, but he's so passionate and brilliant. I could easily see this progression of him from the books themselves. My favorite line of the entire story was "I picture you in your greenhouse, humming and completely oblivious to the fact you are standing on a sock." I can completely see Neville humming along shoeless, totally immersed in his work.

The end was so very sweet and I'm so pleased I had the opportunity to read this beautiful piece, filled with a perfect amount of angst and fluff.

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Review #2, by Marshal stays the same

18th June 2016:
For the LGBTQA+ Review Event

This is an interesting take on the original story, the little changes that brought Harry and Neville together is interesting. I like how you show how life can cause people to change. How they may not have stayed together if it weren't for the war but they eventually found comfort and solace together. You wrote a very cute couple and relationship that is different and unique and yet works. One wouldn't think of putting Neville and Harry together but at the same time you made it work so a job well done.

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Review #3, by filledwithwonder stays the same

19th March 2016:
Hi Jo! It's Rach here with your requested review.

I really enjoyed this fic! Harry/Neville is a ship I've never even considered before, as I usually stick to canon pairings. That being said, I think you made it work really well! The nature of their relationship really did feel realistic, and their pairing was easier to get behind than I originally thought it would be. I enjoyed how you mentioned Ginny's life with Dean, and that they were still in each other's lives (and I adored Neville's commentary on the plants). It made it easier for me to ignore the canon H/G pairing altogether.

I especially liked Harry's POV. I love first-person stories, and I just adored how it felt like he was talking to Neville directly, or leaving him a love note almost. I liked the lack of dialogue. I thought the story and Harry's thoughts stood alone well and didn't need the addition of dialogue.

My favorite line was this: "Youíve never had to be a killer and sometimes I hate how easy it is for you. Sometimes I hate that it was me when it could have been you." It struck me because I always forget that it could have been Neville, and the comment is just so distinctly Harry. Harry is a really hard character to get right as we've heard his voice from JKR so thoroughly, but I think you characterized him really well and got that Harry essence.

I also enjoyed your pacing. You gave us glimpses of Harry and Neville's lives both together and separately, like little snapshots. I enjoyed following them through their journey. I liked that you started in the middle of their story. And I loved how the ending brought us back to the beginning snapshot that we hadn't gotten to see yet.

All in all, I think you did a wonderful job making us wish this ship was canon. I can't say I won't still be shipping H/G, as I'm old fashioned in my canon ways ;). However, I think you made the relationship very believable, which I'd say is the biggest obstacle in making a non-canon pairing.

I feel honored to be reviewing your first fic; you knocked it out of the park. Keep writing!


Author's Response: Hi Rach :)

Thank you so much for your lovely review.

I love "or leaving him a love note almost" this so much because it was exactly what I was trying to do and I'm amazed that you picked up on it.

And I'm glad you enjoyed reading even though you ship H/G :)

Lots of love,

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Review #4, by Felpata Lupin stays the same

17th March 2016:
Hey, Jo!
I think I never properly talked to you or welcomed you to Hufflepuff... So, to make amends a little, I've decided to come take a peek at your writing...

By the way... Wow! Am I leaving you your first review? I feel sort of honoured by it! :)

But onto the story!
So, this was interesting! Probably not the sort of thing I would usually read, but I enjoyed it just the same!

Something I really liked a lot was how you showed the development of the relationship through the years and how it wasn't a they-were-soulmates-and-perfect-for-each-other-and-everything-was-always-perfect sort of thing. They had their hardship, their ups and downs, just like real life is, but they got through together and found their dimension in the end. I loved it.

I also loved the circularity of the story, how it ends with the memories of where it started. That final scene, with Harry reviving his childhood memories, the first years in Hogwarts, up to that first kiss. So sweet, so lovely!

By the way, I found sort of amusing how you took scenes from canon and reinterpreted them changing the actors, substituting Neville to Cho and Ginny. It was a cute way to introduce their romance.

I loved your descriptions, too. You did a great job in setting the scenes and showing us what's happening. I would've loved some more dialogue (just because I'm a dialogue person... :P) but that wasn't what you wanted to do, and your story worked brilliantly the way it was! Also, I find first-person perspective to be incredibly tricky, and you managed it really well. Harry's POV came out very spot on. Congrats.

My only CC (but maybe it's just me... after all I read your story this morning on the underground when I was still trying to wake up...) is that the chapter felt a bit long. Have you considered breaking it in more than one chapter? It would make the reading a bit lighter (but, as I said, that's only the opinion of a sleepy IT consultant heading to work...)

All in all, this was a really well written, really interesting story, and I enjoyed reading it a lot!

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Hi Chiara.
Yes, this is my very first review and I was so surprised finding it this morning, thank you so much for stopping by. This is so exciting!

Hehe, I'm glad you liked the Cho and Ginny scenes. I was working on the premise that in this AU the only thing that changed was Neville and Harry's sexuality, so it felt right to change as little as possible.

In fact I never thought of breaking the story into chapters, mainly because the units I would have liked to split it up into/the different scenes would be too short to be validated as separate chapters. But I see where you are coming from - with this much happening in relatively few words I can imaging it feels long. I'll keep this in mind for future one-shots :)

Concerning dialogue: I'd love to say that it's sprase because it fits the story (because both Harry and Neville are not really good at expressing emotions, and also that at the begining their bad times after the war are kind of silent and later on they get comfortable and start talking freely until in the end they can share a comfortable silence) BUT that only works for this story and you are rightt. Dialogue is more difficult for me than the rest.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it and thank you again for taking the time to give such thoughtful and most of all really helpful feedback.

Lots of love to you too,

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