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Reading Reviews for Hat's Dilemma
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by victoria_anne Hat's Dilemma

1st June 2017:
Hello hello gorgeous lady!
I remember now that I read over this for you before you posted it, but I never left a review. I'm here to fix that :D
So I already know this is amazing, but I just love love love how much attention to detail and canon you include. You've done so much research but still managed to include it all flawlessly and naturally. We may know these characters but they're not quite the characters we know because they're so much younger. You've still made them seem like real, flesh and blood people with histories :D

I love the way Minerva notices everything. And her being friends early on with Professor Sprout! Her love and respect for her parents is so beautiful, and I love how she just wants to make them proud. I absolutely love the reason for the Hat putting her in Gryffindor in the end - how her wit that would put her in Ravenclaw isn't what defines her the most.

So many questions for Peter. I love it. It's perfect. The insecurity, the nervousness, the what ifs... the little faith his father has in him that makes him feel like a failure before he's even tried. All the little details and actions of his nervousness are fantastic. Hahaha I love how the Hat called him rude when Peter compared it to a fly. I always believed it was the loyalty that put Peter in Gryffindor, even though eventually it was never to his friends, so it's wonderful to read that.

And Hermione! I love her restlessness, and the way she's sizing up everyone and everything around her so she can be prepared. It's a different kind of keen eye from Minerva. I love how she runs through the names she knows in her head, trying to determine when her turn will be. I can just imagine her running through all the compartments on the Express and learning everyone's names! Aw, and Neville, trying to remember all the warnings his Gran had given him. I love how he thinks of his family and what they would think of him. I love how Neville thinks he knows himself and would be content with Hufflepuff, and panicking over being put in Gryffindor. I love how he thinks of his father, being so brave. And of course the Hat isn't wrong about Neville :D

I can't gush about you or your writing or this story enough. I'm such a big fan of your work, Ysh. But I think you know that :P Loved this, well done! ♥

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Review #2, by velajune Hat's Dilemma

11th April 2016:
Hi Ysh,

I'm here for the request you made. It's a few hours later than I expected, but here it is now.

It was one of the stories I was looking forward to reading from the list of entries for the challenge.

I loved every bit of this one-shot. You've clearly defined each character and they felt canon to me. You did a great job with researching all of their information. I don't have much to say other than I loved how you wrote them. I liked reading about Minerva's parents through her perspective. I liked that the Hat saw something in Peter that he unfortunately never saw in himself. His part truly broke my heart. I liked that your Hermione is very much like the stubborn and know-it-all, almost to the point of annoying, Hermione that was in the books. Lol, And I also loved the clash of two, even more, stubborn minds, the Hat and Neville.

Neville is my all time favorite character, and I looked forward most to how you'd write his bit. I can't say I'm disappointed. I laughed as they continued to be in conflict with one another. Even as Neville fought the Hat, he still couldn't see the potential he had.

I loved your Sorting Hat by the way. He was every bit of a sass, as I'd always seen him. Again, great job on the canonicity.

I'm curious, did you come up with the verses of the Hat's song yourself for all the other eras aside from Hogwarts Era? Because I need some of that creativity there. Lol.

I'm super glad you dropped by to request. I loved this!

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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryote Hat's Dilemma

7th April 2016:
First of all, I love the idea of the hat and the hatstall. I found that absolutely hilarious and completely clever.

I think you're very skilled at writing sorting ceremonies because in a lot of stories I've read, I've had the overwhelming desire to just skip the section and move on. I didn't feel that even once in your story.

Your characterization of the Sorting Hat was absolutely magnificent. It's sassy and snarky and utterly pretentious.

I loved Minerva's because it's rare for me to ever consider her as a vulnerable, unsure child. She's just always been this force of nature and for her to be unsure of where she belongs because she has so many great traits, well, I like seeing heroes as humans.

Peter's sorting was emotional for me. I love Peter as a character and many people tend to trivialize him instead of explore him. Thank you for not just writing him off. "I agree… the world needs more brave wizards right now… Very well then," Well, in some ways he was absolutely this wizard. He was along side his best friends trying to make the world a better place. Sometimes you don't know what you'll actually do in the kind of situation that Peter faced.

Hermione was practically straight from the books. She was anxious, but logical. I see a lot of Minerva in Hermione, but Hermione seemed less afraid to respond to the hat. I think both of those characters are more alike than I considered before reading this.

I love that you chose Neville because I super love baby Neville and his bravery despite his insecurities. I think Gran helped shape him into the person he became, despite the fact that she definitely was not the most sensitive person in the world. Then again, she was definitely still grieving for the tragedy of Neville's parents and I think that she did the best she could dealing with both her emotions and trying to raise her grandson. That's a lot of pressure. I loved Neville arguing with the hat because I think that alone demonstrated his bravery. Who else argues with the hat like that?

Overall, I loved the story and I think it's evident you put a lot of thought into what made each character belong in their house. I think all of your characters are very dynamic and interesting!

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Review #4, by 800 words of heaven Hat's Dilemma

21st March 2016:
Heya! I'm finally FINALLY dropping in for our review swap! I'm sorry for the delay.

So first off, I must get this off my chest. I. LOVE. THIS. STORY. OMG IT IS SO SO GOOD.

Please please write more about sorting ceremonies because you have such a knack for them. I'm enamoured with the way you write the Sorting Hat. You've completely captured the snooty, snarky, holier-than-thou, I-know-all-which-is-definitely-more-than-you voice that I sometimes love, and I sometimes hate. If possible, can you just write a story of the Sorting Hat talking to different people and making people question their sanity? Because that would be AWESOME.

Coming to the actual people, I absolutely loved each of their voices. You really balanced being eleven, and still showing the characters we know them to be later on in their stories. I think Minerva's section was my favourite, but your attention to detail and turns of phrases were just perfect all around.

Basically, I love this story. That is all.

(Also thanks for the swap!)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the swap! I really enjoyed your story as well :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed this little tale. It didn't really fit into any era or genre, and just seemed to hang in there...

I'm so glad you liked my Sorting Hat voice - I was quite worried about that to be honest because I wanted to convey exactly what you've mentioned and kept editing and re-editing it!

OMG That's a wonderful idea! I can totally imagine the Sorting Hat just completely messing with people's heads! Now I HAVE to write a sequel :D

I'm glad you liked the characters as well. Minerva was my favorite to write, she just basically wrote herself...

Thank you so much for your lovely review and the swap :)


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Review #5, by Jayna Hat's Dilemma

21st March 2016:
Hey there Ysh, here with your challenge review from the Somehow Connected Challenge!

First off, I ADORED your summary. The whole counting down thing was super creative, and definitely made me super interested. In addition, I think that the definition of hatstalls gave the reader an extremely brief teaser of what the story was going to be about without really giving away anything at all.

Anyway, you definitely did a fantastic job of doing exactly what my challenge asked for, and I think that the fact that you adhered closely to canon and pottermore helped weave a thread through all of the sections to connect them really strongly.

In addition, I LOVED your portrayal of Neville. I can totally imagine him being afraid to be placed in Gryffindor, and just wanting to lay low. In addition, I particularly liked how the hat said that he was more like his parents than he thought, and the part about how the only thing he had inherited from his dad was his wand just broke my heart.

Your Peter was super convincing as well, and I think that you really brought out the parts of him we know well from canon, the desire to prove himself and to fit in, and adding his father into the mix gave those qualities some grounding and backstory.

Lastly, your flow was perfect, and I think one of the best things about this story was how, when faced with the same situation, you cleverly showed the subtle differences in perspective between the four characters. For example, a sort of sub-connection between Minerva, Peter, and Neville was the role their parents played in their lives and sorting. It wasn't an exaggerated difference in perspective, but it was definitely there and served to compare and contrast the characters really well.

Overall, great job with this piece, it was a pleasure to read and did a really great job of embodying the challenge.


Author's Response: Hello Jayna!

Oooh *rubs palms together in anticipation* I love it when a challenge hoster comes over to check out my story :D

I'm glad you liked my Summary. The whole plunny came to me in the shower when I had just signed up for your challenge and then was racking my brain about it when I realized, 'hey, JKR had a thing or two to say about sortings'. I quite enjoyed the fact that Peter Pettigrew was a hatstall and could have just as well been in Slytherin...

I'm so glad you feel that I've fulfilled the spirit of the challenge. I've always advocated for canon, and Hermione and Neville were particularly tough to write, so it really made my day when I saw that you found my Neville so close to canon.

Peter is a character I've never explored, and never wanted to (because let's face it who doesn't hate him?) But your challenge got me to do just that, and now I'm finding it easier to write him into my WIP. So really, I have you to thank for that!

Oh, I'm so happy you noticed the little differences and similarities between the characters. Apart from the part that they all ended up in Gryffindor, there were other things that connected them - the desire to fit in somewhere. And at age 11, isn't that all we want to do?

Thank you so much for your lovely review, and I can't wait for the results :D


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Review #6, by marauderfan Hat's Dilemma

17th March 2016:
For our swap!

This is a really cool fic. I haven't seen any that focus so heavily on the Sorting Hat before, so that's a kind of neat challenge! I mean, most people usually skip over even writing the Sorting Hat's song. (Myself included.) So it was cool to see a bit more of what goes on inside that hat's head! :P

I love that one of the characters you chose to write about was McGonagall - I am not surprised that she would have been a near Hatstall as she does display so many Ravenclaw qualities. I also loved some insight into her background, and her thinking about which house her Muggle father would have been in. And I love that it was Hufflepuff - McGonagall certainly is known for her fairness and I love that you incorporated that into the story as being instilled in her by her father who wasn't a wizard but would have been a Hufflepuff. I think this section was my favourite of all of the four sortings you wrote, just because I'd never really imagined her sorting before.

Peter - again, not surprising that the hat would have wanted to put him in Slytherin. Peter's an odd one - in my opinion he doesn't really display many of the house traits, and is mostly selected by how he doesn't display traits. Like, he's not overly intelligent, he doesn't value fairness and justice, so it would have had to be down to Gryffindor and Slytherin. As slippery as he became later, it takes a lot to become an Animagus, and i think the fact that he looked up to his friends so much indicates that he really values their Gryffindor values, as your last few lines of his scene indicate. He wants to be seen as the brave person holding the sword. He's definitely an interesting character to get into the mind of, and I thought you did well with him here.

Hermione would no doubt have done well in Ravenclaw! I love that the hat got a bit sassy with her, commenting on how many thoughts were going on in there. :P

Aw, and Neville. It kind of kills my heart that he wants to be in Hufflepuff at first because he's afraid he can't live up to the reputation of his brave, sacrificing parents, and thinks that Hufflepuff will allow him to be more inconspicuous. He definitely does have a Hufflepuff heart though - he's like the most humble of all the Gryffindors. But the Sorting Hat made the right call, and in Neville's case I think he had big shoes to fill, and putting him in Gryffindor kind of prompted him to do that.

This was a great fic, and I loved reading the sorting processes for all four of these characters! Well done, and good luck in the challenges :D Thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Hello Kristin!

Thank you for stopping by... yes i'm alsoo one of those people who skip past the Sorting Hat's song, and I wasn't planning to write any lines for this Challenge as well. But I just thought one of those sections needs to include the lines, and though the rhyming is childish and meter is all wrong, I just wanted to get it out there (I can't write poetry to save my life!)

I'm so happy you liked McGonagall the best. It was certainly fun writing her, and she was the easiest of all four to tell the truth. When I read the Pottermore writing on McG, just to get the feel of her backstory, I knew exactly what I wanted to write. Pottermore says McGonagall was a true Hatstall - and that with the maturity that she displayed at a very early age (I wanted to make that more than the other three) she was definitely a candidate for Ravenclaw, don't you think.

Ooh, that was very astute- that Peter got sorted by the process of elimination. That was precisely the effect I was going for, and I'm so glad you spotted that. I didn't have a headcanon for him - but like you pointed out, I gathered he wanted to be popular, and since he had only seen James Potter in the train, he pictured him, thinking that's who he wanted to be. Maybe if he had run into some Slytherins he might have wanted to be a Slytherin. Like with Harry, Peter displayed both traits but his choice was what tipped the Hat in the end, that and the Hat wanting to nurture some distant potential of bravery during the time of the First Wizarding War. I'm glad you found this part believable

Hermione and Neville were more challenging because we know so much about them from canon. Neville has a Hufflepuff heart doesn't he? Sweet, kind, humble, caring... No wonder he married Hannah Abbott who was probably all of that :)

Thank you for your wonderful review, and for all the nice things you said about this story. It means a lot coming from you.


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Review #7, by Gabriella Hunter Hat's Dilemma

16th March 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review for our swap! I really, really need to swap with you more often because this is brilliant!

I don't think I've read anything like this before and it was very refreshing. We heard all about the Hatstalls in the books but I like that you told three separate stories in a way that blended perfectly. I certainly didn't think that I would ever read a story featuring a Minerva McGonagall that was unsure of herself.

That's actually a neat thing you did there because you can see that she's going to grow into. I like all the backstory that you added about her character too, you get a clear sense of who she is as a person. Her fear of being put in Slytherin, something that all three characters share, was written well and her maturity came through like a falling star. I think that you did an excellent job of adding canon characters too, who don't necessarily play a major role but have their own histories later down the line. Minerva's greatness and her conversation with the Hat (Written wonderfully by the way, it had such personality) came across realistic and I enjoyed seeing such vulnerability from her.

Now, Hermione's POV was somewhat similar to Minerva's when it came to how focused and certain of herself she was. She knew exactly what she wanted but didn't get what she wanted, if you get what I mean. Her mind was so set on what she believed about herself that I think it was a great idea for her to be put in Gryffindor. Ravenclaw would have held no challenges for her at all and she has a different sort of courage that's often overlooked.

*I also love that sneering Malfoy's show up more than once in this story. They're so snooty! >:3

I have to say that Neville's POV was my favorite because I think you nailed him so well. There was this lovely anxiousness about him and this wonderful bit of hope. He's not sure of who he is and carries such a painful secret but he had so much depth. I think that it's hard to write a character like him, he's so awkward and gawky at times but just so sweet on the other.

What I also loved about this was that each POV showed the strengths and weaknesses of the character. They either want to please their parents, themselves or others and their emotions came across so well. I especially like the sassiness the Hat displayed with Hermione and Neville too but I think you ended this on a nice note.

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello Gabbie!

I want you to write more Georgelina, pretty please :D

I'm glad you find the concept refreshing. That was kind of what I was going for... I wanted to add a whole new twist to the somehow connected Challenge.

Ahh yes - I couldn't resist including Augusta (Longbottom) and the sleek blond boy (who was intended to be Abraxas Malfoy). I always assumed that McGonagall would be someone more mature for her age, and when I read JKR's backstory about her, that was the feeling I got. I just enjoyed writing her part. I'm so happy that part worked well, because I was afraid it would seem a little OOC for a 11 year old.

Yes, I was going for that effect where Hermione's and McGonagall's would be similar in their choices while Peter's and Neville's in their insecurities. But Compared to McG, I feel Hermione was less mature, more eager. I lvoe what you said about Ravenclaw not challenging her. I believe you're perfectly right about that... that's a wonderful way to justify the Hat's choice. Because intellegence is a trait that exists, and it can be nurtured anywhere, but with things like courage or cunning you need the right encouragement to bring it out. I think that's what the Hat was going for with Hermione.

Neville was the toughest to write. In fact so was Hermione. We know so much about them from canon that I was quite nervous about portraying them. I had to read the first HP book till the sorting in order to get a good feel of how they were before the sorting.

I'm so happy you enjoyed that. Ineke's challenge was just that - to bring out the different qualities of the character and focus on their Sorting. I'm really happy you've had so many nice things to say about my story, and it means a lot coming from you. Thank you for the swap and your wonderful review.


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Review #8, by Wren Hat's Dilemma

15th March 2016:
I hope you add to story line I would like to see Ron and Luna and Draco. It was so well written.

Author's Response: Hello Wren! I'm so glad you liked that.. Ooh that's a fun idea, I'd love to try that one out. I picked Hatstalls and near-stalls as the general theme for this one - and maybe next chapter can be about instantaneous decisions (that's what happened with Draco and Ron didn't it) and see where it goes.

Thank you for your read, review and suggestion! I'll definitely think about it :)


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