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Reading Reviews for Celestia Academy
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Review #1, by Marshal Prologue

16th March 2016:

I'm Marshal (obviously) I am currently participating in a review competition on the forums run by the Slytherin house. I don't think I've seen you on the forums. Are you new to HPFF? If so welcome!

You have a very nice start here. You have a very good voice with your writing that keeps a person reading. I like your style and the story concept here. Such a unique idea!

Is this new world and school you've got here of your own creation or is based off something else? If it is based off something else what is it? If this is your own creation then kudos! You are highly imaginative and you have already created a unique and interesting world.

I admit I look forward to what other things you have in store for Harri and the other characters. This is looking to be a unique and interesting story.

One small detail that I know happens to even me, you have a number of occasions where you have switched up your gender pro-nouns. I am guessing you were thinking of having Harri be a boy at the start so there are a number of he's and him's. This should be a really easy to fix. Otherwise a fantastic story. Looking forward to more and hopefully I might see you around on the forums.

- Marshal
Team Ouroboros
"The end is only the beginning"

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