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Reading Reviews for Love, Minerva
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Dinthemidwest September 1954

29th May 2016:
Such a thoughtful and beautiful story! Minerva's character shines through... I have enjoyed your writing-hope you continue.

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Review #2, by TidalDragon September 1954

10th April 2016:
And so we meet again!

I fear this review will be mostly short, as I don't want to be unduly duplicative in my praise of your earlier capturing of "Miss Minerva" but I do think it bears repeating that you've written these letters splendidly, which a keen awareness of her voice and her reactions and indeed, to the very end, her eventual pragmatism.

It is, truly, sad to see a love end like this - a mutual love, deeply held and duly requited, but impossible to bring into permanence, but you have, without varying from your mission to truly capture the character and her handling of the loss, captured it beautifully.

Thanks for participating and sharing this story with us!

Author's Response: Thanks for another very generous review!

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Review #3, by TidalDragon August 1954

10th April 2016:
Howdy Renee! I am slowly, but surely closing in on my goal of R&R-ing all the Knockout Challenge entries before I lose the weekend and that has, finally, led me to you.

This was such an interesting piece about such an infrequently (at least independently) written character. Though we know that McGonagall's love life ended in tragedy the way you gave voice to it gave it an impact that knowledge alone cannot. Of course, doing it as a letter posed you a considerable challenge I know, because you had to capture not only McGongall's voice, but also her thinking and that thinking while in an undoubtedly highly emotional state - something we don't often see from her in canon. Truly, I think you rose to the occasion well, not making the letter overly sentimental, but clearly conveying the emotion in an earnest, sorrowful, and even penitent way that I felt fit her character quite well.

On to Chapter 2!

Author's Response: Hi Kevin!

I'm way belated in answering this, but anyway.

I'm very flattered you say I rose to the occasion, bcs I know you're an honest reviewer. Thank you so much!

You mention this as being penitent - that is so accurate!

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #4, by marauderfan September 1954

10th April 2016:
Congrats, you're a TA!!! *throws confetti and celebrates with you* ALSO, I did not realize this story wasn't a one-shot when I read the first chapte so yay, I'm excited to see more of it!

Although she can never send the letters (because of Statute of Secrecy and all that), it says so much about her that she writes them at all. I feel like for her these letters are very cathartic, and while it's not necessarily helping her move past him, because she's still writing to him and thinking about him all the time, it's kind of her way of atoning for all the secrets she had to keep from him while they were together. She can say all she wanted to tell him and get all these thoughts off her shoulders, but isn't breaking any laws.

The prose is once again beautiful and very much what I would expect of Minerva! It's really so lovely how you've gotten into her head like this, and I loved the image of a young Minerva sticking her nose up at PDA haha.

For some reason, regarding that last line and the fact that the story is not marked completed... I wonder if that's the case, or if Minerva will have more she needs to tell Doug.

I wish I could say more but the library is about to close right now so just know that I really loved this. I love the format with the letters, and I love the characterisation of Minerva. And I love you and your beautiful writing! ♥♥♥

Author's Response: Another wonderful review, thank you so much, Kristin ♥

I do intend to come back to this at some point. It's a good story for when I'm feeling to prose-y for normal writing haha

xoxo Renee

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Review #5, by Jayna August 1954

7th April 2016:
RENEE! My apologies for the lateness of this review, but I'm so glad that I got paired with you for this.

The prose in this piece is just absolutely beautiful. The stanza at the beginning (although just a tad confusing because everything is spelled so differently), perfectly sets the nostalgic, somber tone of the letter. Aside from that beginning quote, you do a really great job of making Minerva's writing feel poetic too. Every word feels like it's packed with emotion and that every word is coming straight from her heart. That's one of the reasons why I love using letters or diaries as a medium, because it's almost like a soliloquy of the character's deepest thoughts.

I adored your characterization of McGonagall. It perfectly showed her ability to reason and to put aside desires and temptations.

Okay, so I think that the best part of this story was the idea behind it. It set up a beautiful parallel between her and her parents, which you talked about in this piece. I've seen a lot of things where she's paired with other professors or maybe muggle borns, but never with an outright muggle. It was really cool to see such a creative spin and I think that even though you didn't describe Doug too much, the reader already knows a lot about him just by knowing a lot about Mcgonagall.

The ending was so tragic and I hate the fact that she has to keep her magic a secret from him, and you just did a great job of making me feel for both Minerva and Doug. So yeah, amazing job overall!


Author's Response: Hi Jayna!

I'm way behind on review responses but thank you so much for your very kind review! I'm not sure if you knew at the time that Doug is a canon character (according to Pottermore), but anyway, I can't take credit for him.

Minerva is pretty intimidating to write, so I am very pleased you found her in character. Thanks again for the review - I would love to swap sometime and see what you've been working on =)

xoxo Renee

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Review #6, by marauderfan August 1954

30th March 2016:
Hi Renee ♥

This story was so sad! :( McGonagall's story as a whole is really sad, tbh. She is definitely the sort of character who thinks with her head rather than her heart, which explains why she made the decision she did about leaving the person she loved, but the way you wrote it here makes it even more painful, because this letter is so deeply from the heart.

And actually, I think the only reason she wrote it from the heart is because she knew she would never send it.

I love your descriptions. It can be hard to do that in epistolary writing - scene setting and stuff is usually a lot less important in letters, but you managed to put in all these details of the scene in these little glimpses of nostalgia, and it fits perfectly. I love the picture you painted of their relationship together and how he would go off through the dew to feed the horses while she made tea. It's only one short letter, after she's already left, but it says so much.

The way she left is just heartbreaking too, that she didn't provide any explanation, she just vanished. I suppose it would have been harder to come up with an explanation or to try telling him she didn't love him anymore, when she still did. While I feel terrible for Doug, having this happen to him and for him to never know the truth, I feel worse for Minerva for having to make that decision. Trying to choose between her life of academia and magic, and the love of her life, and knowing that whichever she picks, she'll regret not having the other. I can't imagine having to make that sort of decision. But even as she writes it, I can tell as the reader that she knows she made the right choice, with that paragraph about her mother who made the opposite choice she did. As Minerva sees it, she mas more of a place in the magical world, and she will be someone there - she has more to give. Whereas if she stays with Doug, she loses so much of who she is.

Gah this just gave me all the feels. You took a very sad moment and that personal touch of turning it into a letter made all the difference. This is absolutely lovely writing, Renee.

Author's Response: Kristin ♥

After eons I am actually attempting to respond to my reviews - probably MOST of them are from you bcs you're just that amazing! Not many people read this one, and I still haven't finished it, but it's nice to read that you found this moving. It's definitely met to be a sad, painting-like story, if that makes sense? Like, if you've seen the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice, I think of that aesthetic when I think about Minerva's past.

I want to give her so many hugs. It's the worst sort of choice, where no matter what a lot of people get hurt. I agree with you all the way - I would never want to face a choice like this.

Thanks so much for your review, you are the best!
xoxo Renee

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Review #7, by Felpata Lupin August 1954

17th March 2016:
Hello, honey!
Here with your requested review (sorry for the wait... As I told you, I read this yesterday morning, but I just wasn't feeling review-y...)

I loved this! Siriusly!
Your Minerva was great, I loved your characterization of her! Even if you show us a more emotional, more fragile side of her, you still enlighten the strong and determined woman we know her to be. She was very much in character and her voice felt very authentic. Such a beautiful portrayal!!!

And no, I didn't find the language over-the-top flowery at all. It was sweet, full of love, yet composed and rational, like only Minerva could be. Just perfect.

I loved her inner contrast. Magic against love, nature against heart, fulfillment and independence agaist the joy and safety of an affective bond. I loved how she expresses her motives, the comparing to her parents, the fear of losing herself if she devoted herself to him. I loved that her decision was suffered and that she knew it would be equally difficult both ways. I loved the images and details you put in here, the fields, the breakfast...

As always, your writing was beautiful, and I'm so impressed by the amount of emotion you put in just a handful of words. I've already told more than once, but I'm going to repeat myself. You are an amazing writer!

Wonderful job, dearest!
Tons of love!

Author's Response: Chiara ♥

You leave the SWEETEST reviews, seriously! *HUG*

I'm very pleased that you thought Minerva was in character. I've never written her before, and I found it pretty tough to get in her head at first, especially to balance the way she is in the books with the younger, more free-spirited girl she would've been at this time.

She certainly made a very difficult decision, and the way you laid out those inner conflicts in so perfectly, it's almost like you know the story better than I do! You're just an amazing reader! *hug*

You really don't find the language too flowery? Well, I like writing flowery, so I do worry. haha

Thank you very much for a wonderful review!

lots of love!

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Review #8, by Willowjay16 August 1954

16th March 2016:

Let me tell you that it was brilliantly written! The way you wrote this story, the scenes were being created inside my head as I was reading. Professor McGonagall is one of those characters whom you can't help but admire, and you did a fantastic job with that.

Loved the way you ended it :
"I am gone, but still, I am yours.

Genuinely waiting for more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this amazing review! I was pretty nervous about this chapter - I am SO pleased you enjoyed it! I will work on Ch2 soon for you!

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