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Review #1, by SunshineDaisies Christmas Present

11th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF!

Itís been way too long since Iím read something of yours. Iíd forgotten how brilliant your writing is! Per usual, your description and imagery is just beyond words perfect. It definitely shined in this story, despite the fact that it was fairly short and thereís not a ton of description. I could see the picture of her and Won-Won perfectly, complete with the hearts and initials. I loved the description of the wrapping paper, it really demonstrated how important looks are to Lav-Lav. I also just really liked that it created such a clear mental picture.

Other than the beautiful description, I love the emotion in this. It took me right back to being sixteen and being stupidly infatuated with a dumb boy. I never bought him a gold necklace or kissed a note to him, but if we had actually dated, oh my god I absolutely would have. Itís embarrassing to admit, honestly. This is such an honest and adorable depiction of a teenager ďfalling in loveĒ for the first time.

That said, I also think you did an excellent job of displaying how shallow that relationship actually was. Lavender truly believes that Ron will love the necklace she picked out and had engraved for him, but itís obvious to us as readers that itís something she picked out because she liked it. The excessive number of heart doodles points to that too. Lavender thinks thatís how a relationship is supposed to look, but thatís only reality in movies and romance novels. You can tell that Lavender is deeply infatuated with Ron, and itís almost sad to think of how theyíre going to end, even if the relationship is actually hollow. Definitely an obsessive and childish relationship.

Another lovely read! I canít wait to get back to your authorís page!


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Review #2, by Dojh167 Christmas Present

11th April 2017:
I have such mixed feelings about this story, because I have love for Lavender, but no love for Lavender/Ron. Welll I do have love for YOU, so Iíd say that balances out in a positive way ;)

It does make me lol that the Glee quote made you think of a childish relationship, which became Lavender/Ron. I approve this trail of thinking.

Omg Lavender pacing and listening to Celestina Warbeck and missing a stupid boy, I just want to wrap her up with hugs and tell her one day sheíll be a stronger healthier human one day. Because she doesnít die a teenager.

Ugh why lock yourself up to imagine the past. Itís like breakup behaviour while theyíre still together.

Haha, I like the irony here, that Lavender is so confident that the necklace is perfect for Ron and we know she i so far off the mark.

Omg and she imagines that Ron will kiss the lipstick imprint on the paper. Help. She is such a teenage girl. So, well you said it - smitten.

Omg her owlís name is Kasper. I canít with this story. It is so perfectly young Lavender, which makes me hate and love it. But more like love to hate. I think you know what I mean, looking at someone so young and so confident in their teenage view of the world, and remembering having felt something like that and grown out of it.

ďHis undying love was all she needed and wanted.Ē Poor girl. Let me hug you until youíre older.

OH NO not the marriage thoughts! Abort! Abort!

Haha, so as you can see this story was very effective in making me feel a consistent emotion =P I think you did a very good job of focusing in on Lavenderís world as she sees it, in a way that both lets us feel what she is feeling and judge it from the outside.

This was such a fun little slice-of-help-itís-teenage-life story =)


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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryote Christmas Present

20th June 2016:
I couldnít skip this story because now I need more Ron/Lavender after reading your last one!

Lavender is a silly little girl, but youíve written her as so incredibly teenaged. Sheís exactly like she should be for her age. Harry, Ron, and Hermione might just be more mature since theyíve faced some dark stuff over the years.

Odinís beard. She has it bad doesnít she? I guess I tried on names when dating too but I canít stop cringing. I donít think I can relate to teens anymore.

I do love this sweet little bit of fluff though! It was very well written for being so short and sweet!

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Review #4, by Chocolate Frog Card Christmas Present

29th March 2016:

Yikes. This girl has an infatuation the size of the Whomping Willow - not healthy! Harry and Hermione told me all about the Won-Won times. He will never ever forget it! So Lavender has that working for her at least, right?

Oh, but who can blame a young girl in love, really? Not that I can relate, I was too busy causing mayhem at Hogwarts than to worry about boys - ew!

I hope that girl has ice cream ready... I'm certainly not sharing any of mine! Choc chip peanut butter caramel swirl mmm!

- Tonks

*shakes pom poms*

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Review #5, by Jen25 Christmas Present

21st March 2016:
Holy crap the fluff
Won Won. I always love reading Lavender saying thatÖAnyway,this is really cute and I love that Lavender has picture of her and Ron with hearts and initials ahhh my heart

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