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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny The First Day

4th April 2016:
Hey Kaitlin, here for our swap!

So I know I constantly praise your originality, but it really can't be said enough how incredibly imaginative you are. All your stories are so different and many of them are concepts I've NEVER seen done before. That's certainly the case with this story. There's the basic idea - I don't think I've ever seen a story about the first female Auror before - and then there's the fact that the first female Auror is Neville's grandmother! That is just so wonderful and creative, and this story really highlights your imagination and your knack for fleshing out minor characters.

I think this first chapter is really, really well done. You've got me completely hooked already. The scene at the beginning was particularly well done - I could imagine the chaos perfectly in my mind's eye.

I'm very glad that Augusta is going to have an ally within the department (assuming that Bertram really does have good intentions). Especially after seeing the way she was treated by everyone from the general public to the M.o.M. security guard, it seems like she could use all the friends she can get - although she's certainly very tough, I can't imagine all that negativity and anger towards her would be very good for her mental health :P

There were also some really good details thrown in here, such as the mention of the Minister's discriminatory hiring practices.

I'm so excited to see where you take this! Please let me know as soon as you post a new chapter!



(P.S. Do you need a banner for this? I'd be happy to try to make one, as long as you'd be satisfied with a banner at my current skill level!)

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Review #2, by MargaretLane The First Day

29th March 2016:
Actually, it's just occurred to me this story isn't a bad one to be reading just after the Easter commemorations, as women did play a part in 1916 - Countess Markievicz was one of the leaders - and the Proclamation of the Irish Republic addressed men and women equally and is apparently unusual for its time in doing so. Countess Markievicz would become Minister for Labour in the illegal Dáil a few years later, but it would be many decades before another woman repeated that.

It also seems pretty characteristic of Augusta to achieve something like that and could help to explain why she was so demanding of Neville.

*laughs at her response about not asking her husband*

UGH, that idea that a woman getting a position is likely to have gotten it because of her gender whereas if a profession is 90% male, well, that's not indicative the men got the positions because of their gender at all is so annoying.

Hmm, that last part is interesting. It sounds like there may be more going on here than is already apparent.

Good start to the story.

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Review #3, by Challenge Cheerleader The First Day

29th March 2016:
You're on such a roll, I can hardly keep up with you! Don't mind me, I'll just jog along in your dust back here.

Although you did not have a specific prompt for this challenge, I think it's awesome that you chose to align your plot with the challenge issuer's headcanon

Wow, it is so angering to see, not just people who didn't think she could complete the program, but people actually protesting once she had. It is too bad there aren't actually supportive people in the crowd as well. Ah, but they all get tomato seeds in return! That's good.

I think it's an amusing touch that you included Martha Skeeter, and with such a small reference fleshed out Rita's backstory in an interesting way.

Oooh, Augusta has a temper on her! This of course matches what we know of her in canon, and it is good to see that reflected in this frustrating situation.

Haha Proudfoot makes me think of Padfoot

omg, this guy is the worst at security. She says she is supposed to be here, why don't you follow up on that instead of sending her home? UGH. With sexism as resolute as his, I am surprised that he doesn't know about the protests about her starting. Or maybe he does and is being extra awful on purpose. Either way, UGH

Proudfoot and Youngblood, eh?

Yes, Augusta, be the feminist revolution.

This story is so good! I had never really thought about August a much or read a fic about her, and this is fascinating. I find her personality here to be very true to canon, both in her temperament and her expectations for herself and others.

I can't wait until you have more of this story up, and at the rate you're going, by the time this story's biweekly update time comes around, you'll have written a hoard of other new stories that I'll be just as passionate about!

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