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Review #1, by dumbledore_wannabe Prologue: Television

29th April 2016:
Well now, this looks fun! I like cooking shows too and, lacking a house elf, I do a good bit of it myself. Can't wait to see how Scorpius manages to get himself into a kitchen!

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote Prologue: Television

3rd April 2016:

I love curious little Scorpius trying to soak in as much as he could as quickly as possible. To be honest, sometimes I'm not much better at technology than sweet little Scorpius. Most of the terminology flies right over my head. I love the characterization of Scorpius though. He's not prejudice, he's just curious. I love curious people more than any other kind of people in the world. That's why kids are the best.

What a kind salesperson! Taking the time to not only acknowledge a kid, but helping him browse to fight off boredom! I'm not sure that many people are like that where I live.

I'm reading this with a cooking channel in the background (my husband's obsession) which makes it even funnier that I picked this story to read.

I love the idea that Scorpius sees this different perspective by chance, through muggles of all people, and now wants to know more about a task that his parents feel is beneath them. It's funny the things we take for granted.

I've decided that despite being so young, he's going to follow his dreams and become a world renown chef and after Draco and Astoria have a bite of his delicious first meal, they'll decide that his passion isn't silly at all.

Overall, I loved the first chapter and I'm VERY excited to read the next one!

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Review #3, by Challenge Cheerleader Prologue: Television

29th March 2016:
Good Merlin, another one?!?!

I'm not jut running in your dust now - you've lapped me twice! I have no chance of catching up with you, but that's no reason for me to stop cheering you on!

Right away I know this is going to be good, because you are writing about something that you are passionate about and that always improves a story!

Your descriptions at the beginning are incredibly engaging! I really believe that Scorpius has never been in muggle London (though I wondered if he had been to other muggle environments), and his curiosity and wonder and everything around him was well captured.

I was totally drawn into your description of the cooking show on tv, just as Scorpius was. Your description here is perfect, as is Scorpius' continued sense of wonder.

I particularly liked how you approached Scorpius' fascination with cooking, not just with your mouth-watering descriptions, but also with full appreciation of how foreign cooking is to Scorpius, both as something that people do, that lower class wizards could do, and something that can be an art form.

And of course his mother crushes his dreams, both in her responses to the tv and his cooking question. Well, I know that is something Scorpius will overcome!

One thing I'm really curious about here that isn't addressed is why Draco needs a laptop for his job. He seems to speak French, so perhaps something in international relations? But I'm unclear how a computer ties into that.

Fabulous, fabulous job! I cannot wait to read more of this, and I'm sure it will make me hungry every chapter. For now I'm going to dash out of here before you have time to post another chapter!

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