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Review #1, by Marshal Silky Blue

28th April 2017:
This was going to be a jail break review for CTF but Puffs found the flag before I could post it so here it is anyway:

Deamus! I don't know what it is about this particular couple but I do simply just love them. They just speak to me in a way. Yet you made it sad! How dare you! You have broken my heart, ripped it out and trampled on it! I am now very cross with you. How could you do all of that to Dean!? Even Seamus a little though Dean has it worse.

Poor boys both feeling that they have to hide their feelings and who they are. They had a brief shining moment and then they on some levels pretend it never happened and never admit and confess their feelings to one another. It is just so sad! There is Seamus trying to give hints and Dean misses them and fears confessing the truth. You are too right in the end that fear won and it conquered. :-(

Then Seamus having a girl, who is pregnant adds to the issues and the pain here in the story. Just ug!

Also how did Seamus die? It seems so abrupt and sudden to the characters and yeah emotions - lots of them. You are a cruel cruel author but it was lovely and written very very well. While I am sad and complaining the story is good.

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Review #2, by adluvshp Silky Blue

28th April 2017:
Oh dear this broke my heart - Dean and Seamus it has to be. While I am not really into them as a ship and I don't read much of LGBT fics, this was absolutely beautiful. Your portrayal of Dean's pain and heartbreak was lovely and heart-wrenching and oh so believable. I absolutely loved the significance of the colour blue - how initially he had that suit, and then later on Dean finds the receipt of the hotel and remembers the blue sheets - from the beginning to the end, it was a full circle, a connecting link, and the way things flowed was brilliant. That is why the title of this one-shot is also perfect. It made my heart ache for poor Dean though - all along Seamus had known and he had been trying to drop hints but Dean had ignored it all, and now Seamus was dead (why was he dead)! He also apparently got his wife (or wife-to-be if they were never did get married) pregnant so that makes me think if Seamus was bi-sexual? Regardless, the fact that they had kissed and yet done nothing about it, especially due to dean's fear of rejection or ruining the friendship - it is tragic but it is also believable and makes sense. I absolutely adored the writing style of this, it had a very haunting sad feel to it, and the little bits in brackets really added colour to the narrative. Well done!
-CTF review by Angie

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Review #3, by crimson quill Silky Blue

14th April 2017:
Capture the Flag - Jailbreak.

WOWOWOW. I love this, I'm not sure where to start with this apart from you're so clearly a talent writer. I just think everything about this screams class.

I've been reading this pairing quite a bit more the course of the capture the flag challenge and I've really grown to have a soft spot for it. This started off so nicely, I had such high hopes for a lovely fluffy piece but what I got was so much better. you've played the angst so perfectly in this. the happy start to this makes the other part so damn heartbreaking. the contrast with it is amazing storytelling. it is so effective,poor dean! especially with wifey there! why are they not getting married? I wanna deamus wedding but I also love the direction you did take this in.

I love the little details with the jacket and how it was linked to sheets, how devilish?! I love it when author links details in their stories! I always find it so clever! you've captured seamus' cheeky personality in this really well without him really being in the fic but the storytelling through dean's pov really just works so well. SO MANY FEELS SERIOUSLY. ahhh! haha, great job with this! xo

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Review #4, by krazyboutharryginny Silky Blue

14th April 2017:
Hiya Isobel, here for CTF.

Ugh, okay, so you really had me going with that opening section. I didn't pay close enough attention to your tags and everything and I really thought that Dean and Seamus were preparing for their own wedding. Then you said "she" and I was like, wait what?! And it all went downhill from there :(

Not downhill in terms of your writing, of course. That was fantastic. This whole piece was imbued with a sort of melancholy air (which, tags aside, probably should have clued me in sooner that this was not going to be a happy story). Really impeccable word choices; the part that jumps to mind is when Seamus described fruit cake as "like concrete", and then Dean's reference to the taste of "fruity mortar". I thought that was really clever!

Dean's regret was so palpable, and it was so crushing when he realized that Seamus knew and felt the same way AT HIS FUNERAL! Ugh, you are cruel, Isobel :( And I really dug the dynamic you had going on with Seamus's wife, where she didn't seem to know anything for certain but resented Dean nonetheless, and Dean, for obvious reasons, was clearly not wild about her either.

It was interesting that he seemed to be blaming her for Seamus's death, though. What exactly happened to him? That's what I'm still hung up on, and I can't tell if we're supposed to know.

Great work with this! Even though it crushed me like a grape :(


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Review #5, by marauderfan Silky Blue

22nd July 2016:
Hi Isobel! I'm here for the review hot seat :)

Gah. So, this. At first I was frolicking in all the fluff and cuteness and just adoring the image of Dean and Seamus looking for jackets and being all cute, because Deamus is one of my favourite ships. Then you mentioned a bride and my heart broke a little. And then my heart broke a lot more when you mentioned the coffin and the funeral.

You knew. -- aah. How many times can my heart break in one fic I ask you?? I do really love bittersweet stories though, and this is as bittersweet as it gets. They were both just too afraid to admit their feelings to each other, even though they both had those feelings, and so they didn't end up together. And there's no chance at all of fixing that because Seamus is dead. How did he die? I'm tempted to assume he died of heartbreak because this story was just so darn sad. Or maybe that's me talking :P

Anyway, I really loved this, despite that it hurt. Your writing is so beautiful and I love the way it flows - it creates magnificent imagery. This is so wonderfully written - you're so talented! Great work.

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Review #6, by BookDinosaur Silky Blue

28th March 2016:

you broke my heart with this, isobel i swear. this is the saddest thing - i mean, you warned me several times while you were writing it, but i still wasn't expecting this level of heartbreakery, you cruel author. :'(

your writing is so beautiful. i love your prose so so much - you set the scene so perfectly, and then add all these small details that just make it come to life.

i just have so many words so instead of saying anything productive i'll just throw some quotes at you and demand that you acknowledge their brilliance:

we went to Dublin hand-in-hand to trawl the shops for our suits, euphoria glazing our eyes to the tatty hem of my trousers and the questionable stain on the sleeve of your jacket.
this is such wonderful description. this is exactly what i mean when i say your prose just brings things to life.

Was I always destined to fall victim to your choices, utterly incapable of refusing you anything you wanted?
i don't know how to express why exactly, but these ideas - destiny and inevitability and things which were always meant to play out as they do, it always destroys me. this is wonderful

you danced around the pivotal subject that neither of us dared venture near, allowing it to become a secret that consumed us both from the inside out.

and the final line, ofc:

our fear has won and seized its crown in the gloomy graveyard of Kenmare. (You are dead, and I never got to say goodbye.)

this destroyed me. just. leave me here to die

and HE KNEW. they both knew and they both danced around the subject and missed oppotunities are so tragic isobel why are you doing this to me :'(

i cannot express how lucky or how thankful i am that you wrote this and it exists and you dedicated it to me you sweetheart thank you so so much ♥ ♥ you should most definitely be proud of this, my dear, it's a wonderful piece of work, even if i had to suffer a broken heart while i read it. thank you a hundred times ♥

♥ emily

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Review #7, by victoria_anne Silky Blue

10th March 2016:
Oh no. Oh no no. No no no no.

*sniff* Isobel, why?! *sniff*

I don't even think you're going to get a long winded review for this, I have no words - you've blown me away! From the very first sentence I was hooked! You write beautifully, and no, it's not too wordy. It's perfect. The style of this just flows amazingly, the rhythm of your sentences and descriptions are just... *bows down*

(I don't know if any of that makes sense, I just know that I really enjoyed your story and I'm trying to tell you that without gushing like an idiot)

I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING

This fic does hold an air of mystery (like who's the bride? She's pregnant, right? Ahh!) but I don't think it needs expanding, it packs a punch as it is.

I'll never look at silky blue things the same way again.

Emily, you're a lucky girl.
Isobel, you're a talent.

Hey, look at that, I managed a long winded review!

Love Bianca x

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Review #8, by banshee Silky Blue

9th March 2016:
Hey Isobel! Here for our review swap!

OOH is this a deamus? either way, definitely here to give this story some love.

Very first sentence, I love that you use the word beautiful to describe a man. I love seeing the traditional gender-descriptions go away. Yay!


Your prose is beautiful. Your details aren't overbearing but you still do an incredible job setting the scene for the story and creating a mood for your characters.

I'd have chosen butterfly cakes if the decision had been mine, recalling your soft moan of pleasure as vanilla cream marked the side of your lips and my overwhelming desire to lick it off your skin at that moment. - *HEART EYES*


(okay, so I review as I read, fyi)


bride. funeral.

why are you hurting me like this? I mean like this is amazing, but why?


This is so good and I'm so sad. And I have so many questions! What happened from the blue silk sheets moment to Seamus getting married? What HAPPENED TO SEAMUS?

I feel like you did such an amazing job bringing such beautiful emotion to this story. You brought such an amazing (and freaking heartbreaking) twist to the Dean/Seamus ship. This was such an incredible read.

I never thought that blue silk would break my heart like that.

HE KNEW #sobs

Thanks for the review swap, Isobel! Sorry this was mostly incoherent sobbing on my end.


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