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Reading Reviews for Like Fire
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Review #1, by ❤️❤️ Like Fire

9th January 2017:
This is INCREDIBLE. I laugh sobbed near the end, but I can't tell you where anymore because it was so... I don't even know. The whole thing was fluid and just WONDERFUL and this ship makes me so happy. Thank you for writing this!! I've read and didn't review so many of your other stories, and they're actually wonderful as well-- so wonderful. I hope you're doing well and GOSH. Thank you for writing this!!

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Review #2, by nott theodore Like Fire

19th June 2016:

Um. I mean, hello and all that. That's what I said, right?

I've heard so much about your writing, but I think this is possibly the first time I've actually read any of it? I don't know how that's happened but you can be sure that I'll be back to read more of your stories because this was amazing and now I want to read more Dean and Seamus stories from you forever please. Okay? Okay.

This was seriously such a great story, so you're now not likely to get a coherent review and instead will have to put up with me gushing over it. I'm sorry in advance.

The way that this started was not what I expected from the summary, but it was great - the fact that they woke up next to each other and just didn't remember anything set up the conflict immediately. And then when Dean ran out of the room because he was so embarrassed, just to run back in because Luna and Rolf were still there, it really added to the story. It kind of forced them to talk to each other and sort things out straight away, because they couldn't avoid the situation and had to sort it out. I think the pacing of this story was great, too. It wasn't just one scene, because the flashbacks to the previous night interspersed through the piece varied the scene, and then there was tension throughout as we found out more about the characters and events with Dean and Seamus.

I felt so sorry for Dean as he panicked that he'd forced Seamus into something when they were drunk, and that his friend was going to hate him for not being straight. It's so sad that he felt that way and worried so much. I can definitely understand him telling Luna first, because I feel like Luna is the sort of person who would accept anyone without judging them. The twist when it turned out to be Seamus who'd actually initiated it because he had feelings for Dean, when Dean had been so worried that his best friend would hate him now, was great. I just loved the way that you wrote the conversations between them and I completely believed in the way they felt about each other. (And am now shipping them very hard.) I really loved this!

Sian :)
LGBTQA+ Review Event

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Review #3, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Like Fire

11th June 2016:
Hi there. :) I'm not sure how I stumbled across this story, but I did! I think it was that I've been seeing a lot of talk about Dean/Seamus these days (like honestly, I feel like it's always been there but all of a sudden is quite the hot trend) and wanted to see what all the hype was about.

I have to say, for the first or second Dean/Seamus I've read, this was a good one to choose! I was totally engaged from the start. "Morning after" scenarios can so often be same thing recycled over and over again, but this one really worked. I think part of it was Luna and Rolf still being there-- the image of Dean running out, seeing them, holding up a finger and running back to Seamus was just perfect. And it definitely felt new.

I also liked the way you interspersed scenes from the previous night with scenes set in the present. That also helped to break up the "Did we?" "No." "Why would we...?" "I dunno." "We just couldn't have." type situation. And again, having more than just Dean and Seamus in the story was also very helpful.

Yet another thing I liked was how it turned out to be Seamus who initiated it! That was a lovely surprise and really helped make the whole thing believable, too. Dean being out and nervous and Seamus being supposedly straight and bashful worked so well. They had a lovely chemistry, and one detail that I loved was the thing about the sweater that had been missing for years. A cute touch, but it said a lot.

I don't have a ton that I would have liked to see differently from this story, not at all. It was cute and romantic but also had just enough depth to keep me engaged. Things that made me pause were small-- sometimes I had trouble with pronouns, for instance, given that both men were referred to as "he". It was clear that you were making a big effort to be clear about that, but sometimes I still had to double check. I think that was also difficult because of the way the perspective sometimes shifted from time to time between the two of them-- making it even harder to always know who was who.

Also-- and this is a very small thing-- I was curious about your choice to refer to the two of them as "boys" and not "men". Given that they're clearly out of Hogwarts (and it doesn't seem like they're just out of Hogwarts, either, given that one of them mentioned living with his mother), in my mind both of them count fully as men. And it seemed strange at times to use the word "boy" when I was picturing young men.

Oh, one last thing: I was kind of hoping for a comment at the end about Luna and Rolf still being there. I understand that at the beginning of that section you indicate that they're kind of getting ready to leave, but I think it could be amusing for either Seamus or Dean to make a comment like, "Hang on, hang on, shouldn't we at least wait until they're gone this time?" That was what was on my mind as they reached for each other, anyway.

Overall, this was a lovely read. I'm glad I stumbled across it!

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Review #4, by SilverMoonFairy Like Fire

13th April 2016:
The pillow was much too small for this!

Omg, I'm dying, literally dying of laughter! My dog is giving me a weird look! This is amazing! It's actually my first slash pairing, funnily enough. I've just always been really busy. I'm glad it was this, though! Oh, so glad! The characters were brilliant, the secret love was brilliant, it was absolutely hilarious! Thank you so very much!


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Review #5, by marauderfan Like Fire

22nd March 2016:
eeep Julie I remember seeing this when you'd first posted it and making a note to myself that I HAD to read it, and then I forgot. Thank goodness I happened to think of it today because I would have been so sad to have missed out on this story and not have more Deamus in my life. Also it's been way too long since I visited your page and now you have all these new Scorbus fics for me to look forward to :D

You should know, btw, that it's mostly because of you that Seamus/Dean is one of my three OTPs. (I guess technically that doesn't make numerical sense but I'm going with it) So naturally I was thrilled to find this story. AND it's about flatmates getting together. And while maybe that's a cliche, you have this remarkable ability to write cliches in beautiful ways and make me absolutely fall in love with them.

So this. I love it. I love that Dean and Seamus lasted for two days as platonic flatmates. :P I love that Luna is Dean's BFF and hangs out at their flat all the time - because I do think the two of them would be really close after having spent all that time in the Malfoy basement. Sidenote, you characterised Luna so wonderfully - I know she's a really tricky character to write but this was spot on. I adored the hints of her and Rolf by the way :D

The way you wrote Dean and Seamus in this was just lovely. I think it's so realistic that two people who have been best friends and roommates for six (? seven? I don't know if either of them went back to Hogwarts to redo their seventh year) years, and then develop feelings for one another, would have trouble saying so. After all, it's a huge change in a long friendship. And certainly for Dean, discussing his sexuality in general might be a bit tricky but wouldn't really affect too much, until you throw into the mix that he is in love with Seamus, yeah, it's probably hard to get the words out without panicking about what would happen if it doesn't go over well. So they're both kind of hiding in their secrets. But it all turned out well in the end and with much amusement for me as the reader :P

Last but not least you probably know how much I adore non-linear fics, and I loved the way you used that style of narration here - how it flicks back and forth between the morning after and the events leading up to it, which fits so perfectly as Dean is trying to piece together how he just woke up in this situation.

I loved this fic so much, Julie! Good luck in the challenge ♥

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Review #6, by krazyboutharryginny Like Fire

10th March 2016:
Hiii Julie! Here for our swap! I'm sorry it took me so long to get here. :(

Okay, so! I absolutely LOVE this. I honestly could not stop smiling all the way through it. Everything about it is just perfect, from characterization to dialogue to tone.

"Best friends move in with each other and end up together" is definitely something I've read before, but this story still felt so fresh and engaging. I think it's probably because you did such an amazing job with your portrayal of the characters and their friendship. Dean and Seamus were both just perfect, and this is kind of a sidenote but I thought you did a great job with Luna too! She can be a hard character to get right, and I'm honestly so intimidated to even try writing her, but you did a great job with her.

The dialogue was funny and endearing and clever. I honestly kept grinning and smiling while reading. Probably my favourite part was right at the end:

“So, if I told you I’m in love with you, you’d say…”
“Well, I sure as hell wouldn’t run out of the bloody room with a pillow in front of my—”

THESE DORKS! omg, I love them. I love this so so much!

Also, good call with the format (switching back and forth between the night before and the morning after). I think that worked out really well!

Thanks so much for the swap, Julie! I'm adding this to my favourites!


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Review #7, by dreamgazer220 Like Fire

9th March 2016:
Hello! Here for our review swap :)

This was such a wonderful, fluffy read. I really enjoyed your use of dialogue and that you gave us enough description to know where they were and how they were feeling, but you didn't go overboard with it either.

The non-linear timeline was a little confusing at first, but once I figured out what you were doing, I really enjoyed it. I absolutely loved Seamus' reaction to Dean's confession. I thought you wrote that moment wonderfully, and that he was more sad that Dean told Luna first instead of telling Seamus. And that Seamus is the one who initiates things and Dean's the one that's freaking out about it all.

I also loved that you left it kind of open-ended, it does seem like they'll continue being with each other, but you never gave a hint how long it could last - for a few days or forever, but knowing Dean/Seamus, probably forever ;) And I really enjoyed having Luna present as well and that you never quite forgot she was there.

Overall, this was a really adorable one-shot and I'm glad I had the chance to read it! Good luck with the challenge!


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Review #8, by esmeraude Like Fire

9th March 2016:
Hi Julie! I'm here for our review swap, and I was so excited when you posted this because I have a newly-discovered love for the Deamus ship :D

I love the non-linear timeline you wrote this story in and the cliffhangers that you ended up incorporating at the end of each scene. It made the one-shot so much better, unfolding each tidbit of information bit by bit much like Seamus and Dean were doing themselves. Similarly, the narration you've used and the dialogue were so much like the canon style that it was like reading a JKR-written Deamus spin-off. ♥

Flatmates who end up getting together after a drunken night can be cliche but you've written this so realistically that it's believable, especially since you were dropping little hints throughout this story about how Dean had liked Seamus for so long, and how Seamus had liked Dean, and neither of them had dared to admit it to each other. I especially love this paragraph here:

There was a reason Dean was hesitant to talk to Seamus. He knew that even if Seamus accepted him, things wouldn’t be the same ever again. Seamus probably wouldn’t even notice himself hesitating touches and sitting further away, but Dean would. Things would change between them, and Dean wasn’t sure if he was ready for that.

It's a sentiment that's so relatable and really sums up just how easy it was for them to keep quiet about their feelings until Firewhiskey intervened. I really like that you haven't given Seamus a label here, because a lot of LGBTQA+ characters I've read on HPFF have labels and while that's great, it's really refreshing to see a character who doesn't. ^.^

One thing: He remembered coming out to Dean only minutes before their party guests arrived the previous night; -- should this be coming out to Seamus?

Luna was such a great addition here! (And I totally agree with your A/N -- of course she'd prove the Tibetan Turnip's existence!) She was a really refreshing voice of calmness and I love the thought of her meeting Rolf and liking him so much they stayed up talking in someone else's flat.

Also, what naughty boys for having love bites as badges of honour during their schooldays :P

This was such a great story to read and I really need to start checking out your other work because you are clearly a fabulous author ♥

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Review #9, by Aphoride Like Fire

9th March 2016:
Hey there, Julie! :) Dropping by for our review swap!

So, I don't tend to read post-hogwarts era stories all that often, but I have to admit I do have a bit of a soft spot for Dean/Seamus :P And tbh, especially here.

Flatmates getting together can be cliche, depending on how it's used or how it happens - but, tbh, I really love this. It seems so realistic - like something which could actually happen, especially if they've both been hiding secrets and crushes for so long :P And I love that, you know, how they've both been keeping their feelings for each other secret, not even saying about their sexualities because they're afraid or don't know how to say it, and then it all comes out at the party :P

Also, just a little thing, but I just gotta say how much I love that you never said exactly what Seamus' sexuality is - just that he likes Dean, wants a relationship with him. It's so lovely to see that he doesn't have a label exactly, or use one, because for some people they don't work or don't apply, you know? :)

I love the way you characterised them both, too. We don't see masses of them in canon, so there's always room for a certain amount of flexibility, but they seem to have come straight from it in this. How Dean's so nervous but so calm (usually); how Seamus is the more emotional of the two - or at least, the more visibly emotional. And I love how you expand on that, with Dean, who's often kinda passive in canon, being the one who makes the move in the end (well, a move they'll actually both remember :P). They're so adorable, haha, even if they're still both teenage boys just moving out from school, and they do all the things which come with that :P

The way you write this is so good, too - I love the way you use the non-linear timeline to go through the entire story of them getting the flat together, having the party and then working out what happened the morning after and where they are then. It works so well, dipping in and out, leaving kinda mini-cliffhangers here and there :P And your dialogue is so good, too - it's so realistic and sounds so much like the dialogue from the books its crazy!

The little hints of Luna/Rolf and a Dean/Luna friendship are so great, too :P

This is a lovely, lovely one-shot and I'm so glad we swapped! :D

Aph xx

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Review #10, by victoria_anne Like Fire

8th March 2016:

Argh! FGHGFHfidhfusdifguasnFGHGFasnd Omg! THIS IS SO AMAZING!

Okay, I just had to get that out.

But seriously, I had the dopiest smile on my face the whole way through! I'll admit I found the time change transitions easy at first because you'd mentioned them and so I was looking out for them, but even if you hadn't, they flow smoothly anyway. If I can get the hang of it, anyone can.

...Trust me.

I honestly have no faults, I love how you included Luna and Rolf and though I don't read a lot of Dean and Seamus, you make me want to. *prepares self for shameless creep of author page for any other deamus*

I had a couple of things I wanted to pull out because I absolutely love them and your amazing brain:

- A Hangover Draft. If only. This. Existed.
- "Badge of honour* tut, tut, such school boys!
- Seamus being upset that Dean told Luna before him. AW what a super friend, I'm so happy it all worked out for them. SQUEE.

Sweet damn I love your dialogue.

You did so good with your prompt, all the awkwardness and hangoverness and Luna-is-still-here-ness. I can't wait to see how you do in the challenge!

Good luck!

Love B x

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