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Reading Reviews for The Cliché Life
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote The One Where You Snog In A Small Space

15th January 2017:

UMM. More Al/OC?! this is why I camp out here. Also, Gryffindor Al? WUT. I love it.

I love the semi acceptance but also dislike that she has for Rose. I mean Rose is a handful and a bit over the top so yeah. Sounds right.

Ooh I love all the unsorted tension and witty comments. It’s totally how I love my Al/OCs. You already know this because I think I’ve been saying this since I started reading anything you’ve ever written since the dawn of time itself.

Mwahaha! Yes! I love a good broom closet fic. Doesn’t need the actual broom closet to be a broom closet fic.

"I'm amazing at that spell." Tbh, he’s so cute. Also his phobia is tbh so cute.

Oh man. The Carrows’ Dungeon. Thanks for dredging up bad stuff when I was enjoying angsty fluff. Although if the Carrows knew what it was being used for they’d probably roll over in their graves.


Can I complain for a moment that this is only a one shot? I mean I know that you’re busy with your life and can’t completely tailor your time to my reading whims...but….what you could. ;)

Author's Response: Paula!

Yes, you got it. More Al/OC aka the reason I write fanfiction. Gotta populate the HP fanfiction world with Al/OC fics ;)

GRYFFINDOR AL IS SO STRANGE but like I knew when I was writing it that this portrayal could not be a Slytherin, like it just would not work, and I reluctantly shoved him in Gryffie robes... but it works in the end so


Witty comments and sexual tension = life tbh

He *is* quite cute tbh. Obnoxious at times but cute. And a bit of a romantic too. I liked having Latimer as the whole "get-lost-ew-germs" and Al being the one who affectionately nudges her nose and admits to his feelings quite readily.

Alas, this is all that will come out of The Cliché Life. It '*did* start off as a huge fanfiction that I've tried to rewrite one too many times. I can't kick the dead horse any longer :/

Thanks for the review!

Plums xo

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Review #2, by Jessie75775 The One Where You Snog In A Small Space

30th December 2016:
Lovin' this fic forever. Shame it isn't a full story though. There just aren't enough Albus/OC fics. *pouts* Jimmy-boy gets all the attention. The bit about Rose was brill, you made her annoying instead of likable

Author's Response: Hello again!

You are completely right. There are nowhere near enough Al/OC fics and I just - I need them all, okay? Al is beautiful and there aren't nearly enough fics about him, let alone completed ones. Gahh.

Also, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the one shot. Yeah, unfortunately, it won't expand to a fully-fledged fic. I theoretically could but I have a sneaky feeling it won't pan out well and I figure it's best to leave it as it is. Oh, well. C'est la vie, as they say.

Thanks for reviewing!

Plums xo

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Review #3, by Romance The One Where You Snog In A Small Space

23rd August 2016:
Okay so I'm in shock that after literally weeks of searching I've finally found a story on here worth reading!
Not only is your writing style professional and engaging this is a completely unique approach to an albus oc.
I'm so so so happy and excited to read the flirting and chasing that will follow between these two now because the admital of feeling has already happened. Omg when he interrupted her and went "I fancy you" Jesus Christ my heart just melted.
This was absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to read more genuinely well done!! I will be telling my friends to read this

Author's Response: Hello,

This review is just amazing. Thank you so much! I'm genuinely so happy you like my fic enough to recommend it to your friends - I'm only really sorry that it's a standalone one shot (at least for now). I have no plans of carrying it on into something bigger atm. So sorry!

Omg yeah, there's always some form of messing around with Al/OC (and even a load of James/OC) fics. The fic that this originally was had it, but I decided to scrap that idea. It was too complex for a one shot and unnecessary really. I mean, having them dislike each other gives them enough sexual tension and problems already, you know?

Melt away, sunshine, melt away.

Thank you for the amazing review!

Plums xo

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Review #4, by NH Stadler The One Where You Snog In A Small Space

16th June 2016:
OK. I need to breathe.
This was truly AMAZING!
I can't remember the last time I have completely fallen in love with a story on HPFF after only one paragraph.

First of all, you are a fantastic writer; the story moves so easily, propelling itself with a flow that feels so natural and realistic. Also, you do have quite a way with words and I love the banter between Al and Cassia... the sexual tension between them was positively tangible and I rooted for them right away :)

I do love clichés and I think they don't deserve all the bad press they receive... your story is living proof for that! Love-hate relationships are my guilty pleasure and you executed the plot beautifully!

Also, can I just say that even in so few paragraphs you have managed to create three-dimensional characters with Al and Cassia, which is something many writers can’t accomplish within an entire novel.

Actually, my only issue with the story is that it's a one-shot ;) But that is completely beside the point.

Again, this is a wonderful piece of writing and I’m glad I stumbled across it! Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Hey!

Oh my God, you're so sweet. You have no idea how happy this review made me. I'm so happy that you liked this one shot since the concept of it is really special to me and it has a soft spot in my heart.

I have literally been planning the sexual tension between Al and Cassia for years.

Yeah, cliches can be so great when you work them properly. Who cares about the bad rep if the stories themselves are so phenomenal?

Seriously, I can't stop smiling. This was such a wonderful review, you're such a sweetheart.

Plums xo

(By the way, I have been meaning to check out your fic for months now. It's on my Summer To Read List - can't wait!)

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Review #5, by Musing The One Where You Snog In A Small Space

17th April 2016:
Hey Plums! So, I've finally made my way here to review your entry for the Taylor Swift Ultimate Challenge.

I LIKED this so much. I absolutely adored all your characterisations. From the small glimpse of Rose and Scorpius to the hothead Al and proud Latimer, I loved them all. 'Flicking my wand, I settle down in a newly cleaned spot and carefully wrapped my robes around me, unwilling to dirty it.' I laughed out loud at the image which this line conjured in my mind. I could imagine the girl making face at the dusty ground. Haha!

I so loved your descriptions. I liked so many phrases that the character limit for the review would exceed if I were to mention them all. ;) The story flowed so smoothly and I was promptly sucked into it right from the start. I liked the way you incorporated the song and the prompt in this story. The reference to Dungeon Ten and the Carrows was very clever!

It was a great read. I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge and sharing this story with us.


Author's Response: Hey!

Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I'm glad that you enjoyed the characters and the one shot. They do mean a lot to me since they're improved versions of the characters of my first ever (very bad) multi-chaptered fic. It was nice to put such contrasting people together - Scorpius with his quiet class and Rose with her innate sense of superiority, Al with his smug...and massive ego, shall we say, with Cassia's haughtiness. The line you quoted genuinely sums her up perfectly. She's perpetually low key disgusted with most things haha.

Once again, it's great to hear that you liked the one shot and I'm relieved to hear that the song and prompt were incorporated well! I was actually a bit nervous with whether I adhered to the challenge properly.

Thank you for the lovely review!

Plums xo

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Review #6, by princesslily_36 The One Where You Snog In A Small Space

1st April 2016:
So I realized I hadn't stopped by this story and wondered what I had been doing all this time!

Another Albus from you... YAY!


Okay, my thoughts really aren't coherent right now, but I'll try to make sense of what I feel about this story other than just squeeing!

I love your description of Rose - insuferable, foul-mouthed Gryffindor who had taken far too much credit for her parents' actions in the war - That has to be the perfect blend of Ron and Hermione if ever! That and her locking them up until they sort things out - I love and dislike her all at once! Also, nice reasoning for Dungeon 10. Scor and Rose were quite sneaky with that one!

Your Albus *sques* I'm in love again. Darn, James Potter II was supposed to be my favorite next gen but you're changing all that - smirk the size of Africa, Gryffindor's poster boy - his snarky remarks. Damn Al Potter is so *incoherable sque*

I want to say, really nice job there including little touches that show us exactly why Latimer is Slytherin... I noticed you did that with Dormatory 6.2A as well, and I love it. It establishes a deeper sense of the character.

The dialogues. OMG the dialogues. Have I ever mentioned how good you are at them? Because I don't think it has been said enough. I can't pick out just one dialogue I loved about this - the whole exchange filled with sparks, sexual tension and so much feeling. These are stuff that really good, amazing romance novels - the ones that make you smile goofily, curl excitedly and re-read certain parts of it - are made of. I mean it. If ever you get published, I'll be standing in line for your autograph.

PS: The F.R.I.E.N.D.S wala title - NAICE :D


Author's Response: So late with this, but better late than never, huh? ;)

I have a really big soft spot for Al Potter. I don't know what it is, but I love the bloke, even though we see him for one chapter in canon. The possibilities with him are endless and I've always been intrigued. Plus, he has green eyes.


Haha, I was going for a balance between Ron and Hermione with Rose, so you have that impression bang on the nose right there: mouth of a sailor, brains of a genius and a healthy ego. Of course, some of the way she comes across is just blatant bias on Latimer's side. I did quite like writing the way she and Scorpius teamed up to trick Al and Latimer, though - as you said, it's rather sneaky and it amused me to think of how they must've gone over the plan beforehand.

Join me, Ysh. Join me in the Al Potter Appreciation Club. He has the smirk the size of Africa and he's a reckless Quidditch player. Come to the dark side. :P

Oh, thank you. I like to try to include subtle reminders of why someone might be in a house. With Dormitory 2.6A, a lot of it is about loyalty and hard work while Latimer shows more of the qualities that come with being brought up as a rich, upper class pureblood.

Thank the lord you like the dialogues. I always worry about them after a certain point - is it dragging on? Is it flat? - because that's sort of what I do, but writing Latimer and Al was pretty easy since I did write a fully blown novel about the two before, as terrible as it was.

And oh my gosh, you are such a sweetheart. Genuinely, that last comment is one, if not THE nicest things anyone has ever said to me since I really do want to publish my own novels one day.



Plums xo

(a million of them)

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Review #7, by Anna_ The One Where You Snog In A Small Space

15th March 2016:
I entered this challenge too! So I was already planning on reading this!!

I really liked the way you handled the flashback. The time references above each section made me feel like I was reading a diary entry but not really reading one. If that makes sense. XD.

You made me really get into Cassia's head and I (as the reader) found that I could really identify with her. I think you really captured a wonderful personality for her and almost consider her the "Ginny of Slytherin".

And with Al Potter, I felt that you really captured a believable personality for him. He's so much like his father and grandfather (paternal) it's uncanny!! While I always love to explore characters and their thoughts, I didn't need to with him because you made his so obvious with your words.

The tension you wrote into this short was nothing short of amazing. I could feel it radiating off of me, and as the song promp was "Sparks Fly" I do think you've successfully completed that prompt. Overall, I had very good feelings about this story.

If you wanted to turn it into a novel, well, I wouldn't complain. You could pull off the kind of story that replays certain scenes using the other character involved and I don't think it would be a problem for you. But I honestly like that you ended it here, because I don't feel like you left any gaping plot holes. It feels complete.

If you have any other cutesy romantic shorts, I'd love to read them. You're quite good at them. :)

Author's Response: Hey,

Oh, you entered the challenge too? I'll be sure to check out your entry soon then! :)

First of all, thank you. I don't usually do my one shots in nonchronological order, but when I do, I like to have it flow like so since I'm not (usually) fond of a random flashback inserted in the middle of a chapter without it flowing well.

The Ginny of Slytherin? I like the sound of that! It was really easy to get into her mindset and I enjoyed writing her. Phew, I'm glad Al seems believable - I wasn't sure whether the switch from antagonising Cassia to outright flirting with her was a smooth enough transition. It's nice to hear that you can see a blend of Harry and James in him since I feel like that really sums him up.

Thank the lord, you think it matches the song! I wasn't sure because Cassia and Al have a relationship that's more antagonistic than what the song gives off, but they have plenty of tension to make it up for it - and I'm glad you approve of it too ;)

Funny story: this actually started off as a novel! There are some significant differences in them, but I wrote this one shot so that I could publish my first fully blown fanfic in some way. I wouldn't mind doing it as a novel, but I'm content to keep it like this for now.

Thank you for reading and for the wonderful review!

Plums xo

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Review #8, by Laura xx The One Where You Snog In A Small Space

11th March 2016:
I loved this! Cassia was brilliant and I found reading from her point of view extremely entertaining! But now I just want to read more! I'm really hoping that one day you might actually make a sequel to this because it was amazing!

Author's Response: Hey,

Aah, thank you! I'm glad you liked it! Cassia was a really easy character to write so you never know, I might just end up writing a sequel ;)

Plums xo

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