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Reading Reviews for Trapped In the Tower
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Review #1, by Glisten  Truth or Dare

30th July 2017:
This has been sitting on my Reading List for a little while now and I'm glad I saw it! This was certainly a sweet little one-shot!

I like how you portrayed their characters. You didn't make Scorpius super arrogant like in a lot of fics and Rose wasn't too stuck up. They actually remind me a bit of their parents by their personalities. Lots of the things Rose said I could picture Hermione saying and same with Scorpius and Draco.

I love the beginning how you had the cosmic force thing. Awesome way to start it off it totally got me listening. Or should I say reading? Idk how to word it but it was a cool start!

It made me laugh a bit outloud when she thought about the "V" on his body. It was a funny little detail. Speaking of detail, I like how you add just enough detail to leave a bit to the imagination but not do little that you don't have a good picture of what's going on in your mind.

I guess sometimes it just takes two enemies getting locked in the same room to sort out a problem, haha! I know this was probably just meant to be a short ScoRose chapter but it'd be interesting to read about that Hogsmeade date! Have you considered continuing this at all?

If not you should! This was a fun little thing to read. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm happy you enjoyed the characters' personalities and that they reminded you of their parents a little. I've written a lot of RoSco so I know what you mean about making Scorpius really arrogant, which I'm certain I have done, but I like to mix it up and honestly, most people even if their are assholes aren't as obvious about it as some people write Scorpius.

As for the "just enough detail" bit... I actually don't like writing details, I'm more of a dialogue and plot driven writer so I usually go back and add little details.

I'm not planning on doing a sequel for this, mostly because it's been so long and I like writing scenes that show the climax of a relationship and I feel like writing more about their relationship would take away from this one-shot. Not sure if that makes sense, but I think I'm just going to leave this as a one-shot.

- Alex

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Review #2, by putitonpaper Truth or Dare

2nd December 2016:
Wow! There's not much to say other than I really enjoyed this. It's the epitome of short and sweet. What a lovely one shot. I really enjoy your versions of Rose and Scorpius!

Author's Response: Thanks! I like this version too. - Alex

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Review #3, by navyfail Truth or Dare

27th March 2016:
I honestly can never get sick of ScoRose or a dare situation or when they are locked up in a tower or broom closet together.

I like how short and sweet you kept this one-shot! Scorpius isn't totally a jerk and Rose isn't totally snotty which is great because sometimes I feel like they are written too much like their parents or too much as extreme opposites. I think it was really honest of Rose to admit that she thinks Scorpius is just as smart as her. And the way Scorpius drops that he thinks she's cute and beautiful is adorable. And of course he has to go on and dare her to kiss him. What a sneaky Slytherin. I like how you added in Rose asking about the other girls who like him. It makes her seem very considerate off all the others who want his attention. And the fact that Lia got the hint and left is sweet.

Overall, I had a great time reading this! Before I end this I would like to mention that I am here from the annual Fundraiser competition and that if you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so. It would be great for all of us to see HPFF around for many for years! Thanks for the lovely read!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I almost never picture Scorpius as being a completely jerk - arrogant yes, but not mean. I just feel like he would be cocky towards so that she doesn't actually realize how vulnerable he is, because he is opening himself up to rejection.

Thanks for the awesome reviews! Check out some of my other stories if you like RoSco!

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Review #4, by Xx Truth or Dare

20th March 2016:
So cute!! Really well done, you managed to fit the essence of their relationship into a very small amount of words, which isn't easy to do! I liked it a lot :)

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch!

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