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Reading Reviews for Two Conversations
3 Reviews Found

Review #1, by DougA Two Conversations

21st February 2017:
Excellent job of filling in gaps in the canon.

Author's Response: Thank you. This was one of my earliest ideas as I have always wondered how that conversation went.

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Review #2, by Paige Two Conversations

14th August 2016:
Oh this was simply amazing!! You captured Ginny and Hermione perfectly. I could just picture these conversations in the book

Author's Response: Thank you! This was one of the first ideas I ever had for a story, because I felt it was a massive missing moment!

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Review #3, by LadyL8 Two Conversations

27th March 2016:
Hello There.

Iíve been trying to read more stories, and I thought Iíd read this one since Iíve never read any of your stories before. I just want to start by saying that I love the idea. Iíve always wanted to see a story about this conversation, but this is the first one Iíve seen I think. I feel like you got the characters right. Hermione is the wise one, reflective and honest, but at the same time she is understanding. Ginny is kind of awkward about the whole thing, but it canít be easy to ask for advice about a boy, especially when youíre asking said boyís best friend. So yeah, it was just really believable.

Youíre really good at dialogue. I struggle with that myself, because it often ends up sounding too forced, and you donít want that. I didnít get that feeling when I read your story, so thatís a good thing. I guess my only note would be that maybe you couldíve added a little more description, because Iíd love to get an even better feeling of the environment and the atmosphere I guess. But I really think you did an excellent job. I love that Hermione pointed out the real problem so fast, and the time-jump was good because it allowed us to see whether or not Ginny actually followed the advice (well, we knew she would, but I still really liked that you had that time-jump).

So yes, this is a good story. I really loved it.

Now we havenít spoken before, so Iím not sure if youíre new here or not, but I hope you like it here at HPFF either way. We actually have an annual Fundraiser going on. Itís all about saving this wonderful site through donations, and even the smallest one can make a huge difference. Now Iím sure weíd both love to see HPFF around for many years to come. So if you havenít already, I hope you consider donating so we can keep the magic alive!

Love Lotte

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I understand about the description, but it was one of those stories that I wanted to centre around the dialogue more than anything. I do tend to use description when I can in my other stories. As for the donation, once I am financially better position (sometime soon) I will more than happy to donate!

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