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Review #1, by Olivia Silver Questioning Normalcy

13th January 2018:
"Not long after Draco had left for his third year at Hogwarts, Lucius had sought out the best trainers in southern England to come in and control the young beasts. When Draco had returned, he found his two companions more subservient, sitting at his fatherís feet in the study, walking gently through the hallways, and never stepping foot into his motherís rooms. While he felt that another set of family member were being forced to serve a higher power, he found that when it was just the three of them, out in the fields of the manor, they could just be. A young boy playing catch with his two dogs, chasing after him while he rode his broom, a sense of complete normalcy that would end the moment they stepped back into the house." This gave me chills. part of me felt like crying for Draco and it really brings out the part of his personality we don't get to see very often. never stop writing.

Author's Response: I feel like Draco never got to experience a normal childhood, even with the Dark Lord supposedly gone. Lucius would try to take over as the alpha male after being a servant for so long. Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by alexaemd123 Post War Trauma

9th January 2018:
As usual, I am in love lol so excited for more Draco and Hermione! I'm still waiting for the romance!!! Please continue soon! And Happy New Year by the way! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! It will come in time!

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Review #3, by A fan Post War Trauma

8th January 2018:
Love YOUR STORY...cant wait FOR hermone Gong T9 malfoy manor

Author's Response: Thank you! She will be going shortly!

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Review #4, by DaFossil Post War Trauma

7th January 2018:
Am so glad to see this story updated. Am thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait to see where it leads.

Author's Response: I am glad you like it! Thanks for reading!

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Review #5, by sakura_drop_ Amber Rain Drops

30th October 2017:
So happy 8 have found this, dang, that's some tension right there between them right before time ticks again... Want to see where this is going, take your time with updates :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I like being that story you just happen to stumble upon and give a chance!

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Review #6, by alexaemd123 Amber Rain Drops

15th October 2017:
Holy cow! What just happened, indeed!?! That was a great chapter! I loved Hermione and Draco's row! He was perfect and I loved how she became so mad at him for calling her a mudblood, (excuse my french) and she stopped time! That was an amazing surprise! I seriously loved how Draco got worried when he said Hermione's name. I got the feels!!! But anyways, I am excited for more of them, and I feel like after this crazy event with the rain, they will get slightly closer! I hope!!! So, as usual, I love this story! Please continue soon!! :)

Author's Response: I would be worried too if I was a known death eater in the muggle world, and the one person I'm stuck with ends up unresponsive! :0

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Review #7, by BBHP A Pureblood in a Muggle World

12th October 2017:
I love how everything is portrayed in this. Hermione's PTSD and Draco's discomfort, the awkwardness and forced civility, the Grangers, everything. It's so believable. The little details of Draco sensing magic and Hermione's family living in an upper middle-class neighborhood are some of the things that make this story just brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you! I find it quite hard to write for the muggle world, it's a bit dull. So I try to insert some magic into it in small ways. I also feel like none of these guys would have been perfectly ok after the war, so the idea of Hermione being the vulnerable, yet strong enough, one to deal with the PTSD seemed to fit.

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Review #8, by LucyD Mud in the Purified Waters

4th October 2017:
I'm really enjoying this, I hope you keep going!

Author's Response: Thank you! Next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #9, by alexaemd123 Mud in the Purified Waters

27th September 2017:
It was a long wait for this chapter, but it was well worth it! I was so excited to read this chapter and of course, I was not dissapointed! I love this story! I already love Hermione and Draco's relationship. It is slightly weird, which makes it that much more enjoyable to read! I am also in love with how you are dealing with Ron and Hermione's relationship, or lack of. I am in love with Dramione fics, so I am so excited to get reading about their relationship/ future relationship! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!!! It is a brilliant story! Do not give up on it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you much! Sorry for the long wait. Next chapter in progress!

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Review #10, by DaFossil Mud in the Purified Waters

25th September 2017:
Keeps getting better. Lovely plot twists.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #11, by A fan Mud in the Purified Waters

24th September 2017:
I can't wait till hermione stays at dracos house,love your story😊

Author's Response: I can't wait either! Writing the muggle side can be a bit mundane!

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Review #12, by Glisten  Dinner and a Game

9th August 2017:
I love the way you went into Draco's mind for a moment when he first saw the television! You described it really well and if I had never seen a tele before I'd probably be thinking the same things.

I love the way that Mr. Granger tried to make him feel welcome by introducing him to football! So nice of him. And, of course, Mrs. Granger for cooking the meal. If their goal was to show Malfoy that muggles can be good they seem to be succeeding!

Hermione and Draco can't avoid eachother forever. Sure, they have short conversations and stuff but eventually they're going to have to start talking more. Hopefully that happens in the next chapter or the one after that.

Of course the dentist parents would restrict sugar from their household! I wonder how Draco is going to hold up, haha. Maybe he'll be sent something at some point kind of like when the Dursleys were on their diet thing and Harry got sweets.

Hopefully a kneazle or crup can turn up that way we can see their reaction to Draco. I feel like Hermione is kind of relying on this to see whether she herself should trust Malfoy at all and if he passes the test she might loosen up a bit around him. I guess I'll have to keep reading and see!

I really liked this chapter. It was definitely an important one since Draco is realizing that muggles are not rude and unintelligent beings like he once thought they were. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! The boring things of muggledom can be fascinating from a magical standpoint!

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Review #13, by Glisten  A Muggleborn's World

9th August 2017:
Hmm... yes, honest thoughts...

IM LOVING THIS SO FAR! The guest room sounds absolutely lovely with the cute little bench and window! If I had something like that I'd probably just sit there all day reading and writing.

The tunnel vision, for some reason, really helped to convey her feeling of anxiety. I've felt anxiety of course and Ive never really had a way to describe it but "tunnel vision" is certainly a great way to do so. Tunnel vision, I think, isn't just an image, but also a feeling.

The thought of Malfoy wearing jeans and a leather jacket totally weirds me out but it's great all the same. I feel like if he were a muggle that's what his style would be. Even so, it's so strange to think about. Then again, the thought of Draco Malfoy in any sort of muggle place is odd too, but that's not impossible now is it?

So Draco doesn't completely disapprove of the place! I smiled when it said he used to think that muggle people live in mud shacks. He doesn't get out that much does he?

Your chapters are short but I'm really liking them so far! Nice work!

Author's Response: Thank you! The chapters are short but there is more to come!

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Review #14, by Glisten  The Letters

9th August 2017:
Okay, I'm all about good concepts when it comes to fan fictions and you defiately HAVE IT! It's an interesting, original story idea and I'm excited to see what the story turns out to be like. You've got a nice, descriptive writing style.

It makes sense though, doesn't it? During the war the "dark side" with their pureblood supremacist mindsets infiltrated the government system. It's only reasonable that following the war's end, the Ministry would want to make sure the magical youth understand that blood status is no longer important.

Goodness that's a harsh punishment, isn't it! There's no getting out of that one...that's the same as £246,500 or $367,500. Not even a Malfoy would be willing to pay that much I think! And whatever the harshest punishment u see wizarding law may be probably isn't all that pleasant either, haha.

Of course they had to pair the Draco and Hermione, who were on opposite ends of the war and a perfect representation of their blood statuses. Yes. this should be interesting. Very interesting indeed.

This was a short but strong start. Really quickly wanted to help out by pointing out that you spelled Hermione's mother's name differently at the end (with a "k"). Now, let's see the brilliance that's been bubbling in your mind for twelve years, shall we?

Author's Response: I wanted to write a story that no one has attempted yet. There are a lot of marriage fics, but nothing that had these two put in a position of understanding the other side before the inevitable happens ;)

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Review #15, by alexaemd123 Questioning Normalcy

9th July 2017:
I just started your story and I already am in love with it! I'm extremely excited for the next chapter! I can't imagine how it will go. But I can only picture Ron giving Malfoy evil stares the whole time. I really like how Malfoy is friendly enough towards Hermione and I'm obviously really excited for them to become friendlier! I can already tell this story will become one of my favorites and I seriously love Dramione fanfics! So, as I always say at the end of my favorite stories' reviews, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON! :)

Author's Response: I wanted to write a story that no one has attempted yet. There are a lot of marriage fics, but nothing that had these two put in a position of understanding the other side before the inevitable happens ;)

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Review #16, by Brightpaw Questioning Normalcy

22nd June 2017:
I love your story and how you write Draco. I hope you update soon! I liked that Hermione doesn't like the Ministry's plans, because they seem pretty dumb, but also totally what the Ministry would do.

Author's Response: I wanted to write a story that no one has attempted yet. There are a lot of marriage fics, but nothing that had these two put in a position of understanding the other side before the inevitable happens ;)

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Review #17, by Annelf Questioning Normalcy

21st April 2017:
That is an awful cliffhanger! I hope you'll update soon, please do! I have to know how this continues!

Author's Response: Awful in a good way I hope ;)

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Review #18, by DaFossil Questioning Normalcy

21st February 2017:
Glad to see this updated. Nothing like a crash course in Muggle Studies for a pampered pureblood. It will be interesting to see how things go for Hermione at Malfoy Manor.

Author's Response: lol...not sure if that was to be a pun about the muggle studies teacher crashing on his table...but anyways, it should be fantastically strained! Thank you for reading!

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Review #19, by Tsh A Pureblood in a Muggle World

26th November 2016:
Just a thought, you should add in some of her "muggle" friends meeting Draco.

Author's Response: oh, that's in the works, but "friends" is a relative term...

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Review #20, by Grace A Pureblood in a Muggle World

9th July 2016:
I enjoyed this story and the creative ideas that you thought of. Please continue to write what promises to be a good story!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading!

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Review #21, by Hufflepuff1990 A Pureblood in a Muggle World

22nd June 2016:
Awww, cute puppy ^^ really liking this so far. Original idea and very well written. Looking forward to seeing how this summer will progress ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #22, by Theniya Same Bright Star

11th April 2016:
Amazing plot
The story n characters r magical
plz give the nxt chap soon
#ATB for ur future

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #23, by DaFossil Dinner and a Game

28th March 2016:
Love the story, can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #24, by Crookshanks11 Dinner and a Game

28th March 2016:
Love love love this fanfic! I've never read anything like it and I'm excited to see where the story goes.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #25, by Siriusly21 A Muggleborn's World

18th March 2016:
I really love this idea! I liked everyone's reactions, they felt realistic to me, and Draco's attitude seems very much like him. I wish the chapters were a little bit longer. Those two chapters were a great inrtoduction, but I wasn't really able to get into the story! Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you much! I'm in between 2 stories at the 'mo so the lengths are going to be too long just yet.

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