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Review #1, by Challenge Cheerleader Draco Malfoy

29th March 2016:
Here again! I can read every single chapter of this story because you have posted every single chapter like an amazingly unstoppable force of challenge energy!

I would have asked for at least this last chapter not to be sad like the others, but it's about Draco so I'm not going to hold my breath...

I am glad that Draco has felt safe at Hogwarts over the past year. It could have been even harder for him than the outside, as he is trapped at the scene of the final battle with the people he betrayed. However it sounds like there was strong compassion towards him, and I am so glad. I think he really needed that. I hope those same people who were compassionate towards him will help make the time to come be less difficult than he anticipates.

I love that Draco has an interest in becoming a Healer, even though he does not feel it is an obtainable goal. It says a lot about how he's come through the other side and wants to try to help people.


It is also good to hear that Draco has gotten such good marks. He didn't focus very heavily on schoolwork his sixth year (and possibly fled school before exams?), so this is another sign that he has made some definite changes in his life.

I have so much love for Minerva, and am so glad that she can be so encouraging and fair to Draco, who obviously really needs it.

I think that you did a very good job with this short story collection. While you were assigned the three characters at random, you did a fabulous job of weaving them together, and showing their similarities while also making each chapter distinctly stand alone.

You've done such a great job and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


Yup, I was right - in the time that it took me to review just this chapter, you posted a new story.

Yo crazy.

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Review #2, by Challenge Cheerleader Lily Evans

29th March 2016:
See? I'm back!

And I'd better write this review fast, because at the rate you're adding new stories, this one may have sunken to the bottom of your page before I finish it!

Oh wow, Lily's sure putting the writing of her graduation speech off to the last minute! Though it is understandable. This is a big day for any student, and it definitely has added weight considering the state of the wizarding world at this point in time!

Wow, what a potent image for Lily to be picturing her peers disappearing one by one.

It is very bold of her to call out the darkness in some of her own peers. I wonder how the staff felt about that. But I definitely like how she spoke to them about the importance of standing by their morals. While some people in the crowd may have already been too far gone, but there are probably a lot of students out there who had not yet accepted their own potential roles, either as instigators or bystanders in the dark conflict, and these are important people to speak to. Of course she said this directly to Sev, but they were definitely words meant for a lot of people.

While I know that this didn't change Severus, I am glad that Lily found a way to say to him what was on her mind. I hope that it brought her a sense of closure, as I don't think he would have let her get these words out of her mouth in person.

The final line was quite bittersweet, as in hinted so strongly at the limited time these friends had together. Even less than they though.

Gah, Kaitlin, why do you make things so sad? Well, either way your writing is fabulous, and the speed and determination with which you do it is unreal. Keep up the good work!

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Review #3, by Challenge Cheerleader Hagrid

29th March 2016:
Wow, I blink and you've added so many new chapters! You're on fire with these challenges!

It is very interesting to start a story about Hogwarts Graduation off by focusing on a character who never got to graduate. Through Hagrid's eyes I can see more clearly than ever how important graduation is. To some students it may be a boring ritual that they need to get through before getting on with their life, but for Hagrid it is a huge symbol of what he will never have.

You did a really good job of showing this with your descriptions here, and you really brought us inside the mind of Hagrid, a character who is normally viewed from the outside.

It is really sad to read that Hagrid thinks he's not good enough for the others, while his expulsion was about the cruelty of others more than his own failings. But you made a very good point that his other-ness was part of what made him such an easy scapegoat, and that is horribly sad.

You also made me realize how hard staying at Hogwarts must have been for Hagrid. He did it because it was his best option, but it must have been a painfully constant reminder of his own failures.

I think it was a nice touch that Hagrid chose to spend Graduation day with the creature that led to his expulsion (well, besides Riddle).

Overall this was very sad, but also well written and definitely made me think of Hagrid in new ways.

I'm off to read the next chapter, because you're just that productive!

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