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Reading Reviews for Voracious
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Review #1, by justonemorefic Into the Dust

6th March 2016:
Right from the outset with "Verity" and the cheerful girlfriends-y message to Umbridge I knew that your Rita will be amazing. She's alternately young/naive and then callous. That one sentence of twee and quaint "Oh my dear" Rita, coming from UMBRIDGE is disconcerting in the best way. She equally wants to report honestly but wants to launch her career and they're both so close halves that I can see either side winning.

Also so many forms of epistolary writing—letters, notes, journals—I LOVE this kind of story, with all the little notes written inside as well. It would be so great to see this story in a visual form, with the actual notes scribbled in the way she would write them and the receipts looking like receipts. And I have to commend you on your use of them?? Because it's so easy to just throw random things in there, but even things like the receipt say so much about her character and how she's prioritizing things.

"What is a Scottish Kneazle" - snort

"And if I’m being very, very honest, it’s about me. " — as long as we're being honest, Rita.

I can sympathize with each character, if what they say is true. No one's gotten their story out like they've wanted it and I like that, unlike TV detectives, Rita never really gets solid answers from either end. She's reacting purely from her gut feeling, with some bias toward what happened to Jane.

And now the end!! It's so sad, but I also love how much her career ties into her sadness; like, she is first and foremost concerned with the impact it has on her career and I can see how strongly a betrayal would shape her career forevermore after that. It wasn't the trauma of Jane that put her in this state; it was reliving Jane at this critical moment of her life and the embarrassment of her blunder, combined. I can see the Rita we know forming out of this excuse: 'You can always apologize for blowing up a story a bit too much, for feathering the edges.' What a perfect Rita excuse.

For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

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Review #2, by GubraithianFire Into the Dust

6th March 2016:
I'm a bad friend indeed, for not knowing that this fic was in the works and not seeing it when it was up! But Celeste my dear, this is so very cool. I suppose a bit of credit should go to teh for an intriguing challenge premise, but this is all you.

I've missed your one-shots, especially the ones like this - elaborate plotting, delicate character work, inventive structure. Idk how you managed this, but damn girl, this is so very cool. The use of all the documents - the interview transcript with Ambrosia juxtaposed with Verity's draft after meeting Audrey was super clever since you don't recycle the transcript model - in this order, with these characters, was just so smart. The thought of some of the most unabashedly awful, idiotic people in canon being young and hungry and pretty normal, morality-wise, was kind of strange to wrap my head around at first, but it was a really cool, unique thing to try, and you pulled it off. Especially because Verity - that is probably the stroke of genius of this fic, which of course there would be, because this is you. Like, who would have thought that Rita's origin story is about death and truth and trust??? The resolution to the mystery was kind of secondary to me, because clearly the point is watching Verity's devolution (though I wonder: why Dolores, of all people, only because she's so hateful in canon that I can't easily imagine her young). It's going to be bad, we know; it's probably Ambrosia, since we aren't being presented other possibilities for real; but Verity doesn't know that, and what a sad headspace for her to be in, but how great of you to explore it. You're always so inventive and smart and original and real, even with all this elaborate set-dressing, so to speak, with your writing, and it's a pleasure every time. -heart eyes-

(For the HPFF Review-A-Thon).

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Review #3, by Chocolate Frog Card Into the Dust

5th March 2016:
I cannot praise highly enough your mystery fic,

From so many others out there, this was my pick.

Because, of course, who could be more voracious

Than a certain journalist I Sorted, clever and tenacious.

A bit of Lockhart and Umbridge, a lot of Skeeter,

An epistolary fic you promised, and you are no cheater.

For woven into this impeccably told tale,

Are suspicions, heart break and girls beyond the veil.

Told through methods of paper and pen,

Rita’s journey hooked me instantly and then,

I was on the edge of my seat (or stool, if you will)

The rip in my brim agape, I followed her journey, until

The truth was revealed and I felt Rita’s pain

As she remembered the loss of her sister Jane.

When the threads came together (as clothing, I should know)

I could appreciate your effort behind this story of woe.

Should someone ask of an author I recommend,

I will send them straight to you, my friend.

For a tale on the fate of a female aristocrat,

All can trust me, I am the Sorting Hat.

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