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Review #1, by teh tarik Letters

9th May 2016:
Hello Kaitlin! ♥

I'm here to review your entry for the Epistolary Challenge (I haven't abandoned this challenge, and I'm working my way through the entries. :D ). Thank you for participating, and huge apologies for the amount of time it's taken me to stop by and read and review.

Ah, ah, ah this is such a tragic story. :( :( Ted/Andromeda is a ship I love, but sadly it ends badly in canon. There's no resolution at all for this ship in canon, because Ted's death is so sudden and so violent. In the beginning of DH he's alive and well, and the next time we hear of him, he's dead in the woods, along with a couple of others. I think this exchange of letters that you've written works wonderfully! I can definitely imagine Ted running away and leaving a note for Andromeda, not even telling her of his plans to run. I imagine that she'd want to run off with him or she wouldn't let him go, or she'd put herself in danger for him.

And Ted and Andromeda keeping in touch with each other as they're on the run...the both of them not using names was a nice detail, and definitely makes sense. I love that amidst all the fear and uncertainty they're both experiencing, there's still those moments of hope and life when they discuss Dora and their unborn grandchild. It was really heartwarming (but also incredibly painful to read). Ted saying that he couldn't wait to hold his grandson...gahhh :( :(

The last two letters were beautifully done. Very sad, of course, because we know Ted is already dead. And that last letter: Andromeda is so desperate she doesn't even care whether she's found out or not: she uses their real names in that letter. It's truly heartbreaking.

Also, nice touch, beginning and ending your story with their names.

This is an amazing story, Kaitlin! You said this is the first time using the epistolary form, but I think you've done a wonderful job with this. I really enjoyed reading.

Thank you so much once again for participating in my challenge. I WILL be posting the results. :P So keep an eye out. :)


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Review #2, by marauderfan Letters

27th March 2016:
Hi Kaitlin! I'm here with the first of six prize reviews for the Your Least Favorite Challenge. I had to pick this one as I've been really into epistolary fics as of late - not to mention that I love Tedromeda so much ♥

ahh, Ted left without saying goodbye! That's rough, but I understand why he did it - he wouldn't be able to actually go through with it if he was saying it to her face - both of them would want him to stay just a little longer, and he'd never go.

Itís so strange sleeping alone in our bed that Iíve taken to sleeping on the sofa instead. -- :'( This is so sad. But I love that you included this detail of how hard it is to adjust to him not being there, and how being in their bed will just make her miss him even more because there's an empty space next to her.

I love that they talk about baby Teddy (though that's not his name yet). And the fact that Ted never got to meet him omg this is just hitting me in all the feels

Imagine, leaving the fate of the wizarding world in the hands of three children. -- I really loved Andromeda's perspective here. Of course adults would see this much differently than Harry and co. would - Harry looks at himself and sees someone who is fated to fight Voldemort because of a prophecy, and the older crowd would look at Harry and see just a kid trying to take on too much. I loved that you illustrated that here as the world looks so different from a POV other than Harry's.

Oh my goodness those last three letters gave me chills! Ahh! It's so heartbreaking, yet so very believable, that Andromeda continues to write to Ted even after reports of his death, just because she won't believe it's true. Denial is a natural first part of the grieving process, and I imagine it went on even longer with her because she's just so far away and hasn't seen him and isn't sure what rumours to trust. Just - agh, that end really hurt :(

Phenomenal story! I have seen a few Tedromeda stories before but always when they're young, so it was such a treat to read this one set in this time period, though I knew it was going to break my heart as I went into it. Loved this so much - amazing writing (as usual!)

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Review #3, by NPE Letters

16th March 2016:
Hi Kaitlin,

Well done for trying the "Epistolary" format.

This captures the essence of how I suspected Ted and Andromeda would have spoken. Concise, direct and not trying to give too many details away. Thus I like the style of the letters a lot here.

This is emotionally quite galling and I think you have structured it and kept it consistent to the canon in a really effective manner.

I don't have any CC, but I have a question about the books that may interest you as it sort of relates to this.

This isn't CC but more of a critique of Tonks and always a slight nagging issue I have with the potterverse...

In terms of scale, Voldemort was ascendant in Britain and maybe had influence in Europe. The reality is if Ted had apparated to America or Australia, he probably wouldn't have a problem. Ok - I doubt he has connections outside of Britain but it'd be better than dying. I don't mention this as a critique of your story in any way, but I am interested in what you think about that?


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Review #4, by Felpata Lupin Letters

15th March 2016:
Hey, Kaitlin!
Here for our swap! :)
Actually, I've been willing to read this for a while now, because I'm very curious about what people did with the epistolary challenge and because I really loved Ted and Dromeda as a couple!

I loved what you did here!
It started out so sweet, you could tell how much they loved and cared for each other! It was so heart-warming... and yet the knowledge of Ted never going to get back again made it all so heavy and sad... :(

The bit I loved the most was probably when Andromeda tells Ted about the visit in St. Mungo's. It was so adorable. But so sad, too, knowing little Teddy will be left alone... Why did you do this to me???

The last letters were simply heartbreaking! To see Andromeda breaking down, clinging to the illusion that he might still be alive, that it was all a mistake... This was so behond sad...

I loved this! Really, really loved this! It was so incredibly full of emotions and your writing was beautiful as always! Well done, dearest!

All my love,

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Review #5, by Jayna Letters

4th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon!

Hi Kaitlin! I thought that as the hoster of this marvelous review-a-thon that it would only be fair if you received at least some of the reviews from it! :p

This is such a sweet collection of letters and I just feel so bad for poor Andromeda! I mean, she left her family to marry a muggle-born, and now the aforementioned muggle-born is on the run, in danger, and to top things off, her daughter's an Auror constantly in danger! Obviously, my heart also goes out to Ted having to leave his family and run/hide for his life.

One thing I did notice was that in Andromeda's first letter to Ted, where she's talking about Ginny returning to school, she uses the wrong kind of there/they're/their. It should be their but right now is there. :)

Aww, how sweet, a baby Metamorphagus! I like the idea of Teddy shifting his features in the womb, that's such an adorable picture to have!

Oh no, how could you do this to poor Andromeda! I think my favorite part was the second to last letter because it feels so earnest and sad that it's all too easy to relate to. I mean, I can imagine Andromeda doing that, refusing to believe that the love of her life is gone. :(

In addition, I noticed one more typo in addition to the one I mentioned above. In the very last letter, you've got an s on respond that doesn't need to be there.

So yeah, overall, great job on this, good luck in the challenge, and thanks so much for doing what you're doing for this site.

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Review #6, by Challenge Cheerleader Letters

3rd March 2016:
Tedromeda! They're so adorable!

I like that you set this during DH, weaving around the events to give us an idea of the timeline! Each letter establishes a canon event that tells us when it's being written which I think is an amazing idea!

To see the war through the eyes of a Muggleborn-Pureblood couple is quite unique. I can't imagine what Andromeda must have been going through - unable to know exactly where Ted Tonks is, not wanting to sleep on their bed and hearing that news about unindentified bodies - she must have been beside herself with worry.

Her being in denial was just so heartbreaking :( I wish she wasn't in denial :( it's just so sad!

Good luck with the challenge!

Challenge Cheerleader :-)

Author's Response: Hi Dearest Challenge Cheerleader!

As soon as I saw this challenge, I thought that Ted on the run would be the perfect character for this story.

I imagine that Andromeda definitely would've been beside herself. Waiting for a loved one to come home from a terrifying situation is agony.

Denial is unfortunately a real part of a shocking death like that.

Thank you so much for the lovely review and for all of your support!


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Review #7, by MuggleMaybe Letters

2nd March 2016:
hey rock star :)

I'm here with your other prize review and GOOD LORD, Kaitlin, what are you trying to do to me?!?!? First of all, I ADORE Tedromeda fics, so I was thrilled to see a new story about them on your page. Second of all, this was so sad! (But I loved it!) (Even though I'm crying.)

1st letter: You can really feel the affection Ted holds for his wife. I almost want more of that, more emotion, instead of the exposition. It strikes me as odd that he explains his reasons for running away. It seems like something he and Andromeda would have talked about before, maybe even fought about. Just a thought. :shy:

2nd letter: In a story like this, I think so much depends on picking strong details, and you did! Her anxiety every time she sees an owl and her sleeping on the couch made my heart ache for her. Her mention of the Weasleys is a perfect cannon tie-in, and her incredulity about Snape as head master was great, too.
I did catch one typo: "there shoes" should be "their shoes" ;)

3rd letter: Why would you tease us with his optimism like this??! TED, THERE IS NOT SAFETY IN NUMBERS! Go be safe! Please! We love you!
Why does his story line have to be so sad???

4th letter: So good! She still seems worried, but her excitement shines through wonderfully in the language you chose. And AWWW, baby Teddy is coming! I'm glad you included this. Again, killer detail about Florean's ice cream. Those little things pack a big punch. Her realism about the Trio is refreshing - she doesn't seem optimistic about them, and that makes sense, to be honest.

5th letter: Ugh, Ted's optimism is physically painful. I don't think I ever realized how sad this death makes me. #SaveTed (#TonksNotCruz)

6th letter: OH NO OH NO OH NO. And don't you dare say I knew this was coming. That makes no difference. I don't want to read on, but at the same time I must... *sobs and covers eyes with hands, peeking through fingers*

7th letter: BRB, TEARS. You're heartless - this got me right in the feels. (You aren't actually heartless, obviously.) (But seriously, this is SO SAD.) Her disbelief makes it way worse. Brilliant choice there on your part!

Final letter: askljfskjsa WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SOUL?
Also, I love how she used their names again, as if deep down she knows it doesn't matter anymore.

I loved this! It's one of those gut-wrenching stories that I just can't resist. You've clearly done a masterful job giving it weight, because I am literally sick to my stomach with sadness and regret about Ted and pain for Andromeda.

I know we're always saying what a champ you are for writing so much, but I don't know if people often mention how incredibly impressive the quality of your work is, especially in light of (though also independently of) how quickly you write it. So let me just say: You are a talented writer. :wub:

good luck in the challenge!!
xoxo Renee

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