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Review #1, by Crescent Moon  if your dreams are far too real

1st July 2016:
I really loved this.
All the different writing styles were great and made the story really interesting. All the characters were great and Scorpius is just so sweet.
You're an amazing writer.

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Review #2, by cherry_pop94 if your dreams are far too real

7th April 2016:
Wow I loved this.

You've turned me into a fangirl of a band that doesn't even exist. Like I'm so invested in this band. I'm obviously a Scorpius girl, but like any good fangirl, I ship the members together. You don't understand how loudly I screamed when I realized that Alex was a 'he'. And then when Al said I love you! I'm had to take a break to fan myself.

So I'm obsessed with this. Al and Scorp are just the perfect couple and I love all the other characters too. Jordan, Felicity, the reporter. And I really like how you incorporated music into this. It's super cool.

Favouriting this!


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Review #3, by MrsJaydeMalfoy if your dreams are far too real

17th March 2016:
Hi there dear! I'm here with your prize for winning a round of Pass the Parcel! First off, let me just say 'Congratulations' - and thank you SO much for helping us celebrate HPFF's birthday! And now, on to your review! :P I'm reviewing as I read, so if this seems to change topics kind of suddenly, that's why.

Okay, so first off, I think the article was a GREAT!! way to start this! You've already given us SO much background information about the relationship between Albus and Scorpius and Powell, as well as all their success, their Hogwarts houses... there's SO much backstory packed into that article, and it's also extremely well-written! It's the perfect introduction!

And Aww! Poor Scorpius! :( I think you told us a lot about his characterization in this bit about him, and you've definitely made it easy to sympathize with him. But, I've got to admit that now I'm SUPER curious as to if Al will ever find out about his feelings... must.. read.. more! :P

And again, there's another article with a LOT of great backstory incorporated in it! I love how they came up with the band name, and your descriptions of the band members reactions and their clothes really helped me to picture the interview in my mind! I really do think that incorporating so much information in these interviews is just amazing, a perfect way to provide more information, especially considering their profession! :P

Oh wow. I loved reading about Scorpius' thoughts about being placed into Hufflepuff, and Seeing how Scorpius came to fall for Al just makes me feel even worse for him, the poor thing! I really, really hope something will work out between those two!

Awww! Now I'm even MORE sad for Scorpius! :( I can't imagine how hard it's got to be for him watching Al go out all the time, and you did an excellent job of conveying his frustration and pain. And it really says a lot that, even though he told himself he wouldn't go write a song about it, he did anyway.

I think Scorpius would do well to take Felicity's advice - but I also know that's a lot easier said than done! Still though, a part of me wonders if he DID start seeing someone, would that perhaps make AL jealous enough to realize there are some feelings there? Okay so maybe I'm just wishful thinking. :P

Wait, WHAT?! Alex is a GUY?!? OMG! I think I've probably got as many questions going through my mind as Scorpius does right now - does that mean he has a chance? Will it work out? Has Al secretly been harboring feelings for him all this time! I need answers!! *Scrolls*

*Gasps* He found the song!! Oooh!! ... YAYYY! OMG!!! ♥ *flails* Oh, I'm so happy things worked out for the two of them!! That ending is just beyond perfect!! Annnd now I'm going to need a sequel where they live happily ever after, please! :D :P

This is an amazing, wonderfully-written piece, dear! I love it!! Really, really Well done, and congratulations again on Winning Pass the Parcel!

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Review #4, by Slytherin Eagle if your dreams are far too real

14th March 2016:
So I should be answering reviews, and yet for the third time, I find myself here, reading this story AGAIN. So I think it's about time I reviewed it in all its amazing glory.

First off, I just love the whole premise of the story: THEY'RE IN A BAND! Together!!! I felt the news article at the start really set the story up quite well.

My favourite 'reason why it's terrible to be in love with Albus Severus Potter' is. Number 1! Closely followed by 11 and 6. In fact the whole list just gave a big insight into how conflicted Scorpius felt.

The second article gave a really good view of the group dynamics and your characterisation of the others.

Oh, 'what even is a Hufflepuff' nearly made me fall off my bed! But seriously, that reference was absolute gold.

'“Yeah, my best friend was Sorted into Ravenclaw,” Al sighed before smiling brightly once more. “But you can be my new best friend, if you’d like.”' This whole line is wonderful. I the way you have portrayed Albus.

Bahahahah!!! Scorpius is 'Al-sexual'! I like that because he's just so lost with everything that he doesn't know what to think anymore and just needs Felicity to talk to.

And then the plot-twist. ALEX IS A GUY!!!? Poor Scorpius, his brain can't handle such a shock! Does Jordan know how Scorpius feels? Is he covering for him? Or is he completely oblivious? If he is so blind, why does Felicity know? I NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWERS!!!

Anyway, know that I have squashed the questions to somewhere I can ignore them, we'll get back to your story.

Oh no, poor Scorpius. He just had such a great show and then that was thrown at him. Oh no, Al has found the truth.

Annnd... he is being surprisingly calm about it. In fact, he's more than calm, he asking questions quite forward in nature. AT least the happy couple are, well, happy.

This was such a lovely story and I'm glad you shared it with everyone. Good luck on the challenge, I hope everything goes well for you. I no forth now to add this to my favourites, for it is such a supreme work of literary glory that I must have fast access to it at all times!

Lea x

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Review #5, by ~a fan~ if your dreams are far too real

10th March 2016:

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Review #6, by marauderfan if your dreams are far too real

6th March 2016:
eep I just typed up this whole thing and then my browser crashed D: Okay, Take 2. This is for the HPFF Review-a-thon!

I knew from the instant I saw the summary that I was going to love this, and indeed I did :D I secretly really love best-friends-in-love stories as well. And Scorbus!! It was basically everything I love in a story. ♥

There are several quotes I would love to post here in the review but many of them are not 12+ haha :P namely Scorpius' opinion of Albus' name, and how he feels right before his sorting about sticking to tradition and letting his father's opinions define him.

Okay but this one though: the first thoughts that filled his mind were what even is a Hufflepuff and oh my Merlin what is happening and I hope Dad was serious about his offer of unconditional love. -- I went from giggling at the AVPM reference instantly to feeling like I'd been punched in the gut - like, he's actually wondering if his father will still love him after being sorted into Hufflepuff. :'(

I loved how you structured this, leading the reader through all the band's shared history at Hogwarts, and what inspires them and just all about their lifestyle, it felt really realistic, especially with the music columnist writing about them as well. And sidenote, the idea of the wheel to spontaneously pick a song is so cool and I love that that's a real thing haha!

The pacing was really good too, everything from Scorpius' long suffering crush on his straight friend and how futile it all is, to the moment it's revealed that Al has been seeing a guy and then Scorpius' worry changes - like this possibility unlocks new worries and what if it messes up their friendship, and you just built it up really well up to (and including) that wonderful last scene where they both tell each other how they feel. it was just such a great story all around :D

one thing to note, the narration does hop into present tense at times, such as the beginning of Scorpius' list of why it's terrible to be in love with Al. But anyway. I loved this story, and you did a wonderful job writing it.

You are such a great writer! I really enjoyed reading this :D Good luck in the challenge!

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Review #7, by Jo Raskoph if your dreams are far too real

6th March 2016:
— for the HPFF review-A-thon —

Hi RavenclawFTW!

I’ve taken notes while reading so I’ll give you these first and then give my overall impression below:

– At first it was kind of hard for me to get into the story – the article felt a little long and I don’t really relate well to numbers so for me personally it felt kind of distant.
(There is a break in tenses between the first and second sentence of the narrative.)

– Reading the list, I really felt there were so many so good points in there – I would have loved to explore each of them, but I understand that time and words are limited ;-)

– Then the second article was really really lively and kind of drew me in and the narrative after that drew me in even more.
(I think the style of your first narrative with the list was just not really my cup of tea.)

– The third article was actually of a great lenght – it didn’t distract from the narrative at all. The third narrative was really well written and I think this is about where I was really captured.

– Then the great revelation and it was so well done – I’d been thinking „So if this is supposed to be Scorbs, how will they turn around an Al who’s been straight all this time … it could be unrealistic“ – but you did it so well! I wasn’t expecting it at all and was so surprised (not as much as Scorpius though^^). Brilliant!

– The end: I would have loved in this case – and it’s kind of a surprise, because I wasn’t much of a fan of the articles in the beginning – an article about the new developments for Al and Scorpius – to wrap it all up and show how the public reacted :)

So that’s it with the running commentary, here come my thoughts on

– pacing: Like I said, the first part felt a little out of balance to me, but the pacing became really comfortable after that. For me this story was a slow build up and it took a while to really get into, but when I did get into it it had great relatable characters and nice pace. And I loved your diverse cast!

– character development: It was really thoughtful and interesting how you gave the backstory of Albus’ and Scorpius’ friendship and I think it contributed a great bit to the way the story became more gripping around there.

–overall feel: Your theme, music, was very prominent and I think you transported really well the excitement, adoration/hero-worship, live in the public eye associated with popular bands.

– and hightlights: The (presumedly) unrequitted love and songs with profound feelings behind them :) The way Albus acted all „we’re best friends so I never question how you never show any romantic interest because I accept you no matter what“ was really sweet :)
And again my absolute highlight was how it never occurred to Scorpius that „Alex“ might be a guy!

Thank you for sharing your story!

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