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Review #1, by MargaretLane One

3rd April 2016:
OK, I am not at all familiar with Criminal Minds, but as a lover of mysteries, I'll give this a go and just hope I'm not missing too much.

LOVE the way you begin the story. It gives us an insight into Lucy's character, gives us the background of the organisation she's involved in and makes us wonder why she joined and all without sounding contrived, which stories with a lot of background to them can.

I really like the part about Emily pulling more strings than any politician or diplomat. Gives us a bit of insight into who SHE is too. You're really good at getting information across naturally and succinctly.

*grins at the computers* One of the characters in my next gen series has a father who's a policeman and he and Harry were discussing methods of law enforcement.

I like the part about the standard issue wands. I can see a lot of witches and wizards finding that quite difficult as they are used to their own wands and Ollivander did say you'd never get as good a result with a wand that hadn't chosen you, but you can see why the organisation would want to ensure wands were standardised.

These wands sound a little like guns. I mean wands DO sort of perform that function anyway, but the fact that these are specifically TO be used in law enforcement make them seem more specifically for those kind of tasks.

Slightly random comment, but comparing stories to Irish history seems to be my thing: in World War II, some members of the Irish army deserted to join the British army and go to fight in the war. Deserting TO fight in a war sounds kind of odd, doesn't it? Anyway, they were essentially blacklisted for government jobs afterwards, which a lot of people consider to have been quite harsh. The warning Lucy got just reminded me of that.

Profiling sounds like a pretty interesting job actually.

And hmm, I really wonder why Lucy was recruited. I've a feeling there's more to this than is immediately apparent.

*grins at her looking at pictures of kittens*

Lucy's workmates seem helpful and supportive anyway.

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Review #2, by Chocolate Frog Card One

7th March 2016:
Hello there!

I hope you're enjoying your Chocolate Frog and my presence. I'm afraid I can't stick around long though, I'm expecting a visit from some debt collectors - mates. I mean mates. Good, chummy mates, with whom I happen to enjoy discussing the subtleties of debt collection with.

SO. You've got a story here, eh? And it's about a Muggle television show no less! There's been a time or two when I found it convenient to lie low in Mugggle motel rooms, and the entret]prising spirit of Muggle television never ceased to amuse me. I haven't spent any time with this Emily Prentiss character, but next time I have the opportunity I'll have to check her show out!

From what you've shown here, I can see that Miss. Prentiss is incredibly intelligent, and has an eye both for catching criminals and catching potential.

Huh, that's quite an interesting concept that this department uses standard issue wands. to my knowledge Aurors don't observe this practice - I wonder what the differences are, and what these special spells are that need standard issue wands.

Oh wow, I expect there's a story behind that last line! And the decapitation! This is sure piquing my interest in this show and characters!

This was such an engaging chapter, it makes me really want to read the rest of the story - I hope you are able to continue with it soon!

Good luck in this challenge of yours! If I were a betting man, my money'd be on you.

Ludo Bagman.

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Review #3, by Jen25 One

4th March 2016:
This is glorious. I love how you write Garcia.
I have been wanting to read/write a Criminal Minds/HP crossover and then you did and I'm just so happy right now oh my goodness.
I can't wait to read more.

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Review #4, by Crescent Moon  One

29th February 2016:
I'm loving this so far. I've just found Criminal Minds and spent January binge watching it too. However I have to admit I'm no where near as fast as you as I'm currently nearing the end of season 4, but loving every minute. So I'm very happy to have found this story. Especially as Lucy is one of my favourite next gen characters. So I'm really looking forward to see where you go with it, and meeting the rest of the team. I can't wait to read your version of them as your Penelope seemed spot on. Loving it!

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Review #5, by PaulaTheProkaryote One

28th February 2016:
I was so skeptical at first. Crossovers are hardly ever done well. I have to say that this is the first crossover I've liked so far. First of all, you completely captured the essence of the majestic Penelope Garcia. I'm so thrilled because I came in more defensive of my favorite show than I realized. I cannot wait for some Derek Morgan or Reid. Or any of them really. I love the concept of a special issued wand. That makes completely sense to me after you explained it. Please update soon!

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Review #6, by BookDinosaur One

28th February 2016:

you are glorious this is glorious i am grinning so much right now i missed reading your wonderful wok so much and now you can prepare for fingers of lightning and overly italicised reviews


lucy is so clueless and it's so endearing elisabeth you're already making me fall in love with characters and i missed this feeling so very much

In fact, even beyond the surface, she was still a pretty unlikely candidate
this is lovely, and i laughed

Emily Prentiss, and somehow during the six months she spent fetching coffee and filing reports and existing as a fly-on-the-wall in dozens of international criminal cases, Emily had seen potential. And Emily, who pulled more strings worldwide than any politician or diplomat, pulled some strings at the BAU and convinced them that her coffee-toting intern was a prime candidate to join the team. Lucy still wasn’t entirely sure what it was about her that lead to this chain of events, but she was also not about to argue with Emily.
when i grow up, i very much want to be emily prentiss.

“Are these – computers?”

“Yes they are, my sweet magical child. Lots of them."

penelope is a sweetheart and i love??? her??? what is this witchcraft you are working it should not be possible to fall in love with fictional characters this quickly

also, your humour is the best thing since the first thing, and i have told you that so many times before but when i read this i realised that it was STILL 300% TRUE

elisabeth this is making me want to watch criminal minds so? much?? this is not good for my education but i wouldn't trade it for anything because this is wonderful and i already want more story and characters and chapters

u need to update soon, elisabeth, bc i'm already in love and you wouldn't deprive me of that, would you?

♥ emily

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