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Reading Reviews for Play the Game
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Review #1, by Master of the Quill iv {do what's right}

3rd April 2016:
You've transformed this character into something that is many layered and complicated. It's great how you are showing us that even the characters that we consider to be the most simple may not be. Good job so far :)

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Review #2, by esmeraude i (ignorance is bliss)

28th February 2016:
Oh, Emily.

You've written a completely different Hannah to the one that lurks in my headcanon, and that's a brilliant and amazing thing because you've taken the canon facts that we know and twisted them into something absolutely gut-wrenching. Poor Hannah with her nave attitude towards everything that's gone on, blissfully unaware of the war that's going on around her -- and while I was initially sceptical at first, all those little references about people umm'ing and ahh'ing and murmuring about her mother's death being an accident gives that horrible feeling that for the majority of the wizarding world, it's easier to believe the Death Eaters' lies and pretend they're not at war. Reading the books from Harry's perspective naturally skews our perspective, but you've cleverly inverted Harry's circumstances so that the very opposite is happening to Hannah.

Fortunately, the friendship between Hannah and Susan is written so well, because Susan's right -- Hannah does need a reality check -- but she does it as kindly as she can, drip-feeding information one revelation at a time. Even as the train journey ends, there's still a sense of the nave Hannah in her (grumbling about Death Eaters is inevitably going to end in tears, after all) and I love how you've started the story here with a tea-drinking Hannah who's successfully hidden from reality for months.

Also, (I know I've said this already, but it really does need saying twice) "he looks like an awkwardly winged crow" is quite possibly the best description of Hogwarts-era Snape that I've read. ♥

The ending. The ending of this chapter, Emily. You've written Hannah's realisation so beautifully, how it dawns on her at the feast and it's not an instant OMG reaction but slowly connecting the dots and you've done it perfectly.

I can't wait for the next chapter already! And thank you for the shout-out although I have to disagree with "fester on the interwebs" -- I think you meant to write "rip people's hearts out on the interwebs". ;)

PS: You have the first review of my new account! ♥

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