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Reading Reviews for Love, Lavender
5 Reviews Found

Review #1, by teh tarik Dear Diary

13th March 2016:
Hello Vicki,

I'm here to review your entry for The Epistolary Fic Challenge! Thank you so much for participating! ♥

Aah I love Lavender fics so I'm so pleased to have one as a challenge entry! I feel that there can never be enough fics about post-war Lavender and the massive changes her character would have undergone after such trauma. I love what you've done with Lavender, how you've treated her with so much sympathy. I love how compassionately you write baout her. :) There's the reluctant first diary entry beginning, and I love how she quickly warms up to the habit, because writing is something that gives her peace and helps her get through her days. Really, Lavender has two forms of therapy in your fic: the actual therapy group, and writing about the therapy group in her diary.

I love some of the details you've included in your story: e.g. like how that white scarf she wears around her neck feels like a noose. And I love that you've brought up Dennis Creevey as well! ♥ Dennis is one of my favourite characters to read about, and I get ridiculously excited whenever he pops up in anybody's stories. :P And gaahhh, poor Dennis. :( :( :( And I'm so happy to see Lavender comforting Dennis! Most people look at Lavender and see only her vanity and her vapidness, but really, she's such a kind soul, with a great capacity for empathy.

Oliver Wood! I love his appearance--all brooding and surly and stuff. And the quick attraction and romance that blossoms between him and Lavender...I'm so glad that Lavender didn't listen to Alicia. I'm so glad that she took the chance and went out with Oliver. It really shows how the therapy group is healing her, how she's slowly coming to terms with herself and the world after the war. Excellent character development!

And awww, that last diary entry! That was simply gorgeous. You have a wonderful way with words, and you write romance so well. ♥

He's like you, except I can feel his arms around me when I'm upset, feel his thumbs wipe away my tears, feel his lips ghost over my own, over my scars. I can feel him heal me. I can feel his comfort.

^ I'm in love with these lines! I'm both a little sad but also happy that she won't be writing in her diary anymore. But really, it's a huge step in healing for her.

I really love this story, and I enjoyed reading, Vicki! Thank you so much once again for entering the challenge, and best of luck! ♥


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Review #2, by BellaLestrange87 Dear Diary

11th March 2016:
Hi there! This is your first of five reviews from the Review-a-thon!

Your writing in this is so good. You're making me sad for Lavender and I'm only a paragraph in. I just want to give her a giant hug right now but I can't because *totally not crying or anything. nope. not me. *sniffs**

I feel like she's already given up, with saying she'll only go to the therapy group once. I'm happy that she feels better after going to the therapy meeting.

The way you describe the way people are struggling through their life after the war makes me sad, because I can really feel for them.

I'm unsure about her relationship with Oliver. Alicia makes some very good points about using someone else as a crutch to prop yourself back up.

And, happily, those fears are unfounded. It's great that they're happy together (and since, I now know that this is a companion to Drive. :p)

I really enjoyed this and I'll be back to read more of your stuff soon!


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Review #3, by Chocolate Frog Card Dear Diary

4th March 2016:
Well, hello there.

I hope you're enjoying your corporeal chocolate. Don't mind me, I've got essays to mark. Yes, that note on my card's correct - I am the longest serving professor at Hogwarts. Which, you will note, is every bit as interesting as inventing Bertie Bottiess Beans or whatever you kids call them.

Oh dear, this is embarrassing. I wouldn't normally read a student's diary. But then again, as a two dimensional card, I really can't walk away. And if I wasn't, as a ghost, I couldn't close the diary. And if I wasn't, as a historian it would be irresponsible of me to ignore the written historical record.

Oh dear, it seems like you're having some of those really strong feelings that young women always seem to be getting worked up about. I don't really know much about that, but I can say that you've got a wonderful way with words, and you've expressed yourself quite well with evocative images.

Well, I guess I read your entire diary. It was very informative and I can definitely say that I have learned more than I ever wanted about your personal life and your personal... feelings...

If I happen to find myself near the companion story to this, I certainly wouldn't stop myself from reading it. You know, for the sake of academic research.

Cuthbert Binns

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Review #4, by NPE Dear Diary

2nd March 2016:
Hi Vicki,

Thought I'd start the review swappity thing here. No worries by the way, write whenever you have time, I appreciate you agreeing to do it.

So I know enough about your very good writing to know this isn't your usual fare, and the end note sort of confirms that.

I really liked it though. Ok, at times it is a bit gushing but I think thats part of the character rather than a fault.

I think you convey a fragility, and complexity to her and the last letter had something very cathartic about it.

The exploration of St Mungo's and the conception of therapy was really cool. My CC would be that aside from healers you don't go enough into showing how St Mungo's is and what its like.

But I get it is a strict POV and I think you get her feelings towards it easily enough. The addition of Creevey was a nice touch too ;)

You pulled off the prose style on the letters perfectly. Maybe you could have had more distinctive asides or utterances to do with Lavender but I appreciate the use of the character so much I don't care.

Sorry the review is short, I have little to say in terms of CC.

So take this as a big compliment.


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Review #5, by Claire Evergreen Dear Diary

27th February 2016:
Ok, so I went and read Drive right before this since I remembered you mentioned this being a companion piece to it and oh my god Vicki, these are so good!!

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Parvati and Lavender, but I will say that after reading your two one-shots, I'm sold on these two. You paint such a relatable relationship between them. From what you showed here, they are absolutely perfect for each other and you can tell that they truly do care about each other. The last few lines in the third to last and second to last entries are amazing. I wanted to cry because of all the emotions. I'm so happy that Lavender found someone who loved her for her and all her 'flaws' (even if it isn't Parvati...). You packed so much emotion into each little entry, it's wonderful!

I love the way you've portrayed Lavender here. She's very obviously suffering from the Battle and you've done a fantastic job showing that through her thoughts. In this style of writing, I feel like it'd be really easy to just tell the readers everything taht's going on, but you manage to say a lot without having to say a lot. For some reason this line really stood out to me: I found myself playing with my hair in that meeting, something I hadn't done in a long time. and I don't know exactly why, but I feel like it is an example of showing us. You never had to say that she was falling for him, but that one line showed so much. You did an amazing job with this style of narrative.

So this really isn't a critique, but I feel like combining this and Drive into one big story would read so well. I mean, obviously after the challenges and everything and it's not actually something you have to do, but reading them together is such an awesome experience.

This was amazing, Vicki, you did a fantastic job! Thanks for doing the swap :)

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