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Reading Reviews for Vanishing Acts
9 Reviews Found

Review #1, by victoria_anne Prologue

21st May 2016:
Isobel ♥

I loved Sophie's (and Stephen's!) story in TAoS and I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally read this story! It's to quench my thirst while I wait for a new chapter of TAoS ;)

I'm mesmerised already. What an amazing start! (And don't you worry, Sophie's child POV is perfect ♥) But oh how you make my heart hurt! Poor Sophie and her family :( right on Christmas too! What on earth is going on with her mother? I need to know!

You already know how much I love Sophie. Even this young version of her is clever and logical, and even though I know from TAoS the incredible young woman she grows to be, I still can't wait to watch her grow throughout this story.

Incredible start, Isobel. I love everything you do!

Love Bianca ♥

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Review #2, by blackzero Epilogue

26th March 2016:
Splendid story.I wish Sophie's parent's would have reconciled.But it would not have been realistic. Thanks for all your hardwork.Keep writing

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Review #3, by BookDinosaur Epilogue

25th March 2016:

congratulations my dear you finished an entire story. this is a feat which still manages to elude me, sadly.

this quote:
In all honestly, it doesn't seem fair to make the Muggles' terrible public transport even worse, because it wouldn't hurt the students to arrive late. However, this is the wizarding world; she can't expect the troubles of non-magical people to be considered.

this is so important - i think in a lot of stories the wizarding world kind of becomes a utopia after the war, or things just go back to the way that they were, and here you show that wizards still think themselves better than muggles, or more important, and while actively discriminating against muggleborns might be frowned on they're still treating muggles as lesser beings. it's a sad sort of conclusion, but it's probably also the most realistic. :(

awww, the message about houses can pretty much be repeated forever because it's so important ♥ billy and astra are so innocent and it makes me so happy that they're still best friends even after they were separated for a while, bless their smol hearts

and, of course, how could i not talk about sophie in this review??? she seems so happy and so at ease, and things around her seem to have slotted into place and i am so, so happy that she's managed to rebuild her life after the war and after what she went through.

(do we ever find out why sophie's memories disappeared, or am i just being obtuse and missing something obvious? was it just the bump on the head?)

and demetrius! i didn't see that one coming, but i'm terrible at seeing things coming most of the time and this seems like it could work, if their behaviour together has anything to say about it ♥ everyone in this story deserves all the nice things, oh my goodness

this quote:
she intends to seize every opportunity with both hands.

The war is over. Now is the time to be happy again.

it made me feel all warm and gooey inside, ack. this is wonderful and i'm so glad i read this, my dear. ♥ thank you for an amazing story!

♥ emily

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Review #4, by BookDinosaur Growing Up

25th March 2016:
i called sophie megan in my last review and i'm a terrible person please forgive me

eyyy, i was wrong about getting through more hogwarts memories! i don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, because as much as i love reading about wartime hogwarts, i also love reading about how sophie is recovering from the war, trying to get her life back together. it must be such a difficult thing to have to do. :/

but sophie seems to be getting it together well! she has a job for now, she likes what she does - she seems happy, which: thank you for that :P

this chapter is so well named as well - we can tell that sophie truly is growing up. she's being made to consider all the possibilities and reasons that her mum left her behind, and people are giving her more information than she's ever known before, and instead of rejecting that out of hand like she might have when she was younger she's actually considering all of this. her actions, as well - confronting demetrius fawley, and going to see her mum, it shows how much she's grown and is growing and you express all of this so well, isobel

this quote:
All she can think of is the little girl who she once knew as Astra Fawley and who is now Astra Patterson, lying in a bed in St Mungo's, missing her dad and resenting the mam who took her away from him.

Sophie grew up a Roper, and she hated her mam for leaving her and Billy with their dad. If she had grown up a Macmillan, she would have hated her mam for not leaving her behind. It was a lose-lose situation; heartbreak and hatred were guaranteed, one way or the other.

In the end, there was no right choice.

it's super long, for which i apologise, but this is such an important turning point for sophie, in acknowledging that her mum is only human and made the best choice that she could - i should not be feeling this depth of emotion at this, but apparently i am, and i blame you entirely.

♥ emily

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Review #5, by BookDinosaur Seventh Year

25th March 2016:
hello again isobel

ack, this chapter is so good? i don't understand how you achieve this

i really love reading about wartime-hogwarts and here you've done such an amazing job of establishing the place and building the whole atmosphere of a country at war - i just really enjoyed reading all about it, from the rules the carrows brought in to the way they enforced them, and how the student body dealt with it, as well as the constant implications that similar things are happening outside of hogwarts.

and megan - lost her memories? that's very alarming?? i hope we get to see why soon, because this is worrying and this character has grown on me far too much because of your wonderful writing. i certainly hope that nothing terrible is behind her memory loss, but at the same time that doesn't seem very likely given the situation, does it? gah

ahhh, and the battle of hogwarts! i don't know why, but the one thing that really stood out to me was that theo nott was duelling his father - one of the few things that i disliked in the original hp series was that the slytherins were all portrayed as terrible people without exception, and i'm so glad that you changed that up a little bit because i do not believe that they were all evil, not in the least

and yay for things turning out happily for sophie! well, things look happy right now, at least, which is more than i could really say for the other two chapters xD i hope things stay this way for her, she deserves it so much, but i have a bad feeling that we're going to have to go through some more of her hogwarts-memories before things can be happy D:

this chapter is wonderful, isobel, and i love the split between the two timelines, i guess you'd call them. we know how this ends, thanks to the HP series, so where the second section might be spoilers in another story in this one it's just wonderfully gripping :D

♥ emily

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Review #6, by BookDinosaur The Trial

25th March 2016:
isobel my dear ♥

look at this look at this chapter this is amazing??? like you said, it was very long but it never felt too long, and it stayed interesting throughout, which is always a plus.

your worldbuilding in all of this is so amazing - you sprinkle so many small details in here about the world, and it's so clear that even the most minor characters have had so much thought put into them. you get everything to tie together and make sense and the love you have for the story is so clear in that sense, and just makes it a pleasure to read.

and throughout the chapter you portray sophie's emotions so so well - her panic and worry, and all the anxiety that's building up inside her because of billy's disappearance, and the trial. and even though she doesn't think she's innocent i think she is, a little bit, until by the end of the chapter she realises how far the death eater agenda extends. and in the final lines you do an amazing job at capturing how she's so scared and disillusioned, and you get all that across so well?? how

i think this quote gets a lot across about the current view most people have about the government :P
she hadn't thought that the corruption of the Ministry would run so deeply, or be enforced with such surprising speed. Governments are supposed to be slow and incumbent, with every decision heavily logged with the feared red tape, not be as brisk and efficient as this.

and somehow the fact that the ministry is so efficient makes it more terrifying. they know exactly what they're doing and what they want, and they have no morals when it comes to getting what they want, pretty much.

i want to quote the entire last couple of paragraphs at you, but i feel like that would make this review too long and you can pull them up and read them anytime you like, but they're an amazing way to end the chapter - i feel so sorry for megan, and your words just bring out all the fear, and how suddenly her illusions have been broken and how do you do this pls teach me your ways.

i'm being remarkably slow, but i want to finish reviewing this today, so onto the next chapter (and wish me luck!)

♥ emily

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Review #7, by grednforge217 The Trial

16th March 2016:
I love this story so much - I've been looking for it for a while! So happy that you've put up more of this, I really love it. Sophie is a fascinating character, and I love the way that you've written her. Stories set during the Golden Trio era are always tricky to do, just because we've experienced it in canon, but you do a marvelous job!

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Review #8, by marauderfan Prologue

6th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review a thon!

Wow, I thought this story looked familiar -- I just realized you've changed your username! Hi, Isobel :D

You're such a talented author, and here I'm marveling at the fact that long before you actually said how old Sophie is, I could tell because of how effectively you've done that whole 'show, don't tell' thing - from her fear of the dark, to her idea that her parents should take her loud baby brother back to wherever they got him from haha. You've managed to write so well from a child's mindset, the way she's perceptive enough to notice all these things that are different, but still sees the world in the simple way of an 8-year-old - until the moment when she puts it together, and it's heartbreaking.

Obviously, this chapter raises a lot of questions. Where did Sophie's mother go? Why did she leave? Why did she choose Christmas Day to leave? It's so effective as an opening chapter because I really want to know - and I know that this event has to have had a strong effect on here in the subsequent years.

I really like the tone you established in this chapter as well - even from the beginning, before you reveal what's happened, it starts with this tone of melancholy. The idea of festive decorations sitting in a dark room of moonlight and shadows is for some reason kind of sad (even though objectively it's not) - it's like this subconscious symbolism of darkness overshadowing a festive day. I absolutely love that.

This was a wonderful introduction and I'm so curious to know what happened after, and all the where's and why's and other questions left open at the end of the prologue. Lovely writing, Isobel!

Author's Response: Kristin, my lovely! ♥ Thanks so much for reviewing and helping to support the site! Yes, technically I've created a new archive account and changed my forum username to match it, but I'll stop being pedantic now :P

Awww, thank you! I'm always nervous writing children, just because getting a child's voice right is difficult, so I'm happy you enjoyed Sophie's narration here and the little tidbits that I enjoyed including like the line about her baby brother XD

Yes, this heartbreaking event indeed defines Sophie in the coming years, both in this novella and in The Art of Surviving (which this is set in the universe of). I'm actually considering writing a one-shot from Dorothea's perspective to explore her thoughts personally, but I hope some of your questions are answered as the story progresses!

I didn't write that opening scene with the melancholy/foreshadowing in mind, but now you've said it, I've surprised myself realising that you have a great point there! And I absolutely love it too! ^.^

Thank you so much Kristin! You'll find some answers to your questions in chapter one! ;)

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Review #9, by BookDinosaur Prologue

27th February 2016:

i have decided to employ my fingers of lightning because, frankly, it has been far too long since i reviewed anything and this is a good place to take it up again, no?

i'm pretty sure that i read over a first draft of this when we were in the nano skype cabin, and it was great then and somehow it's even greater now? how do you achieve these things

i really love sophie in this chapter. i haven't read TAoS (yet!) so i don't have prio experience with her, but you captured her childlike train of thought so perfectly. the way that all the clues are there but she hasn't put them together, but at the same time her thoughts have this logic to them as well, you feel me? and it's just really believable and please teach me your ways

this quote is quite possibly my favourite thing:
It's rude to open other people’s post, her parents tell her, but this envelope didn't come through the letterbox and doesn't have any postmarks stamped upon it, so technically it's not post, and she's sure her dad won't mind

just. such a perfect example of baby logic. ♥

It is Christmas Day, and Sophie’s mother is gone.

wow, isobel. wow. i thought you were a nice author, and then you finish your chapters like that. just so you know, i am shaking my head disappointedly in your general direction. cruel author

in all seriousness, though, this was a great opening chapter and i'm really looking forward to seeing where the story is going from here, and how this particular (sad) event is going to be affecting the rest of the story and just everything so you need to update soon, okay? okay

♥ emily

Author's Response: EMILY HELLO

Yes, yes, it is always a good thing to employ your fingers of lightning, especially with a certain Hannah-centric novel ;) But thank you for picking my story to take up reviewing again! ♥

I had completely forgotten about posting this in the NaNo Skype cabin so thank you for reminding me -- and I'm honoured at how much better you think it's gotten despite there only being minimal edits to the whole story :P

Would it be shameless of me to recommend reading TAoS? :P I'd definitely suggest it though because there's a certain event in there that isn't mentioned in any other Sophie stories because whilst it's pivotal to her, she doesn't [spoiler]. It's ridiculos how much headcanon I have on this girl, though. She's like Harry was to JKR -- walked into my head fully-formed and expected me to write all about her (though we're not at seven books. Yet) and writing her during NaNo was so exhilarating even if I did spend most of my time complaining at /how long/ her one-shot had gotten (I didn't have a word counter at the time except for bits I wrote in Written? Kitten!). Your compliments are so wonderful ♥ but I'm afraid I can't teach you my ways because tbh it should be the other way round ;)

Ah. I hated writing the ending to this prologue, if it helps? But yes I am a cruel author as evidenced by this story as a whole, although I did try to redeem myself with the epilogue which tbh is the hardest thing ever to write because /fluff/

And as you know, chapter one's up -- and because you posted PTG2 today, I put chapter two in the queue a couple of hours ago. So yes updating as fast as I can, you'll get the final chapter soon as I see PTG3 ;)

♥ Isobel

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