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Review #1, by princesslily_36 Family

6th March 2016:

Hello Emm! I've been wanting to check you your work ever since we started PM-ing, and now is just a wonderful time :D

First off, congratualtions for winning second place in the Challenge!

Regulus' letter to Sirius - OMG That was totally my headcanon for them! I did always think they were pretty close, and Regulus kind of acted like the more level-headed elder-brotherly person to our reckless Sirius! I can totally picture Sirius disdainful about the letter as you have shown here.

I love that we saw snippets of Sirius growing up in this fic. It is all EXACTLY like how I imagined it, and I'm just fangirling right now!!! Of course his parents didn't hate him from the beginning...

Sirius could still picture the pride etched over every line of his father’s face when he had first held his wand. - this line proves just that. Beneath all his tough don't-carish exterior, Sirius does care after all.

And Remus was such a dear to turn his frown upside down! Poor Sirius, having to endure all that hostility as a 12 year old. It's not fair, it really isn't! And he must have felt so bitter and confused about it all...

“I just decorated my room in my favourite colours.” - Classic Sirius! And thus the rebel is born! Loving the gradual transition.

Instead she’d called him ‘son’! - I loved how you described his boyish joy at this part. I mean, despite everything you show that all he craves is his parents' love, and that's just so achingly beautiful.

It is so clear how his impulsiveness actually made him a better person - in this case, leaving his family was the best thing he could have done. Brilliant!

Love this one-shot Em!


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Review #2, by MuggleMaybe Family

6th March 2016:
Hi Emm! I'm here for the HPFF Review-A-Thon. I must say, it's been far too long since I read any of your stories!

Usually, Sirius is depicted as hot headed and, yes, impulsive. But you've captured something unique in his vulnerability toward his family. Of course it would hurt so much to lose your family, even if it was your own choice, and I don't think the fact that he might miss his family is addressed often enough. Well done!

The moments you captured in this were well chosen, as well. I especially like the scene where he gets his first wand. It shows us what Sirius is leaving behind by defying his family - I mean, the good things. The things he'll secretly miss.

When I read that Bellatrix was there, I knew exactly where things were headed. How awful, to be told you must either become a Death Eater or the family will disown you. I mean, poor Sirius! He really is so, so brave, isn't he?

The Twisted Zodiac Challenge seemed like a tough one - I think you did a good job showing how being impulsive, in this case, was a good thing. It was good that Sirius escaped from his parents before it was too late. Congratulations on 2nd place!

much love,

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Review #3, by ScorpiusRose17 Family

3rd March 2016:
Hi! I am finally getting around to reading and reviewing the stories entered in the challenge that I hosted! :)

I really like this. I think you have a really great grasp with Sirius and the way that he thinks, acts, feels and reacts. You did a great job of taking the prompt of impulsive and making it work well as a positive.

I will admit that I felt bad for Sirius. To picture him sitting at that table hopeful for acceptance and for his family to love him like they once had done... so so so sad. I felt terrible, but the reality is equally as painful because I could see this happening. I could see them giving him an ultimatum. We'll love you again if. Love should never have strings attached like this and I think you portrayed that so well in this.

Great job and good luck in the challenge! Thank you for your participation!!! :)


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