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Reading Reviews for War and Peace
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Review #1, by MuggleMaybe Peace in War

5th April 2017:
Hello Plums! I'm hear with a CTF review for Team Puff

I think this might be my favorite story I've read during CTF so far. I really ought to read more of your work, generally speaking.

At the beginning of this fic, I was making little "aww" sounds of sadness. My partner kept asking me what was wrong = P
And then toward the end of the fic, I was making little "aww" sounds of happiness and my partner said, "It got happy!" So, way to go with conveying a range of emotions.

I always like it when there's smoking in Marauders fics. Not that I think smoking is good, but it was certainly VERY common in those days, and it always lends of sense of reality for me.

The dialogue between James and Sirius is spot on. Actually, all the dialogue and characterization is spot on. Sirius' loving indignation about having married with child friends. Peter's uncanny ability to fade into the background. Lily's humor and warmth. And Remus. well, I love Remus. So I'm biased. But when Harry calls him "Moo" it was maybe the best thing I've ever read ever. ♥

and the AMZING ROMANTIC TENSION between Remus and Sirius is so wonderful. It's the elephant in the room and I love that the others don't even try to hide that they know. I also very much like that Remus seems so comfortable with baby Harry. ("The Snitch" - so cute!)

I loved this!
xoxo Renee

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Review #2, by Julian Blathorn Peace in War

13th August 2016:
Hey there Plums!

I had a break from training and thought I'd pop on over and check out one of your stories! Emma's on the computer with Ty, normally she laughs at me for reading fanfics, no matter how much I tell her how good yours are! Dru reads them too, I daresay you'll hear from her before long. Sending some LA sunshine your way, too! I know how you hate the cold.

I love that Harry is referred to as the Snitch. I mean, my siblings and I all have nicknames but that one takes the (pan)cake for sure.

Fighting for a better world... I think this James and Sirius would make excellent Shadowhunters and even better parabatai!

I rather like blondes, as well... Er, to paint. I mean, I like hair. I like to paint the colour. Of the hair. Er, I'll stop talking now.

You know, I have those moments when I paint; a rare moment of peace away from demon hunting and the kids. It's pretty wonderful, though I do love them all. The children, that is, not the demons.

Your writing is perfect; I couldn't find any grammar mistakes (and believe me, I looked, I'm a bit of a grammar nerd).

Also, I heard about your proclamation for a certain Brother Zachariah, and I don't blame you for loving a Carstairs so much. I know a Carstairs, and she's pretty amazing. But try not to fight with your friend Paula, 'kay? Though I'm sure Jem would be flattered!

And lastly, I really - oh, Emma's coming, I can hear her stomping up the stairs (but don't tell her I used the word 'stomping')



Author's Response: Hello :)

First of all, I love you.

Second of all, I love you.

Third of all (? does that make sense?), I am blushing very hard right now. Thank you for enjoying my fics despite what Emma says. She might be bloody amazing, but she doesn't know what the cool kids™ do. Dru, though, she knows where it's at ;)

Yeah, I like to think that James was grooming Harry to be a Quidditch player from the beginning and would've given him a cute nickname that eventually caught on. Also, it makes their deaths all the more painful because of how cute the little details/signs of everyone's love for Harry.

They would make great Shadowhunters and parabatai, wouldn't they? The thought makes me excited about a crossover, but I don't think I have it in me to start another fanfic just yet! :P

Mhm, I'm *sure* you like blondes - to paint, that is. Smooth recovery. But might I suggest liking jet black hair too? I heard certain dirigible plums are available with black hair. Just saying.

Don't lie, Jules, you love those demons.

Anyways, thank you for complimenting my writing! That really did make my day. And trust me, keep the grammar nerd coming because I'm probably overlooking atrocious mistakes somewhere along the way.

About Jem/Brother Zachariah... The thing is, while I love you (even though you're unobtainable, though you should really consider black hair), Jem is *Jem*. And I'll let Paula have him for now, but sometimes, you just have to kill someone for love. It's all good ;)

Thank you so much for the lovely review - can't wait until the next time!

Plums xo

(Also I L-O-V-E Y-O-U)

(Ignore that. But think about the black hair, okay? It could be the start of something beautiful.)

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Review #3, by princesslily_36 Peace in War

21st February 2016:

Okay, that's out of the way. When I saw you had a new one shot up, I had to come over and read it.

HOW DID YOU DO THAT TO ME? What with sinking Jily in the other story, and then hinting the end of the Marauders in this one, YOU'RE KILLING ME! I'm so darn emotional. It's the /marauders/ you know!

*pulls self together*

You're dialogues are just par excellence. They flow so easily, and supplemented by your descriptions I could just watch Sirius and James sitting side by side with a smoke and having that conversation!

Calling Baby Harry the Snitch - AWWW - cuteness overloaded! It is so poetically heartbreaking to see them all together at Harry's first birthday... James, Lily, Sirius and Remus, not knowing that in just three months their world is going to turn upside down! (I refuse to spare some feelings for traiter Peter. Some nerve he had showing up there, Hmph! *turns-away-in-a-huff* )

I love how you have managed to weave in the light conversation, with plenty of hints and foreshadowing regarding what was to come. Sirius sulking at Remus, Remus being all wry about it, Peter and his stupid traitorious face, Lily and her innate Lily-ness (I really couldn't find a better word)

James and Sirius bromance is just so darn amazing.

Your Marauders are bang on! Once KMLASTD is over, I wish you get attacked by a Marauder plunny - because, I'm going to want to read that!!

Also - "Moo!" Harry cried in recognition, slapping his sticky hands on Remus' cheeks. - Aw!!!

The whole thing was such wonderful PERFECTION!

PERFECTION, I tell you. I'm still reeling from how marauder-y this fic feels. You're the best writer I've come across ever. I mean it, Plums.

Good luck with the Writer's Duel!


Author's Response: Hey Ysh :D

Haha, I'm glad your heart was wrenched. It means I'm doing my job right ;)

I swear to God, you are like my most dedicated reader and I just love it. You spoil me too much. I need to sit down one day and return the favour because you're just too nice.

I DON'T KNOW WHY I CAN'T JUST WRITE NICE, FLUFFY MARAUDERS, I HAVE A PROBLEM. Like I've tried, I've genuinely tried. . . and it just sorta flopped? But one day, I will do it. I WILL RISE ABOVE THE MISERY.

Oh, thank you :) I was wondering whether the easy dynamic between James and Sirius came across here, as well as everyone else's portrayal. I also wanted to get their general attitude to the war across - you know, a bit of banter tinged by the fear of the war and a sort of burying-their-heads in the sand about what could happen for most of the time.

I saw the opportunity with the Quidditch-related nickname and I took it. I refuse to accept that James wouldn't train his son to be a player from Day One. :P

Ugh, Peter. By this point, he's just so beyond redemption and is spending Harry's first birthday with them, already at the stage where he'd give them up in a heartbeat. And does. Ugh.

Omg, you're so wonderful, Ysh. That means so much to me! *blushes* It's a good thing I'm alone at the moment or else my family would be asking why I'm smiling so much :D


Plums xo

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Review #4, by oldershouldknowbetter Peace in War

20th February 2016:
Not a bad little tale, even with the caveat that it was done all in one sitting upon your phone. Something I would be trumpeting as a virtue, let me tell you, if I had produced something half as good as this on such a pernicious little device.

I don't often read Marauder stuff, I suppose it's because that there is no possibility of a happy ending to their story at all. But you manage it in this story; one happy moment amongst the gloom and despair. You even have James reiterating the atmosphere to your readers, putting it front and centre. But then everything else around it is life affirming: Sirius with his conquest; the gentle bickering between old friends; that subtle dig at wolfstar that only a close friend could see; the mild scolding of a loving wife; and finally a happy, precocious baby.

There is a sour note at the end, to remind us that this idyll is not to be long lived. Poor Peter is a discordant note amongst all the reverie. But the last note reunites them all with laughter and love - no matter what happens they will always have moments like this that they shared together.

A fitting story to celebrate the HPFF birthday. Well done.


Author's Response: Hey,

Trust me, I'm surprised that I managed to write it too. Usually, anything that I write that's not on the laptop sounds like a three year old wrote it, haha XD

Oh my God, I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to read Marauder stuff since they all end up miserable! I avoided it for ages because of that very reason, knowing that I was not ready to handle all that heartbreak. I'm glad that I managed to get across a (sort of) happy atmosphere across here. As you said, there's a bit of a sour note at the end and the beginning consists of James' worries about the future so I didn't know whether that would come across.

"no matter what happens they will always have moments like this that they shared together" - I think you just summed up the one shot pretty nicely. :)

Thank you for the lovely review! :)

Plums xo

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