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Review #1, by Crumple-Horned Snorka But Guys, Dragons

6th September 2016:
Good morning my new friend. I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, an elusive creature of the northern boreal forest who has not been seen hereabouts for many a month, but I have chosen this day to once again explore the world of the humans. I do not recall your being around last time I ventured out and into the internet, so this is our introduction.

How wonderful for Charlie to have caught the Snitch and won the Quidditch game for his team. I gather he is quite talented. At least I think so. Human sports are greatly baffling to me.

I can see where you put the 'tactlessness' trait in and how it can be seen as not necessarily a bad thing here. He is brutally honest, which might offend some people, but it helped Hesper see the truth of her relationship, and in the case of the Quidditch recruiters, rather than beating around the bush he told them his direct answer rather than giving them false hope and wasting their time. I imagine that came as a bit of a surprise to them.

Sardine and yeast is quite the combination of smells. My dear friend the Loch Ness Monster usually has fish breath - oh, the things one puts up with for a good friend! I'm proud of Charlie for not saying anything about Hesper's uncle - even if he had to be forcibly reminded by Hesper's elbow. Poor Charlie is in for a surprise when he realises how foul Dragon breath is as well. But it is very exciting for him that he has found a way to accomplish his dream!

I have very much enjoyed reading this, but I must dash as I promised Nessie I'd meet her for tea.

Author's Response: Ooh thank you Snorckack, it was lovely of you to stop by!

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Review #2, by ABlack But Guys, Dragons

26th August 2016:
Heya Bianca,

I decided to pick this excellent tale of your because itís about Charlie. Heís usually not the Weasley most folks center on, perhaps because he received so little time in the books.

Oh, but I love how you were able to weave such a refreshing view on Charlie. That he could play Quidditch with such skill is perfectly contrasted with how easily he dismisses the talent scouts. Speaking of which, it makes total sense scouts would visit Hogwarts. There are what, fourteen teams in the English and Irish League alone? Thatís a lot of slots to fill, plus a national team.

And I love this line, ĎBest not to beat around the Fire Seed bush.í Itís a great wizarding idiom. Little details like that makes reading this one-shot a pleasure.

That Charlie knew exactly what he wanted (dragons) and had the courage to pursue it unflinchingly (despite what others might think/say) is perfect. Itís that trait of decisiveness that nails the characterization.

Overall, this is a great tale.

Author's Response: Hello!

Everyone does seem to pick this one just to read about Charlie, and that makes me happy :D

This review is as awesome as you! Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #3, by celticbard But Guys, Dragons

14th August 2016:
Hi Bianca!
Oh my goodness, what a wonderful one-shot! I'm faving it right now! *clicks button* There were so many lovely bits to this piece. The names, Hesper and Hagen, your characterization of the OCs and minor characters that pop up briefly, but still manage to make a statement, and, of course, the dragons! Who can blame Charlie, really? My heart just about flipped over when I read your description of him flying on a dragon's back. ;)

I don't know much about the challenge you wrote this for, but I have to say, I loved everything about this one-shot. Your language was poetic, yet easy to read and very Charlie-ish. I think focusing on descriptions of the five senses, especially the tactile, served you quite well. Charlie strikes me as a very visceral person and I think you did him justice here.

Again, this was an excellent story, Bianca. You should be very proud of your writing skills. Thanks for posting it!


Author's Response: Hello honey!

Your reviews are so wonderful and they were an amazing surprise! Thank you for favourite-ing, this story is one of the early ones I wrote, so to know that people still love it really means a lot.

The challenge had me take a negative Sagittarius trait and turn it positive! The trait was 'tactless' so it was definitely a challenge!

Thank you once again for your kind review! ♥

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Review #4, by alicia and anne But Guys, Dragons

22nd May 2016:
Awwwthis was so sweet and light hearted like you said :D

I loved how he didn't care about Quidditch, he imagines that he's on a dragon. I love that he seemed to be amazing at Quidditch without trying, and I think it's because he loves flying so much,

I think that this was such a wonderful idea, especially how he was wanted by both the Quidditch people and the dragon people, I feel like this needs to be canon! In my head it is :D

I need more cute one shots like this :D try bring me joy!

Author's Response: Thank you Tammi! I will write ALL the cute one-shots for you! ♥

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Review #5, by Unicorn_Charm But Guys, Dragons

15th May 2016:
Hiya!! So I'm a creeper and decided to stalk your page a bit. :p

So I know in your AN you said this isn't how you normally write Charlie, but I kind of love blunt Charlie. :)

I really wish we got to see more of him in canon, so that was why I decided to stop by here. I got a kick out of the fact that he wasn't even concentrating on the game, and instead was daydreaming about dragons, and still managed to catch the snitch and win. It makes you think that he probably did that quite often haha. And then that makes his Quidditch talent even more impressive, because his mind isn't even in the game.

The little details, like Oliver shouting that he'd kill if they lost the match were pretty funny. And Molly threatening to cut his hair. XD

Blunt Charlie is so awesome! I love characters who have no verbal filter. I love people who have no filter haha. When he just blurted out to that woman how she doesn't look like she played Quidditch, I thought that was too funny. And I adored his response. Just like, "yeah... I'm good. Thanks." Your characterization of him here is actually frighteningly similar to my younger brother. Probably why I loved him so much.

But there are benefits to not holding back. If he didn't tell his friend that she was being cheated on, she may have not found out and would have continued to have it happen to her. Even though that's not easy to hear, she was definitely grateful that he told her.

Oh Charlie's reaction to being offered the apprenticeship was adorable! He was so happy! Despite the bad breath delivering the news. ;) I'm sure it took a lot for him to hold back and not tell the guy his breath was deadly. And good for him for not letting anyone hold him back from his dreams. I'm sure Molly probably wouldn't have taken the news too well, but we know that she ends up alright with it in the end.

I'm so going to be creeping on your page more often. I absolutely adore your writing style! You write such great characters and have such an amazing grasp on them. This was a wonderful one-shot! I'm thrilled that I stopped by. :)

Tons of love and hugs,

Author's Response: Creep anytime, my dear! I do the same to you anyway :P

I'm glad you chose this story! I feel it gets a little forgotten sometimes (wah, poor Charlie). I'm glad you like his characterisation, even if I tweaked it a bit for a challenge! And that's cute he reminds you of your brother!

And yes! It was a good thing that Charlie told Hesper about her boyfriend - bluntness can sometimes be a good thing!

I look forward to seeing you in future Meg! :D
Tons of love and hugs back at you,
B ♥

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Review #6, by ravenclaw_princess But Guys, Dragons

10th March 2016:
Hello. I'm here for the review tag.

I quite like Charlie which is why I clicked on this story. He's very free spirited and no-one can tell him what to do. He knows his mind and he goes for it. That comes through really well her when he gives up a chance on playing quidditch for his country (something I'm sure many people would die for) to follow his dream of working with dragons.

I love how Charlie imagined dragons in all that he did. They really were his all consuming passion.

He does have an air of tactlessness to him. Sometimes brutal honesty is good, other times in can get you into trouble. I'm sure the quiddtich selectors were quite stunned when he turned them down so quickly.

You had a couple of lines I quite liked
"If he closed his eyes, it was easier to imagine. He was weightless. The horizon his only boundary." and
"Forget oysters; the world was his dragon egg, and it was ready to hatch."

The story was well written and had good grammar and spelling. The only thing I would say to improve on is to add a little bit more description and imagery into the story so as a reader, a can feel and sense what the character feels, rather than just observing what they do and say.

This was a lovely little story though and captured a nice moment in Charlies life.


Author's Response: Hey Jacqui! Thank you for the review! I am planning on expanding this a bit, so I appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much again!

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Review #7, by PixiePaige But Guys, Dragons

8th March 2016:
Wow wow wow! This was really good!

i like how you turned a line from the books into a whole story...very clever!

The way you described the quidditch match was just like jkr would and I think you had Olivers character so perfect. I really liked Charlie too he was fun and reckless and I definitely think he would have gone into working with dragons in such an impulsive manner. Also I loved the line about de-quidditching, it made me laugh :p

Thanks for the swap I loved this story!


Author's Response: Aw thank you so much Paige! X

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Review #8, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap But Guys, Dragons

5th March 2016:
ďFor the HPFF Review-A-ThonĒ

If he closed his eyes, it was easier to imagine. He was weightless. The horizon his only boundary.

Imagine flying? This is how I think it would feel like. Completely free. Weightless.

Charlie recoiled slightly as Hagenís breath hit his nostrils - like sardines and yeast.

Haha. I actually really liked how this looped back with the beginning. We just got a glimmer or what was going on in Charlieís head, the little things that were possibly bothering him and then the Uncle shows. He has bad breath but he has more knowledge on dragons that Charlie could ever hope to learn about. I suppose bad breath canít outweigh that, can it?

Forget oysters; the world was his dragon egg, and it was ready to hatch.

Wonderful closing line. I thought this was a great entry for the challenge. Iíve read a few now. Iím really glad you wrote about Charlie. Heís one of those characters you love to read about but no one ever writes about.

His enthusiasm about dragons and whatís to come soon in his life was really exciting! It kind of gave me goosebumps.

Oh, one other thing! I thought the mention of Hagrid and his rock cakes was a cute tie in. Sometimes itís nice to read something familiar in a story, you know? Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! It's so great you noticed the little things!

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Review #9, by ScorpiusRose17 But Guys, Dragons

3rd March 2016:
Hi! So I am finally getting around to reading and reviewing the lovely entries for the Twisted Zodiac Challenge!!

I really enjoyed this snapshot of Charlie Weasley's life! I don't read enough of Charlie to be honest, but I loved the way that you portrayed his love of Dragons and Quidditch. He was quite... honestly tactless when dealing with the Quidditch Recruits and I found it sort of funny too.

I like that he knows what he wants to do and is so focused on that one thing. You did a great job of taking the negative and twisting it to a positive! :)

Thank you for your participation in the challenge and good luck! :)


Author's Response: Yay thank you so much!

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Review #10, by dreamgazer220 But Guys, Dragons

24th February 2016:
Hello again!

I came poking around your author's page and I found this story, and I'm a sucker for Charlie Weasley, so... :)

This was great little one-shot! I like that you didn't dwell too much on one thing; he knew he didn't want Quidditch, and he didn't feel the need to think about it or tread lightly on the rejection, which was great. And I loved the bit with his friend, Hesper - little details with how he knew she hated her name and the way she would punch his arm gave great insight on their friendship.

I also really enjoyed the opening, how Charlie compared riding a broom to riding a dragon.

The piece itself felt a little short, but I think you were able to make it work for your advantage.

Overall, great job! Thanks for another great read :)


Author's Response: Why, hello there Jill!

I have a habit of poking around your author page, so that seems only fair.

Thank you so much for your review, my lovely!

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Review #11, by adluvshp But Guys, Dragons

22nd February 2016:
Hey there!

What a lovely read! I love your characterisation of Charlie. He is honest, he knows what he wants, and he doesn't hesitate to go after it. The way he imagines the Quidditch game to actually be in a dragon sanctuary is very cool and shows how much he wants that. You've portrayed great imagery to convey his dream and passion. The friendship detail with H was very sweet, and I liked the interaction with the uncle and how ecstatic Charlie was to get the offer.

Your descriptions and use of words was wonderful, and overall flow was great. I really enjoyed reading this! A refreshing take on Charlie =)

Angie (Lost Muse)

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much!

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Review #12, by merlins beard But Guys, Dragons

19th February 2016:
This story is magical. It made a smile appear on my face, out of nowhere.
Honestly, this is so sweet, and I don't usually praise Charlie stories easily because he's my baby... He's the one character I'm really close to.

There are a few stylistic things you can still improve upon, but it's a neat story. The plot is clear and straightforward, you've got some description in there, some dialogue, great characters and lots of happy feels :D

The small things you can work on are adding even more description (how does Hesper's uncle's breath smell? why does that woman look like she doesn't play Quidditch? Is she wearing heels?),
your sentence structure stays the same throughout the story. Try establishing a good rhythm by varying the sentence lengths, and try not to start paragraphs with the same word or phrase. (all that got better throughout the story, but right at the beginning there are three paragraphs that are very similar).
This sounds like a lot, but it's really not. Please don't let this discourage you, I really, REALLY love the story and everything I pointed out is just tiny, minor stuff that isn't all that important anyway.

Thanks so much for the swap
♥ Anja

Author's Response: What a perfect first review, thanks for taking the time! I'm glad I didn't know at first that Charlie was your baby - it probably would have made me nervous to know you were reading it!

I will definitely look at improving on what you've pointed out, thank you for your help!

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