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Reading Reviews for Drunk In Love
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Review #1, by Hamasochist Drunk In Love

5th March 2016:
Hahaha they are so funny! I could feel the tang, yet their letters are simply entertaining. Good job, please write more

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Review #2, by marauderfan Drunk In Love

18th February 2016:
Andy ♥ ♥ I can't believe you wrote me a story!!! Wah! You are amazing! *hugs* And this is all the things I love in a story, Grindeldore and nonsensical weirdness and puns and it's like you searched deep in my soul and found all the things I love and put them together into this utterly bizarre piece. This was so fun to read and I loved it - I was laughing throughout the whole thing. (And it was just what I needed after watching one of the scariest episodes of the X-Files and being subsequently freaked out by the dark. :P

Hahaha, essentially Albus drunk texting (owling?) Gellert. Things I never knew my life was lacking until this point. And you know what's really funny is that despite all the weird things he's saying, the word choice and a few of the phrases are distinctly Dumbledore-ish. You have no idea how funny it is to read this Dumbledore-ish voice saing all these weird ramblings. (Well, you probably do know how funny it is, given that you wrote it!)

Ah, the fallacy of sentences! -- Teeheehee. Sentence puns. :D

Random sentence about graceful ankles. haha WHERE DO YOU GET THIS STUFF XD

but I think the best part of the fic is Gellert's letter, particularly the bit about his hair essentially becoming a lamp. And he's just super casual. Like "Oh hey I'm still chilling out in prison, but my hair is simultaneously beautiful and practical, so there's that."

Can I also just say how much I appreciate that you wrote an Albus/Gellert fic to a Beyonce song. :P Something about that juxtaposition makes me laugh so much.

I imagine this was a lot of fun to write - it was definitely fun to read! And I hope it means the end of your hiatus - yay!! Thank you for writing me this mad story!


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