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Reading Reviews for Sweet Disposition
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Review #1, by Kmedine  won't stop 'til it's over

17th October 2016:
This was a really interesting story. It wasn't your typical Scorose story and it touched on a topic that I'm sure a number of people may be worried about but not sure how to approach or understand it. Very well written. Great job

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Review #2, by navyfail won't stop 'til it's over

25th February 2016:
And she knows there is a name for how she is feeling! Right when Rose felt relief in finding out about asexuality I found myself relieved too since she had been worrying over it for so long and now she know it's okay and that there are other people like her. And Scorpius is such a sweetheart! I can just hug him!! And they are going to keep dating and everything and aw, my precious babies. I really do love Scorose a tad too much haha. Anyway J, I think you should be extremely proud of this story! It flows really nicely and explores a theme that isn't too often in stories. And your Rose has to be one of my favorite ones I've ever read! My final thought is that I loved reading this so a huge thank you for writing it.


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Review #3, by navyfail our rights

25th February 2016:
Aww, they're dating! And James was in this chapter!

I like how Scorpius tries to apologize to her for maybe forcibly snogging her. I don't think that many would do that and I feel that it's a detail that is most often forgotten. That if you spontaneously kiss someone and don't check if they were okay with going along with it, what you did may have been wrong.

I also really like how you included Logan's reactions to Scorpius and Rose dating. And her accidental admission to Al really didn't go very well... I'm surprised Rose didn't get that frustrated about how he didn't understand but Rose has always been good at thinking things through so maybe that's why.

And the end... aw, Rose. I have a feeling she's going to think over not liking snogging Scorpius that much either next chapter.

I'm enjoying this story very much and love your take on ScoRose!!


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Review #4, by navyfail a moment of love

25th February 2016:
Rose and Logan broke up! I guess that was kind of expected and I actually don't mind it very much since that leaves room for Scorose but it still seems sad. I do think it's great for Rose though since she's always felt forced to snog him and now she can be free of it. And I think it's really sweet that they're still friends.

I love how practical and rational Rose is. She really does analyze everything and I love how she talks about having files in her mind!

I also like how we got to know Charlotte a bit more. She is a good FOIL to Rose I think and she does try to be a good listener. I really like how Rose asks Charlotte about stuff but doesn't always believe what she says is absolutely right. It definitely makes her seem like a very independent person which I admire.

And for the most important part:

And she sort of felt something. Maybe not everything but something. Which means she may like him. And he definitely likes her!!!

Anyway, I really like how everything is playing out and I think you flawlessly incorporate Rose's thoughts and doubts with everything that is happening around her. It's very realistic that she questions herself about why she doesn't feel the same emotions as others. Nicely done, J!!


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Review #5, by cherry_pop94 a moment of love

23rd February 2016:
Hello! Here for the swap!

What conditioner does Scorpius use? I really hope we discover this vital piece of information by the end and then we can all have hair as soft as his.

Anyway, what a chapter! I like how you really waste no time with Rose and Logan. He seems like a nice enough guy, but there really was nothing between them in the end. And then to jump straight into this!

I was SHOCKED when Scorpius kissed her. And so suddenly! And then he just swaggers off?? What's going on there?? What conditioner does he use??

I love the fighting between them though, I was almost sad when it was over. The part where he asks if she was dumped was just so funny. I laughed out loud, it was great.

I'm so curious to know where this leads! I love this story and I really like how you're building this up. Rose is beginning to question things and I can't wait to go down this path of self discovery with her.


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Review #6, by navyfail oh, reckless abandon

21st February 2016:
Hey, J! Here for BvB! Even though I have a lot of catching up to do with Mistaken for Strangers, I thought I would pop on by this fic since you wanted more feedback on it!

I have to say this fic is right up my alley being ScoRose, next gen, and taking place in Hogwarts. And the fact that's it's set at the same time as Mistaken for Strangers is always a plus. As I read I couldn't help but pick up the same situations such as Lucy liking Logan and James confronting him under the table.

I think it's really interesting how you approached asexuality. The fact that Rose has dreamed about her first kiss for so long only to figure out there were no fireworks is really sad but at the time realistic for most. I think what stood out a lot though is the fact that she doesn't like the snogging Logan at all even if she does have some feelings for him. And the fact that she questions herself about it fits in well with what you are trying to convey.

I love that we meet Scorpius near the end. They really do like to argue and I find it really unusual but cute that Rose is a Slytherin while Scorpius is a Ravenclaw. I'm beginning to think that Rose may have asked the sorting hat to place her there seeing as Scorpius had a point about her very Gryffindor-like quantities.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this first chapter! I think you capture the teen essence really well and the fact that you had this whole story up so fast is amazing!! Until next time...


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Review #7, by oldershouldknowbetter won't stop 'til it's over

20th February 2016:
Well you drew me in with Mistaken for Strangers and it had this delicious Rose and Scorpius action in the background. Then, quick as a flash, though the other story is not yet cool, out you come with this tale to further the glimpses we got from the other story.

I am here for a bit of BvB action, and to give some words upon a story that I quite enjoyed.

I love Rose/Scorpius stuff, just simply love it. The way that JKR set it up in the epilogue of DH set the stage for the pair of them. With how she set them up, two major scions of two ancient houses of wizardry whose fathers have been enemies since before they were born - the story possibilities are endless, but still are constricted within narrow bounds. There is just so much possibility for the pair.

Now I have said that I love the pairing even when it is observed in the breach rather than the actuality, and even everything in between. And that's what you've done here.

It started off, in the background of Mistaken for strangers, initially as a fair amount of hate - especially from Rose's side. Even though James, your wonderful, amazing portrayal of James, befriended Scorpius, it still wasn't enough to sway Rose through the entirety of the other story.

There was always something a bit strange with Rose and in this story you explore all of that really ably. Lets get up to this chapter and talk about it shall we, and not just waffle on about how wonderful I have found this 'series' of yours.

We left Rose in the previous chapter just having kissed Scorpius, waiting for it to make her feel something that everyone else told her they felt. She hadn't felt it before with her previous boyfriend, but that could have been explained by the lack of passion between them. Scorpius and her have passion a plenty, so when they kiss, Rose is expecting the full serving of weak-at-the-knees, butterflies-in-her-stomach gloriousness of it all.

Unfortunately it is not to be.

So this chapter starts with her riding the wave of popular approval for 'doing the deed' (PG style) but she feels like a hollow sham. The emotions are almost getting the better of her, but she forces herself through them. I really like how you have made her different emotionally in this one respect, but you have not painted her as some sort of emotionless robot. She has a lot of other emotions, and feels them strongly, it's only in this one case that she feels nothing. It's like there is this whole keyboard of emotional notes, and she has one that doesn't work.

She questions herself, wouldn't anyone in her case, could she be gay? But it's simply not the case.

Scorpius tracks her down, and he's probably the last person she wants to see. Not only that, he drags her outside wanting to talk. But he shows not only surprising maturity, but also a very good working knowledge of that model of human labelled the Rose Weasley.

It brings out the tears that have been threatening to fall for a long time. It has the effect upon the male of the species that they usually do, causing Scorpius to doubt himself and to backpedal. Rose comes out with a surprising statement, and we know it is true, that she does genuinely like him. This aversion to kissing doesn't translate to a dislike of him.

And out it pours, what has been consuming Rose for the entirety of this story. Her inability to like snogging, more than that, her basic disgust for the act and perhaps what lies beyond it too. And your wonderful Scorpius absorbs it all becoming her cathartic sponge and accepts her as she is. And she still likes him, even loves him. He has been what she has been missing in a relationship. It's wonderful.

But there is more.

The very next day, Scorpius is back and she is more than pleased to see him. She talks of him as her boyfriend. This is very positive stuff. But he is jumping out of his skin with something to show her. He has a book for her and finally she finds out the truth about herself.

She is asexual and everything about her makes more sense. But it does give her pause, what does it mean for their relationship if she is that way, but Scorpius so obviously is not. He proves he is one of the best boyfriends ever by saying that they have all the time in the world to find out. He will be with her and they will work things out, or perhaps wont, but it won't be for a lack of him trying.

So you have given us quite a different Rose than usual. But what you have done is wonderfully put how, that just because one is asexual, doesn't mean that one cannot love. I have one friend in my life who is asexual (that I know of at least), and she is slightly different than you have depicted here. But you said this in one of your authors notes somewhere (I look up and find you also say it above), that not all asexuals present the way you have shown Rose to react here; that there is probably a whole spectrum of emotional response that could fall under the over-banner of asexuality. My friend is not interested in a boyfriend nor a girlfriend either, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't love her brother and her pets. She knows what love is.

The Rose you have presented to us, you have brought to wonderful life. She lives and breathes on the page (computer screen) and even though her path ahead with Scorpius may be rocky, at least you have given her a shot.


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Review #8, by cherry_pop94 oh, reckless abandon

19th February 2016:
Hello J! I'm here for bvb!

Yes!! Scorose!! Where they hate each other and yell at each other all the time and hurl creative insults at each other! I LOVE IT.

As you know, I am a massive Scorose shipper. I'm so excited to be reading this. I love the tension you've already built around them. They're spitfire around each other. I can just imagine the intensity and the way she screams at him in that last conversation. It's not quite Hermione's voice hurling insults at Draco, but close. And I love it.

I laughed so hard when you described Rose's first kiss with Logan. Gross is how I'd describe my first kiss too. Ah young love.

I can't wait to read more of this!


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Review #9, by UnluckyStar57 a moment of love

17th February 2016:
J! I'm back for BvB (yes, this is cheating, but I like to call it "multi-tasking).

OMG! I read the last scene of this chapter like three times the first time I read the chapter, and I'm super happy that I got the opportunity to read it again this time. :D

But first, Rose's break up with Logan: Honestly, I'm very glad to see a relationship ending in "let's just be friends" without any of the super-awkward "sexual tension" that happens in some break up situations in fic. Because Rose really does just want to be friends with Logan, and Logan is such a nice guy that he's not going to be rude to Rose after the break up. I like that he's so logical and Ravenclaw-y, so he's always going to ask Rose how she's feeling and he can sense when something's not quite right.

The description of how Rose's hand felt burdened by Logan's hand after all those months of being in love was really poignant and gave a "showing-not-telling" indicator that this wasn't really meant to be for them. And ooh, making Rose her mother's daughter in some aspects (like always wanting to debate about feminism and maternity leave) was really cool! I love it when characters are feminists! (Okay, those two things aren't really related, but they both do a great job of showing what Rose finds important in friendships and/or relationships. And clearly, she has a great friendship with Logan, but not enough romantic feeling to continue on in the relationship.)

Charlotte! Oh my, she's so clueless about what Rose is going through, but I believe she really means well. She does have a point though, about passion, and I think you display that really well--after all, asexuality does not mean "lack of passion." People who identify as ace can be passionate, but they aren't necessarily into the kind of passion that Charlotte might be hinting at. I also think that you characterized the divide between Rose and Charlotte's personalities very well. Rose is more "I'm thinking about kissing and it isn't something I really like to do regularly" and Charlotte is like "Don't think--kiss! Kissing solves problems!". That's also a common trope in fic that is solidly debunked here. After all, even for heterosexual couples, kissing doesn't solve all of the problems, like sexual tension or disagreements or other things.

Okay, now my fave kissing scene EVER!!:

~LOVED how you created tension in the narrative by having Scorpius call out Rose's name and then went to what Rose was thinking about--namely, exams. It really made me wonder what was going to happen the first time I read it, which made the payoff SO sweet!
~ALSO you kept mentioning Scorpius's eyes in earlier sections (that's something I forgot to talk about, the scene between Rose and Scorpius during Prefect duty, whoops), so it was really great to get a close-up description here. Of course, Rose probably has no description for Scorpius's mouth, even though it's kind of attached to hers...
~THE KISS! Okay, some kisses in fic can be forceful and not necessarily solicited, and this one was both slightly forceful and unsolicited, but it wasn't a bad thing. On the contrary, it was a very good thing, because Scorpius wasn't doing something like, say, fighting with her or calling her mean names. The kiss was more of a moment of pure feeling exercising itself (on Scorpius's part at least, since Rose is still quite confused), and it was great to see Rose's reaction when someone that she has a passionate connection with is kissing her.
~And it wasn't necessarily a kiss that she enjoyed, because yeah, for her a kiss is just two mouths swapping spit, but she started to get into it. And in contrast to Logan's kisses, Scorpius didn't try to do tongue acrobatics on his first time out!
~I really love how Rose wondered about snogging and her sexuality and Scorpius's conditioner before she wondered about exactly why he kissed her. That was a really cool humor moment at the end!

Okay, backtrack to the Prefect round: LOVE that you were able to write two characters who are so accustomed to fighting in a situation where they were able to put aside their constant antagonism for five minutes. ALSO LOVE that Rose initiated this truce. And that the truce WORKED. Also love the aforementioned humorous moments of Rose thinking about how Scorpius's mouth really isn't all that special. All in all, very brilliant scene there too. :)

Oh, and P.S. tell Rose that I'm an emotional drunk too. :P

And this final thought might be a nonissue, but I can't help but be very curious: Is Scorpius straight or something else? I see him as demisexual right now because he seems to be only attracted to Rose. Anyway, it doesn't matter too much, but I think it does add a new layer to their relationship.

You're the best!


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Review #10, by coolpixie our rights

15th February 2016:
Hmm.. Another wonderful chapter! But, I'm definitely looking forward to how Rose discovers that she is asexual, and what part Scorpius plays in that. and their subsequent relationship after that. Great writing as usual. :)

P.s. I love Jason. Best ex-boyfriend ever! lol

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Review #11, by coolpixie a moment of love

15th February 2016:
Another great chapter! and Scorpius! YES, boy! Go get her! lol. But I'm curious where their relationship is going to go in the future.

and your writing is so refined! I especially love the depth you so easily offer up in your writing and characters. I really appreciated and enjoyed the conversation of being in love/just love between rose and Jason.

off to the next chapter then.

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Review #12, by coolpixie oh, reckless abandon

15th February 2016:
Wow! First of all, this was a GREAT chapter! It provided a great insight into rose's thinking and psyche. And I especially liked the characterization of Jason, how he is not a stereotypical jerk boyfriend; and I love how you are going with rose being asexual. I'm not too familiar with this issue, but I'm definitely open to whatever you throw out, since you always make your characters and their actions so compelling.

But, since you are saying rose is asexual, I'm sort of confused of her relationship with jason and also scorpius. So, what she feels for jason is real?! As in, she legit likes him without the sexual appeal, which is completely fine. Then what is her thing with scorpius? I'm a bit confused, but I'm sure I will find my answers sooner rather than later.

Btw, THANK YOU for writing this! I'm a huge scorose shipper and am always looking for good scorose fanfics. And it's disappointing that many are not done so well, or plain unfinished, so thank you for writing this spin off. I was actually really curious in the James story about what was going to happen to scorose, fortunately, I read your message in ch. 12 and came here.


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Review #13, by marauderfan a moment of love

15th February 2016:
Another great chapter! Rose and Logan's breakup in the beginning was very sweet (I don't know if I can say that about a breakup, but it really does fit here), how they understand each other so well and are so similar that, while the similarities may be what ended their relationship, they're on the same page and equally out of love with the other. Neither one of them is left heartbroken, because they're in the same place. Considering it's a breakup, it really couldn't have gone any better.

Poor Rose, wondering if there's something wrong with her because she didn't like kissing Logan. She's at such a confused stage and I must say she is quite relatable. Man, this story reminds me how rough it was to be a teenager! :P I just love how real Rose is. Your decision to put your own personal experiences into Rose's story has already worked wonders because only two chapters in (really, even after the first chapter) Rose feels like a three dimensional and realistic human being whom I can relate to.

Aw, Rose and Scorpius decided to stop fighting! Easy as that, eh? I am so looking forward to seeing where things go with these two.

Rose really is in such a confusing place in this chapter, but it shows she's growing up. Like in the previous chapter she was maybe less confused, but more in an ignorance-is-bliss kind of way, and here she's questioning her sexuality and starting to wonder who she is, and while she's confused about who she is, she's on the path of thinking about it and it's progress. She's closer to understanding herself.

The last few lines of this chapter really made me laugh. Why didnít she seem to want to snog guys? Was she gay? And what conditioner did Scorpius use? -- and then several minutes later, wondering why Scorpius kissed her. Haha.

You're a really wonderful writer, by the way! I think I forgot to mention that in my review for chapter one but your writing style is so easy to read and very well polished. Great start, I'll definitely be back next time you update! Thanks for posting about this on the forums, I'm so glad I stopped by. :)

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Review #14, by marauderfan oh, reckless abandon

15th February 2016:
Don't be sorry for posting about all your productiveness - I'm so glad you advertised this story, otherwise I might not have seen it!

And wow, I really love this so far. Poor Rose. Her first kiss experience sounds a lot like mine :P the whole "are we done yet?" really disinterested feeling. And I love that this is how you wrote her first kiss, because this really echoes my own experience, and yet is never a thing I see in writing. It's always so romanticized, in films and in writing, how lips are like magnets and it's so passionate, but aren't there people who are just bored? haha so yeah this was very refreshing in all its mundane realism.

Ooh and I love all the tension between her and Scorpius. The thing that strikes me about this fic so far is how it's got elements of every other next gen fic but with a brilliant twist, that makes it all so fresh. I am so looking forward to reading a fic about asexual Rose. Also, Slytherin Rose! I don't think I've seen that before and I love it. Especially when paired with a Ravenclaw Scorpius. So basically, I love that you've kept some standard next-gen cliches (I don't mean this in a bad way, cliches are widely written for a reason!) and turned others on their heads, and it makes for a really refreshing start to a story, a great spin on the usual.

Last but not least, props to you for writing a story that draws so heavily on your own experiences, especially with a topic such as asexuality which isn't widely understood in mainstream society. I think it's wonderful that you're putting this out there. Just, mad respect for you, my friend :)

I hope your streak of writing productivity keeps up, I can't wait to read more of this. Going to review chapter 2 right now!

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Review #15, by UnluckyStar57 oh, reckless abandon

14th February 2016:
HI YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON AND HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU WROTE THIS STORY AND I REREAD THIS CHAPTER SO THAT I COULD REVIEW IT NOW. *ahem* But I'm really excited to read chapter two, so I'll just get on with the review, yeah?

First of all, I am totally proud of you for writing something based off of your own experiences. That can be super hard to do, especially since you've shared it where lots of people will read it and think about it, but it's also incredibly valuable. Asexual representation for the win!!

Second of all, I have to say that I also identify a lot with Rose. It took me a while to realize it, but I'm ace too. And kissing--especially when it isn't necessarily the right person--can just feel very...moist. Lol, I basically went through this chapter muttering "me, me, same, me," etc under my breath. Again, I'm really super excited that you wrote this!!

Aahh, now for the beginning! I love the opening about Rose thinking about what her first kiss will be like. It never is like the movies, is it? It's so powerful that you stripped away the cinematic conventions of first kisses and made it happen so awkwardly between Rose and Logan. Because that's how first kisses usually happen, and even though they were at a Quidditch party, that didn't turn it into one of those alcohol-fueled ecstatic moments that tends to happen so often. Ooh, and ouch, I hate that Logan went for the tongue on the first time out. Ick, it's just like licking two frogs, and people do it for fun? No, I'm sorry, I still can't do French-kissing.

Man, poor Rose, being a fourth year and feeling sort of left out that she hasn't had a boyfriend before. The whole dating scene is such a complicated mess, and just because your friends (or sister, in my case) are navigating it with such ease doesn't mean that you have to know all the rules. It's so interesting that Rose was relying on tips from her friends to help her flirt with Logan, which feel unnatural to her because they sort of are unnatural in some ways. I really anticipate watching her come into her own and start realizing that she doesn't have to do exactly what everybody else does.

"That looks like...a mouth." Omg, I love it! The facial features are usually so played-up, like "his plump, kissable lips" and "his eyes were fires that fueled her flame" and all of those sordid descriptions that I giggle about. I mean, you do such a great job of showing this different perspective on romance and dating--after all, mouths are sometimes just mouths and tongues don't work miracles.

No Rose baby, there's nothing wrong with you. Nobody blames you for wanting your boo to keep his slobber to himself. ♥ (You must think I'm crazy.)

Hah, I love how this runs parallel with M4S and James being his usual family-saving self. :D This also shows that Logan isn't necessarily a bad boyfriend, he just doesn't know that Rose doesn't like all the slobber and stuff. Common misconception.

Oh, one bit of CC that I should've mentioned earlier: At the beginning of the party scene, Logan's name isn't really mentioned at all until later, but I think that he could be mentioned slightly earlier. And maybe how they met and/or started flirting? Unless you're saving that for a later chapter, then ignore all this waffle. :)

Ooh, that confrontation with Scorpius gives me LIFE. It's so cool that Rose is a Slytherin and Scorp's a Ravenclaw--I feel like that's a rarer Sorting for this pair. And so they have their little exchange of words and stuff, and I love getting all of Rose's thoughts about how she feels like she understands Scorpius, even though all they do is antagonize each other. Ooh, and Scorpius is really hitting on Rose's insecurities when he brings her relationship under question. Ouch.

And still, there are those grey eyes that pop up in Rose's dreams that aren't Logan's... Hmm, I wonder whose they could be? ;)

Seriously, amazing job with this first chapter, but I really want to go read chapter two now. My inner child is getting impatient!


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