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Reading Reviews for Braided
7 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Felpata Lupin You Know...

24th March 2016:
Hello, my love!
Here for March review exchange! :)

Dark? Was it? I didn't notice... *looking around scared and shivering*

Your description of Azkaban... Oh, my!!! I could feel the horror, the hopelessness, the desperation... It's the most horrifying thing ever, and you wrote it just perfectly!!!

And Dolohov... ok, I'm not sure how you even mmanagd to get inside his head... if I tried, I would run off screaming...

You did an incredible job at showing us the person he was, his craziness, his sadism... The detail of the braid, of how he remembers vividly all his victims and the way he rejoices in the memories... Horrible, yet beautiful at the same time!

This was such a great story! You had me hooked with your enthralling writing and your stunning descriptions! You are an incredibly talented writer!!!

Also, forgot to say... congratulations for winning third place in the duel! Horray for Hufflepuff!!! :P

Tons of love, my sweet Karen!

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Review #2, by cherry_pop94 You Know...

5th March 2016:
Hello! I'm here for the HPFF Review-A-Thon!

I've wanted to read this for a while since I saw that it placed in the Writer's Duel! So I'm so thrilled to have gotten the chance now.

This did not disappoint. It's so dark and evocative. I really get the idea of what Azkaban is really like. A scary place indeed. What's scarier than Azkaban though, is Antonin Dolohov. The way he calls his victims 'prey' was just chilling. It's so dehumanizing. But of course, to treat people the way he does, he must dehumanize them.

I really liked the ending when he's pulled out of his reverie by the Dark Mark's burn. I imagine this is during the graveyard scene in Goblet of Fire. It's a great way to tie this story back in with events that we know about.

The way you weave Dolohov's memories together and then back in with the present. Haha, it's braided. Perfect. I love that.

Thank you for sharing this really wonderful story! I'll have to check out more of your writing for sure!


Author's Response: Hai Stefanie and welcome back to my page!

Thank you so much for this lovely review as well as for your kind words. Dolohov is definitely the darkest character I've written to date and this was just an extremely challenging story to write on so many levels I can't begin to tell you but I was nevertheless thankful for it as well as for the opportunity.

That ending yes--I LOVED writing that part of it. In my mind, this had to have a definitive ending and that seemed to make the most sense and one that would have the most impact and I'm very pleased and happy that you thought it did a good job of tying it all up! :-)

Thank you so much again for dropping by as well as for the lovely review--it truly made my day!

Karen xoxo

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Review #3, by Jayna You Know...

5th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

Hey there Karen! I thought that as one of the many (what is it now, 6? 7?) people pledging in the review-a-thon, that it would be nice if you received a review from it, and anyway, I had been meaning to read this!


This is just such a poetic story, each word felt like it was picked specifically, and that each sentence was structured for the maximum impact. Frankly speaking, this one-shot blew me away. Do you see that little speck over there, that one that's waving to you? That's how far I was blown away.

This was just so sick and twisted and psychotic, there's just no words. However, you do a BRILLIANT job of making Dolohov feel so fundamentally messed up that for a second there, I got so engrossed and for a second there, I was Dolohov, stroking a braid of hair from the victims I had killed, reliving each killing while TAKING PLEASURE in it.

Seriously, this was just amazing. The scene with the Prewett's definitely showed just how dark Dolohov was, that he would even kill the people on his side for taking the life of someone that he had his eye on. However, I think that my favorite of his memories was the one with the little girl. The way you described him hunting her gave insight to his feral behavior.

Overall, super creative, amazing flow, and just fabulous writing. I definitely need to read more of your stuff! Thanks for donating to this wonderful site!


Author's Response: JAYNA!!!


OMG wow--I heh, I just don't even KNOW how I'm supposed to respond to this just beyond anything and everything review--I mean wow THANK YOU!

If I had to guess, I'd say that Dolohov is easily one of the most dangerous and deadliest of the Dark Lord's followers (outside of Bellatrix, Greyback, and perhaps BCJ). He's the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of and writing him was extremely difficult, not because of WHO he is but his mentality--to get INTO his mind was incredibly hard. It was terribly painful for me as a writer considering what I was going to be writing overall, as well as having the knowledge of how it was going to end for each and every single victim I wrote about. It was honestly very terrifying and I thought I was actually going to have nightmares (tbh, I almost stopped writing it it was scaring me out -that- much). I can't tell you how many times I cussed Dolohov out mentally!

He is -definitely- the consummate predator that is for sure! The prey really doesn't matter to him as long as he got some. You encroach on his territory he'll make you suffer for it *shivers*.

I still just can't with this--thank you so very much again for honoring and humbling me with not only your visit to my AP and the favorite but for this review--it's just as indescribable to me now as it was when I first read it. Thank you sweetheart (and thank you as well for the rec on the forums!)

Karen xoxo

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Review #4, by princesslily_36 You Know...

5th March 2016:
Hello! Ysh here for the review-a-thon!

I never read horror/dark stories, but Kaitlin said she's looking for variety, so here I am :D also, a nostalgic Dolohov is intriguing!

My favorite line was "pick you did, sweeter than any fruit..." I loved how you used imagery to describe emotions, and the use of it in second person made it all the more potent!

Man this was dark and chilling. Especially the part about the little girl and the Teddy bear. He shows no remorse does he? This is the first time I am reading a ruthless death eaters perspective and I have to say I've got goosebumps. This has become my headcanon for a death watchers perspective.

How cold and detached he sounded sitting in Azkaban and reminiscing over his victims. Your choice of words and the flow added to the mood of the story. How you described the gryffindor boys death comparing him to a fish out of water... Just cold, and so graphically poetic.

My favorite part was the incredibly sad deaths of the Prewett brothers. I almost got so angry with Dolohov for treating them the way he did...

Ohh, and the braid thing - definitely creepy. *shivers*


Author's Response: Hello Ysh and many warm welcomes to my AP--so very nice to meet you!

2nd person seemed to fit the concept of this story when it first came to mind, and it just didn't seem like there be any other real way of telling it. I love the personal nature 2nd person gives as it comes across to put someone -right- there in the thick of things.

The fruit analogies were some of my favorite and for the mind of a serial killer like him, it seemed to suit so I ran with it.

The scene with the little girl was I think the hardest for me to write because I had never done it before. It was new territory for me--it really honestly scared me so I felt it was necessary to run by a validator first to be on the safe side. Tbh, as you were angry with Dolohov for the Prewetts, this was the one I was personally the most angry with him about, in fact you could probably say I hated him for it.

There was no way I was going to omit the Prewetts considering them and Dolohovs' stories connect via canon so to NOT include it would have been a sin and I really do try to keep things as close to canon as possible. I actually really enjoyed writing that scene as I knew it'd have the most in terms of action and I not only wanted to show Dolohov's character better but to also do my best to do the Prewetts' own story justice. I'm happy that you enjoyed that part of it!

Heh, shame on me for watching TOO many real crime shows and serial killer documentaries--that's where the braid came from as keeping 'trophies' is a common trait among serial killers. Trust me it creeped -ME- out when I was writing it (in fact it STILL does)!

Thank you so very much again for stopping by as well as for this beyond lovely review--I truly appreciate it!

Karen xoxo

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Review #5, by marauderfan You Know...

29th February 2016:
Hi Karen!! Congrats on winning third in the Writer's Duel!! :D

Wow, this was so creepy and dark! He's literally just sitting in Azkaban, stroking a braid of his victims' hair and proudly thinking back to his torturing/killing them. Your stories are always so interesting as you write a lot of Death Eater POV's, and you're good at it. You got into his head so well! And your word choice - perfect. This is exactly how I would imagine Dolohov sees the world - a character I've never given much thought to before, but here he just comes alive right from the page.

I love the way you twisted the theme of Nostalgia, as well. Very creative. This is such a dark nostalgia - but how else would you write the nostalgia of someone so deep into the Dark Arts? He loves this stuff, and I thought you showed that really well, making it fit the theme and yet creating your own theme as well. Brilliant.

Well done on this story and congrats once again!!

Author's Response: KRISTIN!!! WHAT A LOVELY SURPRISE!!! :-D

Thank you so much and congratulations to you as well for placing 2nd--am so proud of you (was SUCH an awesome story and as soon as time's a bit better I'll be leaving you a review on it so keep an eye out)! Tbh I wasn't expecting it considering how many awesome entries there were but it was incredibly humbling to be sure!

Death Eaters and dark stuff seems to have become my niche here at HPFF. This story just kind of hit me out of nowhere and I was really happy with how it turned out.

LOL interesting how people call it 'dark nostalgia'. In fact, I almost didn't write this as all given that it is so dark and the contest was for a birthday event and tbh, this isn't normally what one would think about when it comes to a theme like birthdays (I actually asked in a status update if I should -- I was -that- hesitant).

It is always an awesome honor and pleasure when you stop by my page--thank you so much for doing so, as well as for this lovely review. And congratulations to YOU again as well!

Karen xoxo

(P.S. -- Dolohov's head is not a very pleasant place to be trust me 8-O :-P!)

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Review #6, by adluvshp You Know...

28th February 2016:
Hey! Here for the review swap.

As soon as I finished reading this, only word was floating in my mind - AMAZING.

I think this is definitely one of the most twisted and dark stories I've read on HPFF so far. You explore Dolohov's character so brilliantly and so amazingly. The way you explore his mind is just perfect. The entire flashback was absolutely fascinating in a very haunting way. The way he had no mercy, no conscience, you portrayed it flawlessly. His love for torture and death was baffling and yet it made sense.

Your narrative was superb. The choice of words, the flow, the over all writing style, it was lovely. The entire thing had a poetic feel to it and really captivated me while reading. I enjoyed it immensely. The descriptions were just breathtaking.

This review is nothing but a string of compliments because really there's no more feedback to give you! Such a well-written one-shot with great concept and great characterisation and absolutely fabulous descriptions. I am still a little creeped out by it. Haha. Great job!

(Lost Muse)

Author's Response: Hello dearest Angie and welcome to my page! Please accept my apologies for the late reply.

Oh my goodness THANK YOU so very much for this lovely review--I'm very happy that you enjoyed it (even if it creeped you out a little :-P )!

It was a strange story for me--I LOVE writing Death Eaters and horror / dark stuff but to be honest Dolohov's mind is most certainly NOT a place I'd like to spend TOO much time in--he makes some of my OCs outside of fanfiction look like fairy princesses tbh! :-O

Thanks again for the awesome review as well as for the swap--I hope we can do it again sometime!

Karen xoxo

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Review #7, by Your Secret Cupid You Know...

14th February 2016:
Hello Dear.

I hope you have had a wonderful valentines, and I apologize for being so late to leave you a gift. You will get more gifts tomorrow, but between valentines, mother's day and a sibling's birthday, February 14th ended up being a very busy day for this little winged created.

Wow. That's the first word that comes to mind. I've read a lot of your work before, but you've clearly developed a lot as a writer since I last visited you. Or maybe this is just your best work to this day. Second person's POV fits your writing style well, and has such an effect in a story that is as creepy and dark as this one.

Dolohov is such a twisted man, and I actually found myself fearing him as much as I remember fearing Bellatrix in the books. It's something so frightening about people that do horrible things, and doesn't show an ounce of regret for their actions. And even worse when they actually seem to love killing and torturing people. It's so far from the reality of most of people, yet it's believable because we know there are unfortunately dangerous people like him out there in world. And I felt like I was one of these people, Dolohov, when I was reading the story. So good job!

I must applaud you for your descriptions. You describe everything so vividly that it really feels real and like you're there and feeling these things. It's hard to make descriptions good when you have such a difficult environment to describe as well as dealing with these really horrible emotions, so I was really impressed with your writing. You are talented, Karen!

Thanks for sharing.

- Your Secret Cupid

ps. you will get more gifts tomorrow :)

Author's Response: Hello SC!

Sorry for such a late reply! I know who you are now and you always leave such lovely reviews! Thank you so very much for this (as well as for the other gifts you left me--they truly made my day)!

In my mind Azkaban is akin to an ever-living and perpetual nightmare and it was important to me to make sure that that came through--I'm very happy to see that it did achieve this!

Thank you again for the lovely review!

Karen xoxo

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