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Reading Reviews for Tessellate
9 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Crescent Moon  The Spying

3rd July 2016:
I love this! Your characterisation of Lucy is great, she's just so funny and well, Ravenclaw. I really can't wait to see where you take this.

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Review #2, by Claire Evergreen The Sleuthing

21st March 2016:
Hey, J! Here (incredibly late) for our swap! I'm so sorry it took so long to get to this, real life got a lot more hectic than I thought it was going to.

So I raved about Lucy last chapter, so now I get a chance to get into Alexandria :) I can already tell that she's such a fantastic complement to Lucy. She's no where near as analytical as the Ravenclaw, but she's just as adventurous, which I'm so interested to see more of her personality. We didn't get much of her last chapter since it was only Lucy's brief analysis of her, but she seems really cool and very much like a Gryffindor. Her quip to Daisy was perfect.

The interactions between her and Lucy this chapter were spot on. Both of their personalities really stood out, but they fit together so well. I like how Alexandria falls in behind Lucy so easily, but she still remains in charge of her actions. She has such a different way of operating than Lucy, but their two styles still fit well. I like that Lucy asked for her opinion on the two intruders. To me, that goes back to your brilliant characterization of Lucy last chapter, where you showed that she is quite cocky, but only when she knows she can back it up.

Based on your reference, I assume you were aiming for a sort of Sherlock/Watson dynamic here and I can say that you absolutely nailed it. Lucy most definitely has that Sherlock air about her, but she is not as in your face about it. Alexandria is going to be such a good Watson to her Sherlock and I can definitely see them having a the sort of relationship that Watson and Sherlock have on the show Elementary with mutal respect for each others' talents. I'm only two chapters in and you already have such a clear relationship between these two, I love it!

I'm so pulled in by the mystery you've started to weave her. A mysterious "him" who wants to steal random Potions ingredients? There is definitely something more going on there and I just want to know more right now!!

Also, I really hope we get more of Reynolds and Henderson because their relationship absolutely cracks me up. The secondhand embarrassment is real.

Amazing chapter, J, I can't wait to see what comes next!


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Review #3, by Claire Evergreen The Beginning

26th February 2016:
Here for the swap!

I figured I'd take a break from KCACO and I've heard nothing but good things about this so I decided to check it out. And it is amazing! Screw not starting more stories, you need to finish this all right now because I need to know what happens.

Your version of Lucy is lot different from how she is in my stories, but I love how you've written her. She is so analytical and precise, but also has those moments of emotion that prove that she is human (does someone have a crush on a certain Divya Singh by chance?). I also love that she's so curious about everything happening around her. Her cockiness is the best and you write in such a Ravenclaw way. She's cocky when she knows she's the best and rightly deserves to be. She's an amazing character already.

In fact, all of your Ravenclaws are fantastic examples of the house. Alex is the typical one that everyone thinks of. You know, book smart, top of their class, etc. But he also is really witty, which is a key trait that a lot of people tend to forget. Kennedy may be my favorite, though. I love love love Ravenclaw characters who are smart but only in certain ways. It makes complete sense that she'd be good at Herbology and the theory of Potions but have trouble actually brewing them because that's something completely different. I just love when they don't have to be good at everything just because they're in the 'smart' house.

The little hints at everything that is to come in the story (Lucy's affinity for mysteries, the ingredients that are stolen, even Alexandria Cartwright) are fantastic, just what a good mystery needs. I'm so incredibly excited to read on and get to know everyone in this story even better! Don't be surprised if you end up with a few more reviews over the weekend because I am definitely coming back if I have more time :)

Another amazing story, J! Thank you so much for doing the swap!


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Review #4, by NPE The Beginning

25th February 2016:
Hi there,

Sorry for the delay in my review. Wi-Fi is chief among the banes of my life right now.

So, I really appreciated how you developed the plot point almost solely through dialogue, and how you brave enough to characterise the likes of Lucy and Alex through what they say rather than monologue.

I really respected how distinct characters emerged here. Interesting, authentic but separate entirely.

Furthermore, I loved the humour, the witty asides, and more often than not you do really well at succinct description. This isn't overly fancy, but I love how it feels so on point and acts as a nice segue and thought stream:

"Long brown hair, put up into a bun. Practical– hair could get in the way of potions or the open flames, which is why Lucy’s own black hair was also in a bun atop her head. Robes that looked fairly neat, and a tie that was straight and unrumpled. Probably organized, on top of things, or trying to impress somebody. But no, her bun was thrown up somewhat messily, so most likely just generally organized. Glasses, but that couldn’t really be helped, even if the steam may interfere with her contributions.

A perfectly suitable Potions partner, in short. Lucy would be able to achieve the necessary E beside her."

I also like the autonomy of Lucy and the development of the mystery was well played. Furthermore, you basically bring us striaght into the story and expect us to catch up and I admire writers who pull it off.

Ok, as CC, I think occasionally your descriptive terms like a bout loading plates full, or every eye in the dungeon read a little cliched. Furthermore, occasionally I think your prose can come across as a little directive. Your dialogue is so natural and I think that some of your pointed references to things are in there for the reader rather than the story.

Though these are minor quibbles.

Awesome swapping :)


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Review #5, by TreacleTart The Beginning

22nd February 2016:
Hey J!

I'm here for our review swap! And let me tell you, I was so torn on what to read. You know I love Keep Calm, but something about Tessallate seemed really tempting. I think part of it is that I hardly ever see stories that feature Lucy as the main character (but I feel like I should expect that from you because you are all about the Next Gen and the more obscure characters).

Anyway, this was an interesting start. I feel like I got a pretty good sense for who Lucy is. She's smart, pretty snarky, decent at potions, and smitten over Singh (or at least I think she is). You definitely gave her a very distinct voice in your writing.

I will say I was a little sad to see her refer to all Gryffindors as "brave and idiotic". Being brave doesn't necessarily mean you're stupid, but I digress. I did laugh a bit at her commenting on how suspicious her new partner is of her, but then her turning around and deciding she needs to investigate what's going on with the potions closet break in.

The scene with the two teachers flirting was pretty adorable. I always think it's cute to watch two super awkward people flirt with each other. :D

Poor Kennedy really does seem to have a rough time with potions. I hope she can get it together because that'd be horrible to be afraid you'd cause an accident every time you touched a cauldron.

I did catch two really small typos while I was reading.

totally a whopping ten Hospital Wing visits – totaling

this month, but only knocked over once. – one

All in all, I'm curious to see where you go with this. I haven't quite got it figured out yet. With Carry On, I was pulled in right away, where as I feel like this one might take me a few more chapters to really get invested.

Good work!


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Review #6, by Aphoride The Beginning

12th February 2016:
Hey there J! :D Dropping by for the BvB battle! I was going to go back to Kepp Calm, but this looked so interesting, and I've seen you talking about it around the forums a couple of things (mod problems, haha) so I had to stop by :)

I love this - I love how it starts with them in class, and with the seating plan being implemented - almost only because of Kennedy, haha, poor girl. It's so true to school that at times teachers put you in seating plans to help them out, and I can imagine it being even more important in Hogwarts to not let the bad students sit together, given that, you know, stuff can blow up and things :P Also, how Lucy gets put with a girl she's never really noticed or seen before - it's such a change from the usual paired-with-the-worst-enemy thing, and I love it.

I gotta say, Lucy's voice is amazing. I love the Holmes-esque hint about it, with the noticing things and deducting style - it's so strong and so clear (though at times it starts sounding too old-fashioned for Next Gen which feels a bit out of place, so maybe check for that if it's not what you're going for?). Anyway, it's so beautiful and so interesting as a character trait to give someone, and I like how she's not brilliant in all her classes despite it - she's good, but not amazing, and I love that. There's far too many genius characters in fic... (not that I write genius characters, no :P) Plus, it adds so much to the details in this - the two teachers flirting badly, the stolen ingredients, the vanished papers and so on. The way she considered Alexandra when she first met her.

Your writing in this is so lovely. I think it's the style - you do that kind of humourous, witty thing so so well, and really, I have no idea how you do it so imma just say it's natural talent, mkay? ;) The voice and the emotions in this are so good, and so right for it - and it all flows so perfectly. Really, this is so good.

I'm so so excited to see where you go with this - from memory, the missing ingredients sound like Polyjuice, so that would be super wicked and interesting if it was, and I'm so curious to see what happens with all of the characters you've introduced - including the love-struck teachers, haha :P This is a really, really great start!

(Update soon? :P)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey Aph! Thank you so much for this lovely review-- I really always love hearing your thoughts. I was disappointed to see that you weren't eligible for the Most Insightful Reviewer Diadem because I was all ready to nominate you, but it's fitting that you'd already won it! :)

I had originally started this for the femslash challenge on the forums, I think, and the prompt I was given was about being paired together in class, so I can't claim too much credit for that. From there, it all came together naturally, with Kennedy's clumsiness and the professors flirting and everything, but I do agree seating plans must be very important! I'm kinda shocked in general about how chill all the professors at Hogwarts can be, because the stakes are actually really high!

I'm really glad you're liking Lucy's voice so much! I revised it a few times before I was happy, and it's always hard to write a voice that is supposed to be a lot smarter than your own thoughts are (something you can probably relate to :P). I was totally going for a Sherlock-y thing, and I'm really excited that came through! I'm interested you think it was old-fashioned, but she is supposed to be a bit more formal and sometimes not totally understanding what's going on with her peers. Haha yeah, I figured that she's not going to be a crazy genius all the time, especially if she's not super interested in the subject! Glad you liked the details of this fic-- it's honestly very challenging for me to write but it's a lot of fun when it comes together!

Ahh you seriously made me so happy with this! I'm really excited that you find it fun and that you think it flows well, as that's always a big concern of mine.

I've got a few more chapters up now, so if you ever get a chance to read over them, I'd love to hear what you think! Thank you again for this truly wonderful review! :)


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Review #7, by banshee The Beginning

10th February 2016:
Hey J, here for our review swaps!

omg, I know that feeling. Try writing fanfiction, Lucy.

Aw, I feel bad for Kennedy, that they're talking about her when all she's doing is having accidents.

I love how analytical your characters seem to be. It doesn't come off as bulky when Lucy goes through and sort of gives Alexandria a look over, which I think something like that definitely could turn into. It's more in a way of cataloging.

Henderson giggled and Lucy began to despair that her education was in the hands of such terrible, terrible flirters. - hahaha, aww

I really like your cast so far. I got a really good sense for the group, and I'm interested in what's going to happen between alexandria and Lucy as the time goes on, just from the first line of the story. Big ensemble casts can sometimes be difficult to manage, but I didn't get lost at all through reading this.

Kennedy is definitely my favorite so far. What a sweetheart. I really hope Rodney will be nice to her. (too much Hufflepuff in me, there is.)

This was a really good start, and I'm definitely interested in seeing more from you!


Author's Response: Hey Julie! Thanks for your review!! (Sorry for subjecting you to so much of my writing in one day...)

Haha yes sometimes I just channel the struggle of writing fanfic into my characters. #authoravator

Ahh I'm so glad you think the descriptions in here work! I'm trying really hard to write Lucy as analytical and observant, so it's nice that it's working. :)

I'm also really happy you're liking the crew so far! I have really clear ideas about them already so it's great that it's not getting totally lost. Hopefully they'll continue to shine as it goes on.

Kennedy is definitely a sweetie! And don't worry-- even if Rodney isn't very nice, she's got back up. Maybe Oz is surprisingly aggressive when provoked. Who knows?

Thanks again for this wonderful review! I hope you continue enjoying the story! :)


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Review #8, by ad astra The Beginning

10th February 2016:
i love this

i love this so much

i love it a lot

this is such a pointless review i'm sorry but the takeaway is that i am HERE FOR THIS. SO HERE FOR THIS. QUEER GENIUSES YAS

Author's Response: Elisabeth this is not pointless at all getting a review from you made my week!! Seriously you have no idea how much I love your writing and how much it's helped me so I am very very excited that you're enjoying this story!!

Hope it doesn't disappoint. :) I'm modeling a lot of the found family-ness of Lucy and her crew around your stories, tbh, so hopefully it works out.

(Spoiler alert: Lucy and Alexandria aren't the only queer characters.)

Thanks for the review and the favorite!! It means a lot to me. :)))


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Review #9, by krazyboutharryginny The Beginning

10th February 2016:



I saw you posting about this on Twitter, I think, and then just now you posted a link and I was so excited to come check this out! I really like this first chapter and I'm so pumped to see where you go from here.

Lucy is a really unique and interesting character. I loved that you showed us her unusual thought processes (e.g. wanting to do an examination on the physics of Oz's hair). I also loved her obvious crush on Divya Singh. (I really need to read more stories about gay girls because they make my heart sing.)

I thought you did quite a good job introducing the many OCs in this chapter and giving us a sense of their personalities. However, I did find it slightly difficult to keep up with who was being referred to, as there were some switches between first and last names (e.g. Divya Singh sometimes being referred to as "Divya" and other times as "Singh"). I usually managed to figure out which character it was through context clues, but it distracted me and pulled me out of the story while I figured it out. Maybe the first time you introduce each character you could use their first and last name, or be consistent with which one is being used by other characters.

I'm really excited to see further development of all the characters in this, as they all have huge potential. And I'm looking forward to seeing Lucy and Alexandria's relationship develop, too!

Love this!


Author's Response: Hey Kayla, thanks so much for the review!! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story.

I've been hyping this on twitter a little too much I think...I need to stop doing that. Glad it hasn't disappointed so far though! :)

I'm glad Lucy comes off that way-- I couldn't tell if it was fun/interesting or just annoying to write her like this. Ah her crush on Divya...so obvious. We'll see where that goes. ;) (Side note: I started this as an entry for the femslash challenge, but then I disappeared into a black hole of homework, and now I've continued the story. I flirted with the idea of switching away from femslash, and then I was like, no, representation is important and why wouldn't Lucy be gay? And here we are.)

Thank you so much for your comments on this!! I really appreciate this feedback and I'm going to go back and edit it a bit to make it easier to follow. I've been thinking about the characters so much that it wasn't something I was thinking about as a reader, or how it would come off.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm! I hope you continue to enjoy it when I get around to writing more of it. :P


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