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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy Without That Innocent Kiss, What a Life I'd Have Missed

14th January 2017:

This was my feel-good story of the day! It brightened my Saturday and made everything awesome and why oh why oh WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME! T_T - This crying face is all your fault! *sob*

Okay, I guess, I should have seen it coming, but come on! Who would? I love that they had a long and meaningful life together with kids and everything. I love that they still tell each other stories even though they know how they end or have heard them half a million times and they love them anyway. And I rather love that Lily and Albus are twins and started their own agency- I now require a story about that, please.

I just can't- why couldn't Harry have bucked the kick it? Awww, it was still a cute story, but I'm still gonna be mad at you... Not for long, but for now. Now I'm really scared to start reading Actions. 43 chapters in and you've probably broken the hearts of hundreds multiple times by now!

Anyway, Merry Christmas. ♥


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Review #2, by SilverMoonFairy I Thought Love Wasn't Meant to Last

14th January 2017:
Okay, that was a brilliant way to open the chapter...

Seamus Finnigan- a proper hobby. XD Oh, that just brightened up my Saturday...

I'm a little confused- I don't think I would be talking to my ex like this if it were me. Not so soon, anyway. I may really have to go back and read the first chapter. Was it a nice break up? NO IT WASN'T BECAUSE I REMEMBER THE MEMORY OF IT ALMOST BROKE MY HEART. Move along, Ginny... Grrr...

OMG THAT WAS SO CUTE! Of course he wanted to kiss him Fourth Year. He had the long, wild hair and he was a Champion who fought DRAGONS and MERPEOPLE and SPHINXES and, ugh, brilliant...

Okay, despite reservations, it was pretty cute that Ginny still cares about Harry enough to tell him when to stop being a stick in the mud because that's apparently how their relationship fell apart, poor dears. Grrr, such a cute story, why isn't it longer...?

he could feel Ginny and Hermione
Missed a capital for He.

-Liz ^_^

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Review #3, by SilverMoonFairy I thought you were just passing through

14th January 2017:
Hellooo! Yeah, still not brave enough to try Actions yet. IT'S REALLY LONG and I don't do stuff I'm supposed to do when I'm addicted to a fic. But I think I'm upgrading to a smartphone soon, so I can read on break at work, lol.

Anywho, I'm here for gift-giving reviews! *salute* I almost forgot that I had started this story so I think I'll finish it today. Can I just say I appreciate the casual references to things that have already happened so that I don't have to go reread the first chapter? Very easily caught up for the woman who took so long to read some more.

I'm rather in love with the idea of Seamus and Harry or maybe just Seamus since I had to write him recently. Strangely, Harry wasn't one of my favorite characters... So I really enjoyed a look into the life of an Auror in this chapter and by that, I don't mean missions, but the real life stuff that most people have to deal with on a daily basis. Robards essentially sent Harry for a drug test after a work related accident and I sort of love it. I also love that despite their history, Cho is a firm Healer who isn't going to let Harry get away with going about his life-threatening life.

I have to wonder, though, WHY DIDN'T SEAMUS OWL HIM?! Is he leading a double life? Secretly seeing Ginny? IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH DEAN?! I have to know... Omg, he's a Death Eater, isn't he? Yes, that one is a little farfetched, but come on!

Okay, I'm done whining. Onto the next! ^_^


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Review #4, by SilverMoonFairy It was only a smile, but my heart it went wild

15th August 2016:
BETH IT'S TOO EARLY IN THE STORY TO BE BREAKING MY HEART! Those five words and I almost want to cry. I've had days like that. They aren't fair.

PS, here for BvB! (Hopefully before someone else posts!)

It seems very in character for Harry that he would throw himself into his work, trying to rid the world of remaining Death Eaters, and of course it would be hard on his personal relationships. It sucks to admit, but it's true. Maybe Harry and Ginny made it in canon, but in a real world, they would have cracked. *wipes tear*

Including History of Magic... Oh, Seamus... Only Seamus!

Gah, that was so cute, I'm sad it was so short! But there are other chapters, so hope is RENEWED! Harry deserves happiness and it's nice that there is someone who can help him unwind- you know, until he up and leaves for Ireland! THAT'S NOT VERY NICE BETH! But this is so cute! I don't know about Seamus yet, I'll have to see more of him, but at least Harry, I feel like you nailed him! (Especially that opening, WOWEE!!!)

I am looking forward to coming back and reading the rest of this!

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Review #5, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Without That Innocent Kiss, What a Life I'd Have Missed

18th June 2016:
(Here for the LGBTQA+ Review Event)

Ahhh Beth you're killing me! To go, all in one chapter, from incredibly sweet to heartbreaking to tearfully sweet?! So many emotions packed into so few words. Wow. But, still, I loved this as the final chapter. I think jumping ahead in time, and bringing things full circle with St. Mungo's, really knits the story together. Otherwise things wouldn't have progressed much from the end of the third chapter to the end of this one. Well done!

I guess I'll just reiterate that it might be helpful to give some more details about Seamus' curse, especially now that we know it becomes relevant to the story's ending. I think those details would help us feel more attached to his situation, because we'd be more aware of what he's going through. And also, if you could give some telltale signs in an earlier chapter (like the hand tremor) and then bring them back in this one, well, the emotional impact of this final chapter would just double. It would be killer!

I love that you stuck with Harry having the same three kids, just with Seamus and not Ginny. I don't know why, that also just added to my emotions at the end. And, of course, having familiar names is nice. Loved the little note about the detective agency.

What a wonderful story! You totally pulled off Harry/Seamus. I almost feel like I want to give the pairing a shot at some point, now. I'm so happy I got the chance to read this.

- Sarah

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Review #6, by long_live_luna_bellatrix I Thought Love Wasn't Meant to Last

18th June 2016:
Hi! Back once again for the LGBTQA+ Review Event!

I love that Seamus gets better extremely quickly as soon as Harry starts coming around, and that Harry is better because of his relationship with Seamus. Like I said, I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. Also, hurrah to Seamus taking the lead at Grimmauld Place! I love that he can take the initiative when Harry is more timid. This makes it all the more interesting that he can take the lead in those moments, but not when it comes to the larger conversation of their relationship. I think it absolutely makes sense that some people can take initiative in some areas but not others.

Hmm, I'm a little curious for more details about Seamus' illness... Nothing major, but just a few, so that I have a better image of what he went through. That might have been helpful either in this chapter or the last.

Fantastic job with Hermione and Ginny coming up for "the talk" and the misunderstanding that ensues. It's a wonderful, light-hearted moment. And totally like Ginny to cut to the chase. Leave it to them to know what's best for Harry!

I thought you did an excellent job portraying a slightly nervous Harry in the latter half of the chapter. It touched on all the nerves that come with a new relationship, not to mention when you've never dated another man before. It gave the story that much more authenticity.

The line about liking him since fourth year-- a great way to top things off. It also explains why Seamus was so into Harry from the start... Harry might have been feeling a little lost since the first chapter, but Seamus knew what he wanted.

I've been really enjoying this, Beth! Can't wait to finish it up.

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Review #7, by long_live_luna_bellatrix I thought you were just passing through

18th June 2016:
Hello again! I'm back for the LGBTQA+ Review Event.

Another lovely chapter! You'll make a Harry/Seamus fan of me yet.

I was a little confused at Seamus' behavior at the beginning of the chapter... I don't know, I guess in my book, when someone kisses you, even briefly, even if it's not square on, well, that means something was going on there. So even though Harry kind of shook it off, I felt like he shouldn't quite have been able to... I'm not sure. I think I would have liked a couple more sentences there to make things clearer.

I liked that people were looking out for Harry, and making him stop. That part about the erratic heart rate and the weight loss, and Harry trying to ignore, it sounded really familiar. It seems like we're all always doing that. So the fact that people paid attention to those signs made me happy.

So I'm assuming that the reason Seamus hasn't been writing back to Harry is because he's been so ill? Would it be possible for you to clarify that somewhere? Also, I wonder-- why did you choose to have this story take place over months and months, instead of weeks or even days? It totally works as is, but I feel like it could work equally well in a more compressed timeline, too, especially for such a short story.

Ha, and then the erratic heartbeat came back-- in a different way! Love it. I'm such a sucker for romances when one person is injured and the other one either sticks by their side or helps them back to health... So this was a particularly great chapter for me!

I'm really enjoying this story so far. It better have a happy ending! (And I suspect it will) Great job, Beth.

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Review #8, by long_live_luna_bellatrix It was only a smile, but my heart it went wild

17th June 2016:
Hello there Beth! I'm stopping by for the Pride review fest, but I'm also just glad I get to read something of yours for (possibly?) the first time.

First of all, I think you did a really nice job summing up the end of Harry and Ginny's relationship at the very beginning of this chapter. I could totally see that happening... And break-ups of that sort, when people love each other but just find the relationship too difficult to go on, make my poor little heart break. :P So I totally had a lot of sympathy for everyone involved right away. Plus, I liked how you described Ron and Hermione's different sorts of advice-- they felt very true to character!

It also made a nice premise, obviously, for Harry to run into Seamus! I loved this line: "Seamus - whod caused an explosion in nearly every class at Hogwarts (including, astonishingly, History of Magic)." I also liked how Harry's reasons for not needing to get excited quickly morphed into reasons for getting excited; from the exploding boy to the brave man.

In general, I just really like how one small encounter has the ability to brighten Harry's whole mood. I think it's a lovely concept, that even when it feels like everything is going down and you're stuck in a hole you can't get out of, something simple will come along to remind you that life is still moving. I totally felt for Harry!

The only thing that caught me off guard was the last paragraph (the big one, not the lyric). It felt like things suddenly moved very fast. That's not a bad thing necessarily-- I get the sense that you chose to do that for a reason, and that more important things will be coming up in the next chapters-- but it still felt a little abrupt to me. I think it would have felt a little less sudden if there hasn't been the kiss at the end, after the quick summary of the two weeks. Then again, I think that kiss will also help the plot move along. So I'm split! But I would love to see even just one or two more paragraphs in the lead up to that, or even a quick scene of them in the Leaky Cauldron.

Lovely writing so far, and a lovely story. I'm excited to see what happens next!

- Sarah

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Review #9, by cherry_pop94 I thought you were just passing through

5th March 2016:
Hello! Here for the HPFF Review-A-Thon!

I loved the first chapter and this one was just as great. Seamus and Harry are an unexpected pairing, but somehow, you make it seem like the most natural thing in the world.

I really like how you deal with the after-effects of the war. In this and I've seen in a lot of your other stories. You talk frankly about the effects of trauma. On Harry, on Seamus. It didn't end when Voldemort died. They carry these scars with them. For Seamus, it has manifest itself in a physical curse wound. For Harry, it's mental troubles.

I really like how you brought Cho Chang into this too. It's cool to integrate all these known characters in. I like how tough she was with Harry. It's obviously that she cares about him. I also laughed at little at her comment about Harry needing a hobby. He's never really had one of those, has he? He's just sort of been saving the world from the start. He doesn't know how to be a normal person.

Once again, I love how you deal with these after-effects of their traumatic experiences. And ugh, I just ship Harry and Seamus so much here!


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Review #10, by Aphoride It was only a smile, but my heart it went wild

21st February 2016:
Hey Beth! :D So I gotta admit first off that Harry/people other than Ginny is not usually my cup of tea - and Harry/Seamus is something I've rarely even seen, let alone ever actually read. But, anyway, it looked interesting and given I know you can write romance already, it seemed exciting ;)

Anyway, I know it was only a small thing, but I loved how you split up Harry and Ginny - how it was just that they didn't work rather than anything huge or overly dramatic. It seems so natural, you know? Like, it just didn't work out - and it makes it easier to have a clean break and for things to be sweeter, which is always lovely in a romance :P

Plus, I love how you've started off their romance so tentatively - it makes so much sense. It's a delicate thing, especially if you're not sure the other person likes you, and so in character, too - Harry was always awkward about romance and things :P The whole story so far seems really delicately poised and balanced, like walking a knife-edge kinda thing, that it could easily break or go wrong, and Harry's not really sure what to do, and perhaps neither is Seamus. It works so well with the scenario and the characters.

I love as well how Harry's throwing himself into work and then all of a sudden he meets Seamus again and he doesn't quite know how he's feeling and blurts out to go to the pub and they spend so much time seeing each other every day, and then Seamus leaves. It makes this brilliant kind of headspace for Harry, that he's replacing Ginny with work, but then work with Seamus, and it's a very natural path to take.

That conversation, hehe, so perfectly awkward on Harry's part and seemingly so relaxed on Seamus' :P

As always, your writing is so lovely in this. Your dialogue is so great and your description is always good - and the way the whole thing flows is always so so impressive. The time-jumps and things in this, the little bits of narration, gah it just all fits together so easily. The little cliff-hanger at the end, too, darn you! :( So cruel! :P

Anyway, this is a lovely start and I'm really curious to see how it goes, how you get them together, and what happens - and I'm so glad I read this because it's completely introduced me to a pairing I'd never even have thought about before :)

Aph xx

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Review #11, by RavenclawFTW It was only a smile, but my heart it went wild

17th February 2016:
Hiya Beth! I'm here for BvB! I saw that you've finished this story-- congrats!! It's always a great feeling to mark that "Complete" box so I'm glad you've finally got that rush! :)

First off, I love how you've established the AUness of this story, because it's so aggressively believable to me that I sometimes prefer it to canon. Sometimes I really feel Harry/Ginny, but sometimes I feel like they've both been through so much that it would be really hard to establish a healthy, supportive relationship when they have as much baggage as they do and are as young as they are.

(Also, I'm really sorry if this review is confusing-- I've had a really long day and am using this to unwind, but it may mean I actually make no sense...)

From the break up, I also love how you're characterizing Harry's reaction and dedication to his work. I know I enthuse about this in all my reviews on Hermione Granger, but you do a great job keeping canon characters in character and really fleshing them out. This is something I'm really terrified of (hence me never writing canon characters...) but you do so naturally! Kudos.

Going off that, you've just nailed Harry here. He's got the heroic disposition and wants to shoulder everything and it's just so much. You've woven in his friends really nicely, but also demonstrated how out of it Harry has become-- I love the line No - Harry Potter was too wrapped up in paperwork and house elves and his own head to notice very much of anything. It really shows so much!

Also, I love how you've worked in "The Chosen One" here, because that's such a loaded phrase and there's so much responsibility on the shoulders of this one almost-teenager. Ugh, I always end up wanting responsible adults to help out the Trio when I read your stories haha. (Even though they're 21 here, that's still so young!!)

Then there's Seamus-- I love how you've pulled out those details to introduce him and really show how much of a breath of fresh air he is here! I'm also curious to learn more about his own backstory and his limp, because he clearly has stuff going on behind the scenes.

Then the ending is great-- I can't wait to see how this is going to develop, and the ambiguity is really exciting! You've made all of this very believable as Harry is discovering more about himself and Seamus and I'm excited to see where you take it all. Great job! :)


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Review #12, by alicia and anne I thought you were just passing through

15th February 2016:
Eeek! I am so excited right now, I can't wait to see them together being all cute and adorable! :D

Listen to him, Harry! You can't be sick... unless Seamus is the one to look after you... then maybe you can get sick?

:O Cho is his healer? Cheeky! Hahah she's putting him on restrictive duty, he is going to go stir crazy!

Seamus has a curse? I hope it's not too bad a curse :( HUG HIM BETTER HARRY!!



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Review #13, by merlins beard Without That Innocent Kiss, What a Life I'd Have Missed

9th February 2016:
Beth. Really. Do you always have to do that?

Can't you just let characters be happy?

No, i know you can't. Check my stories, i'm not really all that good at it either.

This is the only chapter i have some CC on, i hope that's okay. It's well written and a good ending to the story and i love that they have years of happiness together, but even though the ending is very emotional and I am very easily moved to tears, I didn't have to cry here. And i can tell you why. The sad part of the chapter was just not long enough to feel really sentimental. It was over just when I thought "now it's getting sad".

I absolutely adore that story of the incident in History of Magic and I think it's great that even though this is AU, you still let Harry have a family. I think that's something that is really important to him and i can't really picture him as an adult without kids (plus Dad!Harry fics are gold!)

Thank you so, so much for entering my challenge, I had a lot of fun reading and reviewing it, and I'll have the results and prizes up by tomorrow.

♥ Anja

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Review #14, by merlins beard I Thought Love Wasn't Meant to Last

9th February 2016:
Hey, it's me again, only boring old me, nothing exciting here.

That is, before Seamus turned to him, smiled with that sexy dimple of his, and snogged Harry senseless.

THIS. this line. Pure gold. There's all this shy Seamus and Harry bonding happening, and right in the middle of all the timidness, you throw this line. Bold as can be, stating the facts in no uncertain terms, breaking up the writing style, bringing excitement and energy and a variation in pace. Just WOW.

Well, moving on from stylistic elements to the plot.
This is an easy story, the plot explains itself, is comfortable and feels like something that we all might have felt or imagined at one point in a distant past. In short, it's very comforting and i want to wrap this story around me like a blanket, build a fort out of it and enjoy some hot chocolate.

Ooooh I love Ginny. The way you write her is something i can really picture. I am so glad that Harry's and Seamus' friends step in to prevent unhappiness due to misunderstanding (the most common cause for broken hearts in fan fiction, at least in my experience). It's different, we don't see that very often. For once, things that could have gone wrong just didn't. I'm proud of you for beating Murphy's Law.

♥ Anja

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Review #15, by merlins beard I thought you were just passing through

9th February 2016:
Headache be damned, I just had to read the next chapter.

Poor Harry, having such a hard time and throwing himself into his work to avoid everything else... I guess (bar the quidditch thing), he's always been a little like that.

I am really glad that Harry's Boss is looking out for him and that he doesn't take no for an answer and makes Harry get a medical checkup. Hahahahaha the appointment with Cho backfired a bit. I can't believe Harry didn't see that coming... obviously someone who cares about him will always make him stay home until he is healthy again...

Wow, Seamus is at St Mungo's as well. must be a really bad curse, almost 3 and a half years after the battle and he's still having trouble with it. I guess that's what many war veterans have to deal with. And omg these two are cute together. I totally understand Kyle's love for this pairing now :)

I can't wait to read more. Congrats on finishing a multi chapter story, i have yet to accomplish that myself... it's a very difficult thing to do.

♥ Anja

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Review #16, by merlins beard It was only a smile, but my heart it went wild

9th February 2016:
Hey Beth,
I'm here reviewing this for the challenge.
I think you're off to a really good start here. I love how you make this so believeable.

It might sound weird to you (considering I hosted this challenge and all) that I am a huge Harry/Ginny shipper. Anything that isn't Harry/Ginny definitely needs a good reason and has to be really believeable.

I can see and understand the reason Harry and Ginny broke up, and I know how painful it is, but when couples are together from a young age, they often grow apart.
I like that you give Harry time to grieve, time to throw himself into his work and ignore his emotions for a while.

I love how Harry isn't really sure about what's happening but he just goes with the flow and doesn't resist. What we see of Seamus here isn't a lot yet, but I really like him so far. I can't wait to see where this goes and what their story is.

Your writing style is great. It's easy to read, flows nicely and had just the right amount of details (really cute ones btw).

Thanks for entering my challenge.

♥ Anja

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Review #17, by cherry_pop94 It was only a smile, but my heart it went wild

8th February 2016:
Hello Beth! I'm here for bvb!

Wow I loved this! It's such an unexpected pairing, but you've made it work brilliantly. What I really loved is that you made Harry's break up with Ginny very realistic. They didn't just fall apart mysteriously, you give reasons and I think they make a lot of sense.

I also love that Harry threw himself into work. His reasoning behind that is also very in character with who he is. He feels an obligation to the world even now. He can't let all those people die in vain, he feels an obligation to make the world safer for Teddy. I love that.

And now let's talk about Seamus! The thoughts that ran through Harry's head when he saw Seamus were lovely. All the explosions (even History of Magic! I laughed at that), the fun, carefree days. It was really lovely. I think that Dean, Neville, Harry, Ron, and Seamus all must have been close. You don't share a room with someone for six years without getting close. So I really love that this explored Harry's friendship with Seamus first and then dives into the romance that develops.

I can't wait to read more of this! Thanks for sharing!


Author's Response: Stefanie,

Oh my gosh, your reviews are so wonderful. Thank you so much! I really do ship Harry/Ginny, but I wanted to take on the challenge of doing a different pairing, so it was important to me that the breakup was at least a little bit realistic. And yes, Harry throwing himself into work to get over it is SO typical - haha!

I actually wrote the History of Magic explosion in the last chapter of this story, so I'd love to hear what you think about it.

I agree with you that it doesn't seem right for Harry and Seamus to pursue each other romantically without exploring their friendship first.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #18, by HufflePuff_Blitz It was only a smile, but my heart it went wild

8th February 2016:
Hi Beth!
So for your first m/m story this was really good! And you did Harmus too which is my otp :) so I enjoyed this a lot!
It was so cute also! And I can totally see Harry and Ginny batting heads all the time. Seeing as they only "dated" in half blood prince. And even then it didn't seem like they spent a lot of time together.
Then Harry bumping into Seamus at the ministry. Oh so wonderful. And them getting drinks for two weeks then the kiss. Sque. So adorable.
Great start. I cannot wait to continue onto the next chapter you have!

Author's Response: Kyle!

I'm so, so sorry I've taken this long to write back to you. I'm the worst. But I'm squeeing inside because you liked this. Confession time: I was thinking about you the entire time I wrote this story. I really wanted to do your OTP justice.

I liked the kiss part too. Just enough to make Harry question if it really means something or not...

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #19, by alicia and anne It was only a smile, but my heart it went wild

8th February 2016:
Oh a Harry and Seamus! I am excited! :D I know someone else who will be excited, and that is Kyle. I must tell him about this.

Harry is adorable, especially how he's trying to brush off his feelings for Seamus by saying it was nothing.

I can totally see that happening with Ginny and Harry, I can see their personalities causing rifts between them until one of them eventually gave up.

By the way you've done a utterly fantastic job at writing Harry.

Oh those two are so adorable with their hug!


AHHH AHHH That kiss! That kiss is perfect! Ahh I need more! :D I need to know how this continues!

Author's Response: Hi there Tammi!

Your reviews are just SO sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words. And I have to tell you, that you helped inspire the last chapter of this story. Let me know if you get a chance to read it - I hope the explosion is to your liking :)

I'm a huge Harry/Ginny shipper, so it was important to me that their breakup be believable and not underplayed. I'm glad you agreed with that.

Hee hee - I wanted them to take it a little bit slow - and I love writing unsure!Harry.

Thanks again Tammi - stay sweet.

♥ Beth

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