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Reading Reviews for Letters to loving you
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Review #1, by RavenclawFTW [one]

6th February 2016:
Hey Anja! Thanks so much for your wonderful reviews today! I'm finally returning the favor for BvB.

So I had no expectations coming into this fic, but I'm so engrossed already! I love how you're painting Draco's character, and he is a great mix of somewhat selfish, fearful, and truly sorry. The way that you've shown Lucius to be so controlling and scary to Narcissa and Draco is an interesting twist, and not something I usually see in fic that much.

You've really plopped us down right into the middle of it all, and the tension of this chapter was killing me! I really enjoyed Harry's whole speech, and it seemed super in character. The dramatic irony of that was pretty funny, in a weird way, when everybody was freaking out over things we already know. But it seemed very realistic, and I'm glad that Draco got off relatively easily-- I can't wait to see how the community service plays into it!

Just a tiny bit of CC: while the writing was really great and engaging, I felt like some of the paragraphs could've been broken up a bit more to keep the flow smoother. There were a few blocks of text that were a bit disorienting, and even though it that wasn't confusing or anything, I think the writing could be tightened up if you kept the sections a little bit shorter.

Also, something I'm a bit curious about is why Bill Weasley, of all the Weasleys, is the one who's on the Wizengamot. Maybe a little explanation of that could help orient the reader? I also loved his little clues to Draco, and that felt like something right out of the books! I can't explain it that well but those details were very JKR-esque to me, and also a great way to demonstrate how Draco has grown/matured since we saw him in canon.

This was a great opening chapter to establish Draco and the setting, and as previously mentioned, I'm already hooked! I feel like I can picture this scene really well, and I can't wait to read more! I hope you can update soon! Great job!


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Review #2, by Beeezie [one]

6th February 2016:
Hey, Anja! I'm here for BvB! :) It's great to have you back for it. ♥

I found your take on the Malfoys post-Battle of Hogwarts to be really believable and realistic. It makes sense that Draco and Narcissa might be held under house arrest; while they were certainly part of the regime, they weren't anywhere near as active in Voldemort's reign of terror as Lucius (and it makes sense that he'd be taken away, too - I just can't imagine him getting off). I also liked that you kept Harry's testimony believable and in keeping with what we actually saw of his perception regarding Draco and Narcissa. He clearly kept his testimony to the objective basics, which makes sense, and the fact that Draco clearly had had no contact with Harry while he was awaiting trial made his confusion when Harry showed up and testified on his behalf quite clear that he had no idea how far Harry had moved past their enmity from school.

I also liked the difference in his and his mother's sentences. I completely agree that Draco really shouldn't have been put in Azkaban - he was a kid, and I'm generally opposed to locking up people for things they did as minors if there's any other solution - but Narcissa was far more complicit and for a much longer period of time than Draco. She did deserve jail time - but the shorter sentence seemed reasonable, given the situation. I love Draco's sentence - I can't wait to see how you depict it!

I also found your take on their respective relationships with Lucius really intriguing, and I'm interested to see how you expand on that further throughout the story. We saw that Lucius was willing to go to great lengths to support Voldemort and that he was quite cavalier with the lives of others, including eleven year old girls about to go to Hogwarts. (Poor Ginny.) I can imagine how that might have manifested in different but still very stressful and anxiety-provoking ways for Draco, and given how devoted Narcissa is toward Draco - yeah, I can see that creating a significant rift.

There were a couple things that felt a little odd, though. In the paragraph starting, "I could feel the heat of blood rushing through my body," Draco referring to himself in the third person seemed a little odd - "my mother and I were locked up for good" would have made much more sense. I also wasn't sure why you didn't mention Dean - I'm pretty sure he was with Harry & co when they were captured, at least in the series.

Other than that, though, this was a great first chapter. I'm so glad you're a Claw again and I'll have more chances to read your stuff! ♥

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