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Reading Reviews for Coffee And Handcuffs
3 Reviews Found

Review #1, by banshee Sensory Deprivation

23rd February 2016:
so, I stumbled across this as I was requesting a banner, and needless to say "smutty deamus" kind of stood out to me and demanded I read immediately. :D


you are the most wonderful person in the world.

a;sldkjf handcuffs! clothing removal spells!

This review is going to be very incoherent, just fyi.

First person smut is something that I usually avoid like the plague, but omg you're really working at changing my mind here.

end up in a messy sundae on my stomach - There are no words. (I was gonna say "I screamed" but I figured the pun would be bad, even for me)

There is never going to be enough deamus stories in the world for me, so thank you so much for adding this wonderful contribution.

Seriously though. This was amazing. I love the way you wrote their relationship; this was fun, and I love that sense of friendship and trust when it shows up in deamus stories like this. A++ 10/10.


Author's Response: Hey Julie!

I'm so glad that you enjoy Deamus as much as I do. They're such a great couple!

It's okay. Incoherent reviews are perfectly fine with me. :D

I know what you mean. I actually wrote this in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person trying to figure out how it worked best and for some reason 1st person stuck.

Yay for bad puns!

I totally wish there were more Deamus stories too!

Thank you so much for this amazing review! It was such a lovely surprise to log on and find this.


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Review #2, by Challenge Cheerleader Sensory Deprivation

20th February 2016:
Well, Kaitlin. I hardly believe it was your first time writing smut! If it truly was, you have quite the knack for it...and a vivid imagination. Then again, perhaps your experience is with reading smut and not writing! LOL! Either way, it was very well written. I liked your descriptions: the 'steaming liquid going down my throat', the 'trailing droplets of water', 'the balance of his hot breath and the freezing ice'...all very provocative and arousing.
Nice job, Kaitlin! I can't wait for the next "smutty" challenge to see what you come up with!

Author's Response: Hello my dear Challenge Cheerleader!

I promise it is my first time. I actually don't read it much either because I just end up laughing the whole way through.

I'm glad you enjoyed the description. I felt like that was really important to make the scene come to life.

Thank you again for the lovely review and the encouragement! I appreciate it so much!


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Review #3, by ABlack Sensory Deprivation

5th February 2016:
I would have thought Iíd be prepared, but wow! You clearly know your way around smut. No, I donít believe you havenít written smut before! Impossible!

Depriving a loverís sight, then drizzling honey on them, followed by strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream Ö itís a downright delectable delight! I love how you included the contrasts of freezing ice to the skin and the startling warmth of his mouth as part of the seduction before moving on to equal parts pain and pleasure. This is a manual of how to tease, tempt and drive someone crazy with desire Ö all while depicted in such a tasteful manner as to not exceed the ToS.

And for the record, this was nowhere near close to being as bad as 50 Shades - you are a wonderful writer!


Author's Response: Hey Alexis,

I swear I've never written smut before! I don't even read it that often because I honestly find it sort of awkward and end up giggling the whole way through.

I think sight deprivation can really enhance the other senses and since I'm so into food, when you gave me the prompt of coffee and handcuffs, this is the first place my mind went to.

Oh! Thank you so much! That's such a relief!

Thanks for a challenging challenge!


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