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Reading Reviews for The Survivor
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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote The Survivor

6th March 2016:
For HPFF’s review-a-thon

I was quite thrilled to read this story because I love Moody, but always felt he was a bit underdeveloped or weirdly romanticized. I think your portrayal of him is much more like I envisioned.

Alastor Moody certainly does not seem like the kind of man who would take any sign of pity or sympathy well.

My feelings are hurt for Moody. He seems to handle the termination well considering, but I’m hurt for her. First of all, to be thrown away after getting injured in the line of duty is, in my opinion, unsavory and wrong. Secondly, to do so in such a harsh manner is unprofessional. To be made head of the department, he should have more decorum and tact than that, regardless of how vexing Moody can be.

Awards are just pieces of paper to hang on the walls that mean more for people like Slughorn. Moody would never be bothered with such nonsense.

I think his aim would have adjusted quickly, given time to acclimate. They should have gave him the opportunity.

My favorite line was ‘After all, no one can ever be sure of what they wake up to; one shall always be armed to defend himself’ because it gave us a peak of the Moody that we know and love. That sounds like it could absolutely be straight from the book.

The eye part is the most interesting part of the story. I love that you took a random, overlooked detail and gave it such an intriguing back story.

Overall, I love your story and your portrayal of Moody. You really managed to bring a sense of dimension to his character!

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Review #2, by Gail Welin The Survivor

4th March 2016:
Hi Emm!

I'm here to (finally) review your entry for my Sleeping Habits Challenge before I (finally) announce the results!

Oh, wow, I really love that this explains how Moody got his eye! The straight-arrow soldier that he is, there's probably nothing worse than being relieved of his duties - like a broken puppet, there's no more use to him. I love that he didn't immediately understand the administrative, empty words of Holdsworth. Again, Alastor's a soldier and he goes straight to the point.

The sleeping habits here are Alastor taking out his magical eye, sleeping with his wooden leg still attached and his wand by his hand - right? Does he remember the night he lost his leg and eye ever night before falling to sleep? For a moment there, I thought he needed a glass of water by his bed in case he got thirsty. Then I could only think "dude, I hope he doesn't drink that" :D

I really enjoyed your characterization! How moody Moody is (haha) and how awkward it was for him at first with his wooden leg and his missing eye. It's kind of funny to picture him without depth perception!
It makes sense the eye was a prototype! It made me picture a post-war generation of witches and wizards with magical prostetic limbs and eyes - that was a very fascinating mental picture.
I'd be really interested in reading more about that Research Wing!

That was a very entertaining read, thank you for writing this!


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Review #3, by Secret Cupid The Survivor

15th February 2016:
Hello Emm! It is I, your Secret Cupid. I have returned for one last review, as you unfortunately have no other stories up at this time! I can't wait for you to continue writing, because I can already see such a great development from your first stories to here, and that's even with your first story being so wonderful! It's great that you've been able to share these stories and I'm excited to see future stories.

Now, for this story, there's a lot that I love about it! I haven't read any Moody-centered fics (I'm seeing a theme amongst your stories...) and this was very interesting to get a new perspective on how he's viewing the world (hehehe...cause he loses the eye? no? too soon?). I really love how you've added touches of vulnerability to such a gruff character, and demonstrated how and why he comes off that way.

The scene in the beginning, with the Head Auror, was a really, really strong scene, and your descriptions there are killer (just like Moody, amirite?). You've mixed in the details that establish a lot about Moody as a character and set the scene. I especially loved these lines: His face contorted in pain as he took a small step forward with his wooden leg but his expression changed into one of casual nonchalance in the blink of an eye. In another ten steps, five of which were marked by the sound of wood clanking hard on the stone floor, Moody stood in front of Holdsworth’s table.

They're a great mixture of evocative imagery and description and characterization, showing how Moody is suppressing so much pain and discomfort, but pretending otherwise. The detail about the steps and their noisiness was also such a beautiful way to describe that, and it set the story off to a great start!

For the plot of this story, surprise surprise, I was really impressed with your creativity and how you've approached his backstory. Like I said, I've really never considered Moody or how he came to be, and you've brought together a bunch of elements of his life is a great way.

I love that Moody was able to earn his way back to the Auror force without the eye, and that he worked so hard to get there. That was really in character, and the scene that showed him kinda getting back his groove, so to speak, was a great transition.

And then the fact that the eye was coming from the Department of Mysteries! What a great detail! And I love how you've depicted that, and how the Department targeted Moody. That felt really believable to me, and it makes a lot of sense. Head canon 100% accepted!

You've interwoven the touches of vulnerability really nicely as well, and I think that I could really understand Moody better after reading this story. The way that his previous experiences and battles haunt him, even though he's always been doing what's right, is really powerful, and explains his paranoia quite well. The ending scene with the eye constantly being awake was also such a great way to end the story, and fits really, really well with what we know from canon!

As you can see, I loved every part of this story, and it's been a joy to read not only this, but all of your stories! While your first story was quite wonderful and I hope you get a chance to continue it, I feel like I can see how your descriptions have changed since then, and I'm really excited to see more of your writing in the future. You truly have a gift, not only with your writing, but your creativity and the way you bring out so much characterization in such short stories– our House is proud to call you a 'Claw! :)

Happy Valentine's Day again!

Secret Cupid

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