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Review #1, by Liana Braver than Most

17th January 2017:
This was really good. I enjoyed it a lot. If I had written I would've focused on my fear of heights. I had forgotten what a great writer you are. Any thoughts on the 7th Albus book??

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Review #2, by MargaretLane Braver than Most

1st August 2016:
That is so sad about so many of the Weasleys suffering from post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety. Not exactly surprising given what they've been through, but sad.

Hmm, I wonder how her father's decision to run for Minister of Magic is going to impact on her life. I'm guessing it will put her under some pressure, especially if the media brings families into it. One thing I've noticed watching the American elections is the amount of talk about the spouses and children of the candidates. I wouldn't even recognise the children of either our Taoiseach (Prime Minister) or President, nor do I know any of the names of the Taoiseach's kids and I THINK I know the name of one of our President's kids. I get the impression this is NOT the norm worldwide though. In fact, it's been argued that one of the reasons Mary Robinson won the presidential election back in 1990 is that this guy from one of the other parties made a dig that she was only acting like she cared about her kids to get votes and the comment was considered so inappropriate that it gained her a lot of support.

The wizarding world doesn't seem to have many scruples about people's private lives though, so might not be the best experience for Lucy if she suffers from anxiety.

LOVE the idea of the elections being held on the anniversary of Voldemort's downfall.

Election counts take DAYS here and people usually know they are winning or losing well before the announcement. This kind of sudden announcement must be even more stressful.

Love the differences in personality between Molly and Lucy. I think you could make a longer story or even a series out of this actually, but I get the impression you've more than enough ideas already.

LOVE that line about Percy running despite knowing it would make Lucy miserable. It's so sad.

I really like the conversation she has with Harry. I can't even imagine what it would be like to deal with that kind of stress on a daily basis.

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Review #3, by alicia and anne Braver than Most

22nd May 2016:
It makes me sad to think of them all after the war, slowly trying to recover from it as best as they can. It's a side that I don't find much in the stories that I've read, and I love that you've got it in this story. And it's true, that people only want to see the side that helped them win the war.

Oh Harry, I just want to hug him. He must be so broken inside :(

I think that Percy would be a great Minister, I wonder if he'll still be a stickler for the rules when in power? :P

Poor Lucy though, it's evident how much she hates this all, and you've done a marvellous job at showing that. I don't want Percy to win just because I don't want Lucy to have to go through that and for her to go back to Hogwarts.

I'm so devastated for Harry, It's so heartbreaking to hear what he's gone through and what he's still going through. I'm glad that he's telling Lucy though, I feel like it's something that she needs to hear.

I think that this one shot is going to be one that sticks with me for a very long time. It's a message that hits home, and I love the quote about being braver than most.

You are such an incredible writer, and I am going to make sure that I read your Albus series. It's on my list!

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Review #4, by ngayonatkailanman Braver than Most

31st January 2016:
Excellent one shot. Now to Frankie. lol

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Review #5, by Pookha Braver than Most

30th January 2016:
This is a great read. The PTSD and other problems that the survivors would have faced so often gets over-looked and just kind of 'black-boxed'. It's good to see someone step forward and just put it out there for the world to see.

You do a great job with Lucy showing her fears and making us feel for her. I also really enjoyed the soft way that Harry approached her and opened his heart to her. He's a good man and we get to see that here.

There is a weird bit of dialogue that I notice. At the end of the second section Molly (Nana) says, "And George, dear, Congratulations..." I think you may have meant "Congratulations, Percy..."

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