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Review #1, by Matilda Part 1: Smut

23rd September 2016:
Hi! I was just wondering, what's this "review tag" that you mentioned when you reviewed "lostmyheart"'s story? :)

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Review #2, by marauderfan Part 1: Smut

12th March 2016:
Hi Ellie! I'm (finally) here to review your entry for the Your Least Favourite Challenge!

Was this story SO much fun to write? Because it was fun to read :D I've never read a Dramione in which the characters are middle aged, which gives this points for originality. After all, it's not just teenagers and 20-somethings who fall in love/have affairs with each other. :P

I find it so believable that a divorced bachelor Draco Malfoy would collect Dark artefacts just because. Not to use them, but to decorate his house. I could see it. And the amount of propriety in this that they contrive and hide behind, while it was amusing, I could also see this being the case, especially if Hermione has her reputation on the line and wouldn't want to risk it. She seems a bit less bothered about following the rules by this point, maybe because she's already built up a spotless reputation for herself. But still, her work comes first (very true for Hermione since forever) and so she invents these artificial reasons why she has to see Draco and they both kind of play along with it although they're actually meeting up for a tryst.

I really enjoyed reading this! This is a type of story I never thought I'd find here on HPFF :P Well done challenging yourself, and stay tuned for the results of the challenge, which I'm hoping to have up soon!

Author's Response: Hi Kristin!!

Thanks for reviewing :)

This was a ball of awk and fun to write? I love/hate it haha. Definitely was a strong deviation from any other thing I've ever written, so that was fun to try something new.

Hehe, well the only part I made up was that he got divorced. Pottermore states that Draco is an avid collector. I just embellished what that meant ;) I'll take half-originality points here.

Hmm, maybe I should clarify in the text, but the reason they were meeting wasn't artificial - it is mandated. what they do with their time tho, definitely not on the books lol!

Thank you again for the review, and for the challenge :)


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Review #3, by adluvshp Part 1: Smut

24th February 2016:
Hey there =)

Oooh. This was a delectable read. I loved it so much. Guilty pleasures haha.

Your portrayal of an older Hermione and Draco was very interesting. I especially enjoyed your take on Hermione here. Loved how she was so bold, and demanded Draco to "liberate her". And then the love scene. Very well-written. Tastefully and deliciously done, hehe.

The descriptions were great, and really liked your narrative. I enjoyed the read. After all, who doesn't enjoy a well-written Dramione doing interesting things secretly?

Great job!! 10/10


Author's Response: hi angie~~~

Thank you :) and thanks for the share/nod in the dramione thread! Hehe thank you, Hermione is quite naughty in this. I enjoyed writing it. Trying to keep her somewhat true to her younger self was difficult though.

Congrats on winning the challenge btw ;)

wub, wubs - ellie

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Review #4, by Ranger Part 1: Smut

8th February 2016:
I have to admit I was not expecting fat, super OOC Hermione.

Author's Response: Lol. This is Hermione at 40 years old after two kids. Who knows what she'll be like ;) Hope you enjoyed, your review gave me a chuckle!


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Review #5, by ABlack Part 1: Smut

5th February 2016:
Oh, a naughty Dramione! How lovely to read Hermione in a completely differently light. I could easily see her working for the Ministry after the War, but it was a bit of unexpected twist to have her take off her wedding ring and demand Draco to liberate her. Speaking of the ring, great inclusion of your two objects. Making the corset a part of his dark artifacts collection was nothing short of brilliant. Better yet was your inclusion of a third object, the instruction book. Comprehensive and rigorous, indeed! And it has moving pictures!


I doubt even the Restricted Section had anything like Salazar’s instruction manual, but I think it should have. :p

Overall, you certainly danced closed to the ToS while delivering the goods. Kudos!


Author's Response: Hey Alexis :)

Lovely challenge, thanks for hosting and reviewing all the participants! Yes a twist, I tried to make it seemed like the corset was effecting her, but either way, Hermione had a moment haha. I'm sure Hermione would know if it's in the restricted section or not hahaha. I had/am having too much fun with naughty smutty things.

JK said she worked as Deputy Headmistress in Magical Law Enforcement after working on magical creatures relations post-Hogwarts. So, I went with it :P

Thanks again for hosting and reviewing!

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Review #6, by Dark Whisper Part 1: Smut

4th February 2016:

Oh, my my my... another entry for the Smut-astic challenge? I'm so into the Dramione sort that I cannot help myself and must read all that I can before the challenge passes into archive history. The challenger truly has an impossible job of choosing the best one... I could not. They are all so lovely and yours is no exception.

Let me start by commenting that your banner is amazing! Both likenesses are wonderful for these older, sexy characters!

Anyway, I loved his collecting of dark artifacts. Wow! This truly fits and is something that he would definitely do... especially with all that time and money on his hands since his divorce. ;)

You did quite well with your required element, which I'm guessing is the corset. Truly, I think a story would be difficult to incorporate it, but you nailed it really well, giving it an important piece in his collection... I absolutely love this!

Clearly these two are quite mature at this point and involve themselves in adult things. At first, I was a bit surprised with Hermione in this, only because she is probably breaking about 50 rules. But then when I thought about that for half a second, it makes total sense. Her past history and golden reputation shine on. :)

What a fun read today. Good luck and best wishes on your challenge entry! Thank you so much for entering!

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi Dark Whisper!!

Thanks for the amazingly unexpected review :) This challenge was boss, hopefully it won't fizzle into archive history too soon. I also couldn't choose between all the entries, they're very very smutty and good.

Yes - galaxies aka raisha on HPFF aka the amazing randee - did a superb job with this banner. I choose the faceclaims, but she made this beauty sparkle and match the tone and aura and YAH could not be happier with how this turned out.

Awesome, glad you can see it. JK released this hobby of Draco's on Pottermore awhile back, so I can't take claim for this at all. She didn't mention a divorce, so I embellished there, but this is Draco's post-school hobby says JK and I just took is naughty from there haha.

Hermione's 40+ year old women, rules are for chumps at some point :P At least, that's where I took this. She's making her own rules up now and Draco's an attentive/captive audience mwhaha.

I enjoyed writing something so different than my typical, and I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks again so much for the surprise review *squishes*


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