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Review #1, by May Sleep Without Pain

14th February 2018:
That was so sad it made me cry it was well written

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and the kind words.

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Review #2, by shadowycorner Sleep Without Pain

20th May 2017:
First fanfiction I've read in years and I'm almost in tears. I love the way you've written Crookshanks, it's so real and amazing. It was a great touch to have him smell feelings off of people. I knew Hermione would be devastated, but it was the relationship you described between Crookshanks and Ron that really got me. I love picturing Ron producing his canine patronus to play around with Crookshanks, that's so sweet. Also, having Luna come there as a wizarding vet just makes so much sense. Now she's a magical vet in my head forever.

This was a really great one-shot. I really enjoyed reading it even though it made my heart ache a bit since losing pets is never easy.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed this, even though it's a sad story. Thank you so much for the review.

Crookshanks's and Ron and Hermione's relationships was so much fun to write, even though it came from a place of worry for me, about the health of one of my own kitties.

I don't think Luna in this story is actually a vet, but I don't object to the headcanon either. I picture her as a magizoolist, but someone Hermione and Ron trust with Crookshanks to do what's best for him.

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Review #3, by nott theodore Sleep Without Pain

26th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hello! I don't think I've actually read any of your stories before, but it's really great to get a chance to read this as part of the CTF game!

This was such an original concept for a story! I've read a couple of stories written from the perspective of house elves or garden gnomes, but I honestly don't think that I've ever read one from Crookshanks' perspective, and I actually loved it! Your writing was so clever all the way through this piece, and I loved the attention you paid to little details which really brought this story to life.

The opening sentence of this story was so dramatic - it really pulled me in, and then when I realised that it was a story about Crookshanks, I kind of smiled. And then you had to go and break my heart with the end of the story and make me realise that actually it is dramatic, after all!

I loved the way that Crookshanks narrated this story, and his thoughts towards his humans - the way that he kind of knows that they're trying to make him feel better, but it isn't working and there's such a sadness around the whole thought process. I loved the way that Hermione interacted with him, too, and so clearly loved and cared for him. I think that my favourite thing was Ron, though - the way that Crookshanks knew he pretended to hate him, but he's actually grown on him and now he does things to entertain him, like casting his Patronus for Crookshanks to chase. Those little details made me smile.

The ending was so sad, but I loved the fact that it was Luna who came to help them and who is so gentle, and the way that Crookshanks used Ron and Hermione's names at the end of the story, too.

Sian :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this story, even though it's sad. It's always good to hear that someone actually like your writing.

I really believe there's much more to Ron than we see, especially in the movies, and he's way more sensitive than he appears.

I have two other stories from the POV of a Kneazle that you might like as well. Another with Crookshanks and one with Zephira.

Thanks again for your great review, it is very appreciated.

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Review #4, by crimson quill Sleep Without Pain

26th April 2017:

So, I've heard a lot about your stories before Crookshanks' stories so it's great that I'm here to read! I think this is simply a wonderful idea that you've had! it's so unique, I love to know how you came up with this idea because it's so interesting that I've never seen anything quite like this! it's a wonderful concept. angst from a cat?

the emotions from Crookshanks are amazingly played. I'm so impressed by the way you've written this. It's so sad that he is dying, the way you describe that pain is so heartbreaking as it seems the end is near but it's still feel quite realistic? if there is a way to write realistically from the pov of a dying cat then you've managed it anyway!

I'm so obsessed with the Ron mention in this story about how he use to send his patronus to play with him is SOSOSO perfect. I love that idea so much and how he says 'silver dog with no smell' is so cute. I like that he is thinking back to 'happier days'. I also like that Luna is the one there when he dies. I can just imagine that all animals just love her so it seems very fitting.

well done on this piece - it's unique and plays the emotions so wonderfully! I can't wait to read more from you. I'm going to be putting some more of your writing on my after ctf reading list! xox

Author's Response: I love cats and I love to watch them and try to figure out what they're thinking, so my cat/kneazle stories came from that. I think this stoy came from my worry about one of my own cats who had IBD and was very sick for a while, but is now well controlled on medicine.

I'm glad that you like the way that Crookshanks's voice comes through. I tried very hard to make him seem like an old man who was in pain and was looking forward to his eternal rest.

I'm really glad this piece spoke to you as it's directly from my heart and I'm happy it is so well received.

Ah, Ron often gets short shrift in stories, just a jerk or comic relief, but he's actually so much more. Underneath his unthinking exterior where he spouts off without thinking, he's a very caring person and I can see him claiming to hate the cat, then playing with him behind Hermione's back. I think she would know but not confront him about it.

Thanks so much for the review and the kind words.

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Review #5, by lovegood27 Sleep Without Pain

18th March 2017:
Thought I'd drop by with a review :)

Omggg, this was so sad. I feel for Crookshanks- and Hermione, of course. It was very interesting to read from an animal's POV for once, and this really didn't disappoint. I got a good sense of Crookshanks and everything he was feeling physically and emotionally. You somehow made his narrative like one an animal would give, not a human. I think those details about the fish helped ;)

Aw, I loved Crookshanks' comment about Luna. But come on, what animal would not love her? I also liked how you wrote about Crookshanks playing with Zephira- I enjoyed reading about the two different animals interacting with each other.

I'm going to keep this a bit shorter, since I'm kind of sleep deprived at the moment, but before I go I just wanted to say how much I liked your ending. It seems like a good point to end the story, and it just made me think "noo, don't go." I never thought my heart would be aching for a squashy-faced cat but it really is. I think you did a really great job on this story- I really liked it :D

Author's Response: Oh, hello, I didn't notice this review here, sorry it took me so long to answer it.

I'm so glad you liked this and that you thought I did a good job with Crookshank's POV. I had to put Luna in here, I think Ron or Hermione could have been the one to put down Crookshanks, but I don't think either of them wanted to have to be the one to actually do it if they could have someone gentle like Luna do it.

I love cats and I think it shows here that I wrote this when I was really concerned about one of my cats. Currently she's sleeping on the cat tower in the partial sun making me happy by just watching her contentment.

Thanks again for the great review and I'm glad I could touch you emotionally.

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Review #6, by Flower n Prongs Sleep Without Pain

5th March 2017:
Oh Pookha. No. This was beautifully written and brilliantly emotional, but no just the same.

I think this is the moment any pet owner (or anybody who loves anybody else's pet, for that matter) dreads most. The German Shepherd the family I works for was put down a couple months ago and this reminded me of her in a painfully accurate way. The not getting up but still wanting to be with their humans, the sensing that you were upset, even the not eating treats were all like her in her last few days.

In a strange way, reading about this all from the animal's perspective helped. They always say that animals do not fear death and, while his Kneazle genes certainly made him more intelligent than most, it is good to see that Crookshanks did not fear it either. From both his actions, his thoughts, and with what Hermione & Ron were saying you could tell that he was ready to go but that he appreciated it all.

Obviously, Hermione loved Crookshanks from the beginning, so it was nice to see the little things Ron did in here too. I especially liked the way he would make his Patronus so Crookshanks would play with it. The way that Crookshanks also has grown to accept and be curious of Ron (the work scent, Apparating so he can't be tracked, etc) was also very nice. And, of course, Ron's support of Hermione at the end was very touching.

I'm so glad Luna came at the end. I don't know if we ever see her and Crookshanks interact in canon, but his thoughts of her seem very much keeping in character for both of them. He can appreciate smarts and there is no denying that Luna is, especially with animals. Choosing to work with magical creatures, perhaps as a vet of some kind, in addition to her exploring is truly the perfect job for her.

This was beautiful and very emotional. I can definitely see why it was nominated for most original story. Good luck with the Nargles! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the kind review.
I'll start with Ron first. So often he is marginalized in fanfic, and used like the movies just as comic relief or he's a jerk. I don't think he's either. I do think he's thoughtless but that's not the same thing. I believe that after years of living with Hermione and Crookshanks that he would have learned a bit of tact and also to at least get along with Crookshanks. I picture him protesting that he doesn't like the beast, but then playing with him when he's alone or giving him treats.
I have a hard time not putting Luna in my stories, as she's my favorite character. While I don't necessarily see her as a vet, I do think that Hermione would trust her in this situation to do what Hermione might not be able to do on her own and to do it with love and care.
I think I wrote this story because I'm starting to think about my kitties mortality, as they are both about 11 years old now and one has IBD. I know I'll be gutted when the time comes for them, but it will be the best thing for them to be out of pain.
Crookshanks is interesting to me, because I tend to write him like a grumpy old man, but he's really a great judge of character, second to none or perhaps just Luna on that score.

I'm so happy you enjoyed this and glad it made you think about a beloved pet.

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Review #7, by Marshal Sleep Without Pain

18th June 2016:
I knew I shouldn't have read this. I knew before I clicked the link and yet what did I do? I clicked the link. You know what? I was sobbing! About half way through till the end there were buckets of tears. (Exactly why I knew I shouldn't have opened your story.)

Once I finished reading I had to get a tissue for my tears cause I couldn't see straight. My two kitties stared at me in wonder and I then had to love on them both and tell them what wonderful kitties they were and be grateful that I'm not having to face the difficult decision that Hermione had to face and shan't for a long time.

I love and hate you at the same time you know. Love you because this was a beautifully written piece and hate you cause I am all heart broken and sad. So take it as a compliment for you did a wonderful job of this story. Amazing job really.

You truly captured the emotions of everyone, including Crookshanks. I can tell that you know cats just by some of the little things wanting to purr to sooth his sad Hermione and marking her with his cheek. All extremely cat like. Again though I've said it several times, wonderful job. This story has certainly left its mark.

Author's Response: I really truly thank you for the nice review and kind words. As I write this, Sophie is curled up sleeping on the couch near me and Gremlin is sleeping with my wife in bed.

I watch our cats all the time and sometimes my wife and I wonder just what they're thinking, so I tried to project that into this story. Sophie has IBD, and I have to medicate her each day, plus she's a senior cat, so the theme of this story is much on my mind.

I'm especially glad that you thought I captured emotions well, because that's one of the weak points of my writing and it's something that I really struggle with, so bringing it out here is great.

This story came from my heart and I think that's why it seems to be resonating with my readers.

Thanks again for reading, and I'm sorry (but only a little bit) that I made you sad. :)

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Review #8, by MuggleMaybe Sleep Without Pain

18th May 2016:
Hi there! :) I’m here with your requested review.

I’m a little nervous to read this because I love cats and this seems quite sad. But I’m sure it’ll be brilliant, so here goes!

I was right: this is both sad and brilliant. My kitty doesn’t live with me and I’ve got half a mind to race to my parent’s house to snuggle her! :,(
But, the point is, you’ve done a marvelous job conveying emotion through your writing in this story.

It’s really interesting that you chose to write this from Crookshanks’ POV. Huge points for originality – I’ve definitely never seen that before. What I really appreciate about that choice is that as the reader, I know Crookshanks’ approves of their decision to put him down, and I know it was the right choice. That’s very reassuring.

For me, the perfect word for this story is tender. You convey Crookshanks’ pain and weariness very clearly, and that’s very sad, but at the same time it’s clear how much Hermione loves him, and how much he loves her.

“I try to purr to soothe her, but I can’t; it’s too hard to breathe.”
--> this is positively heartbreaking.

You’ve drawn Hermione as a loving, compassionate person, and that certainly rings true. And you’ve done a wonderful job with Ron! I’m usually not a huge fan of Ron, to be honest, but I love that he and Crookshanks have a sort of grudging but mutual respect, and the image of him chasing the poor cat around with his Patronus is sheer brilliance! :D He’s in character and also likeable, which I find impressive.

Really, to have useful CC I need to get a little nitpicky, but I do have something. I noticed that in the narration you occasionally fell into the “telling” trap. (We all do it!) Here’s an example of what I mean—
“I really don’t want to go to her, she’s just going force my mouth open and push stuff down my throat again. I decide not to move. If she wants me, she can come to me.”

The sentence “I decide not to move” is clearly implied by the following sentence, which I also find more evocative. So, you could omit that sentence and convey the same thing, arguably with more impact.

I hope that makes sense – it’s just a thought, not a problem.

Thank you for requesting this even though it is so sad. It’s also very sweet, and Crookshanks voice resonates. Well done.

Definitely request any time!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your very kind review. I'm sorry it took me a few days to answer it, work's been insane.

I have cats and I think it shows that I'm beginning to be concerned with them as they approach the time we'll have to put them down. I love writing from Crookshank's perspective and have written another a long time ago with him trying to sleep.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm also glad it made you want to snuggle your kitty.

Thanks also for the CC, that's something I try to work on, as sometimes what I write has a good plot (I think) but then I just tell and tell and never show, so it's something I'm working on and having it pointed out makes it easier to try to avoid in the future.

Ah, Ron, he often gets shorted in stories, especially as an adult, so I'm glad you liked his detente with Crookshanks.

Thanks oodles for the confidence builder.

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Review #9, by Jayna Sleep Without Pain

16th February 2016:
Hello! First off, I'm so sorry for the lateness of this review. Anyway, you asked for CC in your review request, but unfortunately, I can't honor that because I just can't see any way to make this piece better. :p

This is super creative in a couple of ways. First of all, if there are any other fics out there from animal PoV's, I haven't read them, so this is quite different. In addition, the concept you're talking about is near and dear to the hearts of many pet owners and I think that you did a really good job of showing how, at some point, it becomes merciful to put down an old, in-pain, pet. This also feels like a piece written from experience, so even though I haven't had to put down a pet, it was easy to relate to and made me get teary eyed.

You also did a really good job of even making Crookshanks's thoughts feel old and painful. The voice of the cat came through really clearly and you managed to give him a personality in a fairly short piece.

The last line hits really hard and I think it was good that you brought the whole thing full circle with the title and the summary and everything. It feels like a perfect, bittersweet end, to the story.

Overall, I don't really have any CC, but I just wanted to say that you did a magnificent job on this. It's a creative concept and you write Crookshanks, and really the whole situation, really well.


Author's Response: No apology needed for how long it took. RL happens to us all.

I'm so glad you think this is well-written. I love cats and it's always good to write from Crookshanks's pov. I really think it comes from my worry about my own kitty and how I'll be when I have to put her down.

Thanks for the review, and Wow! saying you can't find anything to CC makes me warm and fuzzy.

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Review #10, by Veritaserum27 Sleep Without Pain

8th February 2016:
Hi there!

Stopping by for the BvB to check out your newest story. I've gotta admit, I'm not an animal lover - by any sorts, but this story was so endearing and heart-wrenching, you had me welling up. It was a brilliant idea to tell it from Crookshanks point of view and I think you did an excellent job with that. I loved how Hermione was able to almost tell what he was feeling - but not quite. And she wanted him to feel better so badly she was pulling out all the stops. The magic that you incorporated was fantastic without being overdone. It makes total sense that there are potions and spells that can alleviate pain for a short while - but magic is not a cure-all and death must come to everyone.

The other characterizations were done really well too - Ron (who isn't the best at showing emotion) is strong for his wife and even cares for Crooksanks too. And Luna was the perfect choice to be the on-call, magical veterinarian. She always did have a way about her - and it's a natural extension to believe that she didn't treat animals any differently than she treated people.

I saw your author's note about not choosing to use their names until the very end, and I did pick up on that when I was reading. I agree that it was a nice touch. Very nice handling of a sensitive topic with grace and dignity.

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. I appreciate the kind words.

I really do think that Ron and Crookshanks would have come to an understanding after a while, and I really think he would have noticed how intelligent Crookshanks was. I think he ended up caring for him more than he ever thought he was going to.

Hermione of course is absolutely devastated at the loss of her pet. I knew that Luna had to be the person to do the deed, as she would understand the need for it and Crookshanks would love and trust her, like most animals seem to.

Thanks again for the review.

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Review #11, by PaulaTheProkaryote Sleep Without Pain

7th February 2016:
I CAN'T STOP CRYING! I knew better than to read this. I even had a long conversation with myself about not reading this kind of stuff. I did it anyway. The way you wrote this was very thoughtful and brilliant though. I'm just going to go cry for a few hours and hug my puppies.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I know it was sad, but it had to come out, I think from worry about my kities. I'm glad you read it and definitely go hug your puppies.

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Review #12, by HermyLuna2 Sleep Without Pain

26th January 2016:
This is a really beautiful story! It brought tears to my eyes, but even though it's very sad, it is not completely miserable, because we know Crookshanks had a good life and now he will be free of pain. The banner fits the story very well.
I really like your writing style and the perspective from Crookshanks. I could picture it vividly. Very original idea! This is the first story I've read from Crookshanks's perspective.

Author's Response: Thank you. I wanted to show that while it was sad, he had a good life with Hermione and then Ron, Hermione and their children (although they aren't in this). I found that pic of the cat and knew it was almost perfect for the banner.

It really is the right thing to put an animal out of their misery when they're in pain and you can't help them any more.

I'm glad you like the writing from Crookshanks's POV. I have another Crookshanks story 'Weasleys are away' if you're interested, further down the list. It's more humorous, but the two are related.

Thanks so much for the nice review.

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Review #13, by cherry_pop94 Sleep Without Pain

25th January 2016:
Hello! I'm here for Bvb!

This was heartbreaking, but also so good. I adore cats and Crookshanks. He's a lovely cat and I could really tell how much he loves everyone, especially Hermione.

The relationship between Hermione and Crookshanks was beautiful here. I could feel my heart break when Crookshanks was listening to Hermione cry, but couldn't do anything to help her. He watched her grow up from a little girl into a grown woman.

I loved that you brought Luna into this too. She does have a way with animals and I love how you describe her from Crookshanks's point of view.

Everything about this was lovely and heartbreaking and beautiful. You've wonderfully shown the love between pet and owner.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind review. I was so inspired by the challenge that this all just flowed out. I'm glad you thought the parts with Hermione crying and Crookshanks wanting to help was good.

I had to have Luna or Rolf be the person that actually helped and I think that Luna would just be the right person.

Again, thanks for the 1st review on this and I'm super happy it worked.

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