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Reading Reviews for The Sun Will Come Out
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Review #1, by victoria_anne Tomorrow

16th April 2017:
Okay I love this before I've even finished the first paragraph. I love the thought of both James and Harry being deceptively angelic when they sleep. And how cute is the thought of James and Sirius teaching Harry their cheeky, mysterious ways?!

Aw it breaks my heart to think of James and Sirius having their heads bent together like they usually would, but only now it's to plan to take out Death Eaters instead of planning pranks. That's a really powerful comparison, and shows how war really does change people.

Also so nice to see the mirror make an appearance! And the motorbike!

I love how even in a short amount of words, James and Lily's relationship comes across strong, like how well they know each other, and how to comfort one another.

"We will." *sniff* I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING

And Marlene D:

What an absolutely perfect song to write to! Even though I know ultimately James and Lily's story doesn't have a happy ending, I'm glad that this one at least does. I don't know how you've managed to make this dark and light at the same time, but you have, and it's wonderful.

Author's Response: Awww what a lovely review. I apologise that it's taken me so long to reply!!
I always find the thought that they've all had to grow up so fast is heartbreaking, but they would still try and keep their sense of humour etc. And of course they would try and 'train' baby Harry!
Thank you so much again x

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Review #2, by Dojh167 Tomorrow

16th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

I was briefly confused by you starting what I thought was a one shot with “chapter 1” and then I remembered that I probably said the same thing to you the other night about another of your stories. Whoops! Lots of stories blending together in my over-reviewed brain here!

Hehe I adore that Harry is just a baby but is already being “aided and abetted” by padfoot and prongs XD

The phrase “spent their time planning and plots to take out” doesn’t quite work. I’d make “plots” into “plotting” or add a gerund verb before it like “and concocting plots.” Oh, or just get rid of “and”

It’s ironic, isn’t it - I imagine at school she just wished that James and Sirius would grow up, and now that they have had to mature s quickly I’m sure she wishes they could be carefree again.

Awww, Jily bear hugs ♥

“How she wrap her arms” is missing a “would”

I wasn’t sure what the bad news in this chapter was going to be. I like that you made it Marlene’s death (though of course I don’t actually like that). Marlene is just a name of a dead soldier in the books, and while I know a lot of people like hooking her up with Sirius or Lily in fic, I really like how much weight you’ve given their relationship here. It makes her death feel like it really means something, not just to the war, but to these people who are her friends.

James insisting that they will see Harry grow up hurts me.

Aww ♥ Even though this is sad, it’s also quite sweet. I think it is really thoughtful how James chose something that Lily is more familiar with than he is to help comfort her. Maybe Annie was one of her favorite childhood musicals and he knew it would mean a lot to her. Either way, I am totally headcanon him singing it to her (maybe sometimes not necessarily knowing the words) as they are curled up together.

Great job balancing the dark and the sweet here. In a very Jily way! ♥


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review (and the tips! I will try and get round to looking at it when I'm more awake!)
Annie was one of my favourite musicals as I child and the song has a lot of resonance with me, and seemed like the kind of thing James would do to comfort Lily.
I think one of the many horrors caused by war is the dehumanisation of people (I get the impression JKR mentions all these people as there is a chance they would have been in Harry's life had things been different) and obviously those anonymous people would all mean something to someone, and this war is getting closer and closer to them!!
Also I

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Review #3, by Dinthemidwest Tomorrow

31st May 2016:
Sad & sweet... Sirius seems to always get a tragic motif...

Author's Response: Poor Sirius! This is why I like the Au stories, you can give them all a chance!!

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Review #4, by A chocolate frog card Tomorrow

10th March 2016:
Oh, my! Reading this made me so sad... So many memories, so much nostalgia...

The way you start your recount, with Lily observing little Harry as he sleeps... Someone would tell that it was sweet, and it was. But mostly it makes me feel melanchonic. They were such a lovely family. Harry deserved to grow up with his parents, to receive all their love. Oh, James... Lily... How much have I missed them...

(I must confess, though, thinking about little Harry's mischievous side made me chuckle. He was definitely his father's son!)

Umph... Of course I was worn and haggard! Dealing with a furry little problem is not exactly fun. Nor it is mixing in with Greyback's gang to gather information for the Order. But obviously Lils couldn't know that... Maybe, if I didn't have to be so secretive, if they kept trusting me... But history isn't made with ifs and buts, right?

You could always tell when something was wrong with James. He was always so exhuberant and full of entusiasm that seeing him quiet was an immediate alarm bell. No wonder Lily was so worried.

Those two loved each other so much. The way Prongs always looked at Lils, even back in school days... Padfoot used to joke that if James felt the need to stare at her like that, maybe he needed a new pair of glasses. (Padfoot was a git.)

Marlene... I remember when I learned about her death! It was so shocking! She was just the sort of person you imagined to be immortal, you know? And Sirius... I've seen him through a lot of dark moments, but never so depressed, you know? He didn't talk to anyone for days... The git! (Yes, I know. I already said it.)

"We don’t even know if we’re going to see him grow up!”
“We will.”
Oh, my! This killed me more than anything else you said! If only I could turn back time, warn them, tell them not to trust Peter... Reading James and Lily's conversation, knowing where their lives are heading... It's so much more than my heart can get...

Yet, I can't help but smile at Prongs' reassurances. Because, even if I know they won't see the end of the war, I know he's right in saying that things can get better and that we need to keep fighting and never lose hope.

And I can't help but admire Lils' strenght. She'd always been such a brave and strong woman. A real Gryffindor, through and through. I'm so proud of having been their friend.

This break my heart, but it was also so beautiful. Thank you for writing this!

Remus Lupin.

Author's Response: Oh my, I don't know if this review made me tearful with sadness (because of the feels) or happiness (getting a review from my favourite werewolf!)

This story was so emotional to write- the hope Lily and James had for Harry, their feelings of grief over Marlene (and worry for Sirius) and the knowledge that rat boy was a dirty traitor!! But they kept on fighting for their son!! What an amazing pair- I'm sure it was an honour to know them!

Thank you for taking the time (on your birthday no less) to read and review, and I hope it wasn't to traumatic!

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