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Reading Reviews for Designated Mum Friend
23 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Violet Potter 434 4.

25th April 2017:
looking good
I feel so bad for her date to go like that
cant wait to see what will happen between her and louis now after their fight

so write quickly

from me xx

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Review #2, by luna1306 4.

25th April 2017:
" I was young and very drunk.”
“It was last year and you had two glasses.”

That made me laugh!

So for the first half of the chapter I had no idea what it was about because I had totally forgotten this whole story line. But then everything slowly came back and everything started to make sense again.

I have only one thing to say about this chapter and that is that I really want to know how that quidditch game ends!
But I guess that's not what Lyra wants.

△⃒⃘ luna

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Review #3, by banshee 4.

23rd April 2017:


okay so first thing, that quidditch sounds like a freaking riot. I mean if i was there like 100% i would be lyra and freaking the heck out because that's dangerous but like, what a creative idea for a story. i want so much more of it.

So to top off how you hurt lyra so much (-.-) we have Louis and lysander fighting. why are you making me so sad! Why can't everyone be happy!

I mean, so Louis has good intentions. i guess. maybe. probably not totally good. maybe he's trying to just be destructive because he's mad at lysander. but like. Louis. babe. come on. like there's pushing your friend into the pool with a cell phone in their pocket when u know they can't swim, but then there's that. and plus she's a nurse and so she just knows that people are getting hurt. my poor child.

i just want all the good things for her and no sad things. please?

i think this is a good deal, you bribe me for find my way chapters and then as a reward i get more of this freaking amazing story. 10/10 would be bribed again.

hearts and angst and love


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Review #4, by coolpixie 3.

3rd October 2016:
Great chapter! I can't wait for lyra to focus on herself and date!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #5, by maraudertimes 2.

5th March 2016:
Hi! This is for the HPFF Review-a-Thon and a review swap! (Also sorry it's a bit late - my internet got kinda wonky for a while)

Okay so I'm glad I was able to come back to this!!! I really liked the first chapter and this one sure did not disappoint. I liked the little bit with the coffee at the start - I can relate to that an insane amount unfortunately. :P I wish that Lyra had a bit more of a backbone - especially since double shifts can't be fun and then going out just to take care of others? Girl needs some time off.

Which brings me to Mai. Although maybe I should start with Healer Warrington. Ugh he irritates me. Nurses are just as important as Healers/Doctors, but obvs he doesn't get that and that just gets on my nerves. Okay, now onto Mai!

She sounds really cute at the start, and I loved how she kind of initiated everything (also her awkward bumbling is totally something that I would do), and that Lyra was a bit taken aback by it. Mai seems very straight-forward at that point, and I liked their dynamic. The only thing is that I wasn't aware that nurses could date patients, so that threw me off for a second, but then again, if there are no specific rules against it, as long as Mai is discharged I don't think it matters that much, right?

Although, I do agree with Mai that Lyra should let go a little and not just take care of her friends. But I'm also kind of on Lyra's side about not drinking - it's her choice and Mai shouldn't be judgmental about it. Now I do agree with Mai that the responsibility of taking care of friends should not lie solely on Lyra every time. That's absurd and I wish she would have some fun (although I do understand that this is called Designated Mum Friend so I did sign up for this :P). And although I wish Mai hadn't kissed another girl because she seemed very cute, I do understand why.

If I was on a date at a bar, even if my date wasn't drinking, we could still have fun. But that Lyra took her on a date and then spent most of her time taking care of her friends? Does it make me a bad person that I'm cheering for Mai in this scenario? In any case, I'm glad she was able to get a good night out of a disappointing date. Although I am sad for Lyra - I hope this kind of gets through to her and she lets go a little. I'd love to see that happen! :)

Thanks so much for the review swap, this was great to get back to and I really am getting so into this story! It's so well written and I love your characters.
Lo :)

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Review #6, by TearsIMustConceal 2.

27th February 2016:
Hey Claire, thanks for the swap!

Well, you know I loved the chapter and I feel very special to have read it first!

I love Lyra here, you've developed her character really well and her little quirks and habits – coffee of a morning, the idea she's a workaholic, it all helps in picturing her and making us love her more. I feel her so much in the whole reluctance at going out with them – i'm the usual teetotaler so I feel her and I know what the pressure from friends is like and i've been there when friends play on certain weaknesses, like Roxy did with Lyra. Friends can be crafty so this is so realistic!

And I feel like this chapter is a turning point for Lyra? In the respect that after Mai and her reasons for going off with someone else, which is just plain mean, btw, Lyra won't be so easily persuaded the next time because she's seen what she can lose if she's constantly worrying about everyone but herself?

But saying that though, Mai is horrible. What Lyra was doing wasn't even anything terrible yet Mai found it the perfect excuse to leave her. Clearly Mai doesn't have many friends or she's just fickle and attention seeker – she's to mean for Lyra – she needs someone cute and sensitive! Maybe someone like Jessie?

I loved all of this, as you already know and everything you've written is so believable and realistic – like, I can picture all of this happening in day to day lives and it's so great to read something you can vividly picture!

I feel as though the Mai thing is going to make Lyra see that maybe she does too much for her friends and will make her second guess things but I don't want her to do anything drastic or completely change but it would maybe nice to see a drunk Lyra and see the tables turned!

One thing I will say is that will we get to see how much her friends care for her in future chapters? Because it's obvious Lyra loves them all but we don't get a sense of their feeling towards her so it would be nice to see how they feel about her, even if it's briefly!

Thanks again for the swap and you're very welcome! I'm always happy to help!


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Review #7, by banshee 2.

21st February 2016:
Yay, chapter two!

First, I understand Lyra's coffee thing 100%.

Ooh, so Lyra is going to stand up to Roxanne and try to say no! I wonder how this is going to work out for her.

You give her some wonderful characterization here, in the part where we watch Roxy trying to wear her down. Or maybe there's a different reason she can't say no to Roxanne... *watching that*

Oh man, you write amazing chemistry. Lyra and Mai's initial scene together is adorable. #shippingit

hates the hours as much you do," Mia said quickly - I think autocorrect got you here :p

"Well, there’s definitely not a boyfriend," she said, watching as Mai’s face lit up - hehe

I love that Lyra was so blunt about asking her out, too. I feel like you could have beat around the bush with them, but it's nice to see things just happening instead of dragging it out.

Ooh, I feel like things aren't going to go to well, though, between Lyra having to take care of her friends and having this new person there to shake things up. Someones definitely going to get left behind here today. *reading on*

dang, that spot where you have to be the one to limit yourself because no one else will, that's definite mom friend territory.

:/ yeah. She even gives Jessie like four excuses as to why she's fine, totally giving away the fact that she's not. Mai saw right through her, though, with the fact that she's gotta watch out for her friends. I wonder how many times this has happened to Lyra before?

Amazing chapter, as always! Can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review #8, by NPE 2.

20th February 2016:
Hey Claire,

Let me preface my review with an apology. I wrote my response days ago after really digging the chapter.

For some absurd reason I forgot to send it and it lay dormant in the literary netherwold of Microsoft Word until I saw your great review and realised my idiocy.

But it's not all bad, it gave me a chance to read your story again rather than just pasting in comments I wrote on Thursday.

So, yeah this is great. On a more flippant note, "The Cowardly Hippogriff" is the best titled thing I have read on here for a good long while on here. So even if I had hated the story (which I obviously didn't) then it still had that amazing pub name.

From a structural point of view it is faultless, it really conveys the descriptive terms and your great dialogue perfectly.

Also no typos at all, and Vicki who is pretty wonderful clearly did a great job editing this.

As for the comments on the tale itself:

I really felt like the social interactions, and how you directed them were really easy to visualise and very authentic. Lyra is really awesome to read and understand on the page. I think the last two lines were genuinely sore ones too that emanated her feelings perfectly.

I also enjoyed the observations and depictions of characters, and I loved the comment about waiting around at bars but not drinking. I think you picked up the idiosyncracies, vulnerabilites and quirks of characters really well.

As I rely WAY TOO MUCH on interior monologue, I loved how you display so much through character action.

Only bit of CC - is sometimes your comments are bit too pointed and seemingly directed at the reader such as,“Oh, come on,” Lyra said, “you’ve lived with me since we were eleven, you know I need coffee before-”

But its a minor quibble and a subjective one.

Great work.

Oh! And thanks for the comments regarding both Aurora and the Bechdel test. Really good food for thought.

All the best, and hopefully we can swap again some time :)


“Oh, come on,” Lyra said, “you’ve lived with me since we were eleven, you know I need coffee before-”

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Review #9, by RavenclawFTW 2.

16th February 2016:
Heya Claire! I'm (finally) here for the swap! Thanks again for doing it.

I continue to love this story!! Lyra is getting somewhat better developed, although she came on strong in the first chapter (I mean her characterization...not like...I don't know, that sounds weird). I really love how clearly you can understand what she's motivated by, and how much she does care about her friends. Also, yay for LGBTQA representation!

And I love how resigned she is about going out with her friends-- I totally feel like, as the DMF and teetotaler that I am. At the same time, it's a little worrisome that Roxy so clearly doesn't understand Lyra's crazy nurse schedule or seem to pay much attention to what Lyra actually wants. I hope Lyra will be able to speak up for herself a bit more over the story, although it's clear that she doesn't mind it so much now-- that seems like it may change after the events of this chapter, though.

I love the part about Warrington-- he's just so clearly such a (word not allowed in 12+ review), and the way the nurses interact with him (or rather, how they avoid him at all costs) is hilarious. And of course it falls to kindly, pushover (ish) Lyra to deal with him, even though she doesn't end up minding her potion delivery much. ;)

A tiny bit of CC: I would mention Mai's age a little earlier in the scene, because the way the descriptions were worded kinda made me feel like she was going to be a lot younger than she actually ended up being. Also, describing her as the "dark haired girl" twice was a tiny bit repetitive, but that's a small thing.

I always LOVE when Next Gen stories create real and believable lives and environments for characters out of Hogwarts (and yes, I know that's a weirdly specific thing to love, but whatever), and I'm seriously in love with The Cowardly Hippogriff. That's such a great name, and I love how you've described the door/hidden magic thing. That was a great detail and it really adds to the believability!

Something that's interesting me so far is that we've seen so little of Lyra's friends, but can mostly just see how strongly Lyra feels about them and how much she cares for them, emotionally and literally. It seems just ingrained in her to constantly check for them, and I can't wait to know more about them individually. Also was that some Scorbus I saw happening there? That's always exciting. :D

As for the whole Mai situation...it clearly sucks for Lyra, and it must feel really terrible to have something like that happen. But Mai is clearly the wrong person for her if she's so put off by the fact that Lyra cares for her friends so much!! It's not like she was doing anything ridiculous at all-- she was just checking on them! While I feel really bad for Lyra, I'm kinda glad she didn't invest more in the Mai thing, because they were never going to work. I'm excited to see where this fic is going-- I'm not sure who to ship yet, and that's always a fun journey. :D

(Although...Jessie? She seems nice!)

Finally...I hope Lyra doesn't do anything crazy because of the Mai thing! I hope this is the beginning of her speaking up for herself, although I fear there may have to be something drastic before that can come. Whatever happens next, I can't wait for the next update! Great job, Claire!


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Review #10, by Aphoride 2.

15th February 2016:
Hey Claire - dropping by for BvB! :D I was so glad to see you'd updated, and that I could catch you in the battle - it's such a great story :)

I love the way you develop Lyra's character in this - how she's almost always working, how she doesn't survive without coffee (I feel that. Tea for me, but I feel it nonetheless :P), how she's always the responsible one in the group, and how she's so hurt when the girl she liked goes off with someone else. They're all such real things - and I loved how you showed how easy it is to really not be okay when something like that happens, regardless of how long you've known someone. If you like them, it hurts, regardless of how long it's been.

I'm not sure I like Mai atm. I get it's not a great date - being out with someone who's very focused on making sure other people are okay, but it's not as bad as she's making it out to be, imo. It definitely wasn't bad enough she needed to leave that much - like, whaaa? I felt so bad for Lyra in that moment, especially at the end, when Jessie pointed it out to her. Such a cruel thing to do :(

I like, though, how you've shown how taking care of people is great, and all, but can end so badly. It's a hard job, and someone's got to be the more responsible one, but it's so easy to get wrapped up in it to the exclusion of everything else. I'm so so looking foward to where you go from here, what happens with Lyra and whether she ever meets Mai again, because I'm so curious about what other facets of being the mom friend you're gonna pull out - and mostly, also, because I want Lyra to be happy :P

Your writing in this is so great, too - it's so clean and precise, and the flow is perfect, and there's exactly the right balance of dialogue and description, and really, it's so so impressive. The only thing I spotted was you say at the beginning 'she squinted her eyes' but the 'her eyes' isn't necessary - you can only squint with your eyes ;) But apart from that, this was perfect! :)

I'm so so looking forward to the next update! :D

Aph xx

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Review #11, by blackzero 2.

15th February 2016:
Good...update soon as it was a fuller chapter

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

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Review #12, by blackzero 1.

15th February 2016:
Well the first chapter was as interesting as the title. Refreshing new plot.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

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Review #13, by RavenclawFTW 1.

14th February 2016:
Heya Claire! I'm so glad you wanted to swap today because I've really been meaning to check this story out--I think I got ninja'd once in BvB when I was about to do this, but I'm glad I've finally made it around, because I really like the premise! I relate sooo hardcore to this beginning-- I've been the Designated Mum Friend (hehe) to lots of my friends, and last semester it got to be too much and there was some major fallout. So I'm anxious/excited to see where this is going!

I really enjoy how you've shown Lyra to be so far. She's a really cohesive character, and I really feel like I've already got a good grasp on her. She's so caring and competent, and it's always exciting to see characters shown to be so well-developed from the get go. i also love when characters have jobs that really fit for them, and being a nurse is PERFECT for her! (It's also very clear that she's going to burn out with the helping-people-all-the-time situation.)

(Also: I love that you've made her a nurse and not a Healer! I've read/written a fair number of stories with Healers but I don't remember ever seeing nurses make an appearance, much less as the MC! So great job with that, and I'm really excited to see how her job gets developed. One of my favorite shows is Scrubs, and the tension between doctors/nurses comes up a lot there, so it'll be cool to see that grow over the fic, especially as it's been hinted at here.)

I also love how you've introduced the crew here, because I feel like I can sense a lot about them from the little details you've included. (Like Rose is messy, Roxy is neat but can be aggressive when provoked, etc.) It can be hard to start out a fic with this main characters and I found that I really wasn't confused at all! Great job with that.

I also love how clear and precise your prose is in this-- something that I think a lot of ensemble fics can struggle with is balancing the dialogue and description, but you've painted such a clear image in my head! Maybe it's just because I don't think I find a good balance of this in my own writing, but I was really impressed with how well you've blended the details and descriptions into the action and characterization. It just came off really well!

All in all, this is such a great start!! I can't wait to keep reading so I hope you update soon! Thanks again for the swap! :)


Author's Response: Hey, J!

Lyra has been so much fun to write and I definitely didn't expect that at first. It's incredibly easy to write her and her personality is one that flows for me. I'm glad you enjoy reading her!

And ngl, Scrubs is the reason that I picked a nurse instead of a Healer. I've written a fair few Healers (Felicity being number one closely follow by Scorpius), but I wanted something different.

Hehe, the crew is my favorite. It's been fun writing them in this because I have such a clear idea of how they act and I finally get to put them all together in one place.

Aw, thank you! That means a lot, especially since that's something that I really used to struggle with :)

Thanks for doing the swap!


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Review #14, by banshee 1.

10th February 2016:
Hey Claire!

So idk if you've ever noticed, but I think it's hilarious that i clicked on this story and two of my stories showed up in similar titles. :p

When you read the beginning of this story, it literally reads like she's a mother waking up before her children. Loove it!

I am instantly in love with this story, just fyi. Like I'm just through the first part, and I already love Lyra and all of her helpless hungover friends.

Like, just love so much. I love her work friends, how they lecture her into not being her friends' mother. It makes me so interested to see what's going to happen next in this story. Definitely favoriting, also. I really liked how you had Lyra justify her actions by comparing being a mom friend to being a healer. It really gives her a well-written characterization.

I think I said this like once or twice now, but LOVE THIS SO MUCH.


Author's Response: Hey, Julie :)

I hadn't noticed until you had mentioned it, but yup, there they are. Right there.

I'm glad that you like the characters so much because I love them a lot too. Lyra just needs to get herself straight (hehe) and figure her life out.



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Review #15, by kitcath 1.

1st February 2016:

this is a great start! I hope you'll update quickly. I love your writing, which is very natural, and Lyra seems to have her head on her shoulders, so this should be interesting to read!

I really like Lyra's position toward her friends as the DMF, because it's not something I've often read about! I hope you explore all the possibilities with this one! (also, who gets drunk on a Sunday night?!)

Anyway, I really hope you'll update quickly! I want to know what happens next :o


Author's Response: Hi, Catherine! Thanks for the review!

I'm so happy that you enjoy this so much, it really means a lot to me. I'm sorry that I haven't updated as frequently as I could have, but hopefully you're still just as interested!

Thanks again,


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Review #16, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 1.

25th January 2016:
Hi Claire. Don't mind me, I'm just here for our review swap.

I generally try to keep my reviews short and sweet so I'll get right to it.

I think this is an excellent start. It introduced your main characters and set the tone for the story nicely. I can totally relate to having a "mom friend" and your description of Lyra fits the character you are trying to portray. She reminds me of a dear friend of mine that had to learn the hard way that she can't help everyone forever. Now she only helps when we desperately need it.

I think you did an excellent job and this is a good opening chapter. I look forward to seeing you continue this story and if you need any help with it or need someone to bounce ideas off of my inbox is always open.

Great Job!


Author's Response: Hey, Tasha!

Thanks for the swap!

I'm glad that this worked really well for you! I'm always worried about opening chapters not doing enough, but I'm happy this was not the case :)

Thanks again!


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Review #17, by NPE 1.

25th January 2016:

NPE here. Review swap. Apologies for the delay. Work, along with sleep required from my time zone meant there was a bit of slack on my part.

So, this isn't the sort of thing I read much, but I really like it as it has its own distinct feel and manages to use a fun idea and give it humorous substance.

I see that you have said this was a sort of tentative breakthrough from writer's block. I honestly couldn't tell, I thought it was really impressive.

Furthermore, your asides about St Mungo's in the rain for instance were really nice flourishes. Your character interplays with dialogue are great too.

The only real CC is I think at times your descriptions can get a bit too familiar and cliched. I also think that as of yet, the story lacks the suggestion of a greater narrative, thus I am not sure what the overarching tale is for the novel.

Though I am open minded on that.

This is definitely worth a read, it has lots of great aspects to it, and I will certainly heck out new chapters.



Author's Response: Hey, Nick!

Thank you so much for the swap, I really appreciate it!

I'm glad that you took a chance on this and ended up enjoying it! As of right now, it's one of my stories that I have the most fin writing, especially since the characters can be more over the top, but still relatable.

Thanks again!


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Review #18, by Aphoride 1.

25th January 2016:
Hey there, Claire! :D Dropping by for the BvB! :)

Okay, so I've seen this around the forums the last couple of days, and I really wanted to read it so bad - and luckily uni slacked off on me in time so I could jump in the BvB behind you and grab this :P So I'm here! :)

I love the start of this! I think it's so super true that there are always guys/girls who are the 'dad' or 'mum' of the group, and it's a huge responsibility, you know? I did that for some friends, once, and it was crazy! Helpfully distracts you from your problems, though... but anyway, back on track: I think it's a very real phenomeon and I love that you're exploring it in fic because I think it's very rarely seen outside of real life, you know? It's a part of life which just doesn't get talked about so I'm so excited :)

I love the way you've immediately started it with this, showing exactly what it means, you know? And how she has a job which is taking care of people, too, so it's kinda all she does - it sets up so beautifully and so simply, but not obviously, for something to go wrong and for her to find it getting so much harder :/ She's such an interesting character, with her insistence that it's fine, that she can sort of do anything, and it's such a true and human flaw.

I keep repeating myself, haha, but realism is something I love so much because it makes everything so much more interesting and difficult, you know? :P

Your writing in this is so lovely, and you have such a great set up. I love how you used the different sections - and your writing in this was so flawless, it flowed so perfectly and really, there's not much more to say than that :) I've read bits of your writing before, but I didn't remember it being this good, which is a major fail on my part.

So. Final bit: you're going to have to update this, and I'm going to have to come back. Capiche? ;)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey, Aph!

I'm happy you like the premise of this! I actually started thinking of it while I was watching Sisters in the theater and spent the rest of the movie coming up with a plan!

This was definitely a fun project for me just because it's different from what I usually write. Realism is a huge thing for me in everything that I write, so I'm relived that it comes across as that for you.

Oh, wow, that's such a huge compliment coming for you :)

Thank you so much for the fantastic review!


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Review #19, by TreacleTart 1.

25th January 2016:
Hi Claire,

I'm here for our review swap! Glad to see you're back to writing!

This story starts out like many other stories, with the Next Gen kids post party, hungover, and barely able to wake up. The main character Lyra has to literally bang pots together, rip blankets off of them, and throw things at them to rouse them from bed. I guess it's a good thing that there's at least one responsible person in their group. I like that you distinguish her from the group very quickly.

I think the other healers are right that Lyra needs to let her friends do a bit of growing up. There's no reason that she should have to babysit them at parties and make sure that they get to their jobs on time.

I loved the bit about St. Mungo's being full of people suffering from the residual effects of a late night partying. Especially the part about many of them looking for doctor's notes to get out of work. My best friend works as a nurse and she complains about this phenomena occasionally, so it really rang true for me the way you described it.

Otherwise, I feel like there isn't much else for me to comment on at the moment. This chapter does a good job of setting up the characters and their roles within the story and makes me curious for what's to come. It definitely serves it's purpose as an introductory chapter!

Good work!


Author's Response: Hey, Kaitlin! Thanks for doing the swap :)

I'm glad that Lyra stood out for you. I wanted her to have a distinctive personality, but still fit in with her friends.

She definitely needs to back off and realize that she can't control all of her friends forever.

Hehe, I'm glad the St Mungo's scene rang true for you. I really wanted to make sure that the hospital aspect is as accurate as possible.

I really appreciate you taking the time for this review! I always love reading them :) Thanks again for the swap!


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Review #20, by maraudertimes 1.

24th January 2016:
Hi Claire, here for the swap!

I really liked this chapter, and I really like what you have as the premise of this story. It's really funny and I think anyone who's been drunk at least once before also has a Designated Mum Friend (heretofore referred to as DMF). It's a really great concept and it's also really cool that you've created this kind of post-hogwarts scene for the Next Generation - I've read so many where they're in school that this is refreshing.

Side bar - not that I don't like NextGen fics while they're going to Hogwarts, those are some of my favourites, but I just really liked how you went against the grain for this story. :)

Lyra is really a great friend. Goodness knows I could never be the DMF. I do not have the patience she does. I mean, I guess it is true that Lyra has patients though, she is a nurse (really bad pun I know). Although I did enjoy the banging of pans, ripping away of blankets, and throwing of shoes. You can still be the DMF and still be merciless in the waking of the friends. ;)

I love the idea of a hangover potion (I want the recipe if I'm going to be completely honest), especially because *of course* someone would have created that. It's so nice of Lyra to pour that out for her friends and make coffee. I'm a disaster in the morning I probably would've set out juice and raw eggs. :P

The fact that Lyra is very strict with her friends and making sure they get to their engagements on time is really sweet and totally to character as the DMF, although I do agree with Felicity - her friends are adults now, they need to take care of themselves. Although I would always love to see bagels at my friend's house if I stayed over there! :P

This was a really great story and I really liked it! You've created a great character in Lyra as the DMF and I'm excited to see how you continue with this story! Thanks for the swap, I'm so glad I did this!

Lo :)

Author's Response: Hey, Lo! Thanks for doing the swap!

Normally when I write Next Gen it's set in Hogwarts, so this was fun to imagine them outside of school and with real jobs. And it was fun to come up with jobs outside of the usual Ministry, Healing, and teaching.

I could never be the DMF either, I'd be terrible at it. But if I did end up being one, I'd definitely find the most annoying way to wake them up.

Also, I appreciate that pun ;)

The Hangover Potion was actually something I thought up (be let's be real, I was not the first one to do that) for Felicity's story, but that's a whole other story. And I figured making that it was more for her benefit than theirs haha

Felicity most definitely has a point and hopefully Lyra figures all of her crap out, but it is kind if ingrained in her personality.

I'm glad you liked it so much! Thanks again for doing the swap!


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Review #21, by ScorpiusRose17 1.

24th January 2016:

I am here for our review swap!! :)

This was great! I was intrigued right from the beginning! I like Lyra, but I feel bad that she feels like she has to take care of everybody. I know what that is like in real life and it's a real challenge that doesn't allow you to fully have control of your life. You did a great job of showing that in just one chapter.

I laughed as I pictured people falling to the floor and hitting their head on the table when Lyra smacked those pans together! When she woke up the girls, it was reminiscent to how I feel waking my kids up in the morning for school. You really nailed the characterizations here! :)

Hahahahaha Rebekah! :) That was great! Almost completely embarrassed herself, but Lyra saved the day! Is this the same Warrington that Fred stuffed into the vanishing cabinet?

Felicity is right. I sure hope that Lyra is able to push herself away from the designated role and step into her own.

Thank you so much for the review swap! I really enjoyed reading this and I look forward to finding out what will happen as the story goes on! Please let me know when you have chapter 2 posted! :)


Author's Response: Hey, Jenn. Thanks for doing the swap!

I wouldn't feel too bad for Lyra, she kind of does it to herself. Her friends (well, most of them) are totally capable of taking care of themselves, but since Lyra does it for them, they kind of learned to rely on her.

Hehe, Al and Louis completely taking each other out wrote itself and I was laughing writing. It was a fun mental picture.

You know, I completely forgot that they shoved a guy named Warrington into that cabinet, but yeah, I guess this would be him based on the timeline haha.

Hopefully she is able to get herself together, but that may be harder than she thinks...

I'm glad you like it so much! It means a lot when people say the enjoy what I write. I'll definitely let you know when chapter two is up!


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Review #22, by TearsIMustConceal 1.

24th January 2016:
Hi Claire! Here for our swap!

I've been dying to read this since you announced a new story this morning because i've missed your writing and I was not disappointed with this whatsoever!

Designated Mum Friend - all I can think about is The Duff and the whole Designated Ugly Fat Friend. So I am now shortening Designated Mum Friend to DMF!

So, this was so much fun and I got excited when I realised it was Next Gen because I adore Next Gen stories! I adore Lyra! I think this was a really good introduction to Lyra and her personality and character and how she just has to help but she is a healer so it's obviously in her nature! She doesn't seem to mind being the one who gets up early to get the rest up and help them. But how long will this last?

I also loved the interactions with the rest of the gang- they definitely could not survive without Lyra helping them but I think I would like to see them try! Hopefully Lyra will tell them to do it themselves one day and sit back and let the chaos happen! I can't wait to see more of them in future chapters!

Your writing is still as amazing as always and I'm glad you've managed to overcome your writers block with an amazing idea! I can't wait to read more!

I've missed you and your stories Claire!


Author's Response: Hey, Vicki! Thanks for doing the swap!

You are the second person to mention The DUFF, which is hilarious because I had never seen that movie before I wrote this chapter. It actually came to mind when I was watching Sisters.

I'm so glad that you liked Lyra so much! I honestly had no idea of her personality or anything before I started this, but I already love her.

The group is honestly dysfunctional at best, but every now and then they can pull it together. Well, Louis and Roxy can, the others are kind of hopeless at times. Don't worry, you'll be seeing plenty of them in future chapters.

Aww, that's so sweet. I'm so happy that you enjoy what I write so much. I never thought any one would.

I missed you too, it's so good to be back!


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Review #23, by Ignis the Imp 1.

24th January 2016:

I’ve been making my way through the archives because I’m trying to find my dear friend, Peeves (you see, we’re supposed to prank Mr. Filch…), when I came across this story and was intrigued by the title and I couldn’t refuse a little detour!

Have you seen The Duff? I can see some similarities between this and that movie. Well, except for the fact that Lyra is addicted to helping people. Is that really such a bad thing though? I guess it is, if the people she’s helping aren’t able to be self-sufficient.

Which seems to be the case here.

Anyway, this is an excellent start to a story! You’ve done a great job of helping us get to know Lyra and how she does things and what her mindset is concerning her friends. She doesn’t seem to be annoyed by the fact that she’s the “Designated Mom Friend” (DMF?) and actually quite enjoys being that person to her friends. Of course, this could all change…

But I really liked seeing her in her element and I can’t wait to read some more about how her friends’ relationships are with each other and how the group dynamic works as a whole.

This story has got bucket loads of potential! I think it’s going to be great! Your writing style is fantastic, and the voice you’ve given Lyra is very realistic and I can really see how things could go wrong for her - despite all her best intentions.

Anyway, I must be off. Peeves won’t wait too long before he decides to kidnap Mrs. Norris without me!

Ignis the Imp

Author's Response: Why hello there! Thanks for stopping by.

I hadn't seen The Duff before I wrote this first chapter, I actually got a lot of ideas from Sisters, the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler movie. I went back and watched the Duff after you mentioned it, though, and I can say that there are quite a few similarities.

I'm glad you like Lyra and her friends so much. These guys aren't normally who I write about in this era, so it was fun to explore all of their personalities more.

Thank you so much for all of your compliments! Thank you for the review!


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