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Reading Reviews for Choices.
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Review #1, by looneylizzie Choices are the hardest things to make.

24th May 2016:
Hey, Caity! I'm here to review your story for the Demotivator Challenge!!

First of all - I rarely read Draco/Hermione or AU stories, but I'm glad that I got to read this one! This is definitely a great start, and I really like the idea that Draco is faced with a choice right off the bat - and it's a choice that he can't really go back on either. It's not often that someone so young is forced to make a choice like that, and I think you did a great job of presenting the seriousness of his choices here!

Secondly - I really like the way that you chose to use the Demotivator here - even though you don't quote it directly (which is great! You didn't have to quote it at all), it's still obvious that the Demotivator applies to Draco's story here, and it's easy to see how you interpreted it, which is perfect!

I also like that Draco's choice basically decides whether or not the quote applies to him - if he were to choose to side with his father and Voldemort, then the "Perhaps as a punishment" part would certainly apply to Draco and Hermione's relationship. But once he chooses to be with Hermione, she can't really be a punishment. His choice made the Demotivator turn into a Motivator (see what I did there? See? See? No? Ah, nevermind...), which is kind of adorable.

I like it. :)

Anyway, you did are really good job of using the Demotivator in this story, and this definitely looks like a good start to an awesome Dramione fic!

Thank you so much for entering in my challenge, my dear! You are absolutely wonderful! Keep writing!

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Holiday Thoughts

23rd May 2016:
And I'm back for this next chapter, because I need to know what happens and what he chooses.

YAY! She accepted his proposal! I hope that Lucius doesn't ruin anything :S

Aw Theo knows! :D

Oh no! His mum was killed :( I hate Lucius and I hope he gets punished for it.

Awww I hope that they can move away and get their happily ever after :(

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Review #3, by alicia and anne Choices are the hardest things to make.

23rd May 2016:
I love the song scream by Zac Effron, it's by far my favourite song from HSM3!

Awww a Dramione! I haven't read one of those in a while. :D

I love how you're writing his feelings, about the things that he's expected to do and the decisions he wants to make. It's easy to see how torn he is about certain things, and you've done a wonderful job at showing it.

I hope that he makes the right decision.

I need to find out what happens!

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Review #4, by Gabriella Hunter Holiday Thoughts

14th May 2016:

This is Gabbie once again here for your review and it's great to be back!

I am really curious about this story, are you going to continue it or will it be just a few chapters? I really think you should make more chapters if you're thinking of ending it here!

Secret weddings! I can't believe that Draco did something like this! I'm surprised that they managed to sneak away though and I'm curious to know Hermione's side of things.

It's always nice to be in Draco's head for a minute but I'm really curious to know her POV.

I was nervous about the ceremony because I was really hoping it wouldn't turn into a Red Wedding type of thing (Game of Thrones reference) bu thank God you did not do that! I am surprised that Ginny was there and decided to keep it a secret.

I never see Theo being used as a friend for Draco that much so this was a nice change. I always see Blaise in that position and it makes me happy to see Theo in the same sort of position that Draco was in.

Ah! Lucius murdered his own wife?! Why?! What?!

That was a dark turn for this story and I felt so badly for Draco. I wish that he could have stopped it from happening but now that he and Hermione will be back home...I have this feeling that it won't be easy getting things back to normal.

My only CC here would be that I feel like you need to flesh out some things more, like the setting and characters. Draco is great but I would like to see more from Hermione too and the people around them. Otherwise, that last line was perfection and you did a good job here!

Much love,


Author's Response:
Hello Gabbie!

Yes I am currently planning to continue it. I'm not sure how long, I was planning to do a large time gap, but due to popularity I may not be leaving such a large gap as was planned.

Yay for secret weddings! I was a little shocked too. More details about their wedding will be coming though, so don't worry! As for Hermione, you may get a little glimpse of her thoughts and opinion later on.

I don't get your GoF reference, as I don't watch it (nor am inclined to). I always imagined Ginny as the one Hermione turned to, as she didn't really like any of the other girls in her year, and so she turned to Ginny.

I don't know about you, but I feel that the Slytherins were so overlooked. As far as I can remember, Theo, Daphne, Blaise and Astoria aren't even mentioned in the movies! And I love them, because you can really shape them and their personality and their character yourself, without being worried about being flamed because you've written them as being OOC.

Yes, poor Narcissa is dead as a doornail. More on that later.

I felt bad for Draco too. But he's getting through it. He definitely could not have stopped it, because Draco was banned from where the murder took place. It definitely wont be easy for Draco, but he has Hermione.

More from Hermione will be coming. I'm debating whether to write a companion piece for this, in Hermione's POV but this is more focussing on Draco.

Thank you!


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Review #5, by MadiMalfoy Choices are the hardest things to make.

12th May 2016:
Hi Magenta! Wow I am SO sorry for long it's been since you requested this review! I ended up not having time to do all of my reviews over spring break as I got sick after I got back from my trip and then it was full steam ahead for the end of the semester but I'm here now! And you've graced me with a DRAMIONE, you clever person!

So first of all, this has two big things that make it unique in my eyes: it's told from Draco's POV, and it's for the Every Word Counts Challenge and like 3 other challenges at the same time! That is a lot to try and bundle into only 500 words!

The fact it is told from Draco's POV is something that doesn't often get done unless it's for just a moment or two before returning to Hermione's POV or third person. You've made it so that it's something new yet familiar at the same time. He has to make a choice between joining the Death Eaters or Hermione, and he's only sixteen. Sixteen years old is a difficult enough time alone, but the monumental weight of either choice he has crushing him is illustrated nicely here.

I think the overall flow is generally pretty smooth works with the pace of Draco's thinking. However, I think in a couple parts you got a bit wordy (I use that term lightly) and so it interrupted the flow a bit, made it seem a bit repetitive of things we'd already been told. Contractions are your friend! Granted, some sentences deserve to have the full words so they carry more weight and power, but the plot of this piece is already so heavy it doesn't need a lot of support.

In general, I quite liked this piece and the methodical way Draco thought through things before making his decision and choosing what he knew would ultimately lead to a better life for him and Hermione. Great job with this! Feel free to re-request any time. :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #6, by PaulaTheProkaryote Holiday Thoughts

11th May 2016:
Oh! Chapter two is up! How did I not notice?

Of course she accepted, sweet little Dragon. How could she not? I cracked up at "extremely happy to have a secret from her pig-headed dolt of a brother" because that's just perfect. I had a city hall wedding with seven people and it was absolutely lovely and I'd recommend it every time. I also had a separate big ceremony later because a lot of my husband's family threw a fit and it was exhausting and expensive and draining. Sooo...I don't feel bad for the small ministry wedding and I think the ever practical Hermione should be relatively content.

"Lucius has killed Mother." Not Father has killed Mother or Lucius has killed Narcissa. I like your word choice there because it really displays the relationship dynamics of the Malfoys.

"It sounds extremely weird to say ‘my wife’" This is too real for me. Great characterization. The first month of marriage I would walk around saying husband and cringing at the absolute weirdness of it all.

Personally, I vote for moving internationally and living out their merry days together. What do they have to lose? Theo and Ginny will be fine without them and they can write so it's no big deal. GO! KEEP YOUR BOOKWORM SAFE!

This version of Draco is just so very sweet and brave. I love him! Forever is an awfully long time to promise so I hope he means it!

Overall, I think you did a fantastic job on this chapter (as per usual) and I can't wait to see what else is in store for the lovely couple (fingers crossed for a brood of brown-haired silver eyed children).

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Review #7, by Gabriella Hunter Choices are the hardest things to make.

9th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your super late review! Sorry about that! I've been going through some personal stuff and haven't been really ready to start reviewing again. I'm better now though!

So, this!

Draminone is something that I don't really stumble across all the time anymore. I'm not sure why because I used to read them all the time but I was happy to get back into this!

I think that you've chosen to write about a very difficult time in Draco's life. I have personally never strayed from that part in canon but I like what you've done here.

He's alone in more ways than one and he can't quite make up his mind on who he wants to be. I think that's the main difference here between doing what others want and being who he wants.

I can't imagine how hard this must have been for him and I can't believe that his own father is using his mother against him. I like that you have Narcissa being the emotionally fragile of the two because when I picture the couple, Lucius is outwardly falling apart and Narcissa always appears cool and collected.

I like that Draco was able to make his decision in the end but I feel like you probably should have set up your scene better. The flow would be fine if you gave more detail about Draco and Hermione's background. How did they fall in love? Did Ron and Harry know? What sort of problems had they had?

It's those sort of details that will really help flesh this out better but I didn't spot anything else that troubled me. I think the ending was nice but again, just a few smoother sentences and a bit more detail and this would be perfect.

Thanks for the read! :D

Much love,


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Review #8, by dreamgazer220 Choices are the hardest things to make.

3rd May 2016:
Caity! Here with your requested review ♥

Okay, so... I loved this! I'm totally a fan of tortured!Draco, and even though it's a different side of him than we see from the books, it just works so well for this fic.

He's already in love with Hermione, and it's just so sweet and touching to hear how he feels about her, through his side. And it's clearly paining him to be in this difficult position- it doesn't surprise me at all that Lucius would force him to make this kind of decision, to question his son's loyalty like this during the war.

And you did do a great job of sticking to other parts of Draco's character here. He's still very close with his mum, and that's what's weighing on him the heaviest: it's not if he'll chose his family, it's if he'll choose his mum, and then who would be there to protect her? We see this evident in the books and I'm so glad that you put that in there.

And I love that he chose Hermione in the end. Him calling her his light, his little bookworm- just so sweet and adorable. I'm glad he's giving himself a chance at happiness and love because everyone deserves that.

You did a great job of showcasing Draco's humanity here, and you gave us a reason: Hermione is clearly changing him to be a better man, and I love it!

The one small piece of CC I have for you is that it felt weird for Draco to call him Voldemort. I feel like the Dark Lord would be more fitting? Just with the Malfoy's position in the Death Eater circle and everything.

Overall, though, I really loved this. You packed so much in such a short fic, and I'm glad you're expanding this! I'm curious to see where you take it.

Thank you for the request, and great job!

♥ Jill

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Review #9, by victoria_anne Holiday Thoughts

1st May 2016:
Hi Caity!

So this is a bit of a bittersweet second chapter. Poor Draco can't seem to catch a break! My heart goes out to Draco in his grief but I love that Hermione is there for him! I hope now that Lucius is dead, the pressure is taken off Draco a little bit. I love that he's very optimistic for the future too!

To answer your concerns, I do think that this works as both a second chapter and a standalone. You've included enough description of what happened between this chapter and the last that it's enough to make sense and carry on, and at the same time it provides enough context surrounding the story that it can be read alone :)

Good luck with the challenge!

Author's Response:
Hey BB!

Definitely bittersweet. Draco has his highs and lows, and this is certainly a low. I also felt very sad for Draco as I wrote it, for I certainly wasn't expecting it go that way. But my fingers ran away with themselves, so sorry.

That's great to hear!

Thank you!

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Review #10, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Holiday Thoughts

19th April 2016:
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY MY PROFILE AND LETTING ME KNOW THIS WAS UP!!! And also, I'm the first to review it as well! YAY!! :D

You have just completely torn up my emotions with this. (And I mean that in the best possible way!) First off, you had me SQUEALING like a little kid at Christmas when I read that they got engaged and then married! I was SO happy, although I have to admit I'm kind of sad that nobody else can know for right now. But, at least they have Theo and Ginny!! I really hope things calm down some day so that they can have their big white wedding like Draco was talking about, and it's SO SWEET that he wants to give her all those things!

And then, I just felt so heartbroken for Draco, knowing what his father did to his mother, and it's awful that he did so basically just to get back at Draco. It's just terrible and I can't imagine the type of pain he's going through right now, and combining that with the fact that he's meant to be on his honeymoon and having fun is just so sad. :(

I'm kind of afraid for those two, going back to the rest of the world. In a way, I'd kind of like to see them run away together, with their hidden romance, something like a Romeo and Juliet of the wizard world. But, at the same time, they shouldn't HAVE to, you know?!

And them talking about having children, and being parents... EEEK!! ♥

Anyway, this is another wonderful chapter and I can't express how much I just LOVE this!! I'm going to need the next chapter soon, please!! Oh, and my favorite line of this whole chapter? "to propose and marry my little bookworm"... AWW!!! ♥

Well done, dear!! 10/10!

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Review #11, by adluvshp Choices are the hardest things to make.

15th April 2016:
Little one! Hi!

Aw, this was a nice little fic, and I'm glad there's a sequel coming so we know how things go from here.

Obviously, this being an AU, your Draco is out-of-character, and that is totally fine. I love myself some DraMione AU!

I could see this - Hermione being comforted by Draco, him realising his mistakes, and becoming a better person for her. The contemplation that he faced between his family and her was realistically portrayed. His turmoil made sense.

In the end though, I'm glad he didn't choose Voldemort or his father, and went with his heart. And yay he will propose to her! That's very sweet.

All in all, I quite enjoyed reading this. It was short and sweet and interesting. Good job =)


Author's Response: Hello my semi-engaged-online-mummy!

Yes, there is a sequel. (Part 2 has been written, and is currently in the editing stage!)

Dramione AU is hot. OMG I'm addicted to Dramione and cannot get enough of this ship. It's my Hermione OTP, btw.


OMG YES YOU UNDERSTOOD IT! Not many understood my reference to the ring, so I'm so glad you did!



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Review #12, by velajune Choices are the hardest things to make.

6th April 2016:
Hello Caity!

I read this a while back and actually had a different review entirely. I decided to re-do it upon returning. I hope this helps you out... better late than never, I suppose? I do apologize though. I didn't mean to flake on this for as long as I did.

On with the review!

Yay, Dramione! My favorite.

I definitely think that your Draco Malfoy isn't quite in character. It's a totally different Draco and that's fine. I started reading it and had to set my mind to think that, okay, this isn't your typical snotty Draco. He's already matured and has a lot of things to think about regarding the possible futures he may lead.

I liked how he entertained both sides of the spectrum. It seemed very realistic to me and so, to answer your request- does it flow? I think it flows pretty well, much like real thoughts. It's also good to mention that Lucius' character also showed through Draco's thinking process. It's scary to think that Draco, had he been truly given a choice about the Dark Mark, was actually threatened by his father also.

Draco to me, despite my love for Dramione, is a coward. So, by the end of your story, I really loved that he chose the light.

Some parts did feel a bit awkward for me like the second paragraph. Something about the paragraph threw me off a little. I couldn't say which part of it specifically because it's sort of sprinkled around. "Surprisingly comforted" doesn't roll off the tongue smoothly. "I liked a Muggleborn. I hate the term Mudblood." BUT here's the thing. I don't think you should change it. Reiterating a previous comment from me, it flows much like real thoughts. And I loved that about this.

But there's small stuff like using "I am" instead of the contracted "I'm". Again, this is more to do with easily read/spoken which contributes to the flow of the whole story. And also being natural. For example, though I love this abstract way of mentioning a proposal, "There is something metal and precious burning a hole in my pocket," is a bit unnatural. And throughout your story, we read Draco's candid thoughts. That line felt very scripted and didn't feel like it was a part of his thoughts. Rather, it sounded like a writer. I hope I explained that well.

I saw this in another review, but I too would've liked it better if everything was kept as a cliffhanger. Your ending works well, but given that the story was about choices, it would've been a good heartclench- Idk how to explain it- feeling if we didn't know exactly what your Draco chose.

Overall, I enjoyed reading your story and applaud you for the limited use of words! As you can see from my review, I have difficulty limiting my use of words. Lol

Hope this helps!

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Review #13, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon Choices are the hardest things to make.

3rd April 2016:
This was short and sweet! I really liked the different things Draco considered. Especially because I think one of the main reasons he never made a real effort to switch sides, and seemed to feel so trapped in the films was his connection to his mother and the knowledge that his parents would suffer if he didn't do what Voldemort asked of him. You acknowledged that well.

"There is something metal and precious burning a hole in my pocket" Really loved this line! It was great how you said just enough to hint at what he was planning, without spelling it out for the reader! It would have been so heartbreaking if he'd had to leave her after finding out this detail, and I half expected him to do that.

I think the couple lines summing up his final decision were a little abrupt, and actually it could have worked quite well if you'd left it on a cliffhanger, but at the same time it was quite a sweet ending, and it was satisfying to know what his final decision was!

Good work, I enjoyed reading this :)


Author's Response: Hi Katy!

Thank you so much for reviewing this!

I also loved writing that line. Some of the previous reviewers didnt realise what I was writing about, so I'm glad you caught on!

Thank you! There is a sequel coming. I wrote it while I was away on camp, and now all i have to do is type it up and edit it!


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Review #14, by PaulaTheProkaryote Choices are the hardest things to make.

2nd April 2016:

I've really been on a Dramione kick lately which is bizarre because it's never been something I cared for.

I loved the way you set up their beginning. It's something I could totally see happening. My mind immediately envisions Hermione sitting there crying and Draco taking the opportunity for some minor Ron hate and one thing just leads to another!

Having to decide between young love and your family would be such a difficult choice. To be honest, I'd probably picked my family, whether they were right or wrong. As a teenager though, I was definitely more swayable (shh it's a word). I might have just picked a boy.

I really love the fact that you tied his mother in there. I think that would be such a hard factor to overcome. His mother loves him so deeply that she'd betray everything she stood for just to make sure she's okay. I think it's realistic and horrendous that Lucius would not only recognize that, but take advantage of it.

"In my personal account that is not attached to father’s, I have enough money to see Hermione and I through the war." WHY DID THIS NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN IN THE BOOKS. Oh, it would have been so sweet!

Overall, I loved the story you were able to paint with so few words. It gave me the warm fuzzies and I loved the characterization of Draco, along with his internal debate. I'm glad your version of Draco decided to follow his heart!

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Review #15, by victoria_anne Choices are the hardest things to make.

1st April 2016:

I hope you enjoy your day, you gorgeous girl. Here's a little birthday review for you ♥

Wow so you packed so much into this little one-shot! HOW?! I am in awe. I lurve these tortured sixth year Draco fics,so trust me when I say, I think you did a brilliant job. But seriously, poor Draco, his father setting him an ultimatum like that. How hard for him :(

But Hermione! Eee! So amazing, I absolutely love the way you write Draco! AND HE CHOOSES HER! *faints*

Wonderful work, Caity, and I hope you have a birthday that's as magical as you! ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Aww thank you BB!

This review is awesome, and thank you so much for taking time out of your day to review this!

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Review #16, by Owlpost68 Choices are the hardest things to make.

15th March 2016:
Hi, I'm here to try and put a smile on your face :)
I thought this was a lovely one-shot, it brought out the parts of Draco that were obviously there to some extent in the hp series. He was always concerned for his family and that's why he did what he did. mostly, it was also how he was raised.
I found just one tiny typo: "hide in from" I think you meant 'it'.

I guess the one thing at the end I wish you'd mentioned was to also make sure his mother was safe. It didn't seem clear to me. I'm glad he chose love over fear at the end there, that was very poignant.

Good job!

Author's Response: Awwh, thank you Heather!

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Review #17, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Choices are the hardest things to make.

14th March 2016:
Hi there dear! I'm here with your prize for winning a round of Pass the Parcel! First off, let me just say 'Congratulations' - and thank you SO much for helping us celebrate HPFF's birthday! And now, on to your review! :P I'm reviewing as I read, so if this seems to change topics kind of suddenly, that's why.

So, the first thing that really caught my attention was your characterization of Draco. You've really gotten into his thoughts here, and use that to show us what kind of person he is, and I think it's brilliant. I love how you've put us in his mind right as he's about to make a difficult decision, and I also love how you're giving us a bit of background through his eyes, as though he were explaining the situation to us.

I think this would obviously be a VERY difficult decision for Draco to make in this situation, but I have to admit that a part of me also thought "Do you even have to ask yourself that question?" Obviously he loves Hermione very much, and he doesn't approve of or agree with the Death Eaters' beliefs, so I'm personally a little confused as to why he would even consider it - but at the same time we know how much of an influence Lucius had on Draco's life, so it's also pretty understandable. You did an EXCELLENT job of showing the internal struggle he's got going on here!

Oh my goodness! Reading about Lucius' threat makes me definitely understand more why Draco would consider this! He was very close to his mother and it'd be SO hard to never see or hear from her again!

But then Awww! Reading how much he loves Hermione is just so fluffy! It sounds like those two are perfect for each other! And *gasps* He's going to go ask her!! *Squees* Oh my goodness, I need a sequel to this that shows the big moment, please!!! ♥

I really hope that, somehow, Draco's able to keep his family safe and still have Hermione. There HAS to be a way!

This is a very well-written one-shot, dear! There are only a few words here, but they are SO powerful and full of emotion! It's incredible!

Well done, and congratulations again on Winning Pass the Parcel!


In re to the sequel, I may be writing it in April manually while Im on a camp without my laptop and the rest of my already started work.
Im not going to give away any of my plans for it though. You'll have to wait and see. :P

I have no way of describing how much this review is making me smile, laugh, grin and shout in glee.

Thank you so so much!


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Review #18, by princesslily_36 Choices are the hardest things to make.

6th March 2016:

Hello Caity!

Every Word Counts challenge is the toughest IMO, because there's just so much to convey, and I always have a way of running away with my fingers. But not you. You have portrayed so much, so beautifully, in so few words.

Your story fits the quote perfectly - because despite his true love for Hermione, like you have pointed out he has his father and Bellatrix to worry about. The Draco in my head wouldn't have had the courage to go for it, but like you have shown, love can give people courage they never knew they had.

I felt the flow was slightly choppy at the Mudblood part, but the overall effect was achieved. You have managed to show Draco's conflict very clearly in few words, and including the fact that they got together after the Yule Ball shows how long he has been in love with her.

Ohh, he is going to propose! I like how you hinted at that with this line - There is something metal and precious burning a hole in my pocket

Great little one-shot! Thank you for a wonderful read :)

XOXO (your nano child!)

Author's Response: Hello NaNo baby!

I actually find EWC kinda easy, it really depends on your story, and how long your story is working out to be.

In re to the proposal, I may be writing a sequel, so I'm not going to reveal anything.



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Review #19, by Lee Jackson Choices are the hardest things to make.

19th February 2016:
This story is very short, but it's successful in explaining the dilemma that Draco is facing, and the conclusion seems rational and not out-of-the-blue like the ends of other similar one-shots I've read.

I only have a few minor things to point out.

Draco speaks very formally, and slightly robotically at times. However, you seem to get into the swing of writing like Draco, and the ending seems more genuine.

A couple of phrases here and there seem a little out of place. "surprisingly" in the second paragraph sounds a little odd, and "over the edge of insanity" could perhaps be changed to "over the edge, and into insanity" or similar. Also, "Oh shivers!" doesn't particularly sound like something Draco would say.

Aside from those little changes I suggested, your story is really good!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Lee!

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Review #20, by Jayna Choices are the hardest things to make.

13th February 2016:
Hey Caity! So I'm so sorry for the lateness of this review (it seems all I do these days is apologize for the lateness of things). Next, I must say that I really like your summary. It gives off that angsty vibe and definitely draws the reader in without giving away very much of the plot.

The first suggestion I had was a simple grammar one. In the second paragraph where you are talking about Ron and how he was jealous of Krum, the "Of Hermione's date, Viktor Krum." isn't a sentence, it's a fragment. I would suggest just deleting the period from the previous sentence and merging the two together. Anyway, that was a fairly minor thing, but if you find yourself editing this piece, perhaps you'll want to change that.

The format in which it is told, a sort of inner monologue, works well and I think it helps summarize the events and the motives of Draco to choose what he does. Especially for an Every Word Counts Entry, I think you did a good job of doing just that, summarizing the key points of the story and of Draco's decision. At the same time though, I liked how you made his mother a key part of the decision. It helped make the choice believably difficult. Does he abandon his mother in her ill health, let his father face Voldemort's wrath, and stray from the course set for him, or does he go after the girl he loves. However, you spend a lot of time talking about how he is hesitant to leave his mother, and not a lot of time about why he loves Hermione. All we're really told is that he's loved her for a while now, and that she's his little bookworm. I understand that it's hard to fit a bunch of stuff into 500 words, but perhaps devote a little more time to the other side of the decision, the side that is screaming at him to choose Hermione.

Flow wise, it has a few very slight bumps (in my opinion), but overall you did a nice job of keeping the story going and leaving us on a sweet note with his mind made up. I really liked how he realized that he had made up his mind, because for me that is how all decisions are made. There just comes a point when you can't trick yourself into believing that you're still making up your mind, and you have to pay attention to the part of your brain that is telling you that you never were going to choose the other option. So yeah, good job, and if I had to make a suggestion it would be make Draco's love for Hermione more believable by devoting a little more of the story to it (so like a few specific details that he loves about her, whether it be the hazel of her eyes or her fiery independence).


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Review #21, by Dirigible_Plums Choices are the hardest things to make.

8th February 2016:

It's Plums here with your requested review/the review for my challenge. I was curious to see how you would take a spin on Dramione since it's such a popular pairing.

It might be a short one shot, but you still managed to show the conflicted feelings Draco has on what he's going to do. I like how you mention his worry for his mother; it's clear from Narcissa's betrayal in the Deathly Hallows that she loves her son dearly so to see that concern flipped around was nice to see. It made it more believable and gave Draco a more admirable touch and less of a cowardly one like in the books.

Speaking of diverging from canon, it's nice to see how you've strayed from it here. I'm not sure how old Hermione and Draco are at this point (since you obviously moved away from canon, I didn't know whether his mention of dating Pansy at one point was a reference to sixth year or if it happened at some other point), but it's interesting to see that they've been dating for years after Ron broke her heart at the ball. I can't help but wonder how he got through to her in her distressed state. Just of curiosity, were they dating in secret? I can't imagine him being public about it, for fear of angering Lucius.

This was a really enjoyable read and I really liked seeing how things could've changed just because of a nice act at the Yule Ball. I genuinely adored the final line. 'She's my little bookworm' - how adorable! However, I do have a couple of pointers.

Firstly, you missed question marks in these two sentences: 'Do I follow my father’s wishes, receive the Dark Mark, join the Death Eaters, dump Hermione and eventually marry Pansy[?]' and
'Or do I follow my own path, break away from the evil Slytherin stereotype that I am believed to be[?]'

A part that seemed a bit out of place to me was when he exclaimed 'Shivers!'. It just seemed so childish and unlike him, especially when in reference to Voldemort. A wizard like that would evoke a stronger reaction, I think.

Thank you for entering the challenge! Hope this helps :)

Plums xo

(Also, congratulations on managing to enter so many challenges with this one entry! :D )

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Review #22, by Musing Choices are the hardest things to make.

5th February 2016:
Hey Caity!!!

Thank you so much for this story, Caity! I am so sorry for taking so horribly long to leave a review but I read it the day you sent me the link and I thoroughly enjoyed this one-shot!

So, I landed directly on this page without reading the summary or noting the pairing when I first came here to read this and was pleasantly surprised to find this to be a Dramione one-shot! Though I didn't really think that I would like the ship when I first started reading fanfic, but I've surely come to like them over time.

This story was a nice insight into Draco's head. Draco's dilemma felt so real! Poor boy, had to choose between Hermione and his mother! I liked how Draco could distinguish between darkness and light.

It was around Yule Ball that J.K. Rowling first started hinting about dating and relationships for the trio in the books, as far as I can remember. So, I really liked the point where you made Dramione start dating, right after the Yule Ball.

Surely, their relationship is not public knowledge. I wonder how did Lucius find out about it. Also, what was the metal thing burning in his pocket? Was it a ring? Draco says he wants to do something in the library, a moment Hermione will remember forever, so that just got me thinking. :P

It's amazing that you managed to write this story for four challenges. Really, kudos to you! I loved how you conveyed so much in 500 words. I really adore this story! Thanks again for the dedication! :D

Lots of love

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Review #23, by Felpata Lupin Choices are the hardest things to make.

4th February 2016:
Hey, Caitlin!
Here I am with your requested review (hope it wasn’t too long of a wait... I haven't been in a reviewing mind for a while and RL is being crazy these days...)

Anyway, this was interesting. :)
I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Dramione, but I still appreciated your dig into Draco's psicology and a much complex and conflicted personality that you gave him.

I also really like that his choice is not really between right and wrong, but more between his original family and his love. It's a much more personal dimension and gives a new perspective on those characters we're used to consider evil without knowing their ulterior motives (to be true, Draco is not among those characters, since JK gave us a good insight of him, but I think your story could apply to many others. We just don't know. But I'm digressing...)

The flow was good. The story read easily enough. It is a tiny bit segmental at times, if you know what I mean... But I suppose so it's a normal thought process, so that's not a big deal. Plus, I envy people who successfully manage to write inside the 500 words boundary. I've never attempted it and I feel like it's such a difficult thing to do. So, congratulations! ;)

Good job on this! I really enjoyed the read!
Many hugs to you, darling!

Author's Response: Hey Chiara!
It definitely wasn't too long a wait. In all honesty, I FORGOT THAT I HAD REQUESTED.

I'm a huge Dramione fan, so I'm glad you liked this!

*squishes Chiara*

Thank you so so so much,


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Review #24, by TearsIMustConceal Choices are the hardest things to make.

3rd February 2016:
Hi Caity, finally here with your requested review!

Poor Draco – i'm not usually his biggest fan but I do feel for him here, having to choose between his beloved mother and Hermione. How did Lucius find out, I wonder?

I can really feel that he loves Hermione. And I really love how you addressed his previous behaviour, calling Hermione a mudblood, and how he now hates that word. You can see his growth as a person and his realisation that he's just not like them, not anymore or perhaps he never was. You've really told us how they came together beautifully and you captured Draco's struggles realistically.

I love how we can see how much he is genuinely agonising over his choice but in the end, his love for Hermione wins out and I really hope she says yes! But I wonder how Lucius will act, and the rest of his family!

This was a lovely story Caity!


Author's Response: Ee Vicki! Hi!
(sorry for taking so long to reply)
The way that Lucius found out will be revealed in Part 3. Yes, you will have to wait. :)


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Review #25, by MuggleMaybe Choices are the hardest things to make.

30th January 2016:
Hello Caity!
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet! How terrible of me - I hope this review will make it up to you!

Poor Draco! This is certainly a difficult choice, I can see why he's upset. To pick between your mother and your girlfriend when you're still so young... the war was cruel to him.

If I'm being honest, I almost never read Dramione, so I really appreciate that you addressed his prejudice. He doesn't use the word mudblood anymore, he doesn't believe in the Death Eater cause.

The metal burning in his pocket - I'm curious about that. What does it refer to? Is it fifth year now? Did she give him a DA coin? If so, that is very intriguing! I'd love to read an AU about Draco as a DA member, I think :P

Oooh, that is so sweet that he calls her his little bookworm because he values her intelligence, and he's intelligent also and that is one of the better arguments I've seen in favor of this pairing. I'm so glad you've pointed that out!

Your Draco is so brave. I love him! Thank you for writing this fab story and so kindly allowing me to share the dedication. It gave me wonderful feels when I saw you did that!

lots of love to you, sweetie!
xoxo Renee

Author's Response: HELLO RENEE!!!

That fact that you even reviewed it all all has made me beam!

Yes, i do feel that the war was very cruel to him, and I had to address his previous prejudice's in some way.

*groans* The metal, um, refers to something symbolic between a couple when they decide to 'take the next step'. Trying not to give too much away here!

The bookworm reference is in part because they were always top of the class, vying for first.

Draco is awesomely brave.


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