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Review #1, by princesslily_36 Tree!

23rd April 2017:
Hey pookha! Here to bail out Mel for CTF!

Oohhh fluffy fluff fluff! There's Luna, and Rolf and a fantastic beast, what more do you need for a happy read! And you did the whole thing from the Kneazle's PoV? Brilliant, sheer brilliance!

I am so loving the Luna and Rolf dynamics - decorating the tree together and talking about nargles. It's just so them, and makes me ship them even harder! Ooh, I can just imagine the little twins joining the scene a few years down the line!

What I absolutely love about the kneazle's point of view (apart from a very Luna-like name for the kneazle - did I mention I love it?) is that you managed to make me believe it was being narrated by an animal. I guess animal's PoV kind of resembles a kid's Pov - the innocence and stuff - and it's brilliant how you have actually stepped into those goggles! To add to it, very cat like descriptions of pawing, and then eyeing the box! Precious!

Christmas stories can be so warming. Throw in a bit of Luna, Rolf and their pet Kneazle and you've just created the perfect recipie for a feel good story!

I really really enjoyed it (if you can't tell anyway by all my gushing so far!) Love the story!


PS: Will there be a sequel - maybe one chapter with a pregnant Luna, and another with the twins? I can just imagine that through Zephira's eyes... (and maybe zephira finds a special some-kneazle around Chrismas time as well!!)

Author's Response: Yay! I do like to write fluff every once in a while as a break from my normally dark stories. Yeah, Luna and Rolf together are great and I can totally picture their relationship! Originally, I shipped Harry/Luna but I've started drifting away from that now.

Thanks so much for the kind words about POV. I really edited and re-edited this story to make it more simple and easily believable as coming from a kneazle's POV and voice, so I'm glad that it comes through.

No sequels to this story, but I do have a story called 'Reverie' with Luna pregnant, that is a another Christmas story with Zephira present (pun intended). You might enjoy it. It was written as an exercise in description for me.

So glad you reviewed this story as I really like it and I'm glad others do, too. It makes me feel good to watch my cats and then write about cats/kneazles here.

Thanks again for the kind review.

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Review #2, by melian Tree!

23rd April 2017:
Well well well. A story from the point of view of a Kneazle? Thatís something I didnít expect to see here. Then again, Iíve written stories from the point of view of inanimate objects, so why not a creature?

Anyway, the idea of Luna and Rolf decorating their Christmas tree is a fun one, especially if he did manage to find one without a Nargle infestation. Those are hard to come across, I believe, hahaha. Honestly, it would take a special kind of person to live with Luna, wouldnít it? And I say that with the greatest affection for her. Even someone like Rolf who loves magical creatures Ė or so I assume, given his lineage Ė would have to sometimes roll his eyes at her faith in things like Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, Iím sure. And I loved the room! The stuffed Jarvey, the orrery Ö SO Luna. So well thought out.

I admit I had to read this through twice to find the ďscene of a mild sexual natureĒ. Gotta love those warnings, donít you? Naturally I found it eventually. :)

This whole scene acting out from Zephiraís eyes is truly a treat to read, all in all. The thought processes, the assumptions, the stealing of the box for a bed Ö the whole thing just screams cat, or really Kneazle, all the way through. And that ending! Donít they know itís bedtime? Bahahahahaha!!!

This was a really lovely read. Iím glad I found it, even if it was under the auspices of Capture the Flag!

Cheers Mel

Author's Response: I just want to say thank you for reviewing this. As you can tell or maybe already knew, I love cats and my kitties in particular. This was the second story that I'd written from a kneazle perspective, with the first being 'weasleys are away (the half-kneazle will play)' written from Crookshanks's perspective.

Yeah, the old warnings here were different and it likely wouldn't need that warning now, but I'd rather over-rate my warnings then jeopardize my TA status.

I really believe that I have a feel for Luna that a lot of authors don't, but I could just be deluding myself :P I originally started as a Harry/Luna shipper, but then the news on Pottermore came out about Rolf and I love Luna/Rolf, and can totally see them (although my headcanon of Rolf is he looks like a Viking, but that's been toasted a bit with Eddie Redmayne cast as Newt). I think that Luna and Rolf would have lot in common, but just enough differences to make them interesting.

I'm glad you thought that I caught a cat's perspective, since I observe my cats all the time and try to work out what they're thinking in their little feline brains. I can definitely see my cat Sophie trying to think things through while Gremlin just works on instinct and love. Cats and boxes, gotta love them.

Thanks again for the review.

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Review #3, by adluvshp Tree!

17th February 2016:
Hey! Wish you a very happy birthday! I'm just randomly popping by to give you this review as a present xD

I loved reading this! It was so cute and adorable. For animal lovers, specifically cat lovers, like myself, I think it makes for a great read. I loved how you never mentioned the narrator was a cat and yet we got enough hints to guess the nature of the creature.

The point of view is very well written with the inclusions of the smell, the way she sees them kissing as "marking each other as their own", and the need to sleep in the box. The entire time I was reading this, I was smiling, because the mannerisms reminded me so much of my cat! You totally nailed the character.

Luna and Rolf were also very sweet seen through the eyes of Zephira. Unique and interesting name by the way! It sounds exactly like what Luna would name her pet.

Your descriptions were great and overall this flowed smoothly. I had a good time reading it. Glad I stopped by! Lovely writing. Happy birthday once again!

(Lost Muse from the forums)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the birthday review. I truly appreciate it.

I love cats and have written so much about them or with them and I think I've got a real feel for how they behave, and I'm glad you liked it.

I've had the name Zephira for a while in my head as Luna's pet and have written her three times in stories.

Glad you liked the descriptions and the characterization of Zephira and Luna and Rolf. I love writing all of them. All of them.

Thanks again for the kind review, I very much appreciate every review I get.

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Review #4, by oldershouldknowbetter Tree!

9th February 2016:
You know, this is the second fic I've reviewed recently which involves the married Scamanders and a kneazle. And to think that before this I'd only ever heard of kneazles as a measure of room measurement.

Anyway, here I am for a bit of BvB action.

You are telling this from the point of view of the kneazle - nice choice. I've always loved this sort of story telling, ever since I read the excellent comic 'I am Paul's Dog' - over twenty years ago now, but it left an impression.

To write from the point of view of an animal, you have to have the right blend of naivete mixed with incomprehension and a soupÁon of an odd perspective. From the first paragraph you seem to have managed this well.

I would assume that it is Christmas, what with a tree in the house, moreover a pine tree - according to Luna.

Still concerned with nargles I see. Luna's strange crypto-magical-zoological animals are always a good point of characterisation and you use it well here. We don't need the warning from the chapter summary, suddenly we know that we are faced with Luna.

they mark each other as their property - good touch, exactly what a cat/kneazle would think.

ďIt was good to be able to do this with you for once.Ē This story is incredibly short, and it is with lovely little details like this that you say so much. We get the point you are making, that it is not often that Christmas finds them at home together and not off in the field.

Iíll have to claim that big box as mine later. Kneazles and boxes, hey? Obviously the same as cats and boxes then.

The way they make Zehira complicit in the decorating is a good 'cat' touch - the accidental way that it does so. But we get more of the 'kneazle' aspect of the animal as it keeps on decorating. It's a good way to distinguish between the mundane and magical nature of the creature.

Zephira does get the box after all.

A nice, fluffy little story about a nice fluffy little creature.


Author's Response: That other story with Luna and Zephira was mine as well :) . I have a thing for cats/kneazles. This was a story that was posted for the days of Christmas on the forums, so I expanded it a bit for the archive.

I really just wanted to show a cat/kneazle acting like a kneazle would. I'm glad you enjoyed the cat thinking here. I've based most of it on my observations of my own cats over the last 10 years.

Luna and Rolf both would be a great fit for having Kneazles, and it felt right to write about them again.

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Review #5, by Ignis the Imp Tree!

19th January 2016:
Hello there!

Oh, how fun! Christmas has been and gone but I love it so much that I'm always happy to read about it. I think Zephira and I would be friends, actually. She likes hiding in places she's not meant to be and so do I. One of my favourite things to do is jump out and surprise people when they least expect it, but humans don't seem to appreciate that as much. These humans might be different though. I think I'd like them!

The story of Luna and Rolf putting up their Christmas tree and decorations was really good. I've heard a lot about them because they're so kind to animals and creatures like me and I liked them a lot in this story. But my favourite thing was seeing this from Zephira's perspective. Do you know that for some reason most of the stories on this site are told from a human perspective? How boring! Zephira was excited about the decorations just like I am and she has the right idea when it comes to curling up to sleep in a box. Boxes can be so fun and comfy.

This was a really fun story!

Ignis the Imp

Author's Response: The reason this is up so long after Christmas is that it was an entry to one of the Advent calendar days and I didn't want to post it while the advent calendar was going on.

Glad you liked it. I like to write from a cat's perspective (and have a story written from Crookshanks perspective, too). I love to observe my cats and then put them in stories cleverly disguised as Kneazles. Just this morning, my cat, Sophie, howled outside my door to make sure I got up, but only after she heard my alarm go off.

It is boring that the stories are told from a human perspective. Non-humans and inanimate objects unite!

Thanks again for the nice review. I have a nice box here with a towel in it if you want to sleep.

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