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Reading Reviews for Necrophobia
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Review #1, by alicia and anne The Final Test

22nd May 2016:
I would be so nervous as well, I don't blame Rose at all. I think the only comfort is that Harry is there to try and give her some encouragement.

I don't think that I would be able to do this at all, I would be too terrified.

Those memories are just so devastating, I would hate to have to relieve that. :( And especially this new one! I think the ones that aren't hers are the worst, because it's not even her memories and she doesn't know what's coming.

This is making me so sad :( Especially because she's witnessing Harry's memories :( She's seeing what he went through all those years ago.

Oh god, Oh no, oh god make that last one stop :( *hides behind my hands* make it go away. I'm going to cry :(

And you keep piling it on, with the Dumbledore one as well *is a sobbing mess on the ground and wonders if she'll ever be happy again*

Ahhh! She passed!! I'm so glad that she did, and that she managed to accept her fear and realise that there's nothing she can do to change things.

This was amazingly written, you done a wonderful job at showing the fear, and the use of the memories was a fantastic way of showing it all. I was fearing it all as I read more.

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Review #2, by princesslily_36 The Final Test

5th March 2016:
Hello Jenn!

Ysh here for the HPFF Review-a-thon!

Ahh I remember this story, you had posted it in the Title Help thread hadn’t you? I was quite intrigued by it back then, so thank you for the chance to take a look at it now :D

My first thoughts were: Necrophobia in an aspiring Auror is quite a challenge isn’t it? I mean, wouldn’t she have to deal dead bodies on a regular basis?

The scene with Jack the dog was wonderfully written – through the eyes of a child. What I loved most was the seamless transition from the adult PoV to the child’s. I cried a little when the dog died  I hate to see dead animals, it’s a soft spot in me.

The next few scenes just flowed so well together. Usually such transitions tend to be confusion, but not how you’ve written it. I could clearly distinguish between when her grandfather died and when Harry’s memory began. Also, I noticed that the deaths escalated slowly… starting with animals and moving to humans… it added a nice touch to the story, almost as if easing her in. I liked that about this tale.

Another thing I have to mention is your descriptions. Though we saw well known scenes through Rose’s eyes, you kept her very much in character. I can see that by easing her into it, and showing her a cluster of memories, it helped her come to the conclusion that she did – that it is another thing in life that she needs to accept in order to do the job she loves most. Loved the ending!


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Review #3, by victoria_anne The Final Test

3rd March 2016:
Hi Jenn!

What a heartbreaking journey you just took me on. The way you wrote Rose's reactions were so real and tragic - I felt a little sick reading it! Not in a bad way, of course, but so many awful death scenes!

Poor Benji falling from the broom! And Harry's memories! Argh you really stirred up so much emotion from this amazing piece.

I love her realisation at the end, it wraps it the story up nicely, and of course it is an important thing for someone like an Auror to realise.

Really a lovely piece, good luck in the challenge!

Bianca x

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