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Review #1, by princesslily_36 My Only Love...

23rd April 2016:
Hello Jenn,

Back again for another prize review. I don't think I've read a Remus/Dorcas before, and it got me really interested because of all the history surrounding the individual characters.

I like that we see the war through Dorcas' eyes. I've always been fascinated by minor characters who worked for the Order. Of course, the fact that she was a pureblood who refused to come over would get her killed.

Voldemort's description was my favorite part in the story - how his robes gave him an appearance of death itself - amazing!

Poor Remus! His reaction was honestly heartwrenching, and how Sirius tried to stop him, to save him from himself. Knowing Remus he must have been so addled with guilt at his helplessness. It again adds up to why he resisted Tonks so much, and why he kept giving reasons to not be with her.

This was a lovely one-shot, thank you so much for the read!


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Review #2, by TreacleTart My Only Love...

24th January 2016:
Hey Jenn!

I'm here for our review swap! I thought I'd check this out because I love reading new pairings and I don't think I've ever read a Remus/Dorcas before.

I really like that you used this story to explain why the Dark Lord personally murdered Dorcas. It was always something I'd wondered about and it makes complete sense that they wanted her to come over to the dark side since she was a Pureblood.

I also thought you did a great job of showing all of the extremes that everyone had to go through to keep themselves safe. The diversionary tactics on the way home. The wand always at the ready. Being suspicious of anyone walking around nearby. It makes sense for how deadly the enemy is.

The scene where Dorcas is making fish and chips for Remus is sweet. Nothing says I love you like cooking for someone, particularly their favorite meal. You can really tell that she cares about him at this point.

I also enjoyed the confrontation between Dorcas and Voldemort. She was so brave to stand up against him the way she did. I found myself wishing for a way for her to escape.

Now on to a bit of CC...

Overall, I found myself wishing for a bit more description/detail throughout. It felt a bit rushed to me and I think giving the reader a bit more info about each event would help slow it down a touch.

Also, I caught these two little things...

Things have changed so much tense switch. Should be had

She knew why he was here. And then You know why Im here. He confirmed seemed a little awkward in such a short space, particularly after you just explained why the Death Eaters were after her.

All in all, I think this was a cute, but heartbreaking one-shot. I'd love to see a prequel of sorts showing how Remus and Dorcas got together.

Good job!


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Review #3, by carry on with your knitting My Only Love...

22nd January 2016:
Thank you so much for this! I'm so touched! :')

My babies! It so tragically perfect and wonderful! I love that you made it so they got married secretly! Definitely happened in my head! :')
And the ending! ahhh so many feels!
Everything was just so perfect, their characters were spot on in my mind and I just love it!

Thank you so so so much! You've made my week! :D

Much love!

Katie :)

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