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Review #1, by Marshal Remus John Lupin

29th April 2017:
I admit I am very torn on this, I am not sure if Harry would wait so long in telling Teddy the truth. I mean I get it and it makes sense to me but I gives me pause at the same time. About how old are you figuring Teddy to be here? It was hard to tell his age in this story which makes judging the realism of it hard to do. (Suppose I could do the math seeing as we know how much older Teddy is to James, Albus and Lily but my head is not there for mathematics) So maybe he is eleven-ish? That is awfully old to finally be told if he is that old in this fic - I mean if he was seven eight maybe so he could understand but I think Harry and Ginny would want to honor the memory or Remus and Tonks and have their son think on the as best as possible.

I will say you are pretty spot on in the anger department I think. I think any kid would be angry at first becuase it isn't fair to not have their real parents.

Also I think this is the first story I've read that has Teddy as a bonafied Potter raised by Harry and Ginny. Most fics I read has Teddy raised by Andromeda Tonks - so kudos on a different take!

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Review #2, by adluvshp Remus John Lupin

29th April 2017:
This was so heartbreaking and sad. Poor Teddy. Any thought of his parents deaths and him finding out saddens me and what happens here, the emotions he is experiencing - from pain to frustration to confusion to anger to misery - it is all very understandable and believable.

A child who has just found out that not only is he adopted, as the by the looks of it and the surname "Potter" it seems Harry and Ginny adopted little Teddy, is bound to react in a manner that you have written here. I like how despite knowing the truth he signs off as Teddy Potter and that shows it has to have been pretty long, after a certain age, that he has been told.

I personally don't think that Harry and Ginny would have adopted him officially to change his name, rather kept him as their godson, but then that is subjective. In your world, this is what has happened. The idea of Harry telling Teddy to write everything down to get out his emotions and feel better was sweet, and showed how much he loved Teddy even though he was not his biological son. Little details such as Tonks and Remus' photograph in the house, or Teddy's appearance details were also good.

I liked it overall though there were a few typos here and there like "their" instead of "there" so maybe you could give this a once over?

-CTF review by Angie.

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Review #3, by teh tarik Remus John Lupin

9th March 2016:
Hellow Jayna!

I'm here to review your entry for The Epistolary Fic Challenge! Thank you so, so much for participating!

I really enjoyed reading your story; I found it incredibly sad, because you did such a fantastic job capturing the loneliness and isolation that poor Teddy feels, and especially how he feels like an intruder among the Potters, like they're no longer his real family. I want to give Teddy a hug and tell him everything will be okay. :(

I also absolutely adore the idea of Teddy writing to his dead parents (I'm hoping he'll pen one to Tonks soon!). There's something pretty tragic about the epistolary style, especially when readers know that the letters being written are never going to be read by their intended recipients.

You had some very nice details sptrinkled throughout your fic: from Teddy correcting himself when he refers to Harry as Dad. It must have been such a shock for poor young Teddy to realise that Harry and Ginny are not his biological parents, and that his real parents are the pictures sitting on the mantel, or above the stove. It must have been such an intensely disconcerting feeling...and I think Teddy's whole world could easily come crashing down. I do rather wish that Harry and Ginny had told him earlier, the truth about Remus and Tonks. :(

I think you did a wonderful job with the story, and I really love the premise of this! I wish you could have completed this for the challenge, but even though the deadline has passed, if you update your fic any time soon, I'll be sure to catch up with it!

Thank you so much, once again for submitting an entry for my challenge! ♥


Author's Response: Hey there teh, thanks so much for the wonderful challenge and for this great review!

I'm really glad that this made you sad (this is probably one of the only times I can think of that it's appropriate to say this :P), and that you got the vibe that Teddy felt like an outsider. One of my friends is adopted, and as her older brother is a biological child, she sometimes feels a little out of place, so that was one of the themes I was trying to explore a little bit.

The idea came from the book that this piece shares a title with, in which the MC writes characters to various deceased celebrities. I figured that this could really be helpful for anyone going through grief.

In my headcanon, he still calls them Mum and Dad, but that they talk openly about the fact that his biological parents died trying to give him a better world. However, I decided to try something new for this story, and now that I've written it, it feels kind of plausible.

Thank you so much for all the kind words, and if I do ever end up writing that Tonks chapter (which I had planned on being next), I'll be sure to drop you a link on your profile or something.

Anyway, thanks again for the challenge and for the kind words!


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Review #4, by maraudertimes Remus John Lupin

6th March 2016:
Hi! Here for the HPFF Review-a-Thon and for our review swap!

So I really love NextGen stories so I wanted to read this, and I really enjoyed this read. It's very different from anything I would picture but I still think it's a pretty believable story.

Now, personally, I feel like Harry and Ginny would've been too young after the war to take care of baby Teddy, so they wouldn't have taken him in, but I liked that you had them do this in this story as it kind of mirrors Lily and James (the first ones) in the sense that they are young parents that are dealing with difficult situations and need to take care of a young son.

Secondly, I don't believe that Harry would keep the knowledge of Teddy's actual parents from him. However, this also mirrors Harry's childhood in the sense that he never really knew his real parents either.

So this is both something that I don't actually believe would happen in *my* headcanon, but it's also something I haven't ever thought of! I think it's really cool how this mirrors Harry's own upbringing. Even though I don't think I could write something like this, due to my own headcanons, I really appreciate this other view on how this might turn out! It's really opened my eyes to this kind of AU in my own headcanon.

Thanks for the swap, it was really fun and this was really interesting to read!
Lo :)

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Review #5, by TreacleTart Remus John Lupin

6th March 2016:
For The HPFF Review-A-Thon!

Hey Jayna!

So I owe you some reviews from your challenge win and I happened to see that you recently posted this, so I thought I'd stop by and leave it some love!

I thought this was a very realistic characterization of Teddy. It would be only natural to feel angry and full of resentment after finding out that the people raising you weren't truly your parents. Even worse to find out that your true parents were dead. I think a lot of the things that Teddy wondered about and had to say fit.

I also really love the idea that Ginny and Harry had raised Teddy like their own child right along with their blood children. Truly, that makes him their child, even if not genetically. And I think it would make Remus and Tonks incredibly happy to know that he'd been loved and cared for that way.

My only bit of CC is that I wish this would've gone just a little bit farther into what Teddy was feeling. I know that last chapter gives some details about how conflicted he is, but throughout, I thought it could have gone just a little farther.

All in all, this was a really bittersweet, but nice one-shot!

Good work!


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Review #6, by nott theodore Remus John Lupin

5th March 2016:
Hi there!

I spotted this in the recently added pages and couldn't resist coming to read it - the idea for the challenge is so awesome, and I loved the idea of a collection of letters that people have written to people who have died. It's kind of morbid in a way, I guess, but at the same time it's something that's very easy to relate to - it's something that a lot of people do, when they miss someone or have questions that can't be answered.

You did a great job of writing Teddy here. I loved your characterisation of him - his vulnerability and the way that it was really easy to relate to him. I just wanted to reach through the screen and give him a hug! His confusion and the way he felt so lost when he found out that Harry and Ginny weren't really his parents was so touching, and I loved the way that even when they couldn't keep pretending, Harry and Ginny had built a good enough relationship with Teddy for him to trust them and take their advice.

It was so sweet to see him writing a letter to his dad. I can't blame him for being angry - it's a natural reaction as part of the grief that he's feeling for something he'd never really realised he'd lost till now. I really hope that he was able to move on and feel better eventually, but this was such a touching story, and I loved reading it!

Sian :)
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

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Review #7, by princesslily_36 Remus John Lupin

5th March 2016:
Hello Jayna,

Ysh here for the HPFF Review-a-thon!

I knew when I clicked in, this was going to be a story that breaks my heart, but I couldn’t help it. I have a soft spot for Teddy Lupin.

Initially I was confused as to the Teddy Potter, but you had explained it later on..

I think Epistolary fic formats are lovely because they explore the feelings of the character, without being marred by any descriptions of the sort. This way, I got to feel everything Teddy is feeling through your beautiful writing. Starting with his shock, and his resentment towards his Dad for dying, his first letter somehow seems to portray the kind of emotion that I imagine Remus feeling. It was almost poetic, and re-established that Teddy was indeed his son.

To answer your questions in your AP, Teddy does sound like someone who has just been given the news. Because, once we know the truth, we always look at things in retrospect and wonder why we had’t seen it all along. That’s exactly what he did at the beginning, and then that emotion turning to narration and then anger is just plain natural. It’s obvious he is dealing with so many emotions, starting with feeling betrayed by his parents for dying and Harry for not telling him the truth.

But Harry would want to wait, he would want to save the child from feeling the same things he did. I think more than anyone Harry would want Teddy to never feel neglected because he was an orphan, so many times Harry must have felt that having been raised by Petunia and Vernon. I love the parallels here, so subtle, so real!

Just one thing I found odd though… In the beginning, what jumped out at me was teddy writing that Ginny wouldn’t call him sweetheart, pointing to the fact that she never thought of him as her own son. But being Molly’s daughter I find it hard to picture that she would do that, after all she has seen Molly consider Harry as her own son.

But overall, the feels of the story was amazing. Thank you for giving me a chance to read this!


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Review #8, by marauderfan Remus John Lupin

5th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review-a-thon!

Hey Jayna! I clicked on this one the instant I opened your page, because the interesting title just jumped out at me! I recently wrote a fic that features letters to a dead person as well, and lately I'm super into reading epistolary fics (I'll probably be reading all the entries to teh's challenge haha) and basically, I knew this was the one I had to read.

Also, gah! My feelings! This was really well done - it packs a punch and I just end up feeling sorry for everyone at the end. I can understand why Harry would avoid telling Teddy the truth until he's older, but I think it just ended up hurting him more later. He's grown up thinking he has parents who are alive, and suddenly they aren't his parents, and his parents are dead. It's a lot to take in, and rather than having this emptiness for his whole life, now he instead has this sudden, intense loss AND emptiness. I can certainly understand why he's so hurt and angry at the end. Poor Teddy :( And go ahead and stomp on my heart at the end he signed it Teddy POTTER :(

As for your questions in your A/N, I think that given the situation, you wrote it perfectly: this definitely sounds like someone who's just been hit with the knowledge that his real parents are dead and that everything he's believed until this point is untrue. He's just having trouble accepting it and feels like life dealt him a rubbish hand. (Which it did.)

The only question I have is how Harry explained Andromeda? Did he still say she was Teddy's grandmother?

This is a lovely story Jayna, and I'm so glad I stopped by. I still feel like my heart got run over by a truck but that just speaks to your wonderful writing of emotions in this. Great work!

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Review #9, by dreamgazer220 Remus John Lupin

4th March 2016:
Hey there! Here for our review swap :)

This. You. Ugh!

I loved this piece so much. I really, really love the concept of Teddy writing letters to his parents after finding out about what happened to them, and to answer one of your questions: I definitely think it's something that Harry would do, wait until he was older to know and understand.

I also really love Teddy's obvious struggle on what to call Harry, a man who has been so much like his father but has just found out - isn't, especially toward the end when he kept going back and forth between "Dad" and "Harry". I love that you added snippets of what their home looks like, even just by the placement of photographs of Lupin & Tonks.

I think the one little piece of characterization that threw me off was the "to be perfectly honest" part. I feel like he might just say, "I'm angry/mad at you" instead. But otherwise, reading this was like seeing the wheels churn in his mind for how to process this information, especially since everyone reacts to grief so differently.

My only complaint is that it was too short! :) I'd love to see this if you picked it up as a short story or a novella, a series of letters that Teddy writes.

Thank you for the great read and great swap!


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Review #10, by alicia and anne Remus John Lupin

15th February 2016:

Oh Teddy, I just want to hug him so much. It makes me so sad that he only knows the memories that others have of his parents.

He must have been so confused growing up, thinking that someone else was his parents and then realising the truth.

I'm glad that Harry is there to help him through it, and suggest that he write his feelings down. It'll be good for him.

I just want to hug Teddy at the end of this, I understand why he's so angry and I hope that he can forgive them for what they've done, how they thought that they were going to make a better place for Teddy.

;( He signed it Teddy Potter! This makes me so sad that he didn't use Lupin :(

You done such a brilliant job on this, on his pain and anger. I feel like HArry and Ginny wouldn't tell him to protect him from the pain, and to make sure he felt like he belonged with the family.

This was wonderfully written and oh so sad :(

Author's Response: Hi Tammi! Thanks so much for dropping by!

It makes me sad too, especially because his parents died to give him a better life. I mean, Harry's parents did too, but Teddy's actually left him when they didn't really have to in order to survive in the short term, and that's (for me) just so much sadder.

Yeah, I was trying to make his signature the icing on the angst cake :p (and it seems like it worked).

Yeah, that's always been a headcanon of mine, that they waited until he was older and could understand things better and until he had come to accept them as his adopted parents.

I'm glad that all the pain came through and thank you so much for the kind words. Thank you for the review and I hope your Valentine's Day was amazing!


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Review #11, by Secret Admirer Remus John Lupin

13th February 2016:
WHY HELLO THERE VALENTINE! It is I your Secret Admirer here to give you love! Oh So Much Love!

Let me start by saying that that was very emotional and gave me chills. I think your characterization of Teddy was believable. I have always thought he lived with his grandmother and always known about his parents, but I like how you have it.

I could feel Teddy's sadness and his anger so very good job :D

There was a few grammar errors but a quick read through will clear those up! I can't wait for the next chapter


I'm glad you liked it, and am super glad to hear that the characterization was believable because that is something I was worried about. Anyway, thanks for the review and the kind words, and Happy Valentine's Day!


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Review #12, by HarryRonHeriome Remus John Lupin

29th January 2016:
Love. It, and I think Harry would tell teddy about his parents. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hey! First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a review, I really appreciate it! I'm so glad that you like it, and I hope the next chapter will be up soon. About the Harry thing, I was kind of worried about that. As of now I think I am going to keep it like this, but perhaps in the future I will go back and have Harry tell Teddy far earlier and have Teddy just make this a habit. Once again, thanks so much for your feedback!


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