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Reading Reviews for Partners in Crime
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Review #1, by nott theodore recruitment.

28th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Elisabeth!

Ooh, I've heard about this story and seen it on your author's page before of course, but I haven't had the chance to read it yet so I'm glad I get to do that now!

Albus! And Scorpius! And young adults not knowing what they're really doing with their lives! It probably shouldn't surprise you that this is something that makes me smile and I very much want to read it. Struggling young adults is kind of my thing because honestly, who really knows what they want to do when they leave school and has the money to do it? NOT THIS GIRL.

I loved the opening, when you were giving us some of the background to Albus and the stuff that he's been doing in the years since he left Hogwarts. Then the scene when he was staying at James's, and James just really wanted him gone because he was probably getting in the way of his relationship a bit, and also the swearing in front of a six year old thing :P I loved the dynamic between the two brothers there.

And the dialogue between Scorpius and Albus! Scorpius knows him so well, clearly, and he's so sassy and it just made me smile when I was reading it. You capture the dialogue of this age group so well (unsurprising, really) and the characterisation shines through that. I hope I get to come back and see how Albus starts with his Auror training!

Sian :)

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Review #2, by crimson quill recruitment.

28th April 2017:
Capture The Flag,

So I love this albus you've created, that he's young, free and rather aimless for this time in his life. I adore the first line of this because it somehow seems so true you know? it got my interest anyway! I want to see where this is going, it's a scorbus yes? hope so!

I love the brotherly relationship between James and Albus from the short amount of dialogue between them that I find really realistic. it's fun and a bit silly - they're teasing each other but it's pretty obvious that they care? it's almost cute so I can't wait to see more of that relationship that they have going!

I already really love the interaction between them Albus/Scorpius, the dialogue just stands out as being quite witty/banter-ish which I like so I think you've done a good story at creating chemistry between the two characters so that's really working at this story. I can't wait to see what's going to happen in this partnership because it's so promising at the moment! your character relationships are so strong from just one chapter so I'm looking forward to seeing all this develop into the main plot/mystery! good job xo

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Review #3, by ily recruitment.

1st August 2016:
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH give me enemies-to-lovers al/scor any day

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Review #4, by ImaRavenclaw recruitment.

13th April 2016:
This was a really good starting chapter!

I love how Scorpius has that sassy stubbornness, and Albus fights fire with fire.

I really liked how Albus jumped around with jobs and eventually had to stay with James and Teddy. Speaking of James, who is he the stepfather of? (it wasn't really clear, or maybe I'm just tired! *laughs*)

I loved this and hope you keep on going with it!

Yours sincerely, ImaRavenclaw

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Review #5, by May the deep end.

9th February 2016:
Great storyline I'm really enjoying it looking forward to the next chapter

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Review #6, by RavenclawFTW the deep end.

6th February 2016:
Ahhh this fic is so great! I hope you get a chance to update soon, because I cannot WAIT to see how these two actually act on the case. I like how Al's attitude problem has continued into work, but its immediate ramifications of his surliness should help cancel that out. Working with Scorpius (and having Scorpius actually choose him, rather than getting stuck with him) should also help him chill out a bit.

THEIR BANTER, ELISABETH, THEIR BANTER. YOU ARE THE BEST AT BANTER. Ahh seriously I was just grinning the whole way through this chapter, especially during the scene at lunch. Scorpius is so direct and no nonsense, and Al is so snarky, and it's just wonderful to read.

I'm going to throw out a couple of favorite lines because that's always fun:

“Unless you’re planning to pursue a life of Dark wizardry, you have nothing to fear from me."

"If that’s your idea of definitive evidence maybe you should rethink your career – ”

Ahh it's hard for me to nail down exactly why this fic is so great without just throwing adjectives out there, but this fic is so fast paced and exciting and I can't wait to see where it goes! I hope you get a chance to update soon, and maybe I'll have collected my cool enough by then to leave actually decent reviews instead of these rambling messes.


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Review #7, by RavenclawFTW recruitment.

6th February 2016:
Hey Elisabeth, so I constantly obsess over your work but I never really review it, and it makes me feel very guilty! My goal is to stay on top of reviewing this story because it seems really wonderful and I haven't read it before. OKAY enough about me, onto the story!

It's interesting that you say Criminal Minds is your inspiration, because the whole time I was reading this I was thinking SHERLOCK SHERLOCK SHERLOCK! Although I know nothing about Criminal Minds, so maybe those two are similar.

I love love love the premise of this story, and how Albus has been floating around because he's too stubborn to give in to expectations-- that says so much about his character already, especially contrasted against James and Scorpius.

You've painted such a clear picture of Scorpius already and I can't wait to see more of Al/Scorpius's interactions as they actually work together. As ever, your dialogue is funniest and wittiest dialogue to ever exist, and it's a joy to read it. Please teach me your ways.

Okay, so not a super long/substantial review, but I'm working off my debt slowly! Your writing is seriously amazing and wonderful and I'm sorry that I haven't appreciated it directly to you enough.

Off to chapter two now!


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Review #8, by jman7693 recruitment.

1st February 2016:
The background you gave into Albus's life was super interesting, and I can't wait till we get to know Scorpius a bit more. I can already feel myself falling in love with their banter (and them, in general.)

Also, the whole "unemployed and at a complete loss of what to do with your life" resonates with me deeply. I feel you, Al.

Great start to a story! Can't wait to read more!

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Review #9, by TheHeirOfSlytherin recruitment.

18th January 2016:
I don't want to talk about how weak I am when it comes to your stories... But I will gladly talk about how freaking amazing this is. Like, seriously.

I understand now Albus feels in the beginning, knowing what your dream career is and delaying the inevitable. It took me... oh, ten or so years to admit I was a writer. I can only imagine how I would have been if I was following one of my parents. :P

But I'm glad he's found his way to Auror training. It's gonna be an awesome read, I can already tell. I can't wait to see where you take him. I didn't expect him to share a place with Scorpius, but I'm so glad he is. Oh, my god, I'm too excited for words; I just want everything right now.

I cannot wait to see what happens next. I shall be eagerly hovering over the corner, waiting for the next button. :D

Criminal Minds AND Scorbus - I'm in heaven.


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