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Reading Reviews for I Don't Love You
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Review #1, by Lexish I Don't Love You

16th June 2017:
Such an interesting idea! I love that you introduced a new twist to the story but still made it seem like it could have happened.
However, I did feel like the f word was excessive - especially for a wedding and all of the declarations of love?

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Review #2, by Ignis the Imp I Don't Love You

20th January 2016:
This is Ignis the Imp here to leave a rogue review!

I've been hopping across the forums, reading and reviewing stories that catch my eye.

When I read your summary I wondered for a moment which ship you were planning to sink. I assumed it was Jily, but was pleasently surprised to see you sunk another to get J/L together. I especially liked the beginning where you described James' pre-wedding jitters. It was almost heartbreaking to see Lily pushing James away, and trying to reason with him, though they clearly loved each other so much. Your characterization of Lily was so perfect in this - she's neither too martyr-like and goody-two-shoes nor is she sappy romantic. She was just right.

The Marlene Sirius scene was nothing short of perfect. They were a perfect contrast to James and Lily, and made me fall in love with them as well. Sirius Black wanting to commit, never thought I'd see the day. WHY CAN'T THEY ALL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

I was hopping and skipping when James stopped the wedding. Everything worked out alright! I love a fic that ends happily!

Good Luck with the challenge!

Ignis the Imp.

Author's Response: Why hello there Ignis! I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you before.

I did intend to sink the SS Jily at the beginning of the story... but I just couldn't bear to. I always had a bit of a plot bunny in my mind of James stepping in to save one of his friends via marriage from the Death Eaters, and then it hopped into my head and I thought of a way to have a happy ending!

You see, I have never been very good at sinking my ships. I did another ship sinking challenge where I sunk the SS Blackinnon, but Marlene ended up with Regulus so Blackinnon in fact lived on... kind of. It was never the same though.

I do love a happy ending. Thank you so much for your review :D

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Review #3, by Jen25 I Don't Love You

18th January 2016:
This is great! I like the 'scary' line at the end. Was that intentional? Anyway,this made me laugh a little and it is a very enjoyable read,indeed.

Author's Response: Aha it was intentional, because for me (a commitophobe who wasn't always one but has now managed to stay in one relationship for 6 months), I can't imagine anything scarier than committing the rest of your life to just one person! But James and Lily always make me feel better about it, like it's doable and not really that scary at all :)

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