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Reading Reviews for The Catís Pyjamas
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Review #1, by Gail Welin Worthy of sleep

5th March 2016:
Hi WittyRaven!

I'm here to (finally) review your entry for my Sleeping Habits Challenge before I (finally) announce the results!

I like that you focus on her having an active day before going to bed. Healthy body, healthy mind. Nietzsche's usually always right anyways ;) I was a bit worried you were going to go SchrŲdinger on this, considering her "being" a cat and the thought experiment becoming a thing since the TV Show the Big Bang Theory brought it up. Minerva could have been both asleep and awake in her chambers, until someone comes in to bring reality to light. I was pleasantly surprised since you didn't go there :p

What she would do every night is put her nightgown ond and twist her hair in a bun before going to bed, that'd be the habit part, right? That and dreaming - I can very much imagine Minerva dreaming pretty much every night; she has such a sharp mind it'd be difficult to truly exhaust it. :p

This part of a sentence bothers me: "As you know, our young Annabel, are to attend Hogwarts".
Also, I'm confused about the role this letter plays - since this is a one-shot, I'm not to expect a second chapter. Sequel? It'd be interested in reading more about Malcolm's side of the family and Minerva's niece joining the school. Who is Skye? Hannah's probably Robert's wife, right?
Here "As she began reading the letter", you could mabye leave out the repetition of "the letter" to make the read smoother.

I like that you chose to give Minerva enough peace of mind to look forward to sleeping, to be worthy even. It's nice that she can think of her dead husband with both sadness and joy - she's grateful for the time she got to have with him, sad he's gone and taken from her so soon.
I'd love to read more about her time with him in Hogsmeade!

Thank you for writing this cute bit!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review and for the challenge!
Thank you for pointing out the gaps, I have a tendency to have a bigger story in mind when I write one-shots (and in general) and then forgot that the reader than read my mind, so I leave things out.
Mental note: Remember to take the whole story out of your head.
Thank you again!

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