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Review #1, by dreamgazer220 I Had To Do It

25th May 2016:

Oh my. THIS WAS SO LOVELY AND ADORABLE, MEG! I loved this so much. I don't read much Dramione, but I love the way you've written them here.

I'm so glad you kept their characters canon. You gave an impressive amount of details without it feeling overwhelming, either- I loved Draco studying her in the library, of him being completely distracted by her and noticing all the small things.

Their bickering was just perfect. It made sense that they wouldn't just suddenly drop their defenses; they'd both be on guard, and even though we, the readers, could see that Draco was dropping his, Hermione was still guessing. She was still confident, though perhaps a bit nervous/intimidated about being in a room alone with Draco Malfoy, and I certainly don't blame her.

You also did a phenomenal job of building up that romantic tension. Or sexual tension? When he got her pinned to the desk, I was waiting - and YOU DELIVERED! That kiss. That kiss was brilliant. It just felt so very Dramione to me.

And then at the end♥. I loved that they were going back to normal. You bringing it back to canon like that was a great way to make this really seem like a plausible, missing scene from Half-Blood Prince. It was like nothing ever happened, nothing had changed between them, even though their soft tones suggested otherwise.

This was just so good. I'm glad I had a chance to read it!


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Review #2, by Paige I Had To Do It

25th May 2016:
Very nice! I liked it a lot. The title was what really pulled me in. Good job!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much!! It was my first time with Dramione, so I'm glad it worked. :)

Thanks for reading and taking the time to review!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #3, by EnigmaticEyes16 I Had To Do It

21st May 2016:
Hey Meg! I'm here for our swap! Browsing through your stories, I'd thought for sure I'd reviewed this one but it seems I haven't so, I figured I'd check this one out for now. There's so many on your page I want to read!

I personally adore Dramione so I'm already excited about this, but I love how you open it up. I love that Draco both hates Hermione and is attracted to her at the same time. And this attraction installs more hate because she's obviously something he can't have. Of course, his father would probably blow a gasket if he ever learned Draco had feelings for a muggle-born, especially Hermione. But it also makes sense that he would find her attractive because of her brilliance, and kindness, and strong-willed-ness...

It's also interesting that this would take place during the time Hermione is dealing with her unrequited love for Ron because he's busy with Lavender. I'm not surprised Draco considers her pain a comfort, but it's for a different reason than I'd originally thought. At first, I thought maybe he'd enjoyed her suffering because she's the one making him suffer, but no. Of course, he's also suffering because the task Voldemort has given him.

Of course, he's so used to insulting her that he'd automatically do so once he realized he'd been caught staring. But ack! He stops her from leaving! And then teases her and follows her out! I am surprised she's decided to indulge him though and hear him out.

I love how he toys with her and goes back in forth. Wanting to just end the conversation but at the same time, not wanting to let her leave without knowing that she deserves better. I also love that in the classroom he just goes against his inhibitions and just goes for it, goes right up to her and then kisses her. And she kissed him back! Of course, she may have only done it out of anger for Weasley but still.

I especially loved the ending. How he says he had to do it at least once and she softens for a moment and merely tells him to never do it again. And then they go back to name calling as usual. But I especially like how it began and ended with a slap, and that now that he'd gotten what he wanted, he reprimands himself in way, like a parent would, saying "That's enough now." I thought it was a really great way to end the story.

As a whole, I very much enjoyed this and I'm glad I finally read it! Thanks so much for doing this swap with me! I am definitely going to have to come back though because there are some other stories on your page I really want to read when I get a chance!


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Review #4, by Master of the Quill I Had To Do It

3rd April 2016:
It's a nice little short story! It's been awhile since I've read a Dramione, thanks for that!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! This was my first (and honestly probably my last) attempt at a Dramione. It was a gift for a friend. :)

I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it, because it was definitely something outside of my comfort zone.

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to review!!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #5, by Lostmyheart I Had To Do It

18th February 2016:

I'm here for the Slytherin Hot Seat thread :D

Wow, this is such a sweet story! Despite the slapping and name-calling :b But seriously, it was sweet and funny. I liked how the punch she made in third year changed the way he looked at her. I imagine he must've thought things through while trying to get that red handprint off his cheek, haha.

Of course she's in the library, she always is, and I've always pictured Draco as a smart boy - so it seems likely that he'd hang out there as well from time to time.

I really feel like you've stayed true to Hermione's character, though people might say otherwise because he kissed him back, but you really did in my opinion. Teenagers are unpredictable, I certainly liked and disliked the class bully, so it wouldn't be surprising if she did too. (just sayin').

It's been awhile since I've read a Dramione, I think... I really should start reading more. I miss it :) So it was definitely a good idea to start with your story, and I hope frankie05 liked it!

- Avi

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Review #6, by HeyMrsPotter I Had To Do It

16th February 2016:
Hello, my darling Meg! I'm here with the first of your prize reviews for winning Guess the Present on the forums. Any excuse to read your incredible writing, and Dramione ♥

I love this so much. Please write Dramione's all of the time!! Your characterisation is perfect. The way you describe Draco's feelings about Hermione early on in the chapter make it feel so realisitic that he would feel that way about her. I like that he has a battle with himself about it, too, rather than just giving into his feelings. Hermione is perfect, too, but you always write her so well so that's hardly surprising :p

The chemistry between them is great. It's not at all rushed, and a slow-building Dramione one-shot is a hard thing to pull off. And OMG that kiss!! Be still, my beating heart ;) Her reaction was so brilliantly Hermione, snog him then slap him.

The ending totally made sense but also, how could you do that?! I demand you write some sort of post-war sequel where they do lots more snogging and then live happily ever after.

Brilliant work, Meg♥

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Review #7, by Ann I Had To Do It

1st February 2016:
AAh they were so in character that I could totally picture this happening! Wonderful wonderful one shot! it just made me crave more of them!

Would love tho if there was a longer sequel, where they explore this, again always staying in character :))

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much!! This was my first Dramione, so that's really great to hear.

I don't know if I'll do a sequel to this or not. But you never know, it may happen. :)

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to review!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #8, by merlins beard I Had To Do It

17th January 2016:
Hey Meg,
I'm here for our swap.

I don't read a lot of Draco/Hermione, but sometimes I just feel like broadening my horizon, opening my mind (Trelawney would be so proud)

I really enjoyed this, especially all the angst and tension between Draco and Hermione. I like that Hermione slapping Draco is what started his "obsession", and I think it's very fitting that it should also end this way.

What I enjoyed most about this is Draco fighting with his conscience. He KNOWS that what he was taught all his life is wrong, and he starts questioning everything. He's not a bad guy, just a kid who grew up in a hateful environment with teachings that are nothing but wrong and hurtful. The Draco you created here is still 100% a slytherin, calm and calculating, working to his own advantage - but that's not necessarily a bad thing. He's really not such a bad person, and you showed his internal struggle and how SCARED he is of Voldemort.

Hermione is just as we know her, even though Draco catches her off guard and even though being kissed by him is probably the last thing she expected. I think that pairing works really well the way you wrote it. I don't think they'd have a chance at anything more than this, but they would have probably been good for each other, both very smart and rational.

I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks so much for the swap, your review was so great!
Please excuse all the rambling and the typos (tendinitis and sleep deprivation)

♥ Anja

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Review #9, by ABlack I Had To Do It

16th January 2016:
Ok, Alexis here again with my second attempt at reviewing this lovely one-shot. Hopefully this one sticks!

Right off the bat, I love how you provide a realistic reason as to why Draco has been such a butt towards Hermione. It makes sense that he would try to counter his growing feelings by reacting this way. So of course he sit there staring at her in the library.

I do have to agree with Draco on one thing: what does Hermione see in Ron? I always felt she'd end up with someone else like Harry or one of the Weasley twins (or, to be honest, Severus, but that's another story).

By referring to Brown and mentioning that the Dark Lord orders, you seamlessly establish the timeframe for this tale without detracting from the flow. Nicely done!

The dialogue between Draco and Hermione, particularly in the hallway, reminded me of a favorite movie. Just a great way to build things up (minus the accusations of being scruffy-looking - Draco is never scruffy-looking).

And this, "As he advanced on her, she backed up until she was pinned up against the large wooden desk." Oh, you have such a deft way of building up the tension, it's positively delicious. Then finally the kiss ... perfect! The feels, I tell ya!

I love how you ended it with Draco acknowledging it would be the first and only time they'd kiss, and then how he reverted to calling her names, knowing that she'd understand everything that went unspoken.

Honestly, I'm surprised this is your first Dramione. You handled both characters so well that you simply have to write more of this ship. Thanks for offering the review swap. I thoroughly enjoyed your tale!



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Review #10, by bigblackdog I Had To Do It

16th January 2016:
hello Meg! thanks so much for offering to swap! it's always a pleasure you read your work and this was no exception.

i know dramione is a ship that inspires a lot of strong feelings in people. i do NOT have strong feelings about it, but i will say i have a hard time getting around the canon abuse draco heaps on hermione to really ship it. and so that's the first thing that i really appreciate about this piece.

i think you've done a wonderful job of portraying draco's faults and not just ignoring them, but also giving us some insight into why he behaves the way he does toward hermione. you've hit on something really truthful in this line " Perhaps if he could convince others that he had hated her, he would have been able to convince himself as well."

the other thing i love about this is the strong hermione you've written, and strong in so many ways. her dialogue reactions to draco are so in character. i also love the speculation that maybe she allows the kiss to happen to get back at ron. and i particularly love these lines: "Her expression was one he had never seen on her face before. At least, not while directed towards him. Her eyes softened and the hint of a smile crossed her lips." the most wonderful thing about hermione is that she is so emotionally intelligent and never blinded by prejudice (even when harry and ron are taken in), so even though it's draco, she wouldn't let that cloud her perception of his sincerity. it's lovely! but then she keeps that strength when she tells him not to try it again. all in all, just a wonderful characterization!

and i love that the way you've opened and closed with the slap! you have such a talent for taking canon events and teasing out a lot of emotional depth!

thanks for the swap!


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Review #11, by Frankie05 I Had To Do It

10th January 2016:
Ahhh Meg!

It so wonderful. You did so well!! You kept canon and you kept their personalities. And you kept everything perfect :) and there was no cliches and I LOVED IT. YOU DID SO GREAT I CANT GET THIS STUPID GRIN OFF MY FACE. MERCY.

okay the story. I love that you mention when she hit him third year and how that's how it ended. Except you know he's going to be thinking about it some more. And she's going to be thinking about it some more and before you know it - they are in broom cupboards. Aiaiaiai

I love that you play off Hermione and Malfoys pain. And she's exhausted and he's terrified and they are both on even playing fields when it comes to each other. That's one reason why I love them so much. They are basically polar opposites but they are equal in so many ways. You did a phenomenal job showcasing that!

And the abandoned classroom! How kinky. I love it. And then before you know it- the kiss. It was so tasteful! And I was squealing the entire time.

For someone who has never written dramione before- you knocked it out of the park! Gracious. I wish I could hug you a thousand times because I'm jumping up and down!! Eep.


now we all chant "sequel! Sequel! Sequel!" Where they secretly meet up and hot ensues.

But really thank you. I love your writing and I love reading your work. And I'm so stinking honored by this!!


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